Chapter 2074 - Another Monster Silence!



Even though Dead World had been removed and the reception room had returned to its neutral state, Jade Qilin and the other Nature Hall peak experts felt stifled and overwhelmed.

Even Nature Manifestation, who had observed the fight in silence, wore a gloomy expression.

"Who are you?" Nature Manifestation asked Shi Feng.

Ordinary peak experts couldn't topple his personal bodyguards or Evil Tooth, the Evil Spirit Legion's commander. While he had considered the possibility of their defeat, he hadn't expected it to happen so easily.

He couldn't imagine anyone, aside from Domain Realm monsters, who would be capable of such a feat.

But how rare were Domain Realm experts in God's Domain?

Every Domain Realm expert that had ever existed in the virtual gaming world was accounted for, and they were all responsible for shaking the community to its core.

However, based on his information, Shi Feng's name wasn't on that list

"Black Flame," Shi Feng stated calmly.

"Black Flame? Zero Wing's Guild Leader?" Shock colored Jade Qilin's face when she heard Shi Feng's reply. "But how?"

Black Flame wasn't unknown to Nature Hall. After all, he ranked among the top ten on the God's Domain Expert List. He was a peak expert that had reached the Void Realm, and one of the top peak experts in the game.

But at the end of the day, that's all he was, a peak expert Although they earned the various superpowers' attention, they weren't powerful enough to threaten a superpower's very existence. Every superpower had plenty of peak experts in its ranks.

No matter how she looked at it, however, no peak expert should be capable of the combat power Shi Feng had displayed.

"What an excellent scheme. So, you've deliberately hidden your strength all this time?" Nature Manifestation asked. Unexpected, he was actually smiling.

However, knowing their Guild Leader's personality, Jade Qilin and her companions knew Nature Manifestation's smile wasn't an indication of his good mood. Rather, it was a result of his anger reaching a tipping point.

The various superpowers in God's Domain viewed every Domain Realm expert as immensely important. Rather, these experts were impossible to ignore. Domain Realm experts were strategic weapons, and as players reached higher Levels, the threat these experts posed to superpowers would grow. Hence, superpowers took considerable precautions against every Domain Realm expert they encountered.

If Shi Feng had revealed himself as a Domain Realm expert early on, the various superpowers would've paid more attention to Zero Wing. The Guild's name would've likely joined the superpowers' blacklists, regardless of its developmental state. Some superpowers might have even extinguished Zero Wing immediately to save themselves from future trouble.

As for Shi Feng recently reaching the Domain Realm, it wasn't likely. Reaching the Domain Realm proved that one transcended the limits of humanity. Despite the various super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds accumulating resources and knowledge over many generations, each superpower had, at most, nurtured only a handful of Domain Realm experts in each generation. It was easy to imagine how difficult reaching the Domain Realm truly was.

In other words, Shi Feng must have hidden his strength from the public deliberately to avoid attracting too much attention. Now that he was satisfied with his personal strength and that of his Guild, he wanted to use Nature Hall as a stepping stone to show off his power.

That would explain why would Shi Feng was willing to make an enemy of Nature Hall just to help Twilight Echo, a Guild he was barely connected to.

"Guild Leader, should we request Senior Fan's presence?" Jade Qilin whispered to her Guild Leader.

Although Domain Realm experts were extremely rare, Nature Hall had its own collection of them. Senior Fan was one example. Moreover, he had spent most of his time in the Storm Empire. If they notified him, he would soon return to the Residence.

If Senior Fan returned, with the help of Nature Hall's other peak experts, they could ensure that Shi Feng's party didn't leave the Residence with their lives. After all, this was Nature Hall's main headquarters.

After Jade Qilin posed her question, the three imposing men beside her directed their killing intent toward Shi Feng.

A mere up-and-coming Guild like Zero Wing actually dared to use Nature Hall as a stepping stone. This was unacceptable.

Suddenly, the reception room's doors flew open, and a group of 50-plus silver-armored experts charged in and surrounded Shi Feng's party.

Although they weren't Refinement Realm experts like Nature Manifestation's personal bodyguards, they could rival such experts with their Silverlight Battle Array.

"What? You still insist on fighting?" Shi Feng asked as he calmly watched Nature Hall's members from his seat, showing no signs of anxiety or concern.

He wouldn't have dared to visit Nature Hall's Residence before he had reached the Domain Realm and acquired the Twilight Blade. This was, after all, a superpower's headquarters, and Nature Hall would have plenty of methods to deal with invaders. The Guild would also have other Domain Realm experts nearby.

At this stage of the game, Shi Feng's fight against Martial Dragon on Thunder Island wasn't a proper indicator of Domain Realm experts' prowess. During that battle, he had had the advantage in terms of Basic Attributes and Skills, and since Martial Dragon had only been a Tier 1 player, the man's weak physique had prevented him from fully exhibiting his strength. To put it simply, players' physiques at that time had restricted Domain Realm experts.

Shi Feng hadn't gotten a clear idea of how strong Domain Realm experts were in that fight, but once he had reached the same Realm, he understood these experts' true power.

With a Tier 1 player's physique, Domain Realm experts would be limited to 50% of their true combat power at most. However, Void Realm experts would be able to display their full combat power. It was only natural that Domain Realm experts back then had only seemed slightly more powerful than peak experts.

At this stage of the game, however, not only had Domain Realm experts' physiques greatly improved, but their weapon and equipment standards had also increased. A superpower's Domain Realm expert likely wore at least three or four pieces of Epic Equipment, possibly even a Fragmented Legendary item. Superpowers had frightening resources and expansive territory. Encountering a superpower that owned one or two Fragmented Legendary items at this stage of the game wouldn't be odd.

As soon as Shi Feng was done speaking, Fire Dance, Cola, Alluring Summer, Shadow Blade, and Ye Wumian, who stood behind him, stepped forward and released their auras.

As if a volcano had erupted in the room, an intense energy washed over its occupants, and the expressions that Nature Hall's members wore changed instantly.

Fire Dance and her comrades felt like primordial beasts that had just awoken from a long slumber. The pressure they radiated was painfully stifling, particularly Fire Dance's aura.

Could she be another Domain Realm expert? The thought drifted through Jade Qilin and her companions' minds, shuddering at the idea.

Zero Wing was merely a small kingdom's Guild. It wasn't even a superpower, yet it had two Domain Realm experts. Since when were Domain Realm experts so common?

If Shi Feng could hear these peak experts' thoughts, he wouldn't have been surprised. Among the five players he had brought with him, only Fire Dance held a Fragmented Legendary Weapon. She also had her own Bloodline and six Epic items. In Zero Wing, Fire Dance's equipment standards were only second to his. Moreover, she was only a step away from the Truth Realm and had already mastered multiple Advanced Combat Techniques. In her current state, she could definitely contend with Domain Realm experts.



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