Chapter 2316 - Armor of Legends

Space itself faintly began to crumble as it was exposed to the Disintegration Armor's Disintegration Power. Despite having reached Tier 3, the moment Shi Feng touched the armor, he could feel the Mana in his right arm vibrate and felt signs of it beginning to break down.

Mana Dispersal?!

The sensation in Shi Feng's right arm stunned him.

He hadn't had a particularly clear idea of what the Disintegration Armor had done to him when he had been Tier 2. He had only felt a strong, stifling pressure from the armor. Now that he was Tier 3, however, he could sense the Disintegration Power blocking and destroying the Mana within him.

After a slight touch, the Mana density in his right arm had significantly decreased. If he maintained contact with the Disintegration Armor for a long period, it would utterly destroy the Mana that coated his body.

Losing this Mana coating didn't seem like a major problem, but it would deal a fatal blow to Tier 3 players and above.

After reaching Tier 3, a player's Mana Body would drive every action they took in God's Domain. If their Mana Body couldn't conduct Mana, they'd be as good as crippled.

The Mana Body played a crucial role when players used Tier 3 Skills and Spells. Without a working Mana Body, activating those abilities would be nearly impossible.

Naturally, the difference between the combat power a Tier 3 player could display with Tier 3 Skills and Spells and a Tier 3 player, who couldn't, would be obvious at a glance.

Once Shi Feng had tapped on the Disintegration Armor, its Attribute Panel appeared before him.

[Disintegration Armor (Unfinished Product)] (Chest Plate, Legendary Rank) Equipment Requirement: Strength 9,000, Agility 7,000 Tier Requirement: Tier 3

Divine Defense +15,000 (Affected by player's Level.)

All Basic Attributes +1,000 (Affected by player's Level and Tier.)

Physique increased by 100% (Affected by player's Tier.)

When equipped:

Strength increased by 120%, Agility increased by 100%, and Endurance increased by 100%;

All Resistance +300;

Magic Resistance increased by 40%;

Mana Body's effects increased by 50%;

Ignore Levels +30;

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Additional Passive Skill-

Disintegration Body: Reduces the damage from Tier 3 or below attacks by 70%, reduces damage from Tier 4 or above attacks by 40%, immune to all control effects, weakens stiffening effects by 70%, and increases reaction speed by 20%.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Disintegration Field: Disintegrates all Skills and Spells within a 100-yard radius (Skills and Spells at Tier 2 and below will be nullified, while Skills and Spells above Tier 2 will be weakened by 60%). All entities within range will suffer a 40% reduction to Basic Attributes, physique, and Stamina, in addition to a 400% increase to their Stamina and Concentration consumption rates. No Cooldown.

Additional Active Skill 2-

Disintegration Power: Gathers all of the Disintegration Armor's power and temporarily sacrifice all of its Attributes to upgrade user by one tier for 60 seconds.

Cooldown: 12 hours

(Cannot be stacked with Skills and Spells of similar effect.)

The Disintegration Armor is a divine armor that the Ore Empire's Founding Emperor had created with various divine items. This armor had been destroyed during a battle against Gods. The Disintegration Armor has recovered a portion of its original strength after Seliora recast the chest piece using a Blood Contract. Due to the armor's Disintegration Power, the armor's Attributes suffer an 80% reduction when equipped. If equipped by the Blood Contractor, the armor's Attributes will only be reduced by 50%. God Crystals required to repair the Disintegration Armor fully (0/10).

Amazing! Shi Feng's eyes glowed as he read the Disintegration Armor's Attribute Panel.

Before this, he hadn't had a clear idea of what a true Legendary item's Attributes would look like. He had only heard of Legendary items during his previous life. He hadn't actually seen a real Legendary item's Attribute Panel since anyone with such an item had rightfully kept a tight lid on its abilities.

Although the Disintegration Armor was an unfinished product, it was the strongest piece of equipment he had ever laid eyes on. Even Gentle Snow's Fragmented Legendary ranked Seven Luminaries Battle Armor was far weaker than this chest piece.

The Seven Luminaries Battle Armor had originally been a Legendary item, but after taking significant damage, its rank had fallen.

And yet, despite being a damaged piece of armor as well, the Disintegration Armor was leagues stronger than the Seven Luminaries Battle Armor in all aspects.

The fact that the Disintegration Armor granted Divine Defense, rather than a simple boost to ordinary Defense, was particularly astounding. This meant that even Skills and Spells that dealt true damage wouldn't be as effective against the Disintegration Armor's wearer. It would also reduce lower-tiered players' damage, and higher-tiered players wouldn't be able to deal any additional damage due to their tier advantage. Divine Defense was the highest grade of Defense in God's Domain.

It's a pity that the armor is so badly damaged. Even if I equip it, I'll only exhibit a fraction of its true might. If I could display the Disintegration Armor's full power, dealing with the Ice Dragon would be a piece of cake, Shi Feng thought.

The Disintegration Power's instability limited the armor's true strength. At the armor's peak, Shi Feng could likely defeat the Mythic ranked Ice Dragon head-on with the additional 100% physique and 120% Strength.

Even so, Shi Feng was overjoyed that he could finally equip the Disintegration Armor.

A piece of Legendary Equipment!

Countless players, including apex experts, dreamed of equipping such an item.

Legendary items were simply too rare in God's Domain. Just obtaining a single clue that might lead to one required an astronomical amount of manpower and resources. In some cases, these clues would only lead to a fragment of a Legendary item. Players would then have to find the remaining fragments and invest even more resources to repair it. Unless one were ridiculously lucky or had particularly powerful support, getting their hands on a Legendary item would be utterly impossible.

Now, Shi Feng finally had a Legendary item of his own, and he could even equip it now. The Disintegration Armor's Attributes might be halved, but it was still slightly more powerful than a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment.

Shi Feng immediately equipped the Disintegration Armor. The 9,000 Strength and 7,000 Agility were incredibly difficult requirements to meet; even a Tier 3 player in full, top-tier equipment would have to wait until Level 120 to fulfill them, but it wasn't an issue for Shi Feng. Not only did he have an Advanced Bloodline, but he also wielded one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. Furthermore,he carried a Magic Weapon and multiple Fragmented Legendary items. Meeting the two requirements at Level 100 was actually quite easy for him.

The instant Shi Feng equipped the Disintegration Armor, he felt power course through him. His Basic Attributes skyrocketed, and his perception considerably improved. Even his mind felt far clearer than before.

If he fought Urdia, a titled, Tier 3 Heroic Spirit, in his current condition, he'd have a high chance of defeating the Undead.

It's about time to leave.

Glancing at the time, Shi Feng realized it was time to meet up with Blackie and the others. He activated the Nightwalker's Cape's Nightwalker Skill to conceal the Disintegration Armor's aura and information before heading toward White River City's Teleportation Hall.



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