Chapter 2347 - Extraordinary Loot

White River City's business district was full of Advanced carriages and a variety of Mounts. Meanwhile, the Candlelight Trading Firm loomed over the street like a giant.

A long line of players stood before the Shop's entrance. Aside from those looking to purchase Candlelight's products, many were Lifestyle players, seeking to improve themselves. They were there to take the Candlelight's recruitment test, hoping they'd be accepted into this sacred land for Lifestyle players to become a respectable Master Lifestyle player eventually.

A sea of players filled the Shop itself, crowding around every counter in the firm and fighting desperately to purchase items. First-time visitors to the Candlelight Trading Firm were stunned by the scene.

"Isn't this just a Shop? Why are so many people here?" a Level 96 female Druid with a strong life aura muttered, surprised by the players around her.

"What is this Shop selling?"

"That's not what we're here to find out. Our main goal is to investigate the various kingdoms' alchemical standards. The sooner we finish our investigation, the sooner we can employ our Moon God's Realm's advantages," a male Guardian Knight, who radiated a similar aura, said.

"I guess you're right. The main continent's alchemy standards are far inferior to our world's. Once we verify the potions these people are selling, we can establish ourselves across the continent through our alchemy techniques," the female Druid agreed, nodding. She then ignored the commotion on the first floor and headed up the stairs to the second.

While the female Druid and male Guardian Knight moved to the second floor, Shi Feng, who had overheard their conversation, couldn't help but pause.

The Moon God's Realm? He watched the two players carefully after hearing mention of the Moon God's Realm.

Otherworlds in God's Domain varied in size. When the Planar Passages had activated, these Otherworlds had gradually connected to the main continent according to size. The smaller Otherworlds were the first to open to the main continent. Meanwhile, the Moon God's Realm was one of the largest Otherworlds in God's Domain, aside from Higher Planes.

Now that the Moon God's Realm's players had arrived, the Planar Passages had opened fully.

With all of the Planar Passages open, the Otherworlds would truly begin to impact the continent. From this point onward, not only would the competition for dominance over Level 100 neutral maps become more intense, but the status quo in the various kingdoms and empires would also shift. Some kingdoms and empires might even see a new ruling power.

During Shi Feng's previous life, the Planar Passages had greatly affected Star-Moon Kingdom as well. Fortunately, Star- Moon Kingdom had been a mid-ranked country among the many kingdoms on the continent, so none of the most powerful Otherworlds' organizations had targeted the kingdom. Because of this, the various first-rate Guilds that had ruled Star-Moon Kingdom in the past had survived the chaos.

Shi Feng certainly hadn't expected the Moon God's Realm's powers to target his kingdom in this life. This definitely wasn't good news to Zero Wing.

If powers from an Otherworld like the Moon God's Realm targeted Zero Wing, the other powers from large-scale Otherworlds wouldn't be able to ignore Star-Moon Kingdom.

It seems I'll have to take care of the situation in the Cold Spring Canyon quickly. With the quality and number of experts Zero Wing has, we cannot stop an assault from multiple large-scale Otherworlds. Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng picked up his speed.

A sufficiently powerful expert might be able to turn the tides of war, but not even God's Domain's strongest expert could affect multiple large-scale battles across an entire kingdom simultaneously. In the end, it would still be a competition of quantity and quality of experts, as well as Guild foundations.

Although Zero Wing had the strength to contend with superpowers, it's overall strength wasn't a match for an actual superpower.

Once he had closed himself in one of the Special Forging Rooms on the Candlelight Trading Firm's top floor, Shi Feng pulled a Tier 3 Strengthening Magic Scroll from his bag and chanted the incantation.

Strengthening Magic Scrolls could reinforce magic arrays. A Tier 3 Strengthening Magic Scroll was even effective on Grandmaster Magic Arrays.

After activating the scroll, Shi Feng targeted the forging room's defensive magic array. Now, even a Tier 4 NPC would struggle to break down the door.

The magic array should be strong enough now, Shi Feng thought as he examined the magic runes carved into the walls. The runes brimmed with Mana, significantly increasing their overall effects.

Following which, Shi Feng pulled one of the Sunset King's dropped items from his Epic Spatial Bag after another.

He wasn't being overly careful. Every item accompanied by a Holy Chant would be extraordinary, and all of these items had been sealed when they had dropped. These seals contained the item's auras, and the moment a player tried to appraise these items, the seals would vanish, exposing the item's true auras.

Even while sealed, the combined aura the Sunset King's loot had radiated had been powerful enough that ordinary players hadn't been able to approach. Once Shi Feng broke the seals, even a Tier 2 expert would likely have a hard time reaching for these items.

This was why Shi Feng had decided to appraise the items from within the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Had he appraised the items in some random room in Lake Mountain City, it would've caused a huge commotion. Lake Mountain City's various major powers weren't fools. Just the loot's subdued aura had been enough of a reason for them to expend Tier 4 Magic Scrolls willingly. If they were exposed to the full strength of the loot's aura, even White Autumn might have been tempted to take action.

As Shi Feng appraised one item after another, the energy in the room grew more intense. By the time he had finished, the loot's combined aura had grown more than twice as strong.

So, these are a Holy Chant's items?

There were as many as 6 Tier 4 Magic Scrolls alone. There were also 45 Inferior Legendary materials, 6 Legendary materials, 26 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals, 3 God Crystals, 4 pieces of Level 100 Epic Equipment, and 1 Level 100 Epic Weapon.

Every one of the five Epic items was top-tier and could be used until Level 150. Unfortunately, none of them suited Shi Feng.

The four pieces of Epic Equipment were pieces of the Dark Flare Set, a four-piece, Epic Set Equipment for MTs. The four-piece set effect increased its user's Basic Attributes by 30%, Defense by 40%, and physique by 20%. It was undoubtedly a top-tier set equipment for MTs.

As for the Epic Weapon, it was the Fantasy Blade, a two-handed greatsword. Its Attributes might be average, but its hidden effect, Blade Blur, was frightening. When it triggered, Fantasy Blade would ignore the opponent's Defense and armor for 0.5 seconds, dealing direct damage to the target.

Shi Feng had also appraised a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

[Brilliant Silver] (Two-handed Staff, Fragmented Legendary Rank) Equipment Requirement: Strength 800, Agility 800, Intelligence 2,400 Attack Power (210% of Main Attribute)

All Attributes (Increases according to user's level)

When equipped:

Strength increased by 40%, ^ility increased by 40%, Intelligence increased by 70%, Endurance increased by 30%, Vitality increased by 50%;

Casting speed increased by 35%;

Spell Completion Rate increased by 4%;

Spell critical rate increased by 35%;

Stamina and Concentration consumption decreased by 20%;

Ignore Levels +20 Additional Passive Skill 1-

Soul Transition: Increases the user's soul by one tier. (Can be increased up to Tier 5)

Additional Passive Skill 2-

Mana Blessing: User's Spells have a certain chance to be upgraded by one tier. (Can be increased up to Tier 5) Additional Passive Skill 3-

Mana Body: Increases Mana Body's effect by one rank.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Void Field: All magic damage received decreased by 80%. All Spells' effects increased by 100%. Physique increased by 60%.

Duration: 1 minute Cooldown: 2 hours Additional Active Skill 2-

Void Blade: Summons 18 blades using the power of void; each blade possesses Strength equal to 120% of the user's Main Attribute and deals divine damage.

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Brilliant Silver had once belonged to the Void Creator. However, its core had been severely damaged when the staff had been used to repair the world's heart. In addition, to gain full control of the staff, one must be acknowledged by the Void Creator. Repairing it requires 10 God Crystals. God Crystals required to repair Brilliant Silver (0/10).

Brilliant Silver was suitable for any magical class expert and would qualitatively transform a player's combat power. Its ability to improve its user's Mana Body was particularly useful to Tier 3 players.

However, none of these items could compare to the most valuable item the Sunset King had dropped in Shi Feng's eyes. Not even the other items' total value could compare to this single item.

The 4-star Shop Promotion Order!



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