Chapter 2058 - Fighting the Realm Lord

Although Shi Feng's Movement Speed was very high, the Elemental Prayer was a Realm Lord. Not only would it have increased combat power within its territory, but it could also suppress enemies. These two effects made the Realm Lord far more powerful than ordinary monsters of the same rank and level.

The instant Shi Feng moved within 50 yards of the Elemental Prayer, he felt his body grow heavier. His speed significantly decreased, as well.

The gravity around it is so powerful? Shi Feng could not help but frown.

Realm Lords had different methods of controlling their territory. Some manipulated physical objects to attack players, while others suppressed players' Basic Attributes. The most troublesome Realm Lords were those that could control their environment.

Realm Lords with environmental control could transform the area around them into a sea of fire or an icy hell. There were also some Realm Lords like the Elemental Prayer that could increase the gravitational force around them.

For players, increased gravitational force was far more frightening than Movement Speed reduction. More gravitational pull would slow every movement they made.

The Elemental Prayer discovered Shi Feng the moment he entered its domain, and it began to chant a Spell and wave its staff.

Suddenly, over 20 wind blades flew at Shi Feng. At the same time, rocky spikes began to emerge from the ground under his feet The Guardian Boss had needed no time at all to complete its double-cast.

Shi Feng had no choice but to jump up to dodge the rock spikes. Unfortunately, while he was airborne, he wasn't able to dodge the wind blades that had arrived a moment later.

Without being able to dodge the wind blades, Shi Feng's only option was to receive the magical attack with his sword. Sword's Orbit!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The instant Shi Feng's swords collided with the wind blades, he felt as if he had batted away a cannonball. His arm felt slightly numb from the impact of a single collision. Moreover, the numbness lingered for longer periods with each subsequent deflection. With the increased gravitational force slowing his reactions, Shi Feng began to struggle to keep up with the wind blades' attacks after a few clashes.

Seeing so many wind blades left, Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade to block the remainder of the Elemental Prayer's first round of attacks.

So strong! When Shi Feng landed and noticed the Elemental Prayer double-casting again, he could only stare at the Realm Lord for a moment in astonishment.

Against so many powerful attacks and the increased gravitational force, even a Level 70 expert would likely die in an instant

However, before Shi Feng's arms could regain feeling, the Elemental Prayer finished chanting its Spells. Like its first round, the Guardian Boss attacked with rock spikes and wind blades.


This time, Shi Feng didn't try to dodge the rising rock spikes, using Purgatory Pentaslash to shatter them, instead. He then spun around and dashed toward a nearby stone pillar. With his current Basic Attributes and the battlefield's gravitational force, dodging all 20-plus wind blades would be impossible. His death would be guaranteed if he tried to take those attacks head-on. Hence, he had to rely on the stone pillars around him to block the wind blades.

Using the stone pillars to reduce his blind spots, Shi Feng found it easier to dodge and block the incoming wind blades. In the end, he survived the Elemental Prayer's second offensive unscathed.

Sure enough, these stone pillars are here for a reason. Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when, after taking a few hits from the wind blades, he saw that the stone pillar remained intact.

If the wind blades, which had peak Tier 3 power, had shattered the stone pillars, this battle was as good as over for him.

Although he could rely on the stone pillars to block the Realm Lord's attacks, approaching the Elemental Prayer was still extraordinarily difficult. After multiple attempts, Shi Feng discovered that the Realm Lord used a greater variety of Spells the closer he got to it.

Sometimes, the Elemental Prayer fired a beam of roaring flames. Other times, it called down a column of water from above. Of course, the Guardian Boss still used the occasional rock spikes and wind blades. The Boss's coordination with the four types of attacks made approaching the Elemental Prayer practically impossible.

As expected of a Realm Lord. This Boss could likely even annihilate a 100-man team of the same level. Trying to fight it alone is asking too much. Shi Feng could not help his bitter smile as he watched the Elemental Prayer cast one Spell after another.

Magical-class monsters were most afraid enemies getting close. After all, they were vulnerable in close-range combat, but Shi Feng couldn't even get within 40 yards of the Realm Lord, much less melee range. He felt as if he were surrounded by a party of Tier 3 magical class players as Tier 3 Spells continued to bombard him. He could only rely on the surrounding stone pillars to evade the Spells. If any other peak expert were in his shoes, they'd have likely died a long time ago.

Shi Feng had to admit that the Asura Mode Guardian Boss was astounding. Trying to acquire an item that rivaled a Fragmented Legendary item wasn't going to be easy.

Shi Feng retrieved the Ring of Gospel from his bag and spent 7,000 Magic Crystals to activate Miniature World and Ring of Brilliance.

Miniature World instantly reduced the gravitational force that affected Shi Feng. At the same time, the Elemental Prayer's Basic Attributes decreased fell by a significant chunk. Although Miniature World's suppression didn't hinder the Realm Lor drastically, it still reduced its Basic Attributes by 20%, which considerably reduced the power of its Spells.

Meanwhile, Ring of Brilliance improved Shi Feng's physique and Basic Attributes by 20%.

Now, Shi Feng could intercept the Elemental Prayer's wind blades with his swords without relying on the stone pillars.

Moreover, Shi Feng could exhibit his full strength now that the Elemental Prayer's Gravity Domain had been weakened. He could dodge the Boss's attacks with ease and soon reached the Realm Lord.

Killing Ray tore through the air, sending a streak of blue light slicing at the Elemental Prayer.

Although the Guardian Boss wielded a golden longsword, its melee prowess paled in comparison to its magical power. Shi Feng easily maneuvered his attack past the Elemental Prayer's defenses and landed a direct, critical hit, dealing over -40,000 damage.

"Despicable intruder! Suffer God's fury!"

The Elemental Prayer bellowed after taking the hit The golden longsword in its hand disintegrated, and eight smaller versions appeared around the Realm Lord, each wrapped in golden flames. Under the Elemental Prayer's control, golden longswords flew toward Shi Feng.

Shi Feng hurriedly moved and executed Sword's Transmigration to block the attacks.

The power within these golden longswords was immense. They clearly harbored more Strength than Shi Feng currently possessed. Instead of receiving the attacks head-on, Shi Feng expertly used his movement techniques to evade some of the flaming weapons, while deflecting the rest. By doing so, he managed to fend off the Guardian Boss's attacks without taking damage.

After knocking away the golden swords, Shi Feng used the opportunity to bombard the Elemental Prayer with one Skill after another.

Thundering Flash!

Thunder Flame Explosion!

Flame Burst!

Shadow Blade!

Damages in exceeding -100,000 began to appear above the Elemental Prayer's head, with some in the hundreds of thousands. The Guardian Boss's HP began to fall at a visible rate.

Once that round of attacks had ended, the Elemental Prayer continued to manipulate the golden swords, pressing its attack. However, Shi Feng managed to block every incoming strike. Although the Elemental Prayer occasionally cast Spells, Shi Feng could heal himself with the Seven Luminaries Ring's Life Domain.

Overall, although Shi Feng had the advantage, the Elemental Prayer had too much HP. Although its maximum HP had been reduced to 52,000,000, its battle recovery restored 520,000 HP every five seconds. This slowed Shi Feng's progress in the fight

Even after more than five minutes, the Elemental Prayer still had 95% of its HP remaining...

Unfortunately, Miniature World only had a 10-minute duration, and without it, Shi Feng wouldn't be a match for the Realm Lord. Furthermore, Shi Feng had to spend 5,000 Magic Crystals each time he activated the Skill, and he had only brought a little over 20,000 with him.

Should I give up?

Shi Feng had fought for nearly ten minutes, yet the Elemental Prayer still had 92% of its HP. If he couldn't increase his DPS, the Guardian Boss would eventually wear him down and kill him.

However, when Shi Feng saw the eight golden longswords flying toward him once more, his eyes lit up with inspiration as he considered a way to increase his damage. He simply needed to use the Elemental Prayer's strength against it.

This time, Shi Feng didn't dodge the eight golden longswords. Instead, he met all of them in battle.

Sword's Transmigration!



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