Chapter 2158 - Shocking Battle Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

Tall buildings and large crowds filled the city's business district. The scene was even more prosperous than most kingdoms' capital cities in God's Domain.

Currently, a man and a woman wearing Crimson Emperor's Guild Emblem ventured down the street. The man had a handsome, majestic appearance, while the woman looked beautiful and intelligent. Both players had already reached Level 68, and if they hadn't concealed their levels with their Black Cloaks, they would've been the center of attention wherever they went.

"Zero Wing is truly amazing. It has actually nurtured White River City into such a powerhouse. Even if Zero Wing loses Stone Forest City, it'll still have a good chance of becoming an overlord in God's Domain," Illusory Words commented as she observed the players wandering about the business district.

After Zero Wing had taken control of White River City's Auction House, White River City's popularity and growth had skyrocketed. The city practically changed with each passing day as players surged through its gates. While most of the NPC cities with player-controlled Auction Houses had significantly improved as well, White River City's growth was far more pronounced.

White River City's impressive development wasn't due to an influx of new players, but the arrival of well-known adventurer teams, merchant players, and high-ranked Lifestyle players.

Since new players hadn't spent much time in God's Domain yet, they lacked both individual and financial strength.

They wouldn't be able to contribute much to a city or its ruling Guild. However, the same wasn't true of adventurer team members, merchant players, and Lifestyle players with relatively high standards.

Expert players could become usable combat power the moment they joined a Guild, and merchant players could increase a city's economic prowess. As for Lifestyle players, they would bring with them merchandise that supported the city's combat players, which, in turn, would increase the development speed of the city's players. New players could neither compete with the benefits veteran players brought to a city, nor could they increase the ruling Guild's profits.

Crimson Emperor controlled two NPC Auction Houses, both of which were located in kingdoms' capital cities. The Guild had invested plenty of resources in these two cities' development since the Auction Arena had ended, but both paled in comparison to White River City. Now, only an empire's imperial capital could surpass White River City's development speed.

"Become one of God's Domain's overlords?" The majestic man, Crimson Gate, lightly snorted at Illusory Words' comment. "Illusory, you think too highly of Zero Wing. Do you think it is that easy to become an overlord? Not only would one need sufficient experts and legacies, but they'd also require enough financial strength. Even if Zero Wing holds Stone Forest City, its future of becoming an overlord isn't guaranteed. Besides, there's no way Zero Wing will keep Stone Forest City. Although, the Guild still has some hope. As long as Zero Wing acknowledges its place and behaves accordingly, it may retain some of the city's profits."

"Acknowledges its place, huh?" Illusory Words did not try to rebuke Crimson Gate's words. As she glanced at the various other superpowers' members on the street, she shook her head and sighed. "I'm afraid that even if Zero Wing concedes Stone Forest City, it'll only retain negligible profits."

Too much was at stake in Stone Forest City, and many superpowers were keeping a close eye on the city. Even the superpowers that had planned to ally with Zero Wing had changed their minds, now intending to force the Guild to relinquish the city's shares. This was even true of Crimson Emperor.

To claim a share of the profits, the various superpowers had dispatched representatives to negotiate with Zero Wing. According to Crimson Emperor's investigation, more than ten superpowers had already gathered in White River City.

This situation had already become a living nightmare.

Even the most valuable empires in God's Domain had no more than seven or eight competing superpowers, but now, more than 10 superpowers had gathered to fight for Stone Forest City.

They were still waiting for the various superpowers' armies to gather around Stone Forest City, which was the only reason they hadn't entered Zero Wing’s Residence yet.

"Zero Wing's opinion on the outcome doesn't matter. It no longer has any say. Not even the Secret Pavilion can change this." Sneering, Crimson Gate continued, "If Zero Wing refuses our offer, it will only find destruction in its future. Not even Stone Forest City will survive."

As one of the few transcendental powers in the virtual gaming world, the Secret Pavilion was quite powerful. Not even ordinary Super Guilds dared to provoke it.

However, after all was said and done, the Secret Pavilion didn't have a monopoly over the virtual gaming world, which was especially true after God's Domain's launch.

Not even a ferocious tiger could defeat a pack of wolves. The Secret Pavilion definitely understood this. When the time arrived, the Pavilion would abandon Zero Wing.

While Crimson Gate and Illusory Words conversed and patiently waited for the various superpowers' armies to surround Stone Forest City, a commotion broke out among the superpowers' representatives, who loitered around the business district.

"What's wrong with them?" Crimson Gate watched the representatives with an odd look as their expressions changed drastically. "Are the armies already in place?"

"No!" Illusory Words abruptly exclaimed as she finished reading a message she had just received. With a complex look, she turned to Crimson Gate and said, "I've just received news that Zero Wing has fended off Starlink's assault on Stone Forest City."

"Starlink's been defeated?" Crimson Gate asked, surprised by the news. Starlink was one of the up-and-coming superpowers in the virtual gaming world. Aside from its slightly undeveloped legacy, the Guild was even stronger than Crimson Emperor overall. "It seems Zero Wing is stronger than expected to stop Starlink's all-out attack. It's no wonder why those people seem shocked."

"No, thafs not all …According to our insider information, the army Starlink sent to Stone Forest City has been...annihilated!" Illusory Words informed her companion with a grim expression.

"Annihilated? Impossible!" Crimson Gate said incredulously. "Someone must have made a mistake with the report! Let me have a look!"

As someone who had been fighting Starlink for quite some time, he knew how powerful the Guild was. If Starlink went all-out, it would even defeat Crimson Emperor.

If Zero Wing had merely stopped Starlink's assault, Crimson Gate would, at most, be surprised. That victory would still be somewhat believable. After all, not only did Zero Wing have the defender's advantage, but it also had the Secret Pavilion's support.

However, claiming that Zero Wing had annihilated Starlink's army was simply nonsense!

Even though Starlink had sent a hastily organized army, two or three thousand of the Guild's experts should be quite formidable. If Crimson Emperor had been in Zero Wing's place, it would've been fortunate to slay half of Starlink's forces if it used everything in its arsenal. Starlink hadn't sent ordinary experts, after all, and if those players focused on their retreat, chasing them down and killing them would be extremely difficult.

Hence, Starlink's annihilation must be a joke!

However, the man's arrogant expression froze as he finished reading the message his companion had received.

One man had scared the Heavenly Demon Team and Horned Dragon Team into a retreat!

One man had suppressed four great experts from Starlink!

One man had controlled a Great Demon Marquis, slaughtering Starlink's army!

Everyone that had received the news, including Crimson Gate and the various superpowers' upper echelons, was speechless.

Could Shi Feng even be considered human at this point?



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