Chapter 2289 - Zero Wing's Blade

The instant Aqua Rose and the others removed their Black Cloaks, the players in the hall, who had been busy talking about Shi Feng, gasped in shock. They stared at Zero Wing's players as if there were horrifying monsters.

"Level 95?! How is that possible?!"

"How are they so high-leveled? Haven't the superpowers' peak experts just reached Level 87? Are they monsters in disguise?"

Everyone was confused over Aqua Rose and her companions' levels. The fact that Shi Feng had already reached Level 100 was shocking enough. They all knew how difficult it was to level up from such a high level.

The fact that Shi Feng had reached Level 100 wasn't entirely unbelievable. God's Domain had many special opportunities to offer, and it wasn't strange for these opportunities to grant players tremendous amounts of EXP.

Now, however, Zero Wing revealed that it had 100 players at Level 95 and 96. How were they so powerful?

After a brief moment of shock, a terrifying pressure washed over them. Even Phoenix Rain, who stood near Aqua Rose, shuddered, not to mention the ordinary experts in the room.

After this display, Phoenix Rain gave up trying to dissuade Aqua Rose and her companions from attacking the group of hostile players. She could only smile bitterly about the situation.

Just how many secrets does Zero Wing possess?

This thought echoed in Phoenix Rain's mind for a long time. She couldn't understand how Shi Feng had helped Aqua Rose and the rest of his main force level up so quickly.

Of course, she also understood why Shi Feng had so fearlessly provoked the War Blood adventurer team in the Dragon- Phoenix Pavilion's Residence.

Although Shi Feng had previously revealed his level, there was a limit to how much an individual could accomplish, especially when exploring new maps. Shi Feng could only secure so many resources by himself, and he could clear Team Dungeons alone, which were one of the largest resource sources for a Guild. However, he wouldn't have that problem with a 100-man team that was almost as high-leveled as he was.

After Aqua Rose and the other exposed their levels, many of the players in the hall that had considered targeting Shi Feng abandoned the idea. Teams with fewer than 50 members, in particular, immediately abandoned their plans to move against Shi Feng.

If Shi Feng were the only powerhouse they had to worry about, they could rely on special tools to restrain him, preventing him from exhibiting his full strength, but since such a group of high-leveled experts guarded him, what was the point in restraining Shi Feng?

They couldn't even get close to the Swordsman, much less attack him.

"I hadn't thought that Zero Wing had hidden so much of its strength. Targeting Black Flame will no longer be possible. With so many high-leveled expert guards, even assassination experts will be powerless against him."

"That's right! I doubt War Blood expected Zero Wing to have a card like this. The adventurer team's plan to send everyone in the city after him is likely moot."

"That might not necessarily be the case. Small teams like ours might not have a chance, but those large adventurer teams could succeed. Zero Wing's members might be very high-leveled, but a team can bridge that gap by outnumbering them. With enough experts, the various adventurer teams might be able to suppress Zero Wing's members long enough to kill Black Flame."

"I guess you're right. Ordinary experts won't have high enough Basic Attributes to make a difference, but peak experts could do it if they rely on external items. Besides, even if they have high levels, it means nothing if their weapons and equipment can't keep up."

"I heard that the Heavenly Beast adventurer team has dispatched all of its experts to kill Black Flame and steal his Fragmented Legendary item. Heavenly Beast is quite famous among the dark forces. I don't think it's a match for Dragonheart Island's top ten adventurer teams in an open battle, but its ability to kill individual players is lightly even stronger than those adventurer teams."

"Heavenly Beast is powerful, but Black Flame is no fool. As long as he sticks with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's army, Heavenly Beast's members won't get near him."

"At this point, only the various major powers have any hope of taking out Black Flame."

Many of the independent players in the hall sighed and turned to leave after seeing Zero Wing's high-level team. With such powerful players around him, a small team didn't have a chance of taking Shi Feng down.

The various major powers' experts, on the other hand, chose to stay and continue stalking after him. Unlike independent players, major powers would have no problems sending several thousand experts after the Swordsman.

"A Level 95,100-man team? Black Flame sure has a lot of trump cards."

"So, this is why Black Flame's so confident?"

"Remember to keep a close eye on Black Flame! Report back as soon as you see him leave the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's protection! I refuse to believe that the Pavilion is willing to protect him forever!"

It took no time for every major power on Dragonheart Island to hear about the levels of Zero Wing's main force members, but although they were shocked by the news, they had no intention of giving up on the bounty.

A Fragmented Legendary item was simply too tempting, not to mention the three pieces of Epic Equipment and War Blood's favor.

However, they had decided to avoid taking direct action against Shi Feng for now. He was, after all, protected by the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion's army.

When the major powers' experts received the commands from their upper echelons, they prepared to follow Shi Feng further into the World Tower.

However, they were shocked by what they saw as they passed through the main hall's exit.

Corpses littered the ground outside the main hall, every one of them a slain expert. Many experts from Dragonheart Island's well-known and top adventurer teams lay among them. These players had all planned to ambush Shi Feng as soon as he left the main hall.

What shocked the newcomers more, though, was Aqua Rose's team, which was busy fighting several thousand players.

A 10-level difference wasn't insurmountable, yet Zero Wing's 100-man team slaughtered the several thousand players before them as if they were slicing vegetables.

Despite facing dozens of experts' frenzied attacks, Cola, who led Zero Wing's team in the battle, didn't even try to dodge. He took every hit with his shield, and none of the attacks from the enemy Tier 2 experts dealt more than -500 damage. To Cola, who had a total of 520,000 HP after reaching Level 95, the damage was practically negligible. A single Healing Spell was more than enough to restore his lost HP.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose, Zhao Yueru, Alluring Summer, and Violet Cloud acted as mobile turrets. Every Spell they cast claimed at least a dozen experts' lives. Sometimes, their Spells even blew apart several dozen experts at once. One of Zhao Yueru's Spells even took out a Level 87 Shield Warrior with an Epic Shield and two pieces of Epic Equipment in an instant …

The two forces' Basic Attributes were on entirely different levels.

Gentle Snow's team hadn't just gained EXP while they were grinding in the Tidal Vortex. They had also acquired plenty of high-level items. The Tidal Vortex's Bosses all dropped Level 90 and 95 equipment, and as a result, they were all armed with Level 95 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment.

Gentle Snow and the others had frequently hunted the Tidal Vortex' Mythic Bosses, as well. In addition, the team had been the first players to slay these Mythic Bosses, which increased the Bosses' drop-rates. Overall, Zero Wing's main force members had also acquired quite a few pieces of Epic Equipment.

Even the weakest piece Gentle Snow and her companions wore was Level 95 Fine-Gold Equipment. Their combat power was on an entirely different level compared to the Level 85-plus experts they fought. Moreover, Gentle Snow and the others had improved their combat standards.

Most of the players attacking them hadn't even reached the Refinement Realm yet. To Zero Wing's main force, these players were easier to defeat than the Level 95 sea monsters in the Tidal Vortex.

Over 95% of the 4,000-plus experts that had planned to ambush Shi Feng outside the main hall were dead in less than 15 minutes, while the rest tried to escape with special tools. The valley's ground was dyed red with blood, and weapons and equipment littered the ground. In contrast, Zero Wing's team hadn't lost a single player. They had only lost a little Stamina and Concentration...



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