Chapter 2263 - Sacred Training Ground

As soon as Shi Feng stepped forward, the five Twin-headed Netherfire Wolves did something that even surprised Shi Feng.

As if they had pre-planned it, the Netherfire Wolves turned and fled. They weren't behaving like normal monsters at all. Their intellect is this high? Shi Feng frowned slightly as he watched the monsters flee.

He had seen monsters run from players before, but he rarely saw monsters flee the moment they were injured, despite having most of their HP remaining.

This wouldn't have been such an issue if he had been hunting monsters in the fields, but he was on a time limit here. If every Netherfire Wolf reacted like this, this trial would be far more difficult than Shi Feng had assumed. These Netherfire Wolves' Movement Speeds were high, and if they split up and fled to other wolf packs, he would need far more time to kill a single Netherfire Wolf. A Half-step Refinement Realm expert would very likely fail the trial.

However, before these Netherfire Wolves could even put a few yards between them and Shi Feng, he had already executed Void Steps and appeared beside one of them. The Netherfire Wolf didn't even notice him.

My technique execution has improved so drastically? As Shi Feng looked down at the oblivious Netherfire Wolf beside him, he was shocked.

Unlike players, monsters didn't heavily rely on their vision to notice opponents. Trying to approach a monster with a technique like Void Steps without being detected was a major challenge, akin to using Void Steps against a Void Realm expert. Experts wouldn't have to rely on their vision to perceive the world around them once they reached the Void Realm.

Yet now, Void Steps forced his opponent to ignore more than just his visible presence. When he executed Void Steps, while bathed in Eternal Energy, he became one with the environment. Now, even the Netherfire Wolfs bestial senses couldn't find him.

Before the Netherfire Wolf could react, Shi Feng slashed at it again with Killing Ray.

The Sacred Sword suddenly vanished, and blood gushed from multiple lacerations on the Netherfire Wolfs body. Damages exceeding -100,000 appeared above the Lord's head, one after another, and this all happened in an instant.

Secret Technique, Lightning Flash!

Lightning Flash was a Bronze Offensive Combat Technique Shi Feng had obtained from the Ore Empire's Primordial Divine Ruins, but like his Sword's Transmigration, Lightning Flash was far more complex than an ordinary Bronze Combat Technique. Despite having reached the Ascension Realm, Shi Feng found it difficult to master.

Originally, Shi Feng had wanted to reach Tier 3 before attempting to master Lightning Flash.

However, now that he had the help of Eternal Energy, he barely managed to execute the technique properly.

With just one attack, the Netherfire Wolf had lost nearly one-twelfth of its HP, yet Shi Feng had depleted more than half of his Concentration to execute Lightning Flash, and his mental clarity plummeted.

It's a pity that I'm still a little off the mark, but at least, I know that it isn't entirely impossible to use Lightning Flash at Tier 2. Regardless of Shi Feng's mental state, he was satisfied.

Lightning Flash was different from Sword's Transmigration in that it was a fully offensive-type combat technique. Although he could attack with Sword's Transmigration, the technique's movements involved defensive maneuvers. The Bronze Combat Technique incorporated both offense and defense.

With a fully offensive Bronze Combat Technique, a Void Realm expert could thoroughly suppress a Domain Realm expert if there were a negligible difference between the combatants' Basic Attributes.

However, his Lightning Flash wasn't complete. He could only employ a portion of the technique's true strength.

Executing Lightning Slash perfectly meant using a series of 17 attacks and merging them all seamlessly. The technique allowed its user to harm opponents of a higher tier for a brief moment.

Unfortunately, Shi Feng could only combine 13 attacks right now, barely achieving Lightning Flash's minimum requirement. At this standard, Lightning Flash operated like an Advanced Combat Technique, not a Bronze Combat Technique.

After landing the attack, Shi Feng adjusted his posture and executed Lightning Flash once more.

Within the Tower of Four Gods, his Stamina and Concentration recovery speeds were far faster than in the outside world. Even if he repeatedly employed Bronze Combat Techniques here, his Stamina and Concentration would quickly replenish. Naturally, he couldn't waste his time in such a beneficial environment.

The first Level 93 Twin-headed Netherfire Wolf fell at Shi Feng's hands in less than 20 seconds. Not even a six-man party of the same level could slay a Netherfire Wolf as quickly as Shi Feng had.

While Shi Feng continued to train, Swimming Dragon, Melody, Thoughtful Rain, and Blue Bamboo began to do the same after discovering the Tower of Four Gods' benefits.

For three days, the five of them slew Netherfire Wolves without rest. At the rate Shi Feng killed the monsters, he could've completed the first trial in less than a day, but he didn't hurry to do so. Instead, he reflected on his actions and practiced Lightning Flash and his Tier 2 Skills.

He also gained a significant amount of EXP from killing the Netherfire Wolves. His leveling speed was just as fast as his normal grinding speed elsewhere. Moreover, the Netherfire Wolves also dropped considerably good loot, earning Shi Feng a lot of Level 90 Bronze Weapons and Equipment.

His improvement speed over the three days was off the charts. By the time the trial was close to ending, Shi Feng could reliably execute Lightning Flash, only consuming one-third of his Concentration with each use. Unfortunately, he was still limited to 13 slashes. He was missing something.

Shi Feng only killed the last Netherfire Wolf as the three-day time limit was nearly up.

As the last Twin-headed Netherfire Wolf died, the scenery around Shi Feng changed again. Although he was still in an endless plain, the monsters had changed.

Now, Ghost Warriors roamed the plain, carrying weapons and shields. These Ghost Warriors moved in groups of six, with some on defense, some focusing on melee offense, and others assigned to ranged attacks. They were like a well- rounded raid party for Bosses.

(Ghost Warrior] (Undead, Lord) Level 93

HP 30,000,000/30,000,000

System: Kill 600 Ghost Warriors within 3 days. If you fail to complete this task in the stipulated time, the challenge will automatically be regarded as a failure.

Wasting no time, Shi Feng charged at a Ghost Warrior party.

The Ghost Warriors didn't attack the moment they noticed Shi Feng. Instead, the two shield-wielding Ghost Warriors moved to intercept his charge, while the two spear-wielding warriors moved behind them. The two spear-wielders prepared to attack the instant Shi Feng encountered the tanks. Meanwhile, the two Ghost Warriors carrying bows spread out to attack Shi Feng from the sides.

The Ghost Warriors' combat standards were clearly a cut above the Netherfire Wolves'. Using the Trial Tower as a reference, they were at the third-floor, middle-stage standard. If an ordinary Tier 2 expert tried to take on this six-man monster party, they'd likely struggle to escape, much less defeat their opponents.

Fortunately, these Ghost Warriors were no threat to Shi Feng. Like the previous trial, he continued to practice his Lightning Flash.

Fighting humanoid monsters would help him improve far faster than fighting beasts. The Ghost Warriors also provided better loot and more EXP than the Netherfire Wolves. The Netherfire Wolves hadn't dropped a single piece of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, yet the Ghost Warriors did on occasion. As for the EXP, the Ghost Warriors provided three-times more than the Netherfire Wolves, which had already granted more EXP than ordinary Level 93 Lords. As a result, Shi Feng's experience bar filled rapidly.

By the time Shi Feng cleared the second trial, he had reached 94.

The scene around Shi Feng changed after he cleared the second trial, but when he saw his new opponents, he was astonished.

The third trial took place in an ancient colosseum, which was home to 10 fully-armed Giants. Every one of these Giants was Tier 2. They weren't monsters; they were bona fide Tier 2 NPCs.


(Giant Gladiator) (Giant, Tier 2)

Level 94

HP 5,400,000/5,400,000


The Giant race was a talented one. Not only did Giants command immeasurable strength, but their earth affinity was unparalleled, as well. They were natural-born warriors. Moreover, unlike players, NPC Giants had inherited the Giant race's attributes perfectly. They wielded far more combat power than ordinary Tier 2 NPCs. And now, Shi Feng had to face ten of them...

System: Kill 10 Giant Gladiators within 1 day. If you fail to complete this task in the stipulated time, the challenge will automatically be regarded as a failure.



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