Chapter 2336 - Giant's Invitation

When they heard the blue-haired woman's declaration, the various powers' representatives glanced at Shi Feng with varying expressions.

"Sure enough, Giant's Heart is making its move!"

"I knew this would happen. With the Primal Void Stones potential profits, neither the First Fleet nor Giant's Heart can let this go so easily."

"Zero Wing doesn't know how to take a hint. Flame Robber is clearly trying to share the Primal Void vein with Giant's Heart, yet Zero Wing dared to interfere."

All of these powers wanted the partnership rights to the Primal Void vein as well, but they knew that they couldn't get their hands on it with a superpower like Giant's Heart already in the way.

Zero Wing's determination to win the competition was no different than pulling a tiger's whiskers.

The Freedom Alliance might be a powerhouse in Sea's End, but its strength was limited to the sea. However, even Super Guilds were wary of Giant's Heart, both on land and at sea.

Now, retribution had come for Zero Wing.

Just as Sinned Heart was about to step forward, the four experts behind the blue-haired woman noticed, and the intensity of their auras skyrocketed. All four of the men stared Sinned Heart down.

These four were bona fide peak experts with extraordinary Legacies and equipment standards to rival Sinned Heart's. When their aggressive auras washed over Sinned Heart, he felt as if he were being watched by four ferocious beasts. He sensed that these four would pounce and kill him if he made any sudden movements.

So, this is Giant's Heart's strength? Suddenly, Sinned Heart didn't feel in control of his own life as he squirmed under the experts' gazes.

He was one of the top 10 Elemenatalists in the Apocalypse Empire, and he had defeated his fair share of peak experts. However, every one of the four experts before him felt like a major threat. Even if he had backup from Immortal Light, he was certain that he'd die here if all four attacked together.

Moreover, he suspected that the blue-haired woman was the most frightening of the five.

Sinned Heart didn't know exactly how strong the blue-haired woman was, but it was clear that the four experts behind her respected her greatly.

In God's Domain, players that had risen to the standard of peak experts would even enjoy very high status within superpowers. The various superpowers would fight to recruit such players, and it was no exaggeration to say that a peak expert could join any superpower they wished. Because of this, peak experts tended to be quite prideful.

Peak experts only truly respected more powerful experts.

"Giant's Heart is quite impressive to nurture such a young Domain Realm expert, such as yourself," Shi Feng flattered, smiling at the indifferent, blue-haired woman. "Since you're Guild has invited me, please, lead the way."

Shi Feng was not surprised that Giant's Heart had sought him out. The Primal Void Stones would be a huge source of income, even to the various superpowers. He would've actually been surprised if Giant's Heart hadn't made a fuss.

Astonished, Sinned Heart glanced between Shi Feng and the blue-haired woman. He hadn't been aware of a Domain Realm expert's true strength a few months ago, but as he grew stronger, that factor became clear. Defeating an expert of his caliber would be child's play for a Domain Realm expert.

But as far as he knew, only old monsters were Domain Realm experts.

This blue-haired woman appeared to be, at most, 23-years-old. Even the term 'genius' wasn't a sufficient description.

Meanwhile, the blue-haired woman couldn't help but pay more attention to the man before her, surprised and confused by Shi Feng's statement.

She had only reached the Domain Realm seven days ago, and very few people in her Guild knew about the accomplishment. She was very careful to hide her combat standards, ensuring that even Domain Realm experts would dismiss her as a Void Realm expert, at most. She had never expected Shi Feng to recognize her for what she truly was.

"Are we really going to go with them, Brother Ye Feng?" Sinned Heart asked worriedly in the team chat.

Just standing before these five players put their lives at risk. If they entered Giant's Heart's territory, they'd be at the Guild's mercy.

"Since we've received such a grand reception, why wouldn't we?" Shi Feng countered, chuckling.

Shi Feng's response rendered Sinned Heart speechless. Shi Feng wasn't wrong about this being a grand reception. A Guild wouldn't even send four peak experts and a Domain Realm expert to escort the Guild Leaders of the Apocalypse Empire's top-ranked first-rate Guilds. However, this party clearly harbored ill intentions.

"Let's go. Our boss doesn't have much time to waste," the blue-haired woman said, annoyed.

She had wanted no part in this situation in the first place. As far as she was concerned, Giant's Heart already showed enough respect by sending four peak experts to escort Shi Feng, but her superiors had given her a command, and she hadn't had a choice.

The blue-haired woman then turned and led Shi Feng and Sinned Heart into the Freedom Alliance's Residence. The other Immortal Light members, however, were forced to wait outside.

Following the young woman, Shi Feng and his companion soon found themselves outside of the Residence's top-floor reception room. Sinned Heart was dumbfounded to see eight Giant's Heart experts guarding the doors.

Although these eight experts were only Level 96, they all radiated incredibly powerful auras. Sinned Heart could tell that they all had stronger Life Ratings than the four peak experts that had greeted them at the Residence's entrance. Only, these experts hadn't reached the Void Realm yet. Even so, their combat power should only be slightly weaker than the four peak experts.

With such a formidable foundation, Giant's Heart could annihilate Immortal Light with little effort.

"Go in," the blue-haired woman said as she pushed open the reception room's doors.

Nodding, Shi Feng entered the room with Sinned Heart by his side.

From the nearby hallway, several Freedom Alliance commanders watched this unfold.

"Hahaha! It seems Passing Monarch will be disappointed!" Identical Summer, the current Fifth Fleet's commander, commented, laughing.

When he had seen Zero Wing's flying ship and knew it would win the partnership rights to the Primal Void vein, he had nearly gone mad, but now that Giant's Heart had stepped in, he couldn't wait to see how Zero Wing intended to get out of this mess.

"At the end of the day, some things are simply impossible to obtain. If Zero Wing gives up the partnership rights, it should be able to continue working with the Freedom Alliance," Hundred Leaves surmised with a sigh.

Zero Wing had won the partnership rights, but the Guild was still too naive.

In one of the past's virtual reality games, the various superpowers would've likely let the matter slide, but in God's Domain, there were just too many benefits and secrets. It would not be easy for non-superpowers to claim such a valuable resource in this game.

Meanwhile, a handsome, white-haired man reclined on one of the sofas in the reception room. The moment Sinned Heart entered the room, he was overwhelmed by a strange, stifling sensation.

Is that man a monster? Sinned Heart felt cold sweat slide down his back as he looked at the white-haired man before him.

The man didn't reveal any killing intent or seem dissatisfied, yet Sinned Heart was terrified. His instincts screamed at him to stay away from that man and run.

"So, you’re Zero Wing"s Ye Feng? I am 骑ite Autumn, one of Giant's Heart’s Vice Guild Leaders," the white-hai introduced himself. He sipped from his teacup before smiling at his guests and continued, "I've heard about you before. It seems you have a lot of authority in Zero Wing and have even led some of the Guild's major operations."

"That's right," Shi Feng confirmed, nodding.

"That makes this simple. I have come here in hopes of purchasing Zero Wing's Crimson Dragon Flying Ship. Are you willing to sell it? If you agree, not only will Giant's Heart help you stabilize your claim on the Primal Void vein's benefits, but we'll also sell you some Ocean Boundary Stones, a resource unique to the Sea God's Realm," White Autumn explained. "Ocean Boundary Stone is a precious item that can help players learn combat techniques more efficiently. It can even help peak experts master the incredibly complex Bronze Combat Techniques."

When the blue-haired woman heard White Autumn's offer to sell Ocean Boundary Stones, she was stunned.

Ocean Boundary Stones were extremely rare in the Sea God's Realm, just as rare as Epic Equipment. Even Giant's Heart only had a small number on hand and had refused to sell its stock to outsiders.

"Your offer is quite attractive, Vice Guild Leader White, but Zero Wing has no intention of selling the Crimson Dragon Flying Ship." Shi Feng shook his head, rejecting the offer without a second thought.



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