Chapter 2242 - Frost Monarch's Loot

The instant the Frost Monarch died, everyone's experience bars exploded.

The Level 90 World Boss had provided a bounty of EXP. Lifeless Thorn and Asura's other members instantly climbed to Level 80. Although Zero Wing's main force members didn't level up, having already reached Level 86 and 87, their experience bars did grow by a large chunk. They had earned enough EXP to cover more than a full day of grinding.

"It's finally dead!"

As their experience bars filled, the raid team members breathed a sigh of relief. They celebrated their survival throughout the raid.

When the Frost Monarch had gone berserk, its attacks had become faster as its HP decreased. They hadn't been able to keep up, relying on luck to survive.

Fortunately, their overall DPS had been high enough for this raid. Had the battle continued for another 30 or so seconds, they might have lost their lives before the Frost Monarch died.

Once they had a chance to catch their breath, they turned toward the numerous items scattered around the World Boss's corpse.

"So many items dropped!"

"We're rich! That's the loot of a Level 90 World Boss!"

"That's right! Based on how much Mana is gathering around those items, they must be extraordinary!"

The survivors' eyes glowed with excitement when they saw the Frost Monarch's loot. With a casual glance, they could count more than 10 pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment and a few rare Dark-Gold Weapons.

After Level 50, monsters' drop-rates drastically decreased. High-ranked items like Dark-Gold Equipment became very difficult to acquire. Normally, players had to challenge 100-man, Hell Mode Team Dungeons to acquire weapons and equipment of such rank. Moreover, players would be lucky if a single piece of Dark-Gold Equipment dropped from each of the Dungeon's Bosses. One raid wouldn't even be enough to fully gear a player, not to mention a 100-man team.

Most of God's Domain's expert players would be envied among their peers if they had a single piece of up-to-date Dark-Gold Equipment.

Even among the Asura adventurer team, the main force members only wore a few pieces of Level 75 Dark-Gold Equipment, despite being one of the Fire Dragon Empire's top 10 adventurer teams.

Yet, the Frost Monarch had dropped more than a dozen Dark-Gold Equipment pieces. It's drop-rate was many times higher than the Bosses in 100-man, Hell Mode Team Dungeons.

Naturally, the weakest piece of equipment the Frost Monarch had dropped was for Level 90.

Even the various superpowers only dreamed of acquiring Level 90 Dark-Gold Weapons, and players could likely rely on these weapons even after they reached Level 100.

The World Boss had even dropped Epic Equipment. The chances of such equipment dropping in a 100-man, Hell Mode Team Dungeon were abysmal; players would only have a reasonable chance of acquiring such items if they secured the First Clear.

"Alright, healers, resurrect our fallen comrades. We'll distribute the loot once you're done," Shi Feng said, smiling when he saw the hunger in everyone's eyes.

There likely wasn't a single player in God's Domain who wouldn't be tempted by a World Boss's loot. World Bosses represented the peak of power among monsters of the same level, and any random item they dropped could raise a player's strength by a considerable margin.

Shi Feng's reminder snapped the healers out of their daze, and they promptly went to work, resurrecting their fallen allies. Meanwhile, Shi Feng turned to organize the Frost Monarch's loot. The rest of the raid team took a seat and watched Shi Feng with eager looks since they didn't have anything better to do. Even Cola stared at the pile of items in the snow.

The healers finished resurrecting the fallen players after a short moment, and Shi Feng quickly appraised the items, sharing the statistics in the team chat.

"Isn't this World Boss's loot a little too generous!?"

"This loot is ten times better than the items a Hell Mode Team Dungeon's Final Boss drops."

Zero Wing's members were no strangers to a World Boss's loot, so they, more or less, held their composure when they saw shared information. However, Asura's members were a different story. They were ecstatic after reading the loot's details.

The Frost Monarch dropped a total of 115 items, far more than what ordinary Mythic Bosses typically dropped. Among the 115 items, there were 17 pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment and 3 Dark-Gold Weapons. The World Boss hadn't even dropped one Fine-Gold Weapon or Equipment piece.

They'd likely have to raid eight or nine Mythic Bosses in Hell Mode Team Dungeons to acquire so many pieces of Dark- Gold Equipment. Unfortunately, Team Dungeons had very long Cooldowns, and players couldn't raid them as often as they'd like.

Furthermore, every Dark-Gold Weapon and Equipment piece the Frost Monarch had dropped was top-tier.

This Golden Razor's Attributes are just as high as an Epic Weapon's," Cola said, astonished as he inspected a Dark-Gold ranked greatsword.

Although the Golden Razor was only Dark-Gold rank, its Attack Power and Strength were on par with Epic ranked two- handed weapons. Most importantly, the Golden Razor had a Passive Skill that allowed players to wield it as a one- handed weapon as long as they had the required 1,800 Strength.

In other words, players could wield a one-handed weapon with the Attributes and Attack Power of a two-handed greatsword. This Passive Skill alone placed the Golden Razor at the top among Level 90 Dark-Gold Weapons.

Although the required 1,800 Strength was relatively high to ordinary Tier 2 Berserkers, it wouldn't be an issue for expert players of Cola's caliber. In fact, Cola already met the requirement, despite being a Guardian Knight under Level 90.

He couldn't help his growing excitement when he thought about wielding a two-handed weapon alongside his shield.

"That's nothing. Take a look at the Extreme Frost Set! It's practically made for Berserkers! The four-piece set effect even lower's the level requirement by five levels, on top of increasing the wearer's Ice Resistance by 100 and maximum Stamina by 10%. The six-piece set effect even increases the user's Strength by 20% and all Berserker Skills by one tier!" Blackie nearly drooled as he examined the Extreme Frost Set's Attribute bonuses and set effects. He even wished he had chosen the Berserker class, instead of becoming a Cursemancer.

Moreover, the Frost Monarch had dropped the complete Extreme Frost Set. This meant that Berserkers could equip the set at Level 85, and the armor would forcibly elevate all Berserker Skills by one tier to a maximum of Tier 3.

Tier 3 Skills!

Tier 3 Skills were far more powerful than Tier 2 Skills. Zhao Yueru had already made that much clear. Despite the fact that Gentle Snow and Fire Dance had higher Basic Attributes, Zhao Yueru had dealt considerably more damage in the raid than her companions. Her total damage had almost been as high as Shi Feng's monstrous damage.

If a Tier 2 Berserker equipped the Extreme Frost Set, they'd be on par with an actual Tier 3 Berserker, not including their Basic Attributes and physique.

"Indeed. This Extreme Frost Set's effects are truly amazing. The Berserkers in the team have just won the lottery," Yan Tianxing chimed in. Even he was moved when he saw the Extreme Frost Set.

If the set were meant for Assassins, he wouldn't have hesitated to replace three of is Epic Equipment pieces for the set.

Tier 3 Skills would drastically increase a player's combat power. If the Extreme Frost Set's effects were specialized for Assassins, Yan Tianxing would even be confident of contending with Sword Demon.

While the team discussed the Extreme Frost Set, Shi Feng shared the next item's Attribute Panel. When they saw this item, every one of them gasped.

This next item was a weapon, and one the team recognized and feared.

This weapon was none other than the icy-blue spear the Frost Monarch had used against them throughout the raid!



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