Chapter 2249 - Stormy Situation

Swimming Dragon's expression darkened at Ironhand's words.

"Stop messing around, Ironhand! The Dragon Riders adventurer team is working under Heaven's Blade!" Swimming Dragon warned.

The Shield Warrior, Ironhand, was nobody of significance. Like Swimming Dragon, Ironhand was only a Refinement Realm expert. However, the Nine Snakes adventurer team stood behind the man.

Plenty of powers operated on Dragonheart Island, and the various adventurer teams ruled over a significant portion. Naturally, the island's top 10 adventurer teams led the way. These 10 adventurer teams were extremely powerful and had support from various corporations. They walked the path of the elite and had a large number of capable experts. In terms of strength, these top 10 adventurer teams were even stronger than the various first-rate Guilds on Dragonheart Island.

Meanwhile, Nine Snakes was one of the top 10 adventurer teams.

Due to Nine Snakes' position on Dragonheart Island, the adventurer team's members were particularly arrogant. Unfortunately, very few players and powers had the strength to put Nine Snakes in its place. As a result, most of the adventurer teams and independent players on Dragonheart Island tried to avoid Nine Snakes' members as much as possible.

The Sea of Death's situation wasn't like that of the main continent. Not only was the competition here extremely intense, but the consequences for dying were also more severe. On land, players would only lose a piece of equipment and a level if they were killed. Out at sea, however, one would lose a ship. These ships were the key to naval players' survival. Without a ship, naval players' development would stagnate.

Of course, as Dragon Riders was a well-known adventurer team as well, it had caught the eye of many powerful adventurer teams. As a result, Dragon Riders could ally itself with one of these adventurer teams for protection. The adventurer team Dragon Riders had chosen to ally with was none other than the Heaven's Blade adventurer team.

Like Nine Snakes, Heaven's Blade was also one of the top 10 adventurer teams on Dragonheart Island.

You think Heaven's Blade is that awesome? Do you know who this expert beside me is?" Ironhand asked, sneering. "This is the War Blood adventurer team's newly promoted team leader, Snowy Afterglow!"

"He's that genius from War Blood?" Swimming Dragon's expression turned serious as he looked at the slightly arrogant-looking Level 79 Berserker youth beside Ironhand.

Practically every adventurer team on Dragonheart Island knew the name 'Snowy Afterglow.' The man had become one of War Blood adventurer team's team leaders despite being only 22-years-old.

War Blood was the third-ranked adventurer team on Dragonheart Island, and overall, it was even stronger than Nine Snakes and Heaven's Blade. In fact, the two adventurer teams combined might not be a match for War Blood.

It was no exaggeration to say that War Blood was half as strong as a superpower. Of course, one had to be a peak expert to become one of its team leaders.

"That's right, and we're in a hurry. We don't have time to waste with you," Ironhand snapped, annoyed. His gaze then shifted to Shi Feng and the others before he said, "I've never seen you before. You guys must be Swimming Dragon's friends, right? I_ll get straight to the point. Give me two of your tickets. If anyone tries to give you a hard time on Dragonheart Island, you can give them our names."

After all was said and done, Swimming Dragon commanded Dragon Riders, one of Heaven's Blade's subordinate adventurer teams, so Ironhand couldn't take his ticket from him. However, he shouldn't have any problems taking one of his companions' tickets.

When the nearby players heard Ironhand's demand, they gave Shi Feng's group envious looks.

Earning Ironhand's favor was worth the price of a ticket, not to mention Snow Afterglow's. PvP was more common in the Sea of Death than it was on the main continent, and without sufficient strength, surviving here would be impossible. If one were protected by a VIP like Ironhand or Snowy Afterglow, they could develop on Dragonheart Island without worry.

The only problem was the blow one would suffer to their reputation by conceding their tickets.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much Swimming Dragon could say against it. It might not have been an issue if Ironhand had been alone, but he couldn't afford to offend Snowy Afterglow. Heaven's Blade might not protect him from the young man.

However, Melody and the others were his friends, and he couldn't let someone bully them out of their tickets.

As Swimming Dragon was about to offer his own ticket, Shi Feng, who had been silent throughout the conversation, opened his mouth and snarled, "Scram!"

With one word, silence fell over the area. Even the adventurer team expert players who hadn't been paying attention, happy chatting among themselves, stopped and turned toward Shi Feng. This situation was simply too shocking to ignore.

"Has this guy lost his mind?"

"Based on his looks, he must be new to Dragonheart City. He probably doesn't know who Snowy Afterglow is."

The various adventurer team players were already used to the arrogance Nine Snake's members displayed. Moreover, Nine Snakes' influence on Dragonheart Island had been growing stronger recently. Anyone with more than half a brain would avoid picking a fight over such a small issue.

And yet, someone had actually dared to provoke a Nine Snakes member. This was the first time anything like this had occurred on Dragonheart Island.

Furthermore, Ironhand was accompanied by one of War Blood's newest team leaders. By disrespecting both Ironhand and Snowy Afterglow, Shi Feng had practically sacrificed his development on Dragonheart Island and in the Sea of Death.

Shi Feng's response even stunned Ironhand for a moment.

After snapping out of his daze, Ironhand coldly asked, "Are you looking to die?"

"What? You want to try me?" Shi Feng shot back, smirking at Ironhand.

"Good! I'll remember you!" Ironhand growled as he glared at Shi Feng. Strangely calm, the two experts left.

However, none of the watching players were surprised by Ironhand's reaction. They were still in Dragonheart City, and anyone that tried to assault another player was simply suicidal. Not event the War Blood adventurer team would dare attack another player inside the city. There wasn't a single power in the game that could contend with the NPC soldiers that patrolled this city.

"That guy is dead for sure. His life in the Sea of Death is likely over now. Not even Swimming Dragon can protect him." "Regardless, it was awesome to see Ironhand so pissed!"

Many of the expert players on the docks flashed Shi Feng pitying looks. There would now be bad blood between Shi Feng and the Nine Snakes adventurer team, and Nine Snake's members were well-known for seeking vengeance for the smallest insult. Ironhand definitely wouldn't let this matter rest.

While the crowd quietly discussed the disruption, Shi Feng's group boarded the transport ship without any more interruptions. They then made their way toward Tranquil Mine Island.

As this was the first time they had boarded a transport ship, Blue Bamboo and Thoughtful Rain were surprised by the ship's size. The transport ship was almost as large as a destroyer in the real world, with a total of four floors. It was considerably larger than God's Domain's sailboats. There were even break rooms on the ship, which would accelerate players' Stamina and Concentration recovery. No other ship had this ability. Moreover, the transport ship was very fast, even faster than a Bronze Speedboat.

It was the ideal ship for most players who wished to develop out at sea.

"It's a pity that only NPCs can own transport ships. If players like us could own one, we wouldn't have to worry about our development at sea," Thoughtful Rain said. When she had inspected the break rooms' effects, she had discovered that time flowed differently in these rooms. The time in the break rooms passed as quickly as it did in the real world, which meant that the travel time players experienced would be halved while they rested. They wouldn't have to be bored or irritated that the journey took so long.

Transport ships, huh? When Shi Feng heard Thoughtful Rain's comment, he remembered a shipyard in Dragonheart City.

It was a Large Shipyard that was capable of producing a unique transport ship. Although that ship wouldn't be as powerful as the transport ship they currently rode, it had a transport ship's basic functions. Back when player-owned transport ships had emerged in the past, it had caused quite a commotion among the various naval powers. Players had only discovered which shipyard had been responsible for these transport ships after in-depth investigations. However, a superpower had long since purchased the Large Shipyard in question by then.

Players had only started developing on Dragonheart Island, and the shipyards here were still extremely expensive.

Even the cheapest shipyard cost 80,000 Ancient Gold, a price only superpowers could afford. However, the various superpowers were busy contesting over Dragonheart City's Shops. They had no time to pay attention to these shipyards.

If Shi Feng could purchase the Large Shipyard in question early on, not only would it generate a significant amount of wealth, but it would also drastically increase Zero Wing's naval strength.

While Shi Feng pondered over how to earn a large sum of Ancient Gold as quickly as possible, Swimming Dragon approached with a worried expression.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, Nine Snakes, the adventurer team Ironhand that belongs to, is one of the local tyrants on Dragonheart Island. I don't think we should participate in the joint sea monster raid near Tranquil Mine Island. Nine Snakes will definitely try to pull something to punish us," Swimming Dragon said.

Although Swimming Dragon knew that Shi Feng was very powerful, they were in the Sea of Death. The rules here were drastically different than those on land. Otherwise, the various adventurer teams wouldn't have been able to secure territory on Dragonheart Island despite so many superpowers present.

"Relax. I know what I'm doing," Shi Feng said, chuckling. He did not bother to explain further.

Swimming Dragon sighed inwardly. He thought that Shi Feng was acting a little too full of himself. He simply didn't know how powerful naval adventurer teams were.

After a little over two hours, the transport ship finally docked on Tranquil Mine Island.

A thick layer of dark fog enveloped Tranquil Mine Island, and other than the port, a ghostly atmosphere devoured the island. Once players set foot on the island, they'd succumb to a chill, and their reaction speeds would significantly decrease. Players could even freeze to death if they lingered for too long on the island. This was practically an island of death.

However, the port was full of Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Speedboats. There were even a few sailboats here. The scene was even grander than in Dragonheart City's port.

Shortly after the transport ship docked and just as Shi Feng and the others were about to step onto the wooden platform, they discovered a group of players before the transport ship. Every one of these players emitted a dense killing intent, and a few of them had already reached Level 80. Even an expert like Swimming Dragon was afraid as he felt these players' dangerous auras washed over him.

Meanwhile, two familiar figures led this group of experts, and they were none other than Ironhand and Snowy Afterglow.

"Brat! You were quite bold earlier! Would you dare repeat yourself now?" Ironhand demanded, sneering at Shi Feng.



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