Chapter 2199 - Suppressing the Mighty with Technique

"Black Flame?" Sand Bone's lips curled slightly when he heard the name, a trace of excitement flashing in his eyes. "So, you're the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, the Guild that foiled one of our previous operations. I've heard that you've defeated Sword Demon. It seems the rumors were true. With such Strength, you qualify as a serious opponent."

After saying so, Sand Bone's aura transformed.

If he had felt like a tiger, freed from its cage, he now felt like the calm ocean. Despite the lack of aura, great danger hid within him.

"Be careful, Black Flame. His attack trajectories constantly change and are unpredictable," Happy Art hurriedly warned Shi Feng when she noticed the transformation to Sand Bone's aura.

The fact that Shi Feng had saved her and that his Strength was higher than Sand Bone's had surprised her, but she had learned just how frightening this Berserker was after her brief clash with the man.

Experts like her were stronger than ordinary experts because they could sense an enemy's attack trajectories and defend themselves or launch fatal counterattacks.

However, she had been overwhelmed against Sand Bone's assault. She couldn't predict any of his trajectories and as a result, couldn't defend herself effectively.

If a shield-wielding Shield Warrior had struggled to block Sand Bone's attacks, then melee classes without shields, like Berserkers, Swordsmen, and Assassins, would have an even more difficult time fighting this Flower's member.

But before Happy Art could finish her warning, Sand Bone had activated Charge against Shi Feng, transforming into a blur before he reached his target.

The Charge Skill was guaranteed to inflict the Fainted debuff. Normally, ordinary experts avoided the debuff by activating a Skill that made them immune, but Shi Feng was quite familiar with God's Domain's various main classes. He knew that the Fainted debuff would not take effect until less than one yard separated the user and their target. Hence, Shi Feng responded with a slash.

Shadow Blade!

Multiple sword lights cut at Sand Bone.

Players, including Domain Realm experts, in the midst of activating Charge couldn't easily move while using the Skill. Sand Bone had no hope of stopping all ten of Shi Feng's attacks, each of which had enough power to make a Great Lord stumble. In a clash between experts of their standards, the slightest sign of weakness could be fatal.

Knowing this, Sand Bone forcibly canceled his Charge and followed up with a Whirlwind Slash, deflecting all of the incoming sword lights with his greatswords. Meanwhile, he relied on his forward momentum to reach Shi Feng. Suddenly, Sand Bone's two greatswords merged, and the resulting weapon radiated a blue glow. He then swung the glowing greatsword at Shi Feng.

The two swords merged?" Happy Art was stunned.

Aside from specific teleportation stones that only dropped in the secret land, tools couldn't be used in the Thunder God's Secret Land. This included weapons and equipment's Additional Skills.

However, Sand Bone's two greatswords had merged into one, powerful weapon. It was unbelievable!

The glowing greatsword was so powerful that space around it trembled. It definitely contained more power than a Great Lord.

As the greatsword was about to smash into Shi Feng, it transformed into four clones of itself. Even a Domain Realm expert would struggle to respond to such an abrupt change.

Weapon Merging and Quadruple Shadow Slash? Shi Feng also could not help his surprise to see the four sword lights fly toward him.

Weapon Merging was a super-rare Skill for the Berserker class, one that would be useful even after reaching Tier 5. The Skill was even rarer than a Fragmented Legendary item, and it was so powerful because it allowed the user to elevate their weapon's quality by one rank.

If the user used Weapon Merging on two Dark-Gold Weapons, they would become a single Epic Weapon. If the user wielded two Epic Weapons, however, the result would be a Fragmented Legendary Weapon. The only downside to the Skill was its short, 20-second duration.

Of course, the resulting combat power from combining two Epic Weapons into a Fragmented Legendary Weapon was no laughing matter. In a fight between peak experts, the sudden increase could decide the fight's outcome in an instant.

Fortunately, Weapon Merging could, at most, produce a Fragmented Legendary Weapon. If it were possible to create a Legendary Weapon, any Berserker with this Skill would be nearly invincible among players of the same tier.

The four sword lights closed the distance to their target in an instant. However, Shi Feng didn't activate a Lifesaving Skill as Sand Bone had expected. Rather, the Swordsman unsheathed the second longsword that hung at his waist and brandished it.

Sword's Transmigration!

The trajectories of Sand Bone's four powerful sword lights abruptly altered, and two of them spun to attack their own wielder.

Caught off guard, Sand Bone defended himself with his merged weapon, but he had only deflected one of the sword lights, taking the full brunt of the other. Like a cannonball, he shot backward by more than 30 yards before crashing into the ground, losing over half of his HP in the process and entering a heavily injured state...

In response, the battlefield fell silent.

How is that possible? Diverging Phoenix, who fought Endless Scars, was flabbergasted.

She was very familiar with Sand Bone's strength, particularly when the Berserker used Weapon Merging. Unless she activated a Berserk Skill, even she would have to focus on her defense for a time. However, Berserk Skills were prohibited in the Thunder God's Secret Land, and she couldn't believe that someone had actually thrown her companion.

Even Maple Locust, who battled Hidden Soul, was astonished when he saw this.

Black Flame? When Happy Art saw the collapsed Sand Bone, she could not help but turn to look at the Swordsman beside her. She felt as if she were meeting this Swordsman for the first time. He is actually so powerful?

Had he hidden his strength earlier? Endless Scars wondered, watching Shi Feng in confusion. She knew he had high combat standards, but she hadn't known they were this high.

Even the various Super Guilds feared the Flower of Seven Sins' senior cadre members, yet Shi Feng had rendered one of these players powerless. No one would believe her if she retold this tale.

During the brief moment of silence, Shi Feng glanced at the Thunder Temple and shouted in the team chat, "Everyone, retreat to the Thunder Temple's side building! I'll cover you!"

His and his teammates' Basic Attributes were suppressed while they were in the magic array. They were dreaming if they thought they could kill the Flower of Seven Sins' cadre members. Not even Shi Feng had much hope of success. Although he had repelled Sand Bone, he couldn't kill him. In fact, while he had told his team to run, the Flower's healers had already restored Sand Bone's HP to full. Unfortunately, Shi Feng could only afford to use Sword's Transmigration a limited number of times, and it was only a matter of time before his enemy wore him down.

As if Supreme Sky understood the Thunder God's Secret Key's value, he hadn't moved from the Thunder Temple's main entrance since the fight had begun. He was also flanked by more than ten ranged players. Breaking past that blockade and escaping into the Thunder Temple itself wasn't possible.

Hence, the Thunder Temple's side temple was their only hope.

The side temple was a special Level 90,100-man Team Dungeon and a land of death for current players. However, fleeing into the Dungeon was better than staying and letting the Flower of Seven Sins slaughter them.

When he heard Shi Feng's command, Samsara glanced at the side temple and noticed the dark-red Dungeon entrance. The color signified the wide gap between the Dungeon's level and the team's average level, but after some quick mental calculations, he realized that entering the Dungeon was better than staying out here.

"Everyone, listen to Black Flame! Maintain formation and move toward the side temple!" Samsara said.

"I'll open a path! Cover me!" Endless Scars said, gritting her teeth as she glared at the ring of Flower's members around their team.

She then used the dozen or so Elemental Blades rotating around her to form a defensive net that would block incoming ranged attacks. She followed up with chanting an incantation, pulling some of her attention away from Diverging Phoenix.

In response, a powerful force suppressed the area around her, blurring it. The Mana within the space began to rampage, somewhat affecting players that came in contact with it.

When Diverging Phoenix recognized what Shi Feng and his teammates were planning, she pointed a finger at Endless Scars and growled, "Don't think you can get past us so easily! Everyone, focus your attacks on her!"

Receiving the command, eight of the Flowers of Seven Sins' melee players charged at Endless Scars to interrupt her casting, but before they could come within 20 yards of her, arcs of lightning snaked out to counterattack. These lightning strikes were the result of Shi Feng's Lightning Edge, and the eight melee players were forced to scurry back.

Suddenly, a massive gash, three meters deep, split the ground between the Flower's melee players and Endless Scars.

"If you want to get to her, you'll have to go through me, first," Shi Feng said, smiling as he appeared beside Endless Scars.

"Black Flame!" Diverging Phoenix bellowed. She immediately activated her strongest Legacy Skill, Divine Frost Lance.

Under Diverging Phoenix's control, hundreds of frost lances flew toward Shi Feng and Endless Scars. She planned to blow both players to smithereens.

Meanwhile, the eight melee players continued to make their way toward their target.

Although Shi Feng had incredible Strength and had defeated Sand Bone, all of them were peak experts. He couldn't protect Endless Scars from their coordinated and focused attacks.

However, before the eight melee players could move within 15 yards of the woman in question, the surrounding temperature abruptly plummeted. As the cold embraced their bodies, their Movement Speed and Basic Attributes decreased slightly.

Chilling Field!

Due to the Thunder God's Secret Land's effects, Chilling Field had been reduced to a Tier 0 Skill, but it was still a Domain Skill, suitable for group combat. Each containing 70% of Shi Feng's strength, six icicles formed around the Swordsman with more than enough power to deal with the Flower of Seven Sins members before him.

Sword's Orbit!

Dazzling stars glittered within a 15-yard radius around Shi Feng. His defense was far more solid when he combined the technique with his six icicles than when he executed it with two swords. Not only had his use of the technique prevented the eight melee players from approaching, but he had also stopped the hundreds of descending frost lances.

"This... Isn't this a little too powerful?" Burning Sea, who watched from afar, was astonished.

He was already struggling against three Flower's members and the occasional ranged attack. From time to time, he even took a hit, yet despite facing eight melee players and Diverging Phoenix's vicious bombardment, Shi Feng emerged unscathed. The man was simply a monster.

The situation even surprised Shi Feng. He had never expected the Life Potion to be so effective that it improved his Sword's Orbit. Without it, his defense wouldn't have been nearly as solid.

With Shi Feng to defend her, Endless Scars finally finished casting her Spell.

Under her control, powerful streams of air shot up from the ground, each with the Strength of a Great Lord. The Flower of Seven Sins' members were forced to evade, which allowed Samsara and the others to break away from their opponents.

"Quick! This Spell won't last long!" Endless Scars shouted.

Samsara and his companions shook off the Flower's members and followed Shi Feng into the side temple. Their enemies were left to watch as their prey escaped their grasp.

Just before Shi Feng and his team could enter the side temple, a frosty sensation assaulted them. Instinctively, Shi Feng turned toward the sensation's source.

"Black Flame, is it? Very good! I'll remember you," Supreme Sky coldly told the Swordsman.

Samsara and the other experts on the team shuddered when they heard Supreme Sky's declaration. For a moment, they felt as if the Grim Reaper had set his sights on their lives, which were no longer under their control.

"Is that so? I'll be waiting!" Shi Feng said, flashing Supreme Sky a grin.

Shi Feng had heard plenty about Supreme Sky during his previous life. The man had been famous for killing Super Guilds' Guild Leaders many times, after all. However, since he had already ruined the man's plans, provoking him further didn't matter. Shi Feng was no longer the player he had been in the past, and now, he, too, stood at the apex of God's Domain.

As the Flower of Seven Sins' members watched, Shi Feng led Samsara and the team into the Thunder Temple's side temple.



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