Chapter 2056 - You'll Regret It

At Shi Feng's words, the reception room fell deathly silent. Both Jing Yang and Aqua Rose were stunned and confused as they stared at Shi Feng.

"Why?" Jing Yang could not help but ask after taking a deep breath.

Blackwater's conditions were incredibly generous. If Zero Wing accepted the offer, it could grow more powerful than it had ever been. No Guild would consider rejecting such an offer, and this was the perfect opportunity to reconcile with Blackwater. It was always better to have another ally than an extra enemy in God's Domain.

The Guardian Puppet was a very powerful war weapon, first-rate whether protecting a town or attacking it. Other war weapons couldn't hold a candle to it, but it was only powerful right now. As players reached higher levels and Tier 3, the Guardian Puppet would become obsolete. At most, one could rely on it as a slightly tougher Tier 3 combatant.

In his opinion, Shi Feng should be more than willing to agree with Blackwater's conditions.

It should already be an honor for Zero Wing that Blackwater had paid a personal visit. Other first-rate Guilds couldn't even qualify for the corporation's attention, yet Zero Wing was unappreciative of Blackwater's goodwill.

"It's nothing major. The price your Guild has offered is just too low, so we don't wish to sell," Shi Feng replied in an extremely calm tone.

"Low?" Jing Yang was stunned. Softly, he asked, "How much do you want, then?"

"In addition to the Credits, I want 100 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid and 10 high-potential Shops in major NPC cities," Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

Both Aqua Rose and Blackie turned to their Guild Leader in shock, gaping.

One hundred bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid!

Not even the White Tiger Dojo could afford such a price. Even a major corporation like Blackwater would feel a sting if it gave away 100 bottles.

Furthermore, Shi Feng wanted high-potential Shops as well. Not even 10,000 Gold was enough to purchase such things.

Ten Shops would equate more than 100,000 Gold.

"Are you insane?" Jing Yang demanded. "Do you know how much money 100 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid and 10 high- potential Shops are worth?"

He wondered if Shi Feng was trying to challenge his bottomline.

He could accept paying 100 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid, but asking for 10 Shops was a joke.

The Guardian Puppet's value would decrease as players reached higher levels, but major NPC cities' Shops would not. Their value would only increase as time passed. More players joined God's Domain each day and owning high-potential Shops guaranteed a stable income. Even leasing these Shops to others would generate substantial profits.

To put it simply, the Guardian Puppets' value couldn't compare to that of high-potential Shops. Not even four Guardian Puppets were worth a Shop in a major NPC city, let alone a one-on-one trade.

"Elder Jing Yang, if you find these conditions unacceptable, you may return to negotiate with your superiors," Shi Feng said, smiling at the enraged man before him.

His asking price was far above average, but at this stage of the game, 10 Guardian Puppets were worth it. With 10 units, the Guardian Puppets could exhibit sufficient combat power, and whoever controlled them could effortlessly capture a Guild Town. They would also be a massive help when establishing a Guild Town in a neutral map.

If he didn't need the S-rank Nutrient Fluids and Credits so desperately, he wouldn't have even considered selling the Guardian Puppets to Blackwater. Constructing 10 Puppets wouldn't be easy, and the materials were quite rare.

"Young man, you shouldn't be too greedy. Zero Wing will only benefit in the future if it secures Blackwater's friendship. Forget about the high-potential Shops," Jing Yang said after calming himself down. He then looked at Shi Feng and stated his final price, "Seventy bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid, as well as the conditions I mentioned previously."

"Take care as you leave! I won't be able to see you off!" Shi Feng said.

"You... Very good! You'll regret this decision!" Jing Yang nearly spat blood when he heard Shi Feng's response. He left the room in a huff, not wanting to linger in Zero Wing's headquarters a moment longer.

After Jing Yang left, both Aqua Rose and Liang Jing, who had witnessed the entire conversation from a corner of the room, turned to stare at Shi Feng in befuddlement.

They also could not help but admire Shi Feng.

That was 70 bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid they were talking about!

Yet, despite the temptation of Blackwater's offer or its threats, Shi Feng had remained unfazed.

After Jing Yang left Zero Wing's headquarters, he contacted Xuanwu Chisa and updated her on the negotiations' outcome.

"What an interesting person," Xuanwu Chisa could not help her smile. "Even though Zero Wing's existence is on the line, he insists on keeping a tight grip on the Guardian Puppets."

"In my opinion, Zero Wing is not worthy of your attention, Vice Guild Leader. They have no idea that Starlink isn't the only Guild targeting them and that many other superpowers have set their sights on White River City. They don't realize the lifeline we're offering. They will regret their decision today," Jing Yang said, sneering.

In truth, he had visited Zero Wing's headquarters for two reasons. The first reason was for business. The second was to determine whether Zero Wing qualified to become one of Blackwater's puppets. However, it would seem that the Guild's members were simply ignorant fools.

"Alright, enough. Return for now. We still have much to do," Xuanwu Chisa said before disconnecting the call. She did not bother to comment further on the matter.

Once the negotiations with Blackwater came to an end, Shi Feng received Zero Wing's latest status report from Aqua Rose and Blackie.

The Guild continued to develop rapidly, especially regarding member recruitment. Zero Wing's elite member count now exceeded 400,000, and more than 4,000 expert members operated in Star-Moon Kingdom. The Guild's growth was frightening.

Shi Feng had to admit that the battles in the Witch's Hill and near Moon Creek Town had elevated Zero Wing's fame and reputation. Now, many previously hesitant elite and expert players had finally decided to join Zero wing.

In addition, Fire Dance and Zero Wing's other main force members had finished training in the Extraordinary Tower, splitting up into multiple 100-man teams to raid Level 60 Team Dungeons. Their raid progression had also been impressive. They'd likely obtain the First Clear of Star-Moon Kingdom's various 100-man Team Dungeons in a few more days.

The lack of funds was the only problem now, giving Aqua Rose and Blackie plenty of headaches.

In response, Shi Feng agreed to rent Zero Wing City's Shops for Credits, reducing the Guild's Coin income.

After Shi Feng had assigned tasks, he returned to his room and logged back into God's Domain.



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