Chapter 2062 - Bronze Dragon King A Dragon!?

Shi Feng stared at the titanic figure before him in disbelief. Even though he stood several hundred yards away from the Dragon, its aura felt as if he stood before a towering mountain. The pressure he felt from the Dragon was absolutely stifling. Its aura was so powerful that he couldn't even move; he could only stand there quietly, staring at the being.




These words ran through Shi Feng's mind as the Dragon's aura washed over him.

[Bronze Dragon King] (Dragon, Tier 5) Level???


Shi Feng had no doubt that the slightest exhale from this Bronze Dragon could turn him to dust. Even a Tier 5 existence would be powerless before this Bronze Dragon King.

A Dragon's Life Rating was extremely high, and once it reached adulthood, it would automatically advance to Tier 5. The weakest Tier 5 Dragon was an apex existence among other Tier 5 beings, and even during the Gods' era, the Dragon race had been one of the most powerful. Even Gods and Demons were afraid of Dragons.

Meanwhile, among Dragons, there were Dragon Kings. Dragon Kings' Bloodline was beyond the reach of ordinary Dragons. At Tier 5, they could even contend with Tier 6 Gods.

If a Tier 5 human NPC encountered a Tier 5 Dragon King, they'd have no hope of surviving. If they were wise, Tier 6 God- ranked players would take the long way around a Tier 5 Dragon King. Trying to fight such a being head-on would be the epitome of foolishness.

Fortunately, this Bronze Dragon King was sealed within a magic array. Otherwise, Shi Feng wouldn't have even had time to run. With a wave of his claw, the Bronze Dragon King could send Shi Feng on a free trip back to White River City.

This is the final test?

After seeing the raging Bronze Dragon King behind the magic barrier, Shi Feng shifted his attention to his surroundings. The hall contained a second magic array, and within it sat a resplendent box.

Most players might not think much of this box, but Shi Feng, who was unusually familiar with God's Domain, realized that this box had been made with Seven Luminaries Crystal.

Seven Luminaries Crystal was incomparably valuable to both players and NPCs. It was one of the reasons that so many major corporations invested in God's Domain.

Nothing else in the hall grabbed Shi Feng's attention. Unlike the previous halls, this one only contained a Guardian Boss. There weren't any mobs for Shi Feng to kill.

Although Shi Feng wanted to approach and inspect the Bronze Dragon King, his powerful aura prevented the Swordsman from moving.

After raging for another ten seconds or so, the Bronze Dragon King eventually calmed down. The ferocity of its aura also began to lessen, and Shi Feng regained control of his body.

But as soon as Shi Feng began to relax, the imprisoned Dragon spoke.

"Little human! The fact that you have reached this place proves that you have some ability. According to the rules those despicable Gods and Demons had set, I will give you three options," the Bronze Dragon King said, watching Shi Feng. "Your first option is to accept my trial. If you pass, you'll receive the treasure those Gods and Demons left behind. Taking the Gods and Demons' oath is your second option. You can also acquire the treasure this way. Your third option involves signing a contract with me. Although you won't get the treasure, you will receive my blessing. My blessing will grant you strength beyond human limits. Make your decision."

Although the Bronze Dragon King spoke in the Dragon language, which Shi Feng knew nothing about, he was actually able to understand the Dragon King's intentions.

There are choices? The situation surprised Shi Feng a little. He had never imagined that the final hall in the Ancient God's Maze would offer him choices. He had never heard of such a thing.

According to his knowledge regarding the Secret Key's trial, players weren't given any choices. If players wanted any of the trial's treasures, they had to defeat the Guardian Bosses, yet he now had three options to consider.

The first option was undoubtedly the standard procedure. If players were confident of their strength, the first option would be the best.

The second option allowed players to obtain the treasure without risking themselves overmuch. Many players would likely choose this option without a second thought. This was the final hall in the Ancient God's Maze, after all. The treasure in this room would be extraordinary, but Shi Feng understood one thing; there were no free lunches in this world. Current players might know nothing about Gods and Demons' oaths, but he did.

During his previous life, these oaths had earned the nickname 'Divine Contracts,' and every one of them was a two-way deal.

By signing a Divine Contract, players would have to abide by the conditions the Gods and Demons had set. If they failed to do so, they'd suffer a miserable fate. Many in the past had eagerly signed Divine Contracts and failed to meet the stipulated conditions, and in the end, they had suffered such severe penalties that they had been forced to delete their accounts.

Hence, while the second option the Bronze Dragon King had stated sounded good, the risk was considerable.

The third option wasn't much different than the second, although this contract would be between the player and the Bronze Dragon King. There was no real difference between signing the Bronze Dragon King's contract and signing one with Gods and Demons. Although the third option wouldn't award the final hall's treasure, a Dragon King's blessing was just as extraordinary.

Any blessing held great significance to players, especially the Bronze Dragon King's. Its effects were likely even stronger than that of a Bloodline.

Blessings were so valuable in God's Domain because of how few were granted.

Only incomparably powerful existences could bless others, and those that received a blessing would acquire great power. However, this power had its price. The blessing's giver would have to segment a fraction of their strength, granting it to their target. In other words, the blessing giver would lose strength to empower others. Hence, even Tier 6 Gods were incredibly careful when offering a blessing. They never gave one on a whim.

"May I know what the oath's conditions are?" Shi Feng asked after giving the matter some thought.

"This I cannot answer. You may only learn more about the oath after taking it. This is a condition those Gods and Demons set for me so long ago," the Bronze Dragon King explained indifferently. "Human, I do not have much patience. You only have ten minutes to consider."

Can't tell me, huh? Shi Feng realized what was happening after listening to the Bronze Dragon King's words.

Since players could obtain the treasure by taking the oath, it's conditions were undoubtedly quite strict. However, whether or not a player could accept these conditions remained unknown. By denying players the oath's details, players couldn't determine the conditions' severity. This also ensured some sense of fairness to the Bronze Dragon King's situation. If players knew the oath's conditions, they wouldn't bother with the Dragon's blessing.

"Human, what is your choice?" the Bronze Dragon King demanded in a deep tone after ten minutes had passed.

After taking in a deep breath, Shi Feng replied, "The first option!"

Whether it was the Gods and Demons' oath or the Bronze Dragon King's contract, the risk was too great. On the off chance that he couldn't fulfill the conditions, he would have to delete his account and start all over again. He didn't dare take such a gamble.

"What? The first option?" Shi Feng's decision stunned the Bronze Dragon King. "Are you sure that is your choice?"



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