Chapter 1979 - Visiting the Extraordinary Tower Again First underground floor in Zero Wing's Residence:

Under Shi Feng's lead, the group arrived before a strictly guarded room. Ten Personal Guards stood at the entrance.

Zero Wing's main force members were shocked to see the Personal Guards.

These NPCs were all Level 75 or above, and the team was familiar with two of them, both Secret-Silver Personal Guards. Even superpowers coveted such top-tier guards.

Of the two Secret-Silver Personal Guards, the Level 76, Tier 2 Summoner was Aqua Rose's Personal Guard, while the Level 76, Tier 2 Magic Knight belonged to Fire Dance. It had caused quite a commotion when the two women had obtained them.

Although Secret-Silver Personal Guards weren't strong enough to fight opponents of a higher tier like Shi Feng's Anna and Kite, they could still rival Tier 3 NPCs of the same level. Not even a Level 75, Tier 2 peak expert would be a match for these guards. As for current Level 60 peak experts, they'd only have a hope of defeating the Personal Guards if they fought in a large team.

Yet, two of these Personal Guards had been tasked with guarding this room. Based on the other guards' auras and levels, it was safe to assume that they were at least Mysterious-Iron rank. At this stage of the game, even a first-rate Guild's upper echelons only employed Mysterious-Iron Personal Guards. Secret-Silver Personal Guards were simply too rare, even rarer than Epic items.

Meanwhile, the various large Guilds and superpowers typically used Secret-Silver Personal Guards to protect their Guild Warehouses, yet two of these NPCs defended a mere room...

Why wouldn't this surprise the team members?

However, these players' shock reached new heights as they entered the room.

The room was incredibly small, and one would be hard-pressed to fit a hundred people within. Only a magic array occupied the room, carved into the floor in the center. It didn't seem like a place that warranted Secret-Silver Personal Guards' protection.

Shi Feng could not help but smile when he saw his team's confusion, but he didn't bother to explain the situation.

Under Shi Feng's commands, the team then split into groups of ten.

"Everyone, step in the magic array," Shi Feng said as he did just that. Once everyone was in place, Shi Feng inserted a Magic Crystal before a white flash enveloped him and the nine members of his group. They vanished.

The rest of Zero Wing's main force members finally understood what the magic array was for. They then entered the magic array and mimicked Shi Feng's actions, one party after another.

When they reopened their eyes, they found themselves in a foreign town. It was one other than the Lost Town, located in the Boneless Land.

The Lost Town was no longer the desolate, abandoned place it had been. Dilapidated buildings had once dotted the area, and not a single NPC could've been found in the town.

But while the town wasn't teeming with NPCs, dozens wandered along the main street now. Similarly, renovated Shops, restaurants, and hotels now filled the town.

The Lost Town now looked like any typical, NPC border town.

However, unlike NPC towns, several ancient, imposing buildings remained. Ancient divine runes and images had been carved into these buildings' walls, and among them, the most eye-catching was the square, white tower in the town's center. A pitch-black orb hovered at the tower's peak, radiating a frightening aura that deterred anyone from casually approaching.

Yet, the most important thing Zero Wing's members noticed was the town's Mana density. The Mana here was no less dense than in Stone Forest Town, and it felt even denser as one approached the white tower. The Mana around this strange tower could even rival that of Silver Wing Town.

"Amazing! Where are we?"

"Guild Leader, are we training here?"

Everyone turned to Shi Feng after observing the town for a moment. Even Aqua Rose and the other upper echelons were stunned. They all wondered when Shi Feng had gotten his hands on such a wondrous place.

Setting aside the town's leveling environment, its high Mana density made the town incredibly valuable.

"This is the Lost Town. It also belongs to Zero Wing. Unfortunately, the town still lacks facilities, so I haven't opened it to the public," Shi Feng said, chuckling. He gestured to the white tower and said, "That tower will be your training venue."

Although the Guild members he had led here were all Zero Wing's main force members, none of them had known about the Lost Town before today. After all, Shi Feng hadn't told anyone about it. Even the internal members he had power-leveled in the Boneless Land hadn't known that Zero Wing had secured the Lost Town. They had only known that a dangerous town existed in the Boneless Land.

He hadn't kept this secret because he was overly cautious, but because the Lost Town's value warranted such caution.

Even after ten years in God's Domain, he had never heard of a town or place that could train players to reach and progress in the Realms of Truth, and this training system had been designed by the Main God System. It was far more accurate and refined than the training systems the various superpowers had designed.

Hence, he couldn't afford to reveal this secret to the world. If news about the Lost Town's ability leaked, Zero Wing would instantly become public enemy number one. The various superpowers definitely wouldn't let Zero Wing off the hook.

However, to increase the strength of Zero Wing's experts as quickly as possible and nurture more experts that could contend with peak experts, he had no choice but to take this risk. As players progressed in the game and reached higher levels, Zero Wing would continue to lose its advantages. The moment that Zero Wing fell behind, its enemies would strike.

Shi Feng had another reason for leading his main force to the Lost Town, as well. Now that Zero Wing had solved the issue of its Magic Crystal shortage, he could afford to operate the Extraordinary Tower every day.

"We're training in there?" Zero Wing's players looked at the tower, a little disappointed. "Does it have advanced combat rooms?"

None of them showed any interest in training in a venue the Main God System had created.

They had already experienced such training systems before. One such example was the Divine Colosseum's Trial Tower. The Trial Tower held absolute authority over God's Domain's players. Not only could they test their strength in the Trial Tower, but they could also use it to discover their flaws and improve themselves.

They assumed the tower before them was similar to the Trial Tower.

Unfortunately, the Trial Tower only offered minor assistance at this point It was unlikely that this white tower, which looked far less impressive than the Trial Tower, would provide better training.

"Not interested?" Shi Feng could not help the smile pulling at his lips when he noticed the team's lack of enthusiasm. "How about this? If any of you manage to get past the first floor within one week, I'll reward you with a Bloodline that will improve your Life Rating!"

"A Bloodline? Guild Leader, are you for real?" Shadow Sword and the others' excitement returned.

They had all heard of Bloodlines, and many of them had taken part in the Demonkin King raid on Kama Island. They had seen the Space-time Bloodline that the Demonkin King had dropped. There was no doubt that the Bloodline was a superpowerful item, and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call it a free pass to Tier 3. It could even help players when they challenged their Tier 4 Promotion Quests.

"Of course." Shi Feng nodded. "However, you have to clear the first floor within a week."

"The tower's first floor? Shouldn't that be a piece of cake?"

Zero Wing's players then dashed towards the Extraordinary Tower, more than eager to get to work.

Shi Feng, however, casually entered the tower and headed for the top floor. He then called up the Extraordinary Tower's system interface and released the second floor's seal. This was the reason he had come to the Lost Town today.



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