Chapter 2357 _ Equipment Upgraded

"You're coming too, Guild Leader?" Silent Wonder asked, a hint of excitement in her voice.

Shi Feng was Zero Wing's Guild Leader. He had many things he needed to do every day. She had thought the Guild would, at most, send a Guild Elder or Vice Guild Leader as a show of support for the Azure Chamber of Commerce's competition. She had never thought Shi Feng would want to make the trip himself.

"Mhm. Azure has the ability to travel between God's Domain's main continents. This is a good opportunity to investigate the situation on the western continent," Shi Feng said, nodding.

The Planar Passages' activation provided the major powers an opportunity to obtain more resources, but compared to what one could gain from another main continent, the Otherworlds offered scrap. This was especially true regarding the main continents' merchandise. Reselling such items could offer significant profits.

This was also why so many superpowers were so desperate to join the Azure Chamber of Commerce.

Azure was one of the few powers in God's Domain with the ability to travel between the main continents. Although Zero Wing had no chance of joining Azure right now, it wouldn't hurt to use this competition to get a glimpse of the western continent.

Finding a way to travel between the eastern and western continents might be an issue for others, but it was a simple matter for Shi Feng.

Zero Wing severely lacked funds for many of the Guild's needs, especially the development of Zero Wing's territory in the Cold Spring Canyon. As soon as the Guild began to develop the area, it would become a bottomless pit that endlessly devoured Coins and resources. If Zero Wing relied on Candlelight's current income, it would take a very long time to develop the territory properly. The best solution Shi Feng could come up with was to resell Zero Wing's merchandise on the western continent. Not only would this generate income far more quickly, but it would also generate enough to drive any superpower mad with envy.

"I'll take care of the necessary preparations, then." Naturally, Silent Wonder was overjoyed that Shi Feng wanted to attend the competition with her, and she immediately left to prepare what she'd need for the competition.

"Oh, right. Come see me later and collect some equipment," Shi Feng said.

Since Silent Wonder had become an Advanced Master Alchemist, she could produce items with far more speed than before, and as a result, her leveling speed had substantially increased. In fact, she had already reached Level 99. However, her equipment was still average, at best. She wasn't even wearing full Level 95 equipment.

Although Azure's internal competition was a personal affair, Silent Wonder was still a member of Zero Wing. If the Chamber's representatives saw her current equipment, Zero Wing would become a laughingstock.


When Silent Wonder took a look at her own equipment, she was a little ashamed. Her equipment was pretty shabby. More than half of the items she wore was Level 90 Equipment, and the few Level 95 pieces she had were only Secret- Silver rank.

Her equipment might be excellent for ordinary expert players, but she was Candlelight's Chief Alchemist. For someone of her status, equipment of such quality was like wearing a pauper's rags. After all, the items in Zero Wing's Guild Warehouse were available to Candlelight's Lifestyle players as well.

However, to increase her development as an alchemist, she had spent almost all of her GCPs on rare materials.

Once Silent Wonder collected her alchemy tools and materials, she promptly made her way to the Basic Meditation Room Shi Feng occupied.

As she entered the room, Shi Feng gestured to the strengthened Crimson Sunset on the stone table and said, "Here. Give this a try."

Since the Crimson Sunset was basically made of Mana Stones and Magic Crystals, it wasn't restricted to a particular class. Once equipped, the set's Attributes would automatically adjust to its wearer. This was one of the benefits of Mana Set Equipment.

"A Tier 2 Advanced Mana Set Equipment?!" Silent Wonder was stunned after inspecting the Crimson Sunset.

She wasn't a stranger to Mana Set Equipment. Some of Zero Wing's members had used such items before, and many of the Candlelight's members had watched on with envy. Mana Set Equipment was essentially equipment made of pure Mana. When equipped, it would increase the Mana density around the player, calming and clearing their mind.

However, Mana Set Equipment was incredibly rare. The Guild didn't have enough to allow its members to purchase it with GCPs.

And yet, Shi Feng was giving her her own Mana Set Equipment. Moreover, this wasn't any ordinary Mana Set Equipment. It was a six-piece, Tier 2 Advanced Mana Set Equipment. At this stage of the game, not even the various superpowers likely had such a set.

"Guild Leader, this is too precious. I'm only an alchemist. Giving this Crimson Sunset to me would be a waste. It'd be better if someone else in the Guild used it," Silent Wonder said, refusing Shi Feng's generosity.

If Shi Feng had merely offered her Level 95 Dark-Gold Equipment, it wouldn't be a major issue since it wouldn't be helpful for very long, but that wasn't the case for the Crimson Sunset. A player could rely on the Crimson Sunset until they reached Level 120. A Lifestyle player like her wouldn't be able to make full use of the set equipment.

"You're our Guild's Chief Alchemist. I can afford to give you such equipment," Shi Feng said, chuckling. He then pointed to the pile of equipment in a corner of the room and continued, "Moreover, our Guild has plenty of these sets."

"Plenty?" At first, Silent Wonder was confused, but when she turned to look where Shi Feng had pointed, she gaped in shock.

More than 20 sets of equipment sat in a pile on a massive stone table in the corner of the room. Every one of those sets looked just like the Crimson Sunset before her...

"Alright, hurry up and equip it. If we waste any more time, Azure's people will likely grow impatient," Shi Feng reminded her when he saw her in a daze.

Suddenly, Silent Wonder realized that she didn't understand her Guild as well as she had thought.

First, he had handed her the Droplet of Life Recipe, and then, Shi Feng had shown her that strange reception room. Now, she learned that the Guild had a pile of Tier 2 Advanced Mana Set Equipment...

However, Silent Wonder didn't give the matter much thought. Since Shi Feng insisted, she stopped hesitating and equipped the Crimson Sunset he offered.

In seconds, Silent Wonder transformed from a cold, workaholic beauty into a charming, graceful witch surrounded by a layer of dense Mana. The crimson robes radiated a faint, bloody mist that gave Silent Wonder a wicked feeling. Wearing the Crimson Sunset, she looked like a completely different person.

Once they were ready, Shi Feng and Silent Wonder quickly made their way to White River City's Teleportation Hall. After arriving at the Teleportation Hall, they headed toward one of the Advanced Restaurants located on the second floor.

As they entered the restaurant, a Level 100 Guardian Knight moved forward to greet Silent Wonder.

He looked to be in his early 30s and wore four pieces of Epic Equipment. The Guardian Knight's weakest piece of equipment was even Level 95 Fine-gold rank. Every one of the man's movements seemed natural and weightless. From what Shi Feng could tell, this Guardian Knight should only be slightly weaker than Yan Tianxing.

"Long time no see, Second Miss," the Guardian Knight respectfully greeted Silent Wonder.

"Cloud? Why are you here?" Silent Wonder was a little surprised to see this Guardian Knight, Cloud Hunter. "I thought you've been managing one of the Branch Guild on the western continent. Has something happened to it?"

The family's Branch Guild is fine. The old master was simply worried that you might encounter some problems during your trip, so he sent me to escort you," Cloud Hunter said, shaking his head. He then turned to Shi Feng, who stood behind Silent Wonder, and said, "However, it seems you would've been safe without me."

Grandpa is being too cautious. They wouldn't dare move against me during such a crucial time," Silent Wonder said, not feeling surprised by the arrangement in the least. In a slightly prideful tone, she continued, "Allow me to introduce you. This is my Guild Leader, Black Flame. Not only is he an Intermediate Master Forger, but he's also Star-Moon Kingdom's number one expert. He's even slain War Blood's commander. If those people dare to attack, they'll find that they've only made a one-way trip."

"The old master simply wants to ensure your safety. After all, the boundary space we're heading to is the Dark Hills. Azure has stationed some people in the area, but it won't stop anyone with ill intentions," Cloud Hunter said.

"I understand. Let's set out, then."

Silent Wonder nodded. She understood how special an area the Dark Hills was, but Shi Feng was a Tier 3 player. Anyone that tried to ambush them would be digging their own grave.

Cloud Hunter said nothing more after witnessing Silent Wonder's nonchalant attitude. His task was simply to protect her. Following which, he led Silent Wonder and Shi Feng to the Fire Dragon Empire.



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