Chapter 1991 - Power of a Bronze Combat Technique

Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer were dazed as the Swordsman youth arrived before them. They had never expected that someone would dare stand out during such a critical moment.

The Swordsman youth was none other than Shi Feng, who currently used his original appearance as Ye Feng.

Both siblings would be a benefit to Zero Wing. Since he had found them here, he might as well use this situation to make them owe him a favor.

"We do! We still have plenty!" Cool Summer instinctively responded to Shi Feng's question. However, she spun towards Sin Realm's members after snapping out of her daze and hesitantly said, "But..."

Crocodile Breaker frowned at Shi Feng. Although he said nothing, the relaxed atmosphere regained its prior tension. Everyone could see that Crocodile Breaker was truly furious now.

Sensing Crocodile Breaker's rage, the surrounding players could not help but take a few steps back.

"This guy must be nuts!"

"Is he really trying to challenge Sin Realm's prestige?"

The crowd stated at Shi Feng as if he were a dead man walking.

"Brat! You sure have guts, don't you? You dare to interfere with Sin Realm's affairs?" Crocodile Breaker hissed as he glared at Shi Feng. "Are you trying to die so soon?"

It had been quite some time since he had encountered anyone who openly dared to provoke Sin Realm. Naturally, he didn't mind teaching everyone the price for such an insult!

While Crocodile Breaker had addressed this stranger, the several Tier 2 experts around him surrounded Shi Feng, sealing off any path of escape.

Seeing this, Cool Summer began to worry.

She felt that Shi Feng was simply too foolish!

Although the town had NPC soldiers to protect its citizens, players weren't absolutely safe from harm. If Sin Realm's members wanted to act, not even her brother could stop them.

As she considered the situation, Smiling Breeze called out to her through their party chat, saying, "Once the battle starts, I'll hold them back as long as I can. Use the chance to flee with this Swordsman. As long as you two find the town's NPC soldiers, Sin Ream's members should give up the chase."

"Brother, you need to be careful! Crocodile Breaker won't be an easy opponent!" Cool Summer said as she nodded. She agreed that the plan was their only way out of this predicament.

Although everyone expected Shi Feng to make a move, he didn't seem on high alert in the least Instead, he looked at Cool Summer and calmly asked, "Wonderful! I'd like to buy every Basic Level Strengthening Potion you have. How much will it be?"

Hearing Shi Feng's offer, Cool Summer was speechless. Despite the situation's painful tension, Shi Feng was in the mood to discuss the potion. If they didn't make a move now and allowed Sin Realm's members to surround them, they'd be doomed.

She even began to suspect that Shi Feng truly wanted to purchase the potions and that he didn't actually have any intentions of helping them...

"Brat, you must really be tired of life!" one of the Tier 2 Assassins around Shi Feng bellowed. He hadn't thought that Shi Feng would dare to belittle them to this extent.

The Tier 2 Assassin dashed towards Shi Feng to scare the Swordsman, although he didn't plan to attack the man. Crocodile Breaker hadn't given the command to attack, and if he struck this Swordsman, the town's NPC soldiers would attack him and the rest of his team.

However, after the Tier 2 Assassin used Shadow Steps to appear behind Shi Feng and before he could place a Tracking Mark on the Swordsman, a blue light flashed before him.

The Level 58, Tier 2 Assassin's vision faded to black, and his body collapsed to the ground, a piece of equipment appearing next to his corpse...

As if space had frozen, the main street fell deathly silent Everyone only recovered from their daze after a few seconds.

"What's going on?"

"What just happened? How did that Tier 2 Assassin die?"

Although the spectators saw that the Tier 2 Assassin was dead, they didn't understand what had just occurred. The Tier 2 Assassin had been charging at Shi Feng a moment ago, yet his body had fallen to the ground a second later.

"Brother, do you know what just happened?" Cool Summer whispered to Smiling Breeze as she stared at the slain Assassin.

"I didn't get a clear look, but I think that Swordsman is responsible," Smiling Breeze said as he stared at Shi Feng, an indescribable shock filling his heart. Despite having reached the Trial Tower's seventh floor, he had failed to witness Shi Feng take action. All he has seen was a blue flash envelop the Tier 2 Assassin.

To make matters worse, he hadn't been able to react to the situation. He had only realized that Shi Feng had acted after the Assassin had died. It was unbelievable.

Sin Realm's members were just as stunned, unable to believe that their companion had fallen.

What did he do?

This question consumed their minds.

It wouldn't have been as unusual if anyone else had died, but the Tier 2 Assassin was one of Sin Realm's top-ranked experts. Why wouldn't they be afraid after watching such an expert die in an instant?

"What are you afraid of?!" Crocodile Breaker roared. "We're in an NPC town! He attacked us first! The NPC soldiers won't let him off the hook!"

Crocodile Breaker's reminder snapped his companions out of their daze, and they began to close the distance between them and Shi Feng. They planned to distract this Swordsman until the NPC soldiers arrived.

"Fellow friend, you need to run! You'll be in trouble if you stay until the NPC soldiers arrive!" Smiling Breeze hurriedly warned Shi Feng.

Despite Shi Feng's frightening strength, attacking another player in a town was unwise. If the NPC guards captured him, he'd suffer a tragic end.

"Run? You think we'll let you get away so easily?"

Sin Realm's members sneered at Shi Feng as they began to attack.

They had been rather apprehensive of making a move, but now that Shi Feng had attacked them, the system would determine that this Swordsman was the guilty party. If they attacked now, they'd simply be defending themselves.

Spells and arrows bombarded Shi Feng as Sin Realm's Tier 2 MTs formed a tight circle around Shi Feng, leaving no gaps for escape.

However, when the Spells and arrows struck, they only hit Shi Feng's afterimage. Before anyone had time to realize what had happened, Shi Feng had appeared beside the approaching Tier 2 MTs, his blades slicing the MTs' vital points.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

Despite targeting Tier 2 MTs, Shi Feng ended them in no more than two slashes. In the end, two Tier 2 MTs died without the chance to activate their Lifesaving Skills.

When Crocodile Breaker saw his companions dying, his expression darkened. He immediately activated his Berserk Skill and launched a vicious slash at Shi Feng with his greatsword. Sin Realm's other Tier 2 experts activated their Berserk Skills, as well, assisting Crocodile Breaker from the side and aiming to pin Shi Feng down.

Despite seeing the greatsword, with its deathly aura, and the multiple Tier 2 Spells flying toward him, Shi Feng didn't move to dodge. Instead, he dashed forward and brandished his two swords against Crocodile Breaker. Sword's Transmigration!

Suddenly, a beautiful galaxy of stars appeared around Shi Feng before exploding.


The impact threw Crocodile Breaker back by over ten yards. Even after he landed, he had to stumble several steps back before he could stabilize his position. Both of his arms had gone numb, and he couldn't lift his weapon. He had also lost 20% of his HP. In contrast, Shi Feng remained unharmed.

How is this possible?! Crocodile Breaker stared at Shi Feng, dumbfounded.

When he activated his Berserk Skill, his Strength was even higher than a Great Lord's of the same level. He nearly had enough Strength to rival a Grand Lord, and he had the support fire from the Tier 2 Elementalists and Cursemancers around him. Still, Shi Feng had sent him flying, not the other way around. To make matters worse, he could tell that this Swordsman hadn't used a Skill or Spell, both of which would change the user's ambient Mana when activated.

Crocodile Breaker's companions were just as stupefied.

The Berserker, known as Heavy Sword, had been thrown from a head-on clash. Moreover, Crocodile Breaker had already activated his Berserk Skill, while his opponent hadn't...

So, this is the power of a Bronze Combat Technique? Shi Feng was similarly surprised to see the results of his attack. He had never thought that a Bronze Combat Technique would be so powerful.

"Boss Croc! The NPC soldiers are here! This Swordsman is dead for sure!" Sin Realm's players sent Shi Feng gleeful sneers when they noticed the approaching NPC soldiers.

Although Shi Feng's combat power had exceeded their expectations, his demise was assured now that the NPC soldiers had arrived, regardless of how powerful he was.

"It's over... Why didn't he run away?" Cool Summer anxiously muttered as she watched the town's guards surround Shi Feng.

Just as Sin Realm's members assumed that they'd get to watch Shi Feng struggle against the NPC soldiers, the Tier 3 NPC leading the patrol squad approached the Swordsman and respectfully asked, "Lord Bronze Legatee, how may we be of service?"



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