Chapter 2054 - Treasure Trove

Although Shi Feng had already checked that nothing was wrong with the system display and confirmed that the item in his hands was indeed an Epic Armor Kit Fragment, his heart still shook with disbelief.

In God's Domain, most armor kits were categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced ranks. Above Advanced Armor Kits were the extremely rare Epic Armor Kits.

Unlike the usual armor kits, Epic Armor Kits could promote Dark-Gold Equipment to the Epic rank!

Most expert players already considered Epic Equipment godly. Since an Epic Armor Kit could transform Dark-Gold Equipment into Epic Equipment, one could easily imagine how valuable an Epic Armor Kit was—especially when players used it on Dark-Gold Equipment that they had high compatibility with.

Of course, the level of Epic Equipment upgraded using the Epic Armor Kit was fixed. If the base equipment was Level 50, then it would only have the Attributes of Level 50 Epic Equipment. The upgraded equipment's level would not scale with players to a maximum limit.

Even so, an Epic Armor Kit was still something countless players fervently sought to obtain.

Meanwhile, as long as Shi Feng collected 100 Epic Armor Kit Fragments, he could synthesize one Epic Armor Kit.

Normally, Epic Armor Kit Fragments only dropped in Level 60-plus, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons or 200-man Hard Mode Team Dungeons. Mythic Field Bosses also had a chance of dropping the fragments, but the drop-rate was much lower than in Team Dungeons.

Shi Feng never thought that the Elemental Guards would actually drop the fragments as well.

His view of the Elemental Guards immediately changed. Now, they were no longer detestable monsters but walking Epic Armor Kits instead.

Moreover, the Elemental Guard had dropped Elemental Cores, in addition to the Epic Armor Kit Fragment. An alchemist could use ten cores to synthesize an Elemental Crystal.

As an energy source, the Elemental Crystal was superior to the Magic Crystal. When used instead of Magic Crystals in the production of Magic Scrolls, the resulting Magic Scrolls were more powerful.

At the same time, an Elemental Crystal could also be used as the core of a magic array. Magic arrays powered by Elemental Crystals were at least 30% more effective. As an example, a defensive magic array that originally could block only ordinary Tier 3 attacks would be capable of blocking peak Tier 3 attacks if powered by Elemental Crystals. Overall, the Elemental Crystal was a strategic resource with a very wide range of uses.

On the market, one Elemental Crystal was worth more than 100 Magic Crystals.

Now, after killing just one Elemental Guard, Shi Feng had already obtained three Elemental Cores.

Following which, he proceeded to kill Elemental Guards with great enthusiasm. Despite having to fight arduously for roughly eight minutes just to kill each Elemental Guard, when he thought about the Great Lord's loot, the suffering he had to endure was of no consequence whatsoever.

Moreover, thanks to the high-Mana environment, Shi Feng did not feel tired at all, even after killing over 40 Elemental Guards in succession. On the contrary, his fighting spirit reached even greater heights than before.

This was because killing these 40-plus Elemental Guards had earned him 31 Epic Armor Kit Fragments and 126 Elemental Cores. The various large Guilds would go mad with envy if they learned about this harvest. After all, during his previous life, a 100-man expert team would have to work tirelessly for more than half a day just to obtain two or three Epic Armor Kit Fragments. Meanwhile, he had only grinded for six hours, yet he had already reaped many times more than that. This harvest was simply frightening.

However, despite the great harvest, Shi Feng did not continue grinding. Time in the Ancient God's Maze flowed at the same rate as in the real world. Since he had grinded in the Maze for six hours already, six hours had also passed in the real world.

In addition, it had been a long time since he had logged out of God's Domain. Even if his avatar inside God's Domain was still in a spirited state, his body in the real world needed a certain degree of activity to remain healthy.

Following which, Shi Feng chose to log out of God's Domain and rest.

When he climbed out of his virtual gaming cabin, the sun outside the window had already risen to its highest point.

However, the scenery at Ouroboros's main headquarters was much better than that of the Greenwater Villa. He could see the entire city from his room, unlike before.

Meanwhile, ever since Zero Wing gained its new headquarters, its development speed had skyrocketed with the recruitment of a large number of experts with great potential. It now had over 2,000 internal members. Although the newly recruited internal members were not particularly high-leveled, with Zero Wing's resources in God's Domain and Ouroboros's original training system, these members could soon become a part of the Guild's main fighting force and be used to raid Team Dungeons.

In God's Domain, the best place to obtain a large number of resources and high-ranking equipment was undoubtedly Team Dungeons. This was also the reason why Zero Wing was never able to match up against the various first-rate Guilds and superpowers.

Moreover, due to the Guild's rapid expansion, the Guild was also spending Credits like there was no tomorrow. The Credits the Guild had saved up were gone before anyone realized it. Now, the Guild couldn't sustain its operations simply by relying on the income from completing tasks commissioned to the Guild and equipment sales. Fortunately, the company Gentle Snow's family ran provided some financial support. With the additional funding, the Guild was just barely able to get by.

Aqua Rose and Melancholic Smile also had plenty of headaches over the lack of funds. Recently, even Liang Jing, who was overseeing some tasks in the headquarters, had started complaining to him about this matter.

After Shi Feng had his lunch and Nutrient Fluid, he headed to the physical training room of the building to stretch his body.

When he entered the training room, which was roughly half the size of a football field, he came across several hundred Zero Wing members. These Zero Wing members stopped what they were doing and greeted him as soon as they saw him. Some of them even had a reverential look when they did so.

As there were too many people present, Shi Feng could only nod and smile in response.

However, when he saw more than a dozen people lining up before the physical training machines, he could not help but feel a little ashamed. During his previous life, it had been rare to see five or six people waiting to use the physical training machines Shadow possessed. Now, there were more than a dozen people waiting for their turn.

He had to admit that the current Zero Wing was only the shell of a first-rate Guild. If it wished to catch up to the various first-rate Guilds and superpowers, it needed a lot more funds. Insufficient funding would impede the Guild's development significantly.

I need to figure out a way to earn some Credits through God's Domain, Shi Feng thought to himself as he gazed at the Guild members working out.

After all, he couldn't rely solely on Gentle Snow's company. Previously, five major companies were necessary to keep Ouroboros functioning. Although the current Zero Wing wasn't as large as the past Ouroboros, sustaining its operations with just one major company was still impossible.

Roughly one hour into Shi Feng's training, Blackie suddenly rushed into the training room, an anxious expression on his face. "Did something happen?" Shi Feng asked curiously.

"Something big happened! Representatives of the Blackwater Corporation have come to talk with us!" Blackie said in a panic as he looked at Shi Feng.



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