Chapter 2176 - Meeting

They're ending our cooperation?" The news blindsided Shi Feng. "What happened? Are you sure you're not mistaken?"

Although Zero Wing had grown quite strong and countless players applied to join the Guild each day, it still had very few internal members.

It took a long time to research all of the applicants' backgrounds through God's Domain, and no one could tell whether or not an applicant was a spy from another Guild.

Most players in God's Domain also had jobs in the real world. They couldn't fully devote themselves to the game and treated it as a way to earn some additional income.

This was why Zero Wing lacked internal members, despite how many experts joined the Guild in God's Domain.

Now that Zero Wing had nearly a million members in God's Domain, it needed enough internal members to manage these players. Hence, the Guild had been doing its best to recruit internal members.

Zero Wing had two main sources for internal members; the Big Dipper Dojo, and Zero Wing's other main headquarters. Among the two, the Big Dipper Dojo was the most important.

God's Domain was a virtual reality game that mimicked reality to a frightening degree. The state of one's body in the real world would affect their body in God's Domain to a certain extent. Most of the Big Dipper Dojo's members had excellent physical fitness, and since they were already used to combat, they had a natural advantage in God's Domain.

In contrast, the internal members recruited through the main headquarters weren't as high-quality. Most of these internal members had to be trained from scratch. They needed far more time to become combat-ready in the game, something which Zero Wing didn't have much of.

However, not only had the Big Dipper Dojo informed Zero Wing that it would no longer cooperate with the Workshop, but it was also withdrawing its members. This would severely hamper the Guild's operations. Many of Zero Wing's managers were Big Dipper Dojo members.

Shi Feng couldn't understand what would have prompted this sudden change of heart. His relationship with the Bid Dipper Group had always been good. In fact, they were mutually beneficial partners, with the Dojo providing talented fighters and Zero Wing training the Dojo's members. No matter how Shi Feng thought about it, the Big Dipper Group had no reason to dismiss their partnership.

"I have confirmed the news already. The Big Dipper Group's Board of Directors made this decision themselves. Not even Chairman Xiao has the power to change it," Liang Jing said with a grim expression. "Moreover, the Big Dipper Dojo isn't the only one. The several other dojos and training centers in the city that we had been negotiating with have declined any partnership as well."

The others have abandoned us, too?" Shi Feng was astonished.

Because of Zero Wing's rapid development, the Guild urgently needed internal members for its management. Relying on the Big Dipper Dojo's members simply wasn't enough. Hence, Shi Feng had instructed Liang Jing to negotiate with the city's other dojos and training centers.

Now, however, not only had the Big Dipper Dojo abandoned Zero Wing, but the other dojos and training centers had as well. No matter how he looked at it, this couldn't be normal.

"Chairman Xiao recently contacted me, informing me that he has some important matters to discuss. He hopes that you will take some time to listen to what he has to say," Liang Jing reported awkwardly. After giving the matter some thought, she asked hesitantly, "Should I reject him?"

"It's fine. I want to meet with Chairman Xiao." Shi Feng understood why Liang Jing felt so awkward. Her prior home had just betrayed Zero Wing, and anyone in her position would feel uncomfortable. It wouldn't even be strange if he suspected that she had been untrustworthy.

However, throughout his time working with Liang Jing, Shi Feng knew that she was more than just a capable manager; she was also consistently professional. Even Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow trusted her enough to give her important work.

"I'll make the arrangements right away," Liang Jing replied. When she realized that Shi Feng didn't treat her any differently than he normally did, she mentally released a held breath. She then contacted Xiao Yu to notify him of Shi Feng's decision.

Liang Jing and Xiao Yu quickly decided on the time and place for their meeting. They would discuss matters in the Redstone Restaurant, the most luxurious eatery in the city.

Shi Feng was a little surprised to hear that he'd sit down with Chairman Xiao there.

Although he wasn't particularly familiar with Fenglin City, the first-tier city that housed Zero Wing's main headquarters, he had heard of Redstone Restaurant. Rumors had it that the restaurant had a powerful background. Not only was its food incredibly delicious, but it also provided more for the human body than A-rank Nutrient Fluid. Of course, the food was also more expensive than A-rank Nutrient Fluid. Even so, countless professional fighters dreamed of dining in the Redstone Restaurant.

Naturally, Shi Feng had wanted to visit the restaurant in his previous life as well, but unfortunately, Redstone didn't cater to outsiders. Simply being able to afford the meals wasn't enough. Individuals would only be allowed to dine in its halls after becoming a member.

Shadow had become a titan in Jin Hai City in the past, holding a frightening amount of assets. It had far surpassed the current Big Dipper Group. Even so, Shadow had never become a member of the Redstone Restaurant.

Yet now, Xiao Yu had invited Shi Feng to meet there...

Shi Feng arrived with Liang Jing at his side at 6 p.m...

Contrary to most assumptions, the Redstone Restaurant wasn't particularly large, only nine stories. It also wasn't in the city's business district, but in the outer district. The interior, however, had an antique flair and impressive elegance. As he stepped inside, Shi Feng felt as if he had entered paradise as an indescribable pleasant feeling washed over him.

"Hello, sir. May I know the room number of your reservation?" a tall beauty in a blue dress asked, smiling as she approached Shi Feng and Liang Jing.

Although this woman was only a receptionist, Shi Feng could tell with a glance that she was excellently fit and likely a skilled martial artist.

The woman's movements were simple, without any excess motion as she approached.

It was no exaggeration to claim that an ordinary, provincial-level professional fighter would be a match for this receptionist. In the Big Dipper Dojo, she would've been one of the best fighters and lavished with attention during her training.

Yet, this woman was only a receptionist in the Redstone Restaurant...

"Room 908," Shi Feng answered after recovering from his moment of surprise.

"Room 908? Please, follow me," the female receptionist answered, astonishment flashing in her eyes when she heard Shi Feng's answer. She immediately adopted a more respectful attitude toward Shi Feng.

A short moment later, Shi Feng arrived in a large, lavish room. He felt a gaze lock onto him the moment he stepped through the doorway as a powerful aura washed over him. However, this aura felt nothing like that of a professional fighter. Rather, it felt like that of an assassin with immense experience in life-or-death combat.

What a powerful person! When Shi Feng had reached the Domain Realm, his mental abilities had reached new heights as well. His five senses had sharpened beyond an ordinary person's, so he was able to identify the source of the piercing gaze and powerful aura.

The man was thin, middle-aged, and wearing a black suit. He didn't look anything like a professional fighter or martial artist. He looked more like a butler as he currently stood next to an indifferent youth.

Xiao Yu sat across from the youth with a nervous expression. Shi Feng faintly noticed a few droplets of sweat crawling down his forehead. At the moment, the man looked like a greenhorn in the industry, not the veteran businessman he truly was.

"Head Instructor Shi, you've finally arrived." When Xiao Yu saw Shi Feng entering the room, he felt as if he had been granted amnesty, and he stood and quickly welcomed Shi Feng.

Instead of bothering with idle chit-chat, Shi Feng shifted his gaze to the youth and asked, "And this is?"

"Let me introduce you. This is Young Master Han Yifeng, the Five States Corporation's successor," Xiao Yu said solemnly. "Head Instructor Shi, to be honest, I invited you here at Young Master Han's request."

When she heard the introduction, Liang Jing turned to stare at the indifferent youth from behind Shi Feng.

The Five States Corporation was one of the most powerful companies in the country. It dabbled in a variety of industries, including energy, combat, food, and entertainment. The corporation could easily squash the Big Dipper Group with a single finger.

You're Zero Wing's representative?" Han Yifeng asked as he observed Shi Feng, his face void of human emotion.

You could say that." Shi Feng nodded as he watched Han Yifeng in return.

From what Shi Feng could sense, this youth didn't possess the typical arrogance of a wealthy family's heir. Han Yifeng felt transcendent as if the youth were a God, overlooking all beings in his domain.

He also sensed a peerless strength radiating off of Han Yifeng. The boy was among the most physically fit Shi Feng had ever met.

"If you can represent Zero Wing, I'm satisfied," Han Yifeng said. "Your Guild is quite impressive to make Lu Xingluo suffer so grievously. I am prepared to establish a Guild in God's Domain, and I want the entirety of your Guild to join it. I'll ensure that Zero Wing doesn't miss out on any benefits, and you will enjoy far more wealth and better status than you have now. You'll also have access to more resources than you can imagine."

"And what happens if I say no?" Shi Feng asked humbly.



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