Chapter 1992 - Taking Action in Purple Thorns Kingdom

Rows of Level 150 NPC stood at attention before Shi Feng between him and the street crowded with players.

When they heard the Level 150, Tier 3 patrol captain's question, the watching players were stunned.

"How is this possible?!"

"Why aren't the soldiers arresting him?"

"Who is that?"

"Is the system bugged?"

Questions plagued the players' minds, and Sin Realm's members were particularly stupefied.

The scene they had just witnessed had thoroughly altered their world view.

It was common knowledge in God's Domain that any player that attacked another within an NPC town or city would be killed, captured, or both. It was an ironclad rule.

Yet, this player had just broken that ironclad rule. In fact, the NPC soldiers, who were supposed to administer justice to Shi Feng, treated the Swordsman with respect...

"Brother, am I dreaming?" Cool Summer asked as she tugged on Smiling Breeze's sleeve, blinking in confusion as she watched Shi Feng.

Glory Town was one of the most heavily fortified towns in the Purple Thorns Kingdom, and its laws were just as strict as in NPC cities. The NPCs that ensured order within the city wouldn't ever pardon a player that had intentionally committed murder. Not only would the guards kill the offender on the spot, but they'd also lock the player in jail for another two or three days. Unless one could escape the NPC soldiers' pursuit, avoiding punishment was impossible.

Despite hearing his sister's question, Smiling Breeze didn't reply. He was preoccupied with his frustration over this situation.

Naturally, Shi Feng wasn't particularly surprised by the NPC soldiers' reactions. He was, after all, a Bronze Legatee, enjoying the status of a Baron in any NPC city he visited. Although the Baron rank was the lowest among nobles, one was treated differently in NPC cities based on their title.

Although Sin Realm's Tier 2 Assassin hadn't attacked Shi Feng, the Assassin had planned to use a Tracking Skill on him. Using a Tracking Skill on a normal player in an NPC city might not be a crime, but using it on a titled noble was. The system would consider the act as a premeditated attack. The NPC soldiers wouldn't question him for killing the Tier 2 Assassin.

Needless to say, although the other Sin Realm members hadn't landed an attack, they had attacked him. He could kill these players without consequences from the system, as well. This was the true benefit of being a titled noble.

Of course, if two titled noble players fought, the system would deem the first to cause damage as the offender.

However, an Advanced Town like Glory Town might not have a single ordinary noble, much less a titled noble. Hence, Shi Feng didn't have a reason to hold back and could slay all who had attacked him.

"These people attacked me. What is the most severe punishment they can receive according to the laws?" Shi Feng asked the patrol captain, smiling as he gestured to Crocodile Breaker and his minions.

"Lord Bronze Legatee, since they have attacked a titled noble within the town, they can be imprisoned for a maximum of three days," the patrol captain replied, flashing Crocodile Breaker's group a frosty glare.

"Good. Lock them up for three days, then." Shi Feng nodded.


Upon hearing Shi Feng's instructions, the patrol captain waved a hand and signaled his soldiers to arrest Crocodile Breaker and the rest of Sin Realm's members.

The crowd gaped in shock as they watched the NPC soldiers arrest Crocodile Breaker's group.

Shi Feng had clearly attacked and killed a player first, yet Sin Realm's members were going to jail. This would be a huge loss for the Guild.

Damn it! How does he have a titled noble position in Glory Town?! Crocodile Breaker's expression darkened after hearing the patrol captain's command.

He knew a little about the privileges a titled noble enjoyed, but he hadn't dreamed that Shi Feng would be a titled noble here. Spending three days in jail was far less acceptable to expert players like himself than losing a single level.

In God's Domain, time was money. He would fall far behind the frontline players if he lost three days. Not only would he fall behind in terms of levels, but his weapons, equipment, and Skills would as well.

"Boss, what should we do?" Sin Realm's members grew anxious as the NPC soldiers approached.

Spending three days in jail was akin to being locked out of God's Domain for three days. To players like them, who had already gotten used to living in God's Domain, this outcome was worse than death.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!" Crocodile Breaker shouted.

The only way to escape imprisonment was to flee Glory Town. They'd be ruined if the NPC soldiers captured them.

As soon as Crocodile Breaker gave the command, the Sin Realm members held nothing back as they used their lifesaving tools to flee. Trying to fight the NPC soldiers would be suicidal; the Level 150, Tier 2 NPCs could kill them with a single hit.

They'd be pulverized. If they fought, not only would they die and lose a level, but they'd still be stuck in prison for three days.

When Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer saw Sin Realm's members turn and run, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Now that these Guild players were gone, they could escape danger. At worst, they would have to leave the Purple Thorns Kingdom. Although doing so would waste the investments they had poured into the kingdom, it was a better option than being hounded and killed by Sin Realm's members.

However, as Crocodile Breaker fled, he retrieved a Magic Scroll from his bag and activated it.

Suddenly, a pitch-black magic array formed above the main street, radiating a dense, lethal aura. The aura extended toward Shi Feng and the two siblings so quickly that it was almost impossible to evade.

However, the aura didn't inflict any damage, but left Shi Feng and the sibling pair a debuff.

The Death Mark!

No matter where the marked players ran, the Death Mark would reveal their location to Crocodile Breaker during the next twelve hours. The Death Mark would even be effective while the players were offline, and its duration would only decrease while they were logged into the game.

"Although I don't know who you are, I promise that only death awaits you since you have made an enemy of Sin Realm in the Purple Thorns Kingdom!" Crocodile Breaker bellowed as he glared at Shi Feng with bloodshot eyes. Many of the expert players in the crowd felt a chill crawl down their spines as they sensed the killing intent within his voice.

He had wanted to kill Shi Feng to prove Sin Realm's might to the watching players, but he hadn't expected the Swordsman to use him as a nameless pawn and damage Sin Realm's reputation instead. He swore to himself that he wouldn't rest until he killed Shi Feng personally. Naturally, he couldn't let Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer off the hook, either.

"It's over! Those three are doomed!"

"I knew something like this would happen! Provoking Sin Realm in the Purple Thorns Kingdom is simply suicide! No one can save those three now!"

The various expert players and adventurer team members present could not help but sigh at this turn of events. They knew Crocodile Breaker wouldn't easily let this matter rest. He would kill the trio back to Level 0 at the very least.

Realizing the same, Smiling Breeze and Cool Summer revealed grim expressions.

Now that they bore the Death Mark, Sin Realm would track them down and kill them even if they left the Purple Thorns Kingdom.

"Is that so? Let's see you try it!"

Glancing at Crocodile Breaker, who was about to activate an Instantaneous Movement Magic Scroll, Shi Feng used Instant Strike to appear before the Berserker. He then brandished Killing Ray.

Sword's Orbit!

With the Attack Speed boost from Instant Strike, the Sacred Sword moved so quickly that not even Crocodile Breaker, who still had an active Berserk Skill, could defend himself before multiple swordlights devoured him. In the blink of an eye, his HP plummeted, and his body collapsed to the ground.



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