Chapter 2084 - There's More Than One Backer?

"What's going on?"

"Isn't Nature Hall here to cause trouble for Zero Wing?"

Deep Thunder's behavior stupefied the various major powers. They could not understand what Nature Hall was trying to pull.

"Are those people using disguises?" The Bloodbath Family's Dust Blood muttered in confusion.

Nature Hall had already grown stronger than super-first-rate Guilds like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul. Such a powerful Guild should disdain ordinary super-first-rate Guilds, let alone Zero Wing.

However, after watching the exchange between Shi Feng and Deep Thunder, one would think that Zero Wing was the true superpower, not Nature Hall.

No matter how Dust Blood considered the situation, he couldn't understand what was happening.

"I've met Deep Thunder personally. Although God's Domain has many tools that can disguise a player, they can't replicate a target's strength and aura," the gray-robed young man said, shaking his head. "That Deep Thunder looks and feels exactly like the one I've met Moreover, Deep Thunder wields the Magic Warrior hidden class. You can feel a special kind of Mana around him at all times. No tool can duplicate that feeling."

"Then, why is that Deep Thunder treating Black Flame so graciously?" Dust Blood asked, clearly confused.

"This... I don't know. Maybe Nature Hall has some secret deal with Black Flame," the young man said. He was just as confused and didn't know how to answer his companion's question.

With Nature Hall's strength and development speed, not even the Secret Pavilion would be able to stop it from targeting Zero Wing without tremendous compensation. The gray-robed young man had no idea what ability Zero Wing possessed to warrant Nature Hall's goodwill. Moreover, Nature Hall seemed to be desperate for Zero Wing's approval.

The only explanation he could think of involved some private deal between Black Flame and Nature Hall's core upper echelons, convincing the larger Guild to give up on Twilight Echo and support Zero wing.

"No wonder why Zero Wing's members seem so fearless. It turns out they actually have Nature Hall's support," Dust Blood said, sneering. However, a trace of envy and admiration could be seen in his gaze.

Although the Bloodbath Family was a top-ranked first-rate Guild and only a short distance from becoming an actual superpower, it could not afford to provoke some of the small Guilds in its territory. Most of those small Guilds were backed by superpowers.

Even if Zero Wing lost White River City today, it could slowly recuperate its strength. It still wasn't an existence that ordinary powers could afford to provoke.

As for Black Flame's private deal with Nature Hall, this was likely the case.

After all, Black Flame possessed extraordinary individual strength. It wasn't surprising to find someone so powerful connected to certain influential individuals. In fact, the more Dust Blood thought about it, the more it seemed plausible.

It certainly explained why Zero Wing dared to provoke Blackwater and Starlink openly.

Dust Blood wasn't the only one with such thoughts. The various major powers' upper echelons had reached the same conclusion.

One should not underestimate Nature Hall just because its territory was smaller than Blackwater and Starlink's. Nature Hall's Storm Empire was an ore country, far more valuable than the Steel Empire or Dark Night Empire. Nature Hall had no reason to fear Blackwater or Starlink.

Meanwhile, in another corner, Sin Realm's members were silent. The killing intent they radiated had also lessened.

None of them had thought that Zero Wing had any backers, but in truth, it seemed that a titan stood behind the smaller Guild...

With Nature Hall's assistance, Zero Wing might actually hold White River City and solidify its position as Star-Moon Kingdom's overlord.

"Zero Wing has an alliance with Nature Hall?" Glaring hatefully at Shi Feng, Sky View hissed, "So what if you have Nature Hall's support? Nature Hall might not fear Blackwater and Starlink, but it is only one superpower. There are more than two superpowers for White River City. I refuse to believe Nature Hall can defeat them all!"

Sin Realm's members nodded in agreement This competition for the Auction House was unique, and even if Nature Hall helped Zero Wing defeat the participating superpowers, there were others in God's Domain. Zero Wing would not change its fate of losing White River City.

However, while the crowd discussed the relationship between Nature Hall and Zero Wing, two players, one young and one old, approached Shi Feng. These two were none other than Mu Lingsha and Unknown King.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, I am Mu Cheng. My granddaughter, Lingsha, has recently been in your care. If Zero Wing encounters any trouble, please feel free to request my help. Although I have withdrawn from the frontlines, I dare say that I am still a capable fighter," Unknown King said, chuckling as he glanced at the various major powers in the Auction Arena.

Sin Realm and the other superpowers that were so eager to watch Zero Wing's downfall were stupefied after watching Mu Cheng and Mu Lingsha speak with Shi Feng.

"What?! Why is Thousand Hands doing here?!"

"What relationship does Zero Wing have with Unyielding Soul to warrant a personal visit from its former Guild Leader?"

The Auction Arena stirred at Mu Cheng's appearance.

The various major powers weren't the only ones surprised by this old man's arrival. Many independent players were just as shocked to see Mu Cheng.

Mu Cheng was one of the older generation's experts. He had been a bigshot in the virtual gaming world when Unyielding Soul had been at its peak, and when he had still been active, everyone had known his nickname, 'Thousand Hands.' He had been known as one of the top three Assassins in the virtual gaming world. If his physical deterioration hadn't forced him away from the frontlines, Unyielding Soul wouldn't have fallen to its current state.

Why wouldn't everyone be shocked to see such a bigshot greet Zero Wing and offer its help?

Deep Thunder, who stood a short distance away, was also surprised to see this old man. He hadn't considered that Zero Wing would have such deep ties to Unyielding Soul, so much so that Unyielding Soul's former Guild Leader would make a personal appearance. Deep Thunder immediately raised his evaluation of Zero Wing.

"Who is this Black Flame? Two superpowers have actually shown up to support him?" Dust Blood's eyes nearly fell from their sockets when he saw Mu Cheng talk to Shi Feng.

Although Mu Cheng had retired and was no longer at his peak strength, he could display a significant portion of his abilities with the latest virtual reality technology in God's Domain. He definitely shouldn't be underestimated. If Mu Cheng really lent Zero Wing a helping hand, the outcome of this competition would be uncertain.

"Damn it! Why!?"

"This has to be a trick!"

Sky View was utterly flabbergasted. First, Nature Hall had offered its support, and now, so did Unyielding Soul. He simply couldn't keep up.

Unlike the players in the Auction Arena, the spectating crowd outside grew excited with the sudden development.

No one had believed that Zero Wing had any backers, and despite its hopes of becoming a super-first-rate Guild, its chances were actually quite slim. However, they now realized that they had been mistaken. Not only did Zero Wing have two backers, but both were also true superpowers. Factoring in Zero Wing's development speed, the likelihood of it becoming a super-first-rate Guild was extremely high.

"Nature Hall and Unyielding Soul?" Galaxy Past, who sat in one of the spectator rooms on the second floor, couldn't help his bitter smile as he watched Deep Thunder and Mu Cheng.

He had thought that Star Alliance had significantly shortened the gap between it and Zero Wing. He hadn't expected that Zero Wing had hidden so much power.

He had watched Zero Wing grow from nothing, and he had assumed that he had seen everything the Guild had to offer. Unfortunately, it seemed that he still underestimated Zero Wing's strength.

Meanwhile, Purple Eye watched Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow, who stood beside their Guild Leader, in envy. She had thought of the two women as rivals, but now, they were utterly out of her reach.

Now that Zero Wing had the support of two superpowers, it could definitely ascent to the upper levels of God's Domain in the future.

While everyone talked about Zero Wing, a commotion erupted outside of the arena. Shortly after, a group of 400-plus players entered. Even the lowest-leveled player among this group was Level 64, with their weakest piece of equipment being Level 60 Fine-Gold rank. They all wore Starlink's Guild Emblem, and the dozen or so players in the lead possessed several Epic Weapons and Equipment, wearing no less than Level 60 Dark-Gold items. A faint glow enveloped these dozen or so players as if they were the incarnations of Gods.

Mu Lingsha was stunned. Not even Unyielding Soul's main force was likely a match for these players.

"Sure enough, they've come."

Mu Cheng's expression gradually became serious as he watched the leaders of Starlink's force.



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