Chapter 2291 - Tier 4 Hero

As Shi Feng chanted the summoning incantation some distance below the Northern Fortress's mountain peak, a pillar of golden light rose from the ground beneath him, shooting toward the sky. The light pillar had a 400-yard radius and was even visible from several thousand yards away.

Mana from across the mountainside surged toward the light pillar, condensing until it became liquid before Shi Feng. After 20 seconds of this, the Mana finally took on a humanoid form.

A moment later, a knight in white clothing and carrying a sacred, golden sword stood before the player army.

Although this white-clad knight only stood two meters tall, nowhere near the size of a Mythic monster, his appearance made everyone shudder.

[Arslet] (Hero, Tier 4 Sword Saint) Level 120

HP 55,000,000/55,000,000

A Tier 4 Hero? Phoenix Rain could not believe her eyes as she stared at Arslet.

NPCs were originally already far more powerful than players; only peak experts had any hope of defeating ordinary NPCs. Heroes, on the other hand, were peak combatants among NPCs, treated as kingdoms and empires' absolute pillars and protectors. They were treated as the absolute pillars and protectors of kingdoms and empires.

She had suspected that Shi Feng's trump card would be a Tier 4 combatant A fighter of that power would be crucial when capturing a fortress, especially the well-fortified Northern Fortress. Current players simply didn't have the strength to succeed.

Considering that Zero Wing had relied on the Tier 4 Divine Magic Dragons in defensive and offensive sieges in the past, Phoenix Rain had assumed Shi Feng would rely on one this time, too.

She had never expected Shi Feng to summon a Hero, and a Tier 4 Hero, at that. The NPC could single-handedly crush an entire NPC city.

Shi Feng had considered using a Divine Magic Dragon, but the materials needed to summon one were incredibly rare and valuable. Collecting them would not be easy. Moreover, the Divine Magic Dragons were only really useful against players. They wouldn't be particularly effective against monsters since monsters had such high Basic Attributes. They did not fear a frontal confrontation. Furthermore, the Divine Magic Dragons had an obvious weakness-the players that managed the summoning array. If a single one of these players died, the array would quickly crumble.

The Mythic monsters that defended these fortresses generally had relatively high intellect. The moment they noticed the Divine Magic Dragon's summoning array, they'd do anything to destroy it. While Shi Feng was confident of standing against an all-out assault from players, trying to stop powerful monsters hellbent on getting near the array would be impossible.

When sieging a monster-protected fortress, very few players would rely on summoning arrays. He wouldn't have waited until now to capture a fortress in the Gravity Mountain Range until now, otherwise.

"Phoenix Pavilion Master, have your men get ready!" Shi Feng said. Now that he had summoned Arslet, he couldn't afford to waste time. He continued, "Once the magic barrier is down, I want everyone to push into the fortress. Leave the mini Bosses to Zero Wing. Your team just needs to clear out the mobs inside and don't let them get close to the mini Bosses."

"Alright, leave it to us," Phoenix Rain said, a trace of excitement flashing in her eyes.

The Bosses were the most troublesome aspect of sieging a fortress. If Arslet were merely an ordinary Tier 4 combatant, this upcoming battle would be a tough one. The Tier 4 Bosses in the Northern Fortress were much stronger than ordinary Tier 4 monsters since their power was reinforced by the fortress's magic array. An ordinary Tier 4 combatant would be little more than a punching bag for the Bosses.

Bosses also had far higher intellect than ordinary monsters. They might not be as intelligent as players, but they weren't stupid. They would try to kill as many invaders as possible, rather than focus on one target. Unless one had enough strength to overwhelm the Bosses, capturing the Northern Fortress was a pipe dream.

This was why, even now, Thirteen Thrones and Starlink were the only powers to capture a fortress successfully.

Fortunately, Shi Feng's army had a Tier 4 Hero, so suppressing the Northern Fortress's Bosses shouldn't be a problem.

As Phoenix Rain began to bark out orders, Shi Feng sent Arslet after the magic barrier.

The Northern Fortress's magic barrier was extraordinarily powerful. Even an ordinary Tier 4 combatant would have to attack for a long time to deplete its Mana reserve.

However, the magic barrier was incredibly fragile to Arslet. Once the Hero struck it with his Tier 4 Taboo Skill, Spatial Rend, it shattered.

When Phoenix Rain saw this, she was dumbfounded. She had never thought that a Tier 4 Hero would be this formidable.

"Charge!" Shi Feng shouted. The outcome didn't faze him in the least.

NPC Heroes were considered invincible among those of the same tier, and they were the human's final trump card against Dragons. How could a measly Medium Fortress's defensive magic array sustain an attack from such a being?

Hearing Shi Feng's command, the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's 30,000-strong army and Zero Wing's main force charged into the fortress. At the same time, the Northern Fortress's Undead Army spilled out of the fortress's entrance, while the Undead Soldiers on the walls began to attack the invading players.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's members, who had defeated plenty of powerful monsters before, couldn't help but shudder as they watched the Undead army charge to meet them.

[Undead Soldier] (Undead, Lord)

Level 94

HP 22,000,000/22,000,000 [Undead Captain] (Undead, Great Lord) Level 96

HP 63,000,000/63,000,000 [Undead Warrior] (Undead, Grand Lord) Level 101

HP 260,000,000/260,000,000 [Undead General] (Undead, Mythic) Level 102

HP 580,000,000/580,000,000

Although most of the monsters leaving the fortress were Undead Soldiers and Undead Captains, the Undead Warriors and the General were quite eye-catching. These Bosses' frightening auras were even more powerful than the Grand Lords and Mythic monsters they typically faced.

"Why are there so many mini Bosses?" Phoenix Rain's expression darkened when she saw the dozen or so massive Undead Warriors and the Undead General.

Dealing with the Undead Soldiers and Captains was within the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's capabilities, but the Undead Warriors and the General were beyond them.

There were more than a dozen Undead Warriors among the army and a single Undead General...

These were only the monsters stationed at the fortress's entrance, the weakest of the monsters within the Northern Fortress.

Just getting into the fortress was likely impossible, much less capturing it. Not even a Tier 4 Hero could stop the Undead General and his dozen or so Undead Warriors at once.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, the situation is direr than we expected. We should retreat," Phoenix Rain called out to Shi Feng.

There were more Undead Warriors protecting the Northern Fortress's entrance than their scouts had reported. To make matters worse, there was a Mythic ranked Undead General among these monsters. The players would be at a severe disadvantage if they tried to face this Undead army head-on.

She was very familiar with just how powerful Level 100-plus monsters were.

Thirteen Thrones had contained a lot of information regarding the fortress it had captured from ordinary Guilds and powers, but hiding such details from superpowers like the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion was impossible.

One Level 100 Great Lord could easily annihilate a 1,000-man legion of current players, not to mention Level 100-plus Grand Lords. Not even Tier 3 players had the strength to contend with these monsters. By the time Arslet defeated the Undead General, the Undead Warriors would have wiped out half of their forces.

As expected of the Northern Fortress. The force protecting its entrance is already so powerful. It's no wonder why the Northern Fortress had been the last captured in the Gravity Mountain Range. The situation even surprised Shi Feng. It seems I can't hide them any longer.

Following which, Shi Feng took out two Summon Guard Scrolls and called forth Kite and Anna.



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