Chapter 2209 - Powerful Flying Mount

The moment Shi Feng blew into the flute, a gigantic, silver magic array manifested above him. After a few seconds, a ten-meter-tall eagle with light-blue feathers emerged, surrounded by dancing arcs of electricity.

The eagle announced its arrival with a deafening screech that echoed throughout the area around the Thunder Temple.

An intense pressure bore down on every player in the area, even forcing the Heroic Warriors that charged at Shi Feng's group to pause for a moment. Even the Heroic Warriors charging at Shi Feng's group could not help but stop momentarily.

"What?! Black Flame can summon a monster, too?! I thought tools couldn't be used in the Thunder God's Secret Land?!" "Level 100! Crap! Black Flame summoned a Level 100 Great Lord!"

"What's the point of summoning a Level 100 Great Lord? The Flower of Seven Sins has 12 Level 88, Tier 3 Undead."

Although Shi Feng's ability to summon such a high-leveled monster surprised the various superpowers' experts, the inwardly shook their heads.

Level 100 was a very high level, but the Thunder Eagle was only a Great Lord. Even if it was individually stronger than the Heroic Warriors, there was a limit to its strength. At most, it could take on two or three Heroic Warriors simultaneously. Meanwhile, the remaining Heroic Warriors would work alongside the Flower of Seven Sins' members to slay the rest of them...

When Samsara and his teammates saw the Thunder Eagle, however, shock and envy filled their hearts. They had never thought that the Flying Mount would start out as a Great Lord. It was far stronger than what Land Mounts started as.

Not only could Shi Feng use his Thunder Eagle as aerial transportation, but it could also serve as a true combat companion. Even after reaching Tier 3, the Thunder Eagle would be useful. In comparison, current Land Mounts could only assist ordinary experts and weaker players. They were simply excess baggage to experts of their caliber.

So, this is a Flying Mount? I'll need to get one for myself later, Endless Scars inwardly swore as she gazed up at the Thunder Eagle.

The rest of the team shared her silent sentiment. The Thunder Eagle's Tier 3 combat power could help them accomplish many things that had been impossible before.

"Black Flame, it seems you're at your wit's end. Do you really think one Great Lord can save you?" Diverging Phoenix laughed when she saw the Thunder Eagle. "Since you think that's the case, you can bear witness to the power of my Heroic Warriors!"

Diverging Phoenix controlled six of her Heroic Warriors to attack the Thunder Eagle while she sent the remaining creatures after Shi Feng and the others.

"Diverging Phoenix is being quite cautious, sending six Heroic Warriors after that eagle. The creature is doomed, now." Melody, who saw this from afar, could not help but despair.

The Sacred Temple had uncovered some information regarding Heroic Warriors.

Heroic Warriors weren't like ordinary monsters; they were more akin to NPCs. They had their own Skills and Spells, and when enough of them worked together, the Heroic Warriors could exhibit even greater combat power. Six cooperating Heroic Warriors could even take down a Grand Lord of the same level.

Although the Thunder Eagle was 12 levels higher than the Heroic Warriors, its Basic Attributes should, at best, be on par with a Level 88 Grand Lord.

It wouldn't be of any help to Shi Feng.

"Just one Great Lord?" Shi Feng chuckled at Diverging Phoenix's comment. "You sure are taking a Level 100 monster lightly. In that case, I'll show you how immense the difference is!"

Shi Feng immediately instructed his Thunder Eagle to attack the approaching Heroic Warriors.

With a flap of its massive wings, the Thunder Eagle sent hundreds of lightning bolts arching toward the six Heroic Warriors. Reacting quickly, the Heroic Warriors tried to activate Skills to defend themselves.

Boom... Boom... Boom...

In the next moment, all six Heroic Warriors were thrown over 20 yards away, their bodies scorched black. They lost over 2,000,000 HP in the process.

The Thunder Eagle screeched again as it transformed into a blue lightning bolt and shot towards its targets.

The Flying Mount was incredibly fast, practically crossing 100 yards in an instant as it crashed into the six Heroic Warriors that were about to attack, sending all six Tier 3 Undead flying another 20 yards back. The Heroic Warriors were utterly powerless against the Thunder Eagle...

For a time, the various experts were dumbfounded.

These powerful, NPC-like, Tier 3 Heroic Warriors were little more than helpless children before the Thunder Eagle, which was the same tier.

"Impossible! My Heroic Warriors are Tier 3!" Diverging Phoenix shouted in shock as she watched the summoned creatures suffer an absolute disadvantage.

Both the Heroic Warriors and Thunder Eagle were Tier 3, so how could the gap between them be so large?

"That Flying Mount is too powerful! I'll have to get one for myself when I return!" Burning Sea could barely stop his jaw from hanging open as he watched the Thunder Eagle's performance.

How was this a Great Lord? The Thunder Eagle was almost stronger than Grand Lords! It was nearly as powerful as a Mythic monster!

"Big Brother Black Flame, you must treat us to a meal after we get out of here!" Happy Art said, her eyes glued on the Thunder Eagle.

She had known that Flying Mounts were powerful, but she had never dreamed that they would be this powerful. If she had a Thunder Eagle as her companion, she could easily solo Grand Lords out in the fields.

"Sure, no problem," Shi Feng replied, chuckling.

Every 50 levels was a major threshold in God's Domain. Not only would players' weapons and equipment undergo a qualitative transformation, but monsters would grow stronger, as well.

Meanwhile, Level 100 was the second major threshold in the game, and it was a far greater one than Level 50.

To be precise, Level 100 was a major turning point when it came to monsters' Basic Attributes. Everything, including the monsters' HP, Strength, and Agility, would undergo a qualitative transformation. In comparison, there wasn't much of a difference when it came to players' equipment. After reaching Level 100, the Main God System stopped sheltering players and fully removed its binding on God's Domain's monsters.

When players in the past had begun to explore Level 100 maps, many Tier 2 players had been demoted to commoners. Even killing Chieftain ranked monsters would require full parties or teams of Tier 2 experts, not to mention Lord ranked monsters.

This was why it was so dangerous for Tier 2 players to explore Level 100 maps. Normally, only Tier 3 players could afford to roam these areas by themselves.

Although the Thunder Eagle was only a Great Lord, its Basic Attributes were roughly two tiers higher than the Heroic Warriors'. It might not be a match for Level 88 Mythic monsters, but it could rival Level 88 Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species. How could the Tier 3 Heroic Warriors possibly be a match for the Thunder Eagle?

The first Heroic Warrior fell after just 20 seconds. The remaining five only had half of their HPs remaining as they tried to deal with the Thunder Eagle. The Flower of Seven Sins' healers couldn't keep up with the Thunder Eagle's damage. In contrast, the Flying Mount still had 93% of its HP remaining. The Thunder Eagle's strength and the Heroic Warriors' were on entirely different levels. It was only a matter of time before the feathered creature annihilated the skeletal monsters.

"Retreat! Everyone retreat!" Diverging Phoenix commanded, gritting her teeth.

It was obvious that the Flower of Seven Sins no longer controlled this situation. Once the Thunder Eagle finished off the Heroic Warriors, it would doubtlessly set its sights on her and the other Flower's members. In the outside world, they might be able to take it down, but they were in the Thunder God's Secret Land, where the Thunder Eagle was basically invincible.

"Don't think you can get away that easily! You won't leave here alive!"

As Diverging Phoenix and her people tried to flee into the main temple, Shi Feng activated Wind Blade and gave chase. He was far faster than his opponents, and once he was within 40 yards of Diverging Phoenix, he activated Instant Strike to appear before the Elementalist.

Sword's Transmigration!

Diverging Phoenix wanted to defend herself, but her physical control was hanging by a thread since her soul had been Weakened. She simply couldn't block or evade Killing Ray in time.

Shi Feng's blade bit into the woman, and her HP fell to zero instantly. Collapsing as she died, she dropped two items: a pair of Dark-Gold ranked cloth gloves and the parchment she had used to summon the Heroic Warriors.



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