Chapter 2320 - Level 100 Exploration

Zero Wing's members gradually advanced deeper into the Cold Spring Forest. As the map had never been explored by players before, the number of Dragonkin Zero Wing's members encountered along their journey kept increasing; fortunately, the number of Dragonkin Warriors they came across did not, so the growing number of enemies did not affect the team negatively. It only provided the team with even more EXP.

The EXP granted by Level 100 monsters was far greater than that of Level 99 monsters. Although Shi Feng had brought Zero Wing's main force to grind at a Level 100 forbidden land before, everyone's level had been very low. As they had to rely on Tier 3 Demons to do most of the fighting back then, their grinding efficiency had been considerably low.

Now that everyone in the team had the combat power to contend against Level 100 Lords, they made short work of the Level 100-plus Dragonkin. As a result, everyone's experience bar increased at a very rapid rate.

After grinding for just six hours, everyone in the team had already leveled up once. Now, even the lowest-leveled player in Zero Wing's main force was Level 98, whereas the Guild's top experts like Yan Tianxing had reached Level 99. As for Shi Feng, he, too, had gained his final percent and reached Level 101.

However, in contrast to the team's leveling speed, the Dragonkin's loot rendered everyone speechless.

Even the best piece of equipment dropped by the High Lord ranked Dragonkin Captains was Level 100 Mysterious-Iron rank. Moreover, this was from the first kill of these Dragonkin Captains. Otherwise, the weapons and equipment they dropped would be only Bronze rank. The quality of the Dragonkin Captains' loot was far inferior to that of Level 99 High Lords.

Shi Feng, however, did not find this situation surprising.

After reaching Level 100, ordinary experts would be able to gear themselves only in Level 100 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. If they wished to get Level 100 Secret-Silver Equipment through killing monsters, they needed the support of a sufficiently strong team. As for obtaining Level 100 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment from monster drops, that was absolutely impossible for them.

Only Tier 3 experts would have the ability to grind for Level 100 Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. As for Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment, players would need both superb strength and luck.

This was also the reason why, after frontline players reached Level 100, the various powers of God's Domain would start frantically investing in Tier 3 experts and Master Lifestyle players.

Past Level 100, quantity no longer mattered. Instead, what mattered the most was quality. One could say that Tier 3 experts and Master Lifestyle players were the true foundation of the various powers.

Without Tier 3 experts and Master Lifestyle players, Level 100-plus weapons and equipment at the Fine-Gold rank or better would be inaccessible. Meanwhile, if a Guild did not possess top-tier Level 100 weapons and equipment, how was it supposed to develop?

Level 100-plus monsters weren't easy opponents, especially after players reached Level 105. Before reaching Level 105, players could still rely on Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment that were below Level 100 to fight monsters and Bosses that were below Level 105. However, that would no longer be possible at Level 105. Past Level 100, monsters would receive a significant improvement in strength every five levels. Without top-tier weapons and equipment of a corresponding level, Tier 2 players would not be able to contend with monsters and Bosses of the same level at all; only Tier 3 players would be able to. However, players capable of getting promoted to Tier 3 as soon as they reached Level 100 were extremely rare.

Moreover, although Tier 2 players might have an easier time completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest as their levels increased, they would still require the assistance of top-tier weapons and equipment to succeed.

"Guild Leader, I found a parchment that can't be appraised!" Blackie said excitedly after picking up a parchment dropped by a Dragonkin Warrior. He then handed it to Shi Feng, anticipation filling him.

His Appraisal had already reached the Advanced standard and was only one step away from the Master standard. An item that he could not appraise definitely wasn't ordinary.

"A parchment?" After Shi Feng used Omniscient Eyes to appraise the parchment, surprise and joy filled him. "Not bad! This is a Magic Trap Design!"

"A Trap Design?" Blackie, however, was disappointed when he heard Shi Feng's words. "How unlucky. I thought we got a design for a weapon or equipment."

Traps were common in God's Domain. Some players would even use traps to deal with Field Bosses. However, compared to magic arrays, traps were very much inferior. Some traps were even ineffective against monsters at Great Lord rank or above. However, Tier 2 players could easily deal with Lord ranked monsters. Setting up traps to deal with a Lord would be a waste of time and materials.

"This is something very good," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "In any case, have everyone keep an eye out for it. If any more drop, bring them to me. Also, have Melancholic's side prepare the materials necessary for making this trap. Prepare as many as possible."

Most likely, every player in God's Domain had suffered at the hands of traps before. In fact, many experts had been killed by traps. However, as players couldn't properly utilize traps against monsters, traps never gained much popularity among players.

However, traps were almost guaranteed when exploring ruins in God's Domain, so how could they be useless?

The reason for everyone's misconception about traps being useless was simply current players being limited to using and producing Basic Traps. The materials and production method for Basic Traps were common and simple, so it was only natural that they had very little effect against monsters. As for why players were capable of making only Basic Traps right now, it was because the Main God System intended for players to slowly adapt to and learn about traps before reaching Level 100.

However, after reaching Level 100, the Main God System would remove all restrictions on players. Naturally, this included the limitation on traps, and players would be able to make Intermediate Traps. Not only would Intermediate Traps use much rarer materials, but their production difficulty would also increase significantly. In return, however, their effectiveness against monsters would improve substantially.

Let alone dealing with Level 100 Lords, Intermediate Traps could deal serious damage even to Level 100 Great Lords and place them in a heavily injured state for a short time. Moreover, traps were more suitable for the general public than precious magic arrays, as they were much less costly to produce.

During Shi Feng's previous life, many Tier 2 experts had relied on Intermediate Traps to hunt high-ranking Bosses and grind monsters. If not for these traps, the majority of Tier 2 players wouldn't have been able to survive in Level 100- plus neutral maps at all.

Meanwhile, the design the Dragonkin Warrior dropped was for the Countercurrent Swamp, a Magic Trap that was effective against monsters below Level 120. When triggered, it would not only immobilize monsters for a brief period but also reduce the reaction speed and Basic Attributes of the trapped monsters by 15%. Of course, the stronger a monster was, the less effective the trap would be against them. Even so, the Countercurrent Swamp was very useful against Great Lords below Level 120.

Past Level 100, even Great Lord ranked monsters were considered Bosses. Ordinary Tier 3 experts would have to flee if they came across a Great Lord of the same level; soloing the Boss would be impossible.

With the Magic Trap, however, even Tier 2 players could kill Level 100 Great Lords, so long as they had a sufficiently large team.

"Alright, I'll notify the others about it," Blackie said, nodding. Even so, he still wasn't particularly interested in the Magic Trap. After all, he didn't believe the Countercurrent Swamp's effects could compare to those of a magic array.

Following which, Shi Feng had his team slaughter the Dragonkin armies that they came across. He did not rush to the Cold Spring Forest's central region. After one day of steady grinding, Shi Feng obtained another four Trap Designs: two were for the Countercurrent Swamp while the other two were for a Physical Trap called Burning Fire.

Physical Traps had many more weaknesses than Magic Traps. For example, they were quite useless against flying monsters. However, Physical Traps also had very obvious benefits. For example, they could be used to target a group of monsters. Moreover, they could cause very high amounts of damage continuously, so long as a monster remained trapped inside them.

If Magic Traps and Physical Traps were properly paired up, even Tier 2 players could live a profitable life in Level 100- plus neutral maps. They would be inferior to Tier 3 players only when it came to raiding Dungeons.

Meanwhile, after the team killed another Level 102 Dragonkin Warrior, a purple glow enveloped the bodies of many members as these people reached Level 100. The invisible chains that previously bound these players also shattered.



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