Chapter 2064 - Realm that Surpasses Human Limits

As Shi Feng executed Sword's Transmigration, five sword lights intercepted the Bronze Dragon King's silent attacks.

Boom... Boom... Boom-

Deafening metallic clangs echoed throughout the hall, and the collision's resulting shockwave was so intense that it made Shi Feng shudder. Moreover, his arms had gone numb from the impact. It was so severe that he struggled to move them.

The Bronze Dragon King had leisurely executed his attacks, and his Basic Attributes were only slightly higher than Shi Feng's, yet he generated enough power to overwhelm Sword's Transmigration's Strength tolerance.

Shi Feng could barely understand what could cause such a result

Without waiting for Shi Feng to recover, the Bronze Dragon King's Dragonscale Greatsword vanished once more. Unlike before, however, the Dragon King's attack was truly silent. Shi Feng couldn't sense the slightest hint of the Dragon King's attack trajectory before he felt a stinging pain in his chest. Before he realized it, the Bronze Dragon King had thrust his greatsword in Shi Feng's chest, his HP depleting rapidly without signs of stopping.

He is already beyond human limits? Shi Feng looked up at the Dragon King in surprise as the humanized Boss retrieved his weapon. Shi Feng's vision darkened as his HP fell to zero, and he fell to the ground, lifeless.

Sword's Transmigration was the strongest combat technique Shi Feng possessed. He was even confident of posing a threat to Domain Realm experts by relying on the technique.

However, against the Bronze Dragon King, Sword's Transmigration had only kept him alive for one move.

The Bronze Dragon King was an apex existence in God's Domain. Both his attacks and movement techniques were simply amazing. The Dragon King could launch his attacks without alerting Shi Feng as if the Boss's boy acted without commands from his mind. The Bronze Dragon King's reflexes were so fast that Shi Feng's mind couldn't even react.

Although such a feat was normally impossible, the Bronze Dragon King had done it. He had completely surpassed human limits.

Shi Feng finally realized why the various superpowers in the past had dispatched tons of Tier 4 experts to defeat Tier 3 humanized monsters that were a much lower level, and even they, the players had still suffered tremendously to secure victory.

Five seconds after Shi Feng died, he appeared before the magic array that had sealed the Bronze Dragon King with full HP. It felt as if the skirmish had been a dream.

However, when Shi Feng glanced at the Bronze Dragon King's humanoid form nearby, he understood that this was no dream.

"Alright, let's begin the second round!" the Bronze Dragon King stated as he unsheathed his Dragonscale Greatsword and resumed his attacks.

Now that Shi Feng had experienced the Dragon King's power, he didn't dare clash with the Boss head-on. If he wanted to avoid dying 300 times in three days, he needed to buy as much time for himself as possible. With this in mind, Shi Feng turned and fled.

As if he had predicted this ploy, the Bronze Dragon King threw his greatsword at Shi Feng, forcing the Swordsman to a halt to avoid the flying weapon. Taking advantage of the brief pause, the Dragon King appeared behind Shi Feng, and without alerting the player, another Dragonscale Greatsword appeared in the Boss's hands, swinging toward Shi Feng before he had time to register the movement.

Fortunately, Shi Feng had expected something like this and had activated Divine Steps a moment earlier. He promptly switched places with one of his doppelgangers, which were invulnerable to attacks.

The following events happened as Shi Feng had expected. Once the Bronze Dragon King realized that the doppelganger before him was immune to damage, he attacked the other Shi Feng copies. Although Shi Feng couldn't perceive the Dragon King's strikes, he knew that everyone revealed some weakness when attacking. Discovering the Bronze Dragon King's weakness was precisely his goal.

Following which, Shi Feng swapped positions with the same doppelganger. He then turned and slashed at the Guardian Boss.

As the Dragon King attacked another doppelganger, his side was exposed. Seeing this, Shi Feng was ecstatic, and the hand that held Killing Ray sped towards the opening.


However, just before the Sacred Sword met its target, an imperceptible attack countered the weapon, stopping its advance. So fast!

The counterattack made Shi Feng realize that even if he found an opening in the Bronze Dragon King's defenses, he couldn't take advantage of it. The Dragon King was far faster than Shi Feng and could easily defend himself once he detected the incoming strike. Relying on speed to defeat the Bronze Dragon King would be impossible.

Before Shi Feng could follow up with another attack, the Bronze Dragon King shoved his greatsword through Shi Feng's chest again, and the Swordsman collapsed...

Although Shi Feng suffered a second death, he didn't feel discouraged.

Since he was no match for the Bronze Dragon King's speed, he'd have to contend with this opponent through his Strength. After running away to buy time and evading the Dragon King's thrown greatsword, Shi Feng had realized that he couldn't shake off the Boss. His only option was to face the Dragon King directly.

On his third attempt, Shi Feng used Shadow Blade and merged the ten blades into pairs. He then sent the five pairs of blades flying at the Bronze Dragon King.

The Dragon King found Shi Feng's attempt at retaliation amusing.

In response, the Dragon King swung its greatsword at the five attacks' convergence point. The convergence point of each attack was the size of a strand of hair, but the Bronze Dragon King countered all five pairs with the tip of his greatsword, nullifying one blade in each pair. This effectively transformed the five combination attacks into five ordinary attacks. The Dragon King's counter had also altered the remaining blades' trajectories.

After nullifying Shi Feng's Shadow Blades, the Bronze Dragon King killed him again.

However, Shi Feng refused to give up. Instead, he continued to try different methods of buying time and retaliated against the Dragon King.

Ten times... Thirty times... One hundred times...

The Bronze Dragon King killed Shi Feng, again and again. Without knowing how much time had passed, Shi Feng immersed himself in the battle, focusing on nothing but fighting.

Through these repeated battles, Shi Feng was able to verify his theories and challenge his ideas. As a result, he continued to extend his survival time. Initially, he had only survived against the Dragon King for a few seconds, but now, he could last more than 20 seconds.

Despite the Bronze Dragon King's ability to perfectly and effortlessly neutralize his attacks, Shi Feng's fighting spirit burned brighter as he fought. He insisted on trying out more attack methods, despite numerous failures.

After dying over 200 times, both Shi Feng's mind and body were exhausted. His reactions were slowing, and even though he was immersed in a high-Mana environment, he was still slightly pale.

Eventually, the Bronze Dragon King initiated the 300th match.

Advancing, the Bronze Dragon King arrived before Shi Feng, launching six slashes that escaped the Swordsman's notice. This time, however, Shi Feng took a half step back and swung Killing Ray and the Twilight Blade in cross slash.

Not only did Shi Feng manage to dodge four of the Dragon King's attacks, but he also deflected the remaining two with his own swords. However, due to the extreme power of the Dragon King's attacks, Shi Feng hadn't altered the greatsword's trajectory by much. As a result, one of the Dragon King's attacks grazed Shi Feng's shoulder, dealing more than -100,000 damage.

He blocked my attacks? Confusion flashed in the Bronze Dragon King's eyes as he stared at Shi Feng. Shouldn't he be exhausted by now? How did he block them? Did he get lucky?

"I don't care how lucky you may be; this is the end!"

After Shi Feng blocked the Bronze Dragon King's attacks, the Boss assaulted his target more fervently.

Nine Extreme Slashes!



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