Chapter 2036 - Successive Breakthroughs

Starlink's members were stunned after watching Seven Light, Silent Blade, and the others blast apart the human wall. The fact that these fourteen players had dodged a rain of arrows was already shocking enough, but the word was no longer enough to describe the scene they had just witnessed.

"Are they monsters?!"

This thought simultaneously drifted through the minds of Starlink's players.

The MTs on the first line were bona fide Tier 2 experts, fully geared in Level 55 Secret-Silver Equipment. Some of them even wore one or two pieces of Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment. They were the envy of ordinary experts.

That defensive line shouldn't have broken even under an assault by several thousand elite and expert players.

Yet, just fourteen players had shattered it...

Meanwhile, the independent players and the Hundred Flowers Palace's Assassin scouts were just as flabbergasted. Not only had Zero Wing's party broken past Starlink's defensive lines, but they had also sent the Tier 2 MTs flying over a dozen yards away. Their Strength was beyond common sense.

However, after a short moment of silence, Starlink's experts recovered from their shock and promptly reinforced the second defensive line while the Guild's ranged players provided cover fire.

Now, Starlink's members wouldn't dare look down on Seven Light and his party.

Only, their changed attitude didn't faze Zero Wing's players.

Although Starlink's expert players were well-equipped, Seven Light and the others were far beyond that. The weakest piece of equipment among them was Level 60 Secret-Silver rank, while most of their equipment consisted of Level 60 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment. Their Basic Attributes far surpassed those of Starlink's experts.

Furthermore, due to their Tier 2 Skills and Spells enhancing their combat power, they increased the gap between themselves and Starlink's standards. The difference between them was like the difference between an expert and an ordinary player.

Zero Wing's players sent one Starlink member after another flying. Starlink's Tier 1 players couldn't even put up a fight as Seven Light and his companion's Skills and Spells killed them instantly. Without the help of their Skills, the Guild's Tier 2 experts only survived a few blows before they, too, fell.

In less than ten seconds, Starlink's second defensive line had shattered. Unlike the initial charge, however, Seven Light and his party left corpses in their path...

"Am I dreaming? Are those people really players?"

The watching independent players felt as if they were in a dream as they stared at the corpses littering the mountain path.

They had witnessed many team battles before, but they had never watched over a dozen players slaughter several thousand.

Seven Light and the others massacred Starlink's experts as if they were slaughtering chickens, taking a life with every swing of their weapons. Although Starlink's members had successfully landed a few hits, Zero Wing's healers easily mitigated the damage.

Although Starlink was normally the target of independent players' hatred, they couldn't help but pity its members as they watched the carnage. Some of them even considered cheering on Starlink's members, protesting the fear and irrationality Seven Light and the others instilled in them.

How is this possible? I thought they were supposed to be the Palace's bait. Is the Dark Cloud Legion the true bait? Three Kills was confused as he watched the invaders break his second defensive line.

"Boss, they're going to reach the third defensive line soon. If they break that line as well, we'll have trouble stopping them," Mountain Passenger warned his commander when he realized that Three Kills hadn't yet given an order. "Should we join the fight?"

They had set up quite a few defensive lines on this mountain path, but the first three were the strongest. If the enemy broke through, the most the rest of their players could do was buy time; they'd have no chance of stopping the Hundred Flowers Palace's advance.

Meanwhile, failing the first major mission it received after joining Starlink would be a massive embarrassment for Jormungandr. If the fallout weren't handled properly, it might even lose its standing within Starlink.

"Go! We can no longer afford to hold back," Three Kills said, nodding. In a chilling tone, he continued, "Since we must get involved, we cannot give these intruders an easy death!"

"Boss, rest assured; since these people have spoiled our plans, I'll make sure they regret ever standing before us!" Mountain Passenger enthusiastically declared.

He had to admit that these newcomers were quite strong, nothing that ordinary experts could compare to. However, compared to Jormungandr's peak experts, they were nothing.

God's Domain had main tools, and among them, some doubled a player's death penalty.

Fortunately, these Starlink experts had something even more valuable. The Necromancer's Globe in their possession targeted players' souls. Although it was a one-time use item, the targeted player would be barred from logging into God's Domain for five to ten days and suffer a permanent 15% decrease to their physique if they died within half an hour. To expert players, such a loss was far worse than losing several levels and several pieces of top-tier equipment.

When Zero Wing's players were within 30 yards of the third defensive line, ten figures emerged from both sides of the road, blocking their path.

"Commander Mountain?"

When Starlink's members saw these figures, excitement instantly replaced their anxiety.

All ten players were peak experts within the Guild, existences that ordinary players like themselves had no hope of comparing to. Every one of them was a monster capable of single-handedly eliminating several hundred ordinary experts.

Although Seven Light and the others wielded frightening strength, they were no match for Mountain Passenger's group. After all, Seven Light's party relied on an AOE Silencing effect to secure an overwhelming victory. Without it, the first defensive line would've stopped these players.

"Starlink's peak experts?"

When Seven Light and his comrades saw these ten players, they knew that these experts were on an entirely different level than the players they had faced thus far. Every one of them radiated a boundless killing intent, and the weakest piece of equipment on them was Level 55 Fine-Gold rank, with quite a few pieces being Level 60 Secret-Silver rank. Moreover, some of them wore Epic Equipment In terms of equipment, these ten peak experts could almost rival their own.

"I'm truly surprised that you managed to break past two defensive lines without stopping, but now that our Boss has allowed us to take action, your advanced stops here!" Mountain Passenger said, chuckling as he observed Seven Light and the others. "I had wanted to toy with you, but since you've made such a huge mess, we need to put on a show for the Dark Night Empire. So, I'll have to ask you to struggle as much as you can!"

After saying so, Mountain Passenger waved a hand. Immediately, the nine players around him began to move. The leading Ranger then removed the ancient, pitch-black bow that hung over a shoulder and pulled back its string.

"Since you're hiding so far away, I'll start with you!" Mountain Passenger said with a sneer.

Three streaks of black light then flew toward Shi Feng, who stood the farthest away from the third defensive line.

Advanced Combat Technique, Triple Moon Strike!

It seemed as if Mountain Passenger had only fired three normal arrows, but in reality, he had launched six, each arrow moving in tight pairs. When they struck, their hits would contain at least 60% more Strength that the Ranger possessed. Not even Tier 2 MTs of the same combat standards could stop his attack.

However, when these three streaks of light clashed with Shi Feng's Killing Ray, they stopped as if they had crashed into an adamantine wall. The arrows crumbled under their own power instantly, their remains scattering across the ground before Shi Feng...



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