Chapter 2269 - Silver Membership

When they realized Shi Feng was leaving, Lei Bao and Xiao Yu followed after him.

"Are we really going to leave, just like that?" Xiao Yu worriedly asked Shi Feng. "I doubt those brothers will let this matter rest so easily."

"They definitely won't let this matter rest, but I merely came to greet them and ensure that they understand how useless little tricks are against us," Shi Feng nonchalantly explained. "Moreover, I think that many people will realize that they shouldn't casually provoke Zero Wing after today's display. Even if the Fang Family's influence is extensive, they'll have to evaluate the risk properly."

Realization dawned on Xiao Yu as he listened to Shi Feng.

Although it was true that the Fang Family had an iron grip on Fenglin City, the Fang Family had to rely on others to complete many tasks. Now that Shi Feng had shown that he could suppress Fang Mingyu, the strongest member of the Fang Family's younger generation, the Fang Family's prestige would take a blow, while the event would bolster Zero Wing's reputation. This, in turn, would warn many of Fenglin City's various major powers against provoking Zero Wing, and they'd hold back before following Fang Family's orders. In fact, they might even refuse to target Zero Wing. One had to consider their own position before acting on someone else's behalf, after all.

While the Fang Family ruled Fenglin City, everyone would follow the family's wishes, but when another power, one just as strong as the Fang Family, rose, the general populace would hesitate before leaning on one side or the other.

"We need to accelerate our development and bolster Zero Wing's internal member count. The Heaven's Rumble Training Center has to open more branches as quickly as possible to increase our recruitment rate!" Shi Feng announced. "At the same time, we'll buy some of the latest God's Domain combat facilities and open a virtual combat platform in the training center. We'll also need to organize a reward system."

God's Domain's influence in the real world had been even greater than that of the fighting industry in Shi Feng's previous life. In fact, not a single industry in the world had been able to compete with the game's influence. Meanwhile, virtual combat platforms played a massive role in God's Domain's power in the real world.

God's Domain had replaced fighting competitions in the past, becoming the most popular activity across the globe.

At this point, God's Domain's influence had grown intensely in the real world. One would almost always overhear conversations about the game as they walked the city's streets. School students even began to introduce themselves with their in-game IDs and levels in God's Domain.

Since the virtual combat platforms hadn't gained much popularity yet, he had to set one up in Fenglin City as soon as possible.

Shi Feng hadn't done so yet because Zero Wing had simply lacked the ability to. The timing hadn't been right, either. However, as more competitions were held in God's Domain, in-game combat would become increasingly popular. It was now time to secure a virtual combat platform.

"Setting up new branches in Fenglin City and purchasing the facilities you mentioned will cost a significant amount of money. With our current finances, I'm afraid..." Xiao Yu agreed with Shi Feng's idea, but Heaven's Rumble could barely make ends meet. Moreover, Zero Wing wasn't having a particularly good time in God's Domain.

Although Xiao Yu was mainly responsible for managing the training center, he frequently discussed finances with Liang Jing, so he knew quite a lot about Zero Wing's situation.

Currently, Zero Wing possessed the goldmine known as Stone Forest Town. However, as Zero Wing had been purchasing large quantities of materials and the Guild had been rapidly expanding, its expenditures had been rising. The Guild had also constructed new towns in many locations. Most importantly, other Guild Towns had begun to appear in the Bottomless Abyss. As a result, Stone Forest Town's customer base had significantly decreased, which, in turn, reduced Zero Wing's income. The Guild simply didn't have the money to spare.

"We can set up more branches later, then, but we cannot delay establishing a virtual combat platform," Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

Naturally, he was familiar with Zero Wing's situation. Zero Wing might not have the money to open new branches for the Heaven's Rumble Training Center, but it had the money to purchase virtual combat facilities.

Any corporation that wanted to expand would need a huge amount of capital. Thus, corporation owners would try to attract as much investment as possible, but doing that would reduce the owner's shares and their authority in the company. Without sufficient authority, these owners would be restricted in what they could accomplish.

Moreover, a corporation risked betrayal by accepting investors. Investors weren't impervious to threats and bribery. Such situations had been common in God's Domain during Shi Feng's previous life.

Although Zero Wing was developing slowly, every step was firmly rooted. Hence, outsiders had a very difficult time attacking and influencing Zero Wing from within. This was also why the various superpowers had a difficult time annexing Zero Wing. If these superpowers targeted any other Guild, they'd quickly devour it.

"I understand," Xiao Yu said, nodding. "I'll contact the vendors later."

As Shi Feng and his companions reached the restaurant's first floor, they were greeted by a middle-aged man and two youngsters.

The middle-aged man looked to be around 50 and wore black martial artist robes. Although he did not look physically strong, one would notice how steady his steps were if they watched him carefully. However, due to his faint aura, an ordinary expert might dismiss the man as a harmless, middle-aged uncle. To Shi Feng, however, this man's aura was as deep as the great ocean. He was certain that this was the same aura that had locked onto during his conversation with Fang Xiaotian.

The young man and woman behind him looked to be in their early 20s. The woman was curvy and graceful, while the man was as robust as a leopard. He was also handsome enough to earn a modeling job.

Both youngsters wore the Redstone Restaurant's uniform, and their auras were comparable to a national fighter's.

"Hello, Mister Shi Feng. I am this restaurant's manager, Huang An," the middle-aged man said, smiling as he introduced himself.

Xiao Yu, who stood beside Shi Feng, was shocked.

Not even the Fang Family could afford to provoke the Redstone Restaurant, and the various branches' managers were mysterious, rarely showing themselves in public. Xiao Yu had never expected Fenglin City's branch manager to introduce himself to them.

"May I know what business you have with me, Manager Huang?" Shi Feng asked.

"Mister Shi Feng, you are currently one of the most famous individuals in Fenglin City, and our Restone Restaurant wishes to befriend you. Here is our restaurant's silver membership card. If you choose to dine at our restaurant in the future, you will receive a 10% discount on all purchases," Huang An explained as he revealed a silver card, presenting it to Shi Feng.

"Silver membership?" Xiao Yu's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when he heard Huang An's words.

Despite relying on his connection with Han Yifeng, Xiao Yu had only acquired a normal membership card. Moreover, he had to pay an annual membership fee of 2,000,000 Credits. Silver members, on the other hand, weren't required to pay a membership fee. Even in Fenglin City, very few people possessed a Redstone Restaurant silver membership card.


After glancing at the membership card, Shi Feng slid it away and left the restaurant without another word. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to re-enter God's Domain. After today's events, he was determined to return from the Tower of Four Gods as soon as possible.

As Shi Feng's group left the Redstone Restaurant, the young man and woman behind Huang An spoke up.

"That guy doesn't know how to appreciate a favor. He just left after receiving the card. He didn't even bother with any light conversation," the young woman grumbled.

"He's likely been frightened off. He just slapped the Fang Family in the face, and they won't let him get away with it. He might be considering leaving Fenglin City as soon as he's able," the young man commented, snickering.

"That's right. The Fang Family is guarded by a neutralizing grandmaster like Old Man Fang. Who would dare provoke the Fang Family? The Old Man won't be able to ignore the slight," the young woman said, admiration brightening her features as she spoke of 'neutralizing grandmasters.'

"It seems you two need more training. You have no business discussing this," Huang An said, shaking his head.

"Why is that, instructor?" the young woman asked.

Rather than replying, however, Huang An waited until Shi Feng disappeared before he continued, "I suspect that Shi Feng might be...a neutralizing grandmaster!"



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