Chapter 2353 - Bit Off More than They Could Chew

"What is this Guild?" As Cold Memory stared at Shi Feng, she felt as if she were hallucinating.

Before she had actually met the man, she had considered what she might say to persuade him. She refused to believe that he wouldn't be interested in the conditions she had to offer.

However, as she met Shi Feng face to face, her words caught in her throat.

The fact that they hadn't known about Zero Wing's Research Workshop wasn't a major issue. The Candlelight Trading Firm had just been promoted to 4-star status, after all. It was expected that there would be some deviation to their investigation results. However, they had also just found out that Zero Wing's Guild Leader was already a Tier 3 player.

A Tier 3 player!

None of Dark Pursuit's players had even reached Level 100 yet, much less complete their Tier 3 Promotion Quests.

At this stage of the game, they knew how massive the gap was between tiers. A Tier 3 player could give the current superpowers massive headaches. Killing Tier 2 players would be child's play for a Tier 3 player.

Moreover, due to how soon Shi Feng had reached Tier 3, he could benefit his Guild far more than before. The Main God System had specifically prepared Level 100 neutral maps for Tier 3 players. Exploring such maps was impossible for current players.

Realizing that Cold Memory was dazed, South Dream gritted his teeth and stepped forward.

"Greetings, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am South Dream, a main force vice commander from Dark Pursuit's Fourth Branch," South Dream nervously introduced himself. "My companion is Cold Memory. She is one of the main force vice commanders from the Fourth Branch as well. We are here to represent our Guild in negotiations concerning a partnership."

South Dream had been confident that he could negotiate with Zero Wing's Guild Leader as an equal before he had met him, but now, his confidence was gone.

Even the Fourth Branch's Vice Guild Leader would have to treat a Tier 3 powerhouse with respect at this stage of the game. If they provoked such a player, and that powerhouse decided to disregard the consequences of causing trouble, their Guild would suffer for it.

"Dark Pursuit's Fourth Branch?" Nodding, Shi Feng asked calmly, "How do you wish to collaborate with Zero Wing?" Super Guilds were massive organizations. Thus, they divided their territories among their Branch Guilds. When another power wished to ally with a Super Guild, they'd do so through a Branch Guild. Powers rarely allied with a Super Guild as a whole.

Dark Pursuit had five main Branches, and as far as Shi Feng knew, the Fourth Branch controlled a considerable amount of the Guild's alchemical resources, including many of the Moon God's Realm's specialty materials for potions. During his previous life, the Fourth Branch had played a huge roll in Dark Pursuit's success with occupying the market in many of the main continent's kingdoms and empires.

"Truthfully, we are here to request that Zero Wing allow Silent Wonder to join Dark Pursuit," Cold Memory said, gritting her teeth. "I know the proposal is a little offensive, but you might not realize her true identity and the responsibility she holds, Guild Leader Black Flame. If she remains in Zero Wing, she will only bring ruin upon herself. She can only resolve the issue she faces by joining our Guild. Of course, our Fourth Branch will do everything within our authority to supply Zero Wing with various resources in exchange. With these resources, Zero Wing will be able to develop further.

I hope that you will do what's best for Silent Wonder's future."

The foundations Zero Wing had displayed thus far had greatly surprised Cold Memory. She was especially shocked by Shi Feng's status as a Tier 3 player. However, after all was said and done, Shi Feng was only one player. Meanwhile, a single individual couldn't free Silent Wonder from her predicament.

She'd only be able to resolve her problem by joining a Super Guild like Dark Pursuit.


Silent Wonder snapped, annoyed and hinting that Cold Memory should stop speaking. It was her business, after all, and she owed Zero Wing a massive debt of gratitude. During her membership, the Guild had offered unusually loose restrictions and gave her everything she needed to improve her alchemy standards quickly. Now that Zero Wing needed her strength, she couldn't just abandon the Guild for her own interests. Although if she didn't leave, her presence would put Zero Wing in considerable danger. Lately, she had been frustrated and hesitant due to this dilemma.

"Wonder, you know that you don't have much time left. Yan Xiaoyian isn't the only one with the full support of a superpower. Do you think you defeat your competition without any help?" Cold Memory asked.

Silent Wonder fell silent. She didn't have anything she could say to that.

If it were a simple competition of alchemy techniques, she was confident of emerging victorious, but it was a different story when the competition involved combat power and foundations.

"Wonder's identity? What do you mean?" Shi Feng asked, confused.

He thought he was relatively familiar with Silent Wonder's story. She had been one of the Ten Great Grandmaster Alchemists during his previous life and a lone ranger the various superpowers had desperately tried to recruit.

However, he hadn't heard anything regarding a powerful background or special identity outside of her Grandmaster rank.

You've heard of the Azure Chamber of Commerce, correct?" Cold Memory asked.

Shi Feng nodded. Very few people in the virtual gaming world hadn't heard of the Azure Chamber of Commerce. Although it couldn't compare to the Secret Chamber of Commerce, it was one of the top 10 Chambers in the virtual gaming world. It had far more resources and wealth than any ordinary superpower.

However, even during Shi Feng's previous life, the Azure Chamber of Commerce's focus had been on the western continent. It had rarely bothered with anything on the eastern continent.

"Wonder is the heiress to one of the two families that control the Azure Chamber of Commerce. To earn the right to rule Azure, the families' heirs periodically compete. Only, none of the heirs are allowed to use Azure's strength. There are only a few days left before the next competition, and Yan Xiaoqian, one of Wonder's competitors, has joined Dark Pursuit and receives the Guild's full support," Cold Memory truthfully explained. Smiling, she continued, "Now, Guild Leader Black Flame, do you still think it's best that Wonder remains in Zero Wing?"

The Azure Chamber of Commerce's overall strength rivaled Super Guilds. Hence, the two main shareholders of Azure fought desperately to secure the right to rule the organization. If Silent Wonder lost, Yan Xiaoqing and the others, her competitors, would definitely try to squash Zero Wing to prevent Silent Wonder from becoming a problem in the future. Similarly, Silent Wonder's family would hold Zero Wing responsible. The Guild would be the cause of their loss in such a vital competition, after all. Silent Wonder's family wouldn't stop until they've vented their anger out on Zero Wing.

As for winning the competition with Zero Wing's support, that was impossible. Yan Xiaoqing had the full support of a Super Guild.

The best solution was for Silent Wonder to join Dark Pursuit as well. This way, she could compete with Yan Xiaoqing on equal terms, and Dark Pursuit wouldn't try to interfere with Silent Wonder's development. If other powers attempted to interfere, Dark Pursuit would ensure that they bit off more than they could chew.



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