Chapter 2140 - God Mode Regional Dungeon Ancient Undead Country, Bottomless Abyss:

The Bottomless Abyss was a gigantic hole in the center of the Psychedelic Forest. The radius could rival that of an NPC city's. Pitch-black fog constantly billowed from within, and even from afar, players felt a chill as they watched the fog escape.

"So, this is the Bottomless Abyss?" Shock gripped Colorful Fruit as she stared at the massive pit before her.

The rest of the Purple Shadow adventurer team felt the same.

Not only was the Bottomless Abyss a spectacular sight, but its aura was also particularly daunting. Despite the distance between them and the Regional Dungeon, they felt stifled. They couldn't even imagine what it would feel like to stand within the foggy pit.

"It's no wonder why Windwolf couldn't even last an hour in there. If its aura feels so powerful from out here, I can't imagine how horrific it feels inside. Just moving will likely be taxing," Late Autumn muttered as he watched the fog rise from the Bottomless Abyss. After seeing this pit himself, he, more or less, understood why Windwolfs members had paled whenever they had mentioned the Bottomless Abyss, claiming that the Regional Dungeon was no place for current players.

The fog is still quite thin. Let's hurry inside," Shi Feng commented, as he, too, watched the fog. He was incredibly familiar with the Bottomless Abyss, so he was used to the sight. He immediately approached the staircase leading into the pit.

Many Ancient Gods had participated in the Great Ancient War, and the Bottomless Abyss was a byproduct of one of those battles. According to legend, the destruction the Gods had wrought here had been so massive that it had broken through the World Barrier that separated the God's Domain continent from the Dark Abyss. As a result, the Dark Abyss's dark energy had flowed into God's Domain through the breach, creating this Bottomless Abyss.

Fortunately, the Ancient Gods had set up a magic barrier here to prevent the dark energy from escaping the Regional Dungeon, protecting the nearby kingdoms and empires from ruin. Without that foresight, the Dark Abyss's power might have devoured the entire continent.

Now, the dark energy within the Bottomless Abyss sometimes spiked due to the weakening barrier. By this point, the barrier had been in place for tens of thousands of years, and even if the materials used to create it had been Godly Relic rank, they couldn't withstand the corrosion of time.

When the Bottomless Abyss's dark energy was at its strongest, Tier 1 players could only remain within the Regional Dungeon for three or four hours. Tier 2 players could, at most, withstand the energy for 10 hours before they'd have to flee. If they exceeded this time limit, the dark energy would corrode their flesh, and their Stamina and Concentration consumption would increase exponentially. It wouldn't be long before they died from exhaustion.

To make matters worse, players that died from exhaustion within the Bottomless Abyss would suffer double the normal death penalty, and their souls would enter a Weakened state due to the corrosion. The corrosion would give them a debuff that significantly reduced EXP gain for the next three to forty-eight hours.

This was why teams without sufficient strength suffered such miserable fates within the God Mode Regional Dungeon. Not even ordinary Tier 2 players had dared to set foot in the Bottomless Abyss during Shi Feng's previous life.

However, as a God Mode Regional Dungeon, the Bottomless Abyss had many benefits to offer. Its bountiful resources were only secondary. More importantly, the Dungeons' Mana density was exceedingly high. Even though the Mana within was chaotic and impure, players could rapidly grow stronger by fighting within the Dungeon. Furthermore, the Bottomless Abyss had no lack of powerful monsters with high combat standards, which players could use as training partners.

To put it simply, the Bottomless Abyss was heaven for the strong and hell for the weak.

Hence, God's Domain's various superpowers had developed a love-hate relationship with the Dungeon in the past.

As Late Autumn watched Shi Feng walk into the Bottomless Abyss without any hesitation, he gritted his teeth and led his team to follow the Swordsman.

The moment Purple Shadow's members entered the Bottomless Abyss, their bodies began indescribably heavy. Their reaction speeds also slowed slightly. However, the dense Mana allowed their minds to remain at their peaks. These players felt like they were having an out-of-body experience as the opposing sensations assaulted them.

It was like trying to operate high-performance software on an ancient computer.

Moreover, they realized they couldn't see as far within the Bottomless Abyss. Normally, they could see up to 100 yards away, despite the Ancient Undead Country's poor visibility, but now, they couldn't see past 50 yards. At this distance, monsters could see them before they noticed, and they'd frequently come under attack.

After descending the staircase for about three minutes, the Purple Shadow members realized that Level 60-plus monsters hung from the walls and dominated the staircase. The weakest among them was a Lord, and they all radiated intense auras that felt particularly deadly to Purple Shadow's members.

Before Purple Shadow's members could react, a group of Level 60 and 61 Demonic Stone Apes charged at the team.

[Demonic Stone Ape] (Elemental Creature, Lord)

Level 60

HP 19,000,000/19,000,000

"Prepare for battle! MTs, prioritize the Stone Apes on the staircase! Melee players, contain the monsters on the wall! Healers, focus on everyone's HP!" Late Autumn's response was quick, and he cautiously issued commands.

Although these Demonic Stone Apes were much lower-leveled than they were, they were in the Bottomless Abyss. Late Autumn couldn't afford to be reckless, employing the most conservative strategy he could think.

The Demonic Stone Apes slammed into Purple Shadow's Level 66 and 67 MTs. Like seasoned warriors, these monsters used tactics against their player enemies. One Stone Ape would attack head-on, while two or three of its companions attacked from the sides. Their coordination was seamless. Purple Shadow's expert MTs couldn't cope with the coordinated assault, and each took two or three hits during the initial charge.

Every MT instantly lost over 50,000 HP, losing more than half of their totals. The healers in the rear began to panic, swiftly casting Healing Spells.

"Why are these monsters so powerful?" Colorful Fruit was stunned as she watched the four Demonic Stone Apse suppress her teammates.

Purple Shadow's lead MT was a Half-step Refinement Realm expert, and the weakest piece of equipment on him was Level 65 Fine-Gold rank. He even wore a piece of Epic Equipment.

Yet, it took everything he had to hold off four Lord ranked monsters, and he wasn't fairing well. Earlier, their lead MT had tanked the Level 69 Grand Lord by himself.

The 20-plus Demonic Stone Apes on the staircase quickly broke past the MTs' defensive line, and six of the monsters charged toward the team's healers. The remaining dozen or so Stone Apes preoccupied the team's melee players.

Before Purple Shadow's members could recover from their shock of seeing how powerful these Demonic Stone Apes were, a five-meter-tall Stone Ape, much larger than its companions, dropped down from the wall above, landing with a thud behind the team.

[Great Stone Ape] (Elemental Creature, Great Lord) Level 62

HP 42,000,000/42,000,000

Before the Level 66 Berserker, who guarded the healers, could react, the Great Stone Ape slammed its massive fists into him. The Berserker slammed into the wall, his HP falling to a critical level. The Great Stone Ape's frightening Strength and speed stunned every member of the team.

Although Colorful Fruit reacted immediately and attacked the Great Stone Ape with her vines, the monster easily tore the two vines to shreds. A dull, black glow then enveloped the monster's fist, and it threw a punch at Purple Shadow's healers. The Great Lord moved from defense to offense so smoothly that it didn't move like any monster they had seen. Rather, the Great Stone Ape fought like an expert player with a plethora of combat experience.

It's over! Colorful Fruit's heart sank.

A Great Lord's Skill could instantly kill a plate-wearing player, let alone a cloth-armor class player. Once the team's healers fell, they'd lose any chance of winning this battle.

However, before the Great Stone Ape's fist could connect with the healers, Shi Feng appeared before the Great Lord.

He unsheathed Killing Ray and responded to the monster with a light slash.

An arc of blue lightning blinded the players for a split second before the Great Stone Ape joined the Level 66 Berserker in decorating the wall. Its chest bore a deep, oozing cut...



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