Chapter 2021 - Sudden Appearance in Golden Flow Town

After the jittery Berserker reported what was happening outside the Residence, the entire meeting room fell silent.

"How is this possible?!"

"Why would Zero Wing's members be here? Didn't they just capture Wildhammer Town?"

"Are you sure you saw correctly?"

This sudden development stupefied everyone inside the meeting room. Their minds simply could not process this turn of events. Even though the reporting Berserker had already explained things clearly, they still found an attack on Golden Flow Town inconceivable.

Zero Wing had just fought a battle in Wildhammer Town. No matter how powerful Zero Wing's Giant players were, they would definitely have suffered some losses. Meanwhile, only a little over two hours had passed since Zero Wing captured Wildhammer Town. Logically, Zero Wing should be prioritizing taking over of Wildhammer Town instead of launching another attack.

Zero Wing's unconventional way of doing things messed up their original plans.

"We haven't even gone to reclaim Wildhammer Town, yet Zero Wing is already knocking on our doors?" Wind Cloud revealed a playful smile at this situation.

"Zero Wing is too arrogant! As soon as it captured Wildhammer Town, it is trying to take Golden Flow Town? Is Zero Wing planning on annihilating the Starlight Alliance in one fell swoop?" Shadowlight Axe, on the other hand, revealed a dark expression.

In his opinion, the main reason why Zero Wing was able to capture Wildhammer Town before was the Starlight Alliance's ignorance of the existence of the Giant players and of Zero Wing's ability to teleport 1,000 players directly into a town. Had the alliance known about these things and prepared beforehand, Zero Wing wouldn't have been able to take down Wildhammer Town at all.

"Zero Wing most likely doesn't know that we have already gathered our combat power in Golden Flow Town and is launching a preemptive strike," Sky View said, frowning as a hint of rage flashed across his eyes. Hurriedly, he turned to the reporting Berserker and ordered, "Relay my commands! Have every expert in the Guild gather in Golden Flow Town! I want Zero Wing's visit here to be a one-way trip!"

"However, it is best if we proceed with caution. We should not take Black Flame lightly. He might have some trap set up for us," Wind Cloud cautioned.

Wildhammer Town and Golden Flow Town served as the Starlight Alliance's foundation. Even the loss of one could push the alliance to the brink of annihilation. If both towns were lost, the Starlight Alliance would be done for. Hence, they needed to be extra careful in this upcoming battle.

"This is certain! I will have everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom understand that Zero Wing is already old news! The future Star- Moon Kingdom will belong to the Starlight Alliance!" Sky View said, sneering. "Gather every monster player inside the town! Prepare all the war weapons and Magic Scrolls we have! Let's go and meet Zero Wing!"

"Let's hope that's the case..." Wind Cloud muttered in exasperation. He felt that Sky View wasn't listening to him at all. However, he also had to admit that the current Golden Flow Town was quite unlike the lightly defended Wildhammer Town of before, what with the Starlight Alliance's upper echelon, experts, and elites all gathered here.

Afterward, the Starlight Alliance's upper echelon went into action, ordering their Guild experts to gather at Golden Flow Town. At the same time, they also had their subordinates, who were already in town, form an encirclement around Zero Wing's Giant players, to prevent Zero Wing from wreaking havoc on the town.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing's 1,000 Giant players were already engaged in battle all over Golden Flow Town. Due to the effects of Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance, the Starlight Alliance's members and NPC soldiers were at a total disadvantage. Giants sent players flying all around. Craters pocked the various streets. Rather than a battle between players, this scene looked more like a monster siege instead.

The independent players inside the town could not help but be stunned upon seeing this scene.

The Strength and Defense that Zero Wing's Giant players possessed were absurd. The town's Level 80 NPC soldiers were simply a joke before these Giants.

However, under the commands of the Starlight Alliance's upper echelon, a defensive encirclement quickly formed around Zero Wing's members. Multiple teams led by Tier 2 experts started using magic arrays to suppress the Giant players and then engage these Giant players in battle.

Among the various teams, the ones led by Guild upper echelons possessed the greatest strength. Not only were these teams composed entirely of Tier 2 players, but every team member was also an expert that was capable of reaching the late stage of the Trial Tower's fifth floor at the very least. Due to the assistance of magic barriers, these experts could cooperate with each other to take advantage of the Giant players' slow Movement Speed and reaction speed. Each expert team could go up against several Giant players at a time.

The teams led by the Starlight Alliance's four strongest powers performed even more fiercely. Wielding a flaming, magic staff, Sky View, Warring Empire's Guild Leader, released one fire-type Spell after another, the power of each Spell rivaling that of Tier 3 Spells. Moreover, his attacks were extremely fast—a perfect counter to the slow Giant players.

All by himself, Sky View managed to deplete a Tier 2 Giant player's HP in just a dozen seconds or so. After battling for around three minutes, Sky View's 100-man team killed a Giant team made up of a dozen or so Giant players. Sky View then led his team to patch up the holes that had formed in the defensive encirclement, preventing other Giant teams from advancing.

However, although the Starlight Alliance's upper echelon teams performed well against the Giant players, their efforts were negligible, as they could cover only so much ground at a time. The corpses of the Starlight Alliance's members filled many other locations in the town.

"Zero Wing!" Sky View's complexion turned very ugly as he looked at the corpses of his Guildmates strewn across the street he stood on. "In the name of the Warring Empire, I definitely will not let any of you leave this place alive!"

This situation was simply horrible!

Every Warring Empire member currently fighting in the town was an elite player at the very minimum. Among them, many were even expert players. These players were the mainstays of the Guild. With so many of these elite and expert players dying, Warring Empire would need a very long time to recover afterward.

At this moment, the other Guild upper echelons were also experiencing the might of the Giant players and Shi Feng's Miniature World.

This situation was indeed outside of their expectations.

"Brother Wind, are you still not ready?" Sky View asked through a call with Wind Cloud.

"It's done!" Wind Cloud, who was currently holding a ceremony in Warring Empire's Residence, replied, smiling.

As soon as Wind Cloud said so, the sky above Golden Flow Town suddenly darkened. At the same time, the 5,000 Level 50- plus players taking part in the ceremony in the Residence disintegrated instantly, their bodies transforming into pitch-black smoke that gathered in the sky. Afterward, the smoke started descending in streams, one after another. Upon reaching the ground, each stream of smoke took on a humanoid shape. Even the weakest among these humanoid gas lifeforms was a Level 70 Great Lord, with several among them being Level 70-plus Grand Lords. These gas lifeforms easily numbered in the hundreds. Moreover, the eyes of every one of these smoke monsters shone with intelligence.

In addition to the appearance of these smoke monsters, the suppression effect of Miniature World also vanished without a trace.

This move was none other than Sin Realm's strongest trump card—Death's Praise. It was a super-rare Epic item that could be used only once every ten days.

"This move from Sin Realm is amazing!" The smoke monsters astonished Roaring Flame, who was commanding the members of the War Riders.

Even an army of 3,000 Tier 2 players would most likely fall if attacked by so many of these smoke monsters.

"Good! Everyone, tighten the encirclement and kill every Giant player in sight!" Sky View commanded.

Without the suppression of Miniature World, even the Great Lord ranked smoke monsters would be able to go toe-to-toe against the Giant players. As for the Grand Lords, they possessed combat power superior to the Giant players'—and there were more than 50 of these Grand Lords.

After just a short moment, Zero Wing's Giant players started getting pushed back. Now, these Giant players no longer dared to operate in parties or small teams, as they would be killed off easily if they did so.

"Zero Wing sure is gullible. Does it really think it can take down Golden Flow Town as easily as it did Wildhammer Town, using just 1,000 players?"

"Since Zero Wing dares to look down on our Starlight Alliance, we should teach Zero Wing's members the consequences of overreaching!"

"I'm really looking forward to the expression of regret Black Flame is going to make. After this battle, I'll definitely compile a close-up video of this battle and post it onto the official forums for him!"

While the Starlight Alliance's upper echelons were merrily chatting among themselves, the Starlight Alliance's army cornered Zero Wing's forces at the town's central plaza.

At this moment, only a little over 700 Giant players stood in the central plaza. Standing among these Giant players was a cloaked man carrying two exquisite longswords at his waist. The cloaked man was currently observing the situation with a calm gaze. Meanwhile, this cloaked man was none other than Black Flame, a person everyone in Star-Moon Kingdom was familiar with.

"Guild Leader Black Flame! I'm sure you never thought that such a day would come for you, right?" Sky View said excitedly as he looked at Shi Feng. "Unfortunately, it is too late for regrets! Everyone, charge! Let Guild Leader Black Flame know how laughable his arrogance is!"



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