Chapter 2278 - Shocking Dragonheart City Dragonheart Island, Dragonheart City:

The streets of the city were currently full of traffic, especially at the city's port. Ship after ship could be seen docking at the port and offloading numerous carts of cargo into the city.

Most of the merchandise being transported into Dragonheart City belonged to players, aside from a portion belonging to NPCs. Meanwhile, of the player merchandise transported, a large majority consisted of the various neutral races' specialty products, such as Thunder Wood, Primordial Magic Stone, and Magic Steel, items that could not be stored in a player's bag space.

Every one of these items was something the various major powers needed.

Thunder Wood was the main material needed to produce advanced speedboats and even Bronze Speedboats. It possessed very high Magic Resistance, and the ships made with this type of timber were insusceptible to magic attacks.

The Primordial Magic Stone, on the other hand, was an ideal material for tool production due to its toughness and the Mana it contained. If made into a test bench, it could increase the production success rate of Lifestyle players by a large margin.

As for Magic Steel, it could be used to strengthen ship cannons. Cannons strengthened by Magic Steel could enhance their cannonballs with Mana, significantly increasing the cannonballs' power and Attack Speed.

Due to the properties of these rare items, they were in high demand among players, yet they were all very difficult to procure in human kingdoms and empires. However, since Dragonheart City was a neutral trade city, many neutral races would ship their specialty products here to sell and earn Ancient Coins to exchange for other resources. Moreover, the appearance of an ancient civilization in the Gravity Mountain Range was attracting an increasingly larger number of neutral players to Dragonheart City. This situation served to boost the city's prosperity, allowing Dragonheart City to cast even imperial capitals in the shade.

During the time everyone was busy traveling in and out of Dragonheart City's port, a figure suddenly popped into view on the horizon.

In the next few moments, this figure could be seen approaching Dragonheart City. After just eight short seconds, a gigantic eagle with a wingspan of 20 meters appeared before everyone.

Faint, blue arcs of electricity crackled around this giant eagle's body. The frightening aura the bird gave off plunged the horse carriages moving about at the port into chaos. Players that were below Level 70 even felt an intense, stifling pressure on their bodies.

For a time, the entire port went into an uproar.

"Crap! That's...a Flying Mount!"

"A Flying Mount is actually this powerful?"

"Doesn't that eagle look like Black Flame's Mount?"

"What?! Black Flame actually came to Dragonheart Island?! Is he tired of living?!'


As the giant eagle descended before Dragonheart City's entrance, everyone quickly recognized the eagle's identity. A heated discussion immediately broke out as they looked at the black-armored man riding the giant eagle.

Nowadays, everybody operating in the Sea of Death knew Black Flame's name. After all, there was nobody who would not pay attention to a Fragmented Legendary item.

Previously, when Starlink announced that Black Flame had obtained a Fragmented Legendary item from the Storm Serpent King, everyone was skeptical. However, after news of Black Flame's performance in the Buried Bones Ruin spread, people changed their minds. This situation ignited a burning desire in countless players.

This reaction was because Black Flame's Fragmented Legendary item was the sole Fragmented Legendary item known to exist thus far. If they could get their hands on it, then their future would be limitless. After all, the strength of a Fragmented Legendary item enabled Black Flame to kill Autumn Plant, one of War Blood's vice commanders, without breaking a sweat. At that time, Autumn Plant had even used a Deification Crystal to forcibly upgrade himself into a bona fide Tier 3 player. One could easily imagine how much improvement a Fragmented Legendary item provided players.

Due to this reason, every expert and power operating in the Sea of Death was frantically searching for Shi Feng's whereabouts. Hence, his arrival in Dragonheart Island was no different from him walking straight into the tiger's den.

While Dragonheart Island's security level might surpass that of imperial capitals and rival even that of Blackwing City, it did not stop players from tracking Shi Feng's movements. After all, there were many tracking magic in God's Domain that would not alarm NPCs.

Then, so long as Shi Feng dared leave the safe zones of God's Domain, he would face endless pursuit and ambush.

After Shi Feng alighted from the Thunder Eagle, the various major powers' members at the port quickly relayed this information to their superiors.

"What? Black Flame actually appeared in Dragonheart City?"

"Keep an eye on him! I'll send experts to track him right away! Do not let him get away, no matter what! That Fragmented Legendary item is mine!"

Upon receiving news of Shi Feng's arrival in Dragonheart City, the various major powers promptly dispatched all their expert trackers to Dragonheart City. Some powers even canceled set plans in order to head over to Dragonheart City immediately.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, are you really fine with this?" Blue Phoenix asked worriedly as she looked at Shi Feng.

From the moment she alighted from the Thunder Eagle, she already sensed several hundred players staring at Shi Feng. Despite not being the focus of this attention, she still could not help but feel her scalp tingle. Moreover, this was only the beginning. There would definitely be more people keeping track of Shi Feng's movements later.

"Relax. Right now, the most they can do is stare at me," Shi Feng said, utterly unperturbed by this situation. Letting out a chuckle, he set off into Dragonheart City.

During his previous life, all known owners of Fragmented Legendary items had frequently received such stares, so this kind of trouble right now was only natural. Not to mention, he was currently the only person known to own a Fragmented Legendary item. This was also the reason why he constantly reminded Fire Dance and the others to keep their Fragmented Legendary items secret.

If it were before he had reached Level 100, the exposure of this secret of his would indeed have brought him a lot of trouble. However, now that he had reached Level 100, nobody in God's Domain could do anything against him.

Even if he went out into the fields, he would not have to worry about getting ambushed by players. After all, the maps he would be visiting would be Level 100-plus maps. To players below Level 100, Level 100-plus maps were no different from forbidden lands. Let alone targeting him, they wouldn't even be able to guarantee their own survival there.

This was also the reason why Shi Feng dared to arrive boldly at Dragonheart City using the Thunder Eagle.

Blue Phoenix fell speechless at Shi Feng's confident behavior. However, her evaluation of Shi Feng had also risen considerably as a result. Very few people would willingly put themselves in danger to help Phoenix Rain during her time of need—particularly when a Fragmented Legendary item was at stake. Even the Guild Leaders of Super Guilds would not dare take such a risk.

Afterward, Blue Phoenix led Shi Feng toward the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence.


At this moment, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence in Dragonheart City bustled, as various Guild upper-echelon members, who were rarely seen, had all gathered here. Moreover, aside from the Guild's upper echelon, the Pavilion's Elders were also present. These people were normally scattered across the various kingdoms and empires. Their assembly here greatly excited the members in the Residence.

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of God's Domain in the real world, it was almost impossible for people to avoid talking about the game during their free time.

Meanwhile, members of the upper echelons of large Guilds were akin to celebrities. For ordinary players, just getting to see them was already worthy of conversation. As for the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's upper echelon and elders, these people were all unreachable existences to ordinary players.

During the time the players in the Residence were chatting, a majestic woman with shoulder-length hair strode into the Residence. The woman was clad in light-blue armor and possessed a beauty that was in no way inferior to Zhao Yueru's. Upon seeing this woman's appearance, the players inside the Residence gasped.

"Quick, look! Even the Heavenly Knight is here!"

"I heard that she's never been interested in the Guild's internal affairs. Why is she here now?"

At this moment, aside from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's normal members, even the Pavilion's upper echelon was surprised by this majestic woman's arrival.

The reason for their reactions was this beauty's extraordinary status in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Titled as the Heavenly Knight by the Secret Pavilion, Windy Moon was originally Phoenix Rain's greatest competitor for the position of Phoenix Pavilion Master. However, as Windy Moon was not interested in the position, she had withdrawn from the competition and shifted her development to a neutral kingdom. As a result, Phoenix Rain became the new Phoenix Pavilion Master without any difficulty.

Meanwhile, Windy Moon had defeated the various superpowers operating in the neutral kingdom she had shifted to and taken control of the entire neutral kingdom. It was only thanks to her achievements that the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was able to secure a large number of resources unique to neutral races. Just recently, she had even broken through to the Domain Realm, becoming one of the true pillars of the Guild. Nobody had anticipated that she would actually appear in Dragonheart City's Residence today.

While everyone was discussing Windy Moon's purpose here, the Heavenly Knight headed straight for Nine Dragons Emperor. Seeing this situation further amplified everyone's shock.

"Nine Dragons, I hope you stick to your word! I'll let you know the consequences otherwise!" Windy Moon said coldly as she approached Nine Dragons Emperor.

"Of course," Nine Dragons Emperor said, chuckling. He then gestured to the two men beside him. "Let me introduce you. This person here is Starlink's Guild Leader, Lu Xingluo. This other person here is the War Blood adventurer team's commander, Blood Oath. I believe you should be able to rest assured with this."

"So that's the case. No wonder you are so confident." After Windy Moon sent a glance at Lu Xingluo and Blood Oath, she did not say anything more.

With Windy Moon's arrival, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion upper echelon present could not help but start to pity Phoenix Rain. Although the normal members of the Guild were unaware of the purpose of today's meeting, those in the upper echelon like themselves were not. Today was the day when the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's next Great Pavilion Master would be chosen.

Now, however, not only did Nine Dragons Emperor have the support of two superpowers, but even Windy Moon was standing on his side. Even if Ku Rong, the current Great Pavilion Master, personally favored Phoenix Rain over Nine Dragons Emperor, he was most likely powerless to do anything about the situation.

While the members of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's upper echelon were having a quiet discussion among themselves, a commotion suddenly occurred at the entrance of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence.

In the next moment, a man and a woman came into sight, walking toward the Residence. Meanwhile, following behind this man and woman were actually several thousand other players. All of these players eyed the pair like ravenous wolves. Moreover, these players were all relatively powerful experts. Some of them were even Refinement Realm experts. Upon seeing this crowd of experts, even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's top brass got goosebumps. Meanwhile, as these experts strode increasingly closer to the Residence, many of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's members recognized the pair walking at the forefront.

"Black Flame!"

This man and woman were none other than Shi Feng and Blue Phoenix.

"What?! Zero Wing's Black Flame is here!?"

"He actually dares to show his face here?"



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