Chapter 2279 - Shocking Everyone with One Sentence

Shi Feng's arrival caused an uproar in the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Residence as every player discussed his arrival. "Black Flame's gone insane! He actually dares to show up here!"

"If so many people stared at me like this, I wouldn't even have the courage to get near Dragonheart City. Isn't he worried that someone will try to take his Fragmented Legendary item?"

As far as the public was concerned, the rumor of Shi Feng holding a Fragmented Legendary item had been verified. However, not even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members had thought such an item would earn such a passionate reaction.

Several thousand players followed after Shi Feng, and none of them bothered to hide their intentions. There were even Refinement Realm experts among the crowd, and even the Pavilion's experts felt goosebumps on their skin as they stared at the massive crowd of experts.

"Black Flame is too arrogant! He just killed one of our adventurer team's members, yet he dares to stand before us now! He's not taking War Blood seriously!" a female Ranger beside Blood Oath said grimly. She wore silvery-white chainmail and carried an ancient, crystalline longbow across her back.

Although this female Ranger looked ordinary, barely considered a beauty, a faint, bloody mist circulated her body, adding to her appearance. Many of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion members couldn't seem to pull their eyes off of her.

However, they only dared to stare for a short moment before averting their gazes.

This female Ranger was Ink Feather, one of War Blood's Four Great Vice Guild Leaders. Although she hadn't reached the Domain Realm yet, her combat power was just as great as an ordinary Domain Realm experts' due to her Half-elf Bloodline and Ancient Legacy. When it came to hunting and sniping players, she ranked among the top five on Dragonheart Island. She had sniped countless experts out at sea thus far, including a few Domain Realm experts.

"Feather, leave the matter be for now," Blood Oath said as he glanced at Shi Feng. "We're still in Dragonheart City. Lock onto his soul for now, and we'll take care of him properly later."

Blood Oath had already learned about Autumn Plant's battle with Shi Feng from a subordinate. Shi Feng was quite powerful, but since the man had dared to kill one of War Blood's vice commander, and news of the event had spread throughout Dragonheart City, Shi Feng was a dead man in Blood Oath's eyes.

"I understand." Ink Feather nodded and fell silent.

When Lu Xingluo overheard Blood Oath's conversation, a joyful glimmer flashed in his eyes.

Starlink was frantically exploring the ancient civilization's ruins in the Gravity Mountain Range, so he had no spare manpower to send after Shi Feng. Thus, he couldn't be any more pleased to hear that the War Blood adventurer team wanted to go after the man.

Very few powers on Dragonheart Island were a match for War Blood's prowess at sea, which was why Lu Xingluo wanted to form an alliance with the adventurer team.

When Shi Feng had entered the Residence, Nine Dragons Emperor had shifted his gaze toward the distant Phoenix Rain. Several influential Guild upper echelons stood by her side, as well as two first-rate Guilds' Guild Leaders, yet despite such powerful allies, Nine Dragons Emperor's eyes held nothing but pity and ridicule.

Phoenix Rain, your investments might've earned great returns, but those same investments will drag you down! Nine Dragons Emperor thought. He hadn't expected Shi Feng to make an appearance, but now that Dragonheart Island's major powers were targeting Zero Wing, the Guild couldn't help Phoenix Rain. In fact, it had become a burden.

So, he is the rumored Black Flame? After glancing at Shi Feng, Cloudy Moon turned her gaze to Phoenix Rain. Shaking her head, she thought, It seems this will be as far as you rise.

Cloudy Moon felt an immense pressure from Shi Feng, proving that he wielded great strength, but the title of Great Pavilion Master couldn't be won due to a single player. This would be a competition of foundation and influence.

Cloudy Moon knew that Phoenix Rain had refused to cooperate with Starlink against Zero Wing, and as a result, Nine Dragons Emperor had taken advantage of the opportunity instead. In her opinion, abandoning a chance to cooperate with a superpower like Starlink over a lesser Guild was simply foolish.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's upper echelons and Elders pitied Phoenix Rain, as well.

"It seems there won't be any suspense in the competition for the Great Pavilion Master's position."

"What a pity. Phoenix Rain is clearly more capable than Nine Dragons Emperor."

"There's Zero Wing on one side, which had become Dragonheart City's public enemy, and on the other, we have the rapidly growing Starlink and War Blood adventurer team. The Great Pavilion Master wouldn't choose Phoenix Rain as his successor even if he'd lost his mind."

In truth, the Pavilion's upper echelons and Elders had a favorable opinion of Phoenix Rain's abilities, but the difference between the two Pavilion Masters' overall strength was too great. This meeting was practically a farce, and it was obvious who would become the next Great Pavilion Master.

While everyone discussed the matter in hushed tones, Shi Feng arrived before Phoenix Rain.

"I've really caused you some trouble this time, Guild Leader Black Flame."

Phoenix Rain was both ecstatic and grateful to see Shi Feng here.

Shi Feng had taken a huge risk to show up here to support her. Not everyone would have the mental fortitude to do so, especially after obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item. A Fragmented Legendary item would be immensely helpful when exploring high-level maps and completing high-ranked quests. It could even help one complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quest. Losing a Fragmented Legendary item would be a huge setback for both Shi Feng and Zero Wing's development.

"Nonsense. You've helped Zero Wing plenty of times, Phoenix Pavilion Master. Now that you are fighting for the Great Pavilion Master's position, I had to come," Shi Feng said.

If not for the capital and assistance Phoenix Rain had provided early on, Zero Wing wouldn't have become the Guild it was today.

"Thank you for your support, Guild Leader Black Flame. The meeting will begin soon, so we should head inside,"

Phoenix Rain said as she gave Shi Feng a grateful look. However, she had already abandoned any hope of winning this competition and the position. She was merely putting up her final struggle.

Phoenix Rain then led Shi Feng and her other supporters into the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Guild Hall, and the Pavilion's Elders and upper echelons followed shortly after.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's Guild Hall in Dragonheart City was a four-story-tall Advanced Guild Hall. It might not be a match for the Pavilion's other Guild Halls in the various NPC cities, but in Dragonheart City, it was quite extravagant. Very few first-rate Guilds could afford a Guild Residence on Dragonheart Island, much less an Advanced Guild Hall.

By the time Phoenix Rain and her entourage entered the top-floor meeting room, several hundred players had already taken their places inside. The lowest-leveled player here was Level 87 and fully geared in Level 85 Fine-Gold Equipment. Every one of the players in the room was a Refinement Realm or above expert, as well, and quite a few of them were peak experts in two or three pieces of Epic Equipment. The sight was a testament to how powerful the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's foundations were.

Phoenix Rain and Nine Dragons Emperor's supporters had split the room, sitting on opposite sides.

After a short moment, the doors that connected this meeting room to a lounge next door opened, and an elderly man entered the meeting room. This elderly man was a Level 88 Summoner, wearing robes that resembled a nebula. The Epic Staff in the man's hand was a Replica of the Legendary Staff, Spiritcaller, and the elder's aura was no weaker than Blood Oath's, War Blood's commander.

As this elderly man entered the room, silence fell.

This elderly man was none other than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's current Great Pavilion Master, Ku Rong. Two men, both radiating extraordinary auras, followed behind Ku Rong. Although they were only Level 87, both of the men were bona fide Domain Realm experts.

As Ku Rong lowered himself in the seat of honor, the two men guarded his sides. The Guild upper echelons and Elders didn't dare to speak or display any of their usual arrogance, merely waiting for Ku Rong to speak.

"I believe that you all know why I called you here for this meeting. I am getting old and can no longer take charge of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Hence, I am going to choose my successor for the Great Pavilion Master position today," Ku Rong slowly explained. "My successor will have to contribute greatly to the Guild, providing a better future than I have. You all know this. Hence, I recommend Nine Dragons Emperor to be my successor. If there are no objections, we will consider this matter settled."

None of the Guild upper echelons or Elders seemed surprised by Ku Rong's decision, and Nine Dragons Emperor revealed an ecstatic expression. He had waited for this moment for a long time.

Suddenly, however, a low voice filled the meeting room.

"I have an objection."

Although the words hadn't been very loud, a deathly silence had followed them, enveloping the meeting room as everyone turned toward their origin.

When everyone saw who had spoken, they were shocked.

The person that had objected to the decision was Black Flame!



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