Standing nearby were a few young ladies. They were dressed in white robes, identical to those of the Glacier Plain Court back when he was at the Myriad Kingdom Alliance branch.

Zhang Xuan had not received any news about Zhao Ya since she left, and he had been wanting to know how she was faring since then. Since he happened to meet the members from the Glacier Plain Court, it was a good opportunity to ask about her condition.

Considering that they had been selected to participate in the final selection of the Sanctum of Sages, the group over there would likely possess considerable standing in the Glacier Plain Court. Thus, there was a good chance that they were aware of how Zhao Ya was doing.

"Zhao shi, I'll head over there to take a look," Zhang Xuan informed Zhao Xingmo before making his way over.

"Over there?" Zhao Xingmo took a glance over and remarked, "Those ladies over there are from the Glacier Plain Court. It'll be best not to get on their bad side."

"Oh?" Zhang Xuan was surprised by the warning. "Are the members of the Glacier Plain Court known to be unreasonable?"

Zhao Xingmo shook his head and replied, "That's not it. Most of the members of the Glacier Plain Court are beautiful ladies, so their group tends to be extremely popular in the Sanctum of Sages. In fact, most take pride in marrying one of their members, so there are plenty of people who attempt to chat them up on a daily basis. I fear that you might get snubbed if you approach them abruptly."

The young man before him was very talented, and his eye of discernment was incredible as well. However, who would have thought that he was actually so lecherous!

On their first meeting, the young man had already asked him about the details of the number one beauty of the Sanctum of Sages, the Luo Clan's little princess. And now, as soon as he spotted the beautiful members of the Glacier Plain Court, he was drawn in and wanted to approach them.

Do you know that the Sanctum of Sages isn't like the Qingyuan Empire? Even if you possess incredible talent, you can't just react in such a manner every time you see a beauty. At this rate, it's just a matter of time before you get beaten up by someone!

"Ah… I just intend to ask them something. I'm not intending to chat them up."

How could Zhang Xuan be unaware of what Zhao Xingmo was thinking after hearing those words and seeing the expression on the latter's face? Black lines immediately streaked across Zhang Xuan face.

He had always conducted himself honestly and righteously, rarely overstepping his boundaries unless truly necessary. Yet, for the other party to treat him like a pervert… that was a great insult to his character!

"No matter what, you have to make sure to tread carefully. There are no weaklings in the Sanctum of Sages. Try to be as low profile as you can, and don't ever get into a conflict with anyone!" Zhao Xingmo advised.

First, the young man forcefully got him to allocate two slots to the Qingyuan Empire during the preliminary selection through his scheming. Next, the young man made a mess out of the secondary selection, forcing him to have to bring everyone over.

And now, barely after they had arrived, he was already trying to approach the group from the Glacier Plain Court.

Can't you just give it a rest for a while? Will you die if you stop causing trouble for a moment?

"Don't worry," Zhang Xuan reassured with a smile, "I've always been one to keep a low profile. I won't get into any trouble, so rest easy!"

This time, he was only heading over to ask some questions. Surely, nothing bad could happen from asking a few questions, right?

"That would be for the best. I'm only your guide, so I won't be able to help you with anything that happens from here onward. So, allow me to give you a few words of advice. The Glacier Plain Court possesses great power and influence in the Master Teacher Continent, and they used to be on par with the Zhang Clan and Luo Clan in the past. Even though they might have been declining in recent years due to the absence of a court chief, their prowess is still not to be underestimated," Zhao Xingmo warned with a stern frown.

He was only in charge of selecting the candidates and taking them over to the Sanctum of Sages. Anything beyond that was out of his jurisdiction, and it was not his place to interfere either.

Nevertheless, they had still spent some time together, and he had a rather favorable impression of Zhang Xuan. So, he still hoped that the latter would not get into trouble in the Sanctum of Sages.

Especially not with a power as strong as the Glacier Plain Court.

Knowing that the other party was saying those words out of goodwill, Zhang Xuan clasped his fist and replied, "I understand!"

"Un." Zhao Xingmo nodded before falling silent.

After which, Zhang Xuan made his way over to the members of the Glacier Plain Court and asked with a smile, "May I ask if you all are from the Glacier Plain Court?"

"We are."

The young ladies turned around and responded, but their faces were devoid of any emotion. Complete indifference, as if trying to distance themselves from the young man before them.

As those of the Glacier Plain Court cultivated yin attribute cultivation techniques, their personalities tended to be a little cold.

"I am a cultivator from the Qingyuan Empire, and I hope to enquire about a certain matter," Zhang Xuan said earnestly.

"Don't you think that your pick-up line is a little too old-fashioned?" one of the young ladies sneered coldly, the disdain in her eyes clear for all to see.

The Glacier Plain Court was one of the top powers in the Master Teacher Continent, and they were ravishing beauties possessing exceptional talent. As a result, there were many who tried to chat them up every single day, and over time, they had seen all kinds of means that others would use. The one that the young man before them was using, trying to enquire about a certain matter—it had been many years since anyone had tried using that on them! It was a pick-up line that had expired a very long time ago!

A complete lack of creativity. Zero marks for effort!

Seeing that he had been misunderstood, Zhang Xuan shook his head with a bitter smile as he quickly explained, "You are really misunderstanding my intentions. I have an acquaintance who entered the Glacier Plain Court recently, and I haven't been able to gather any news on her. I happened to spot your group here, so I was wondering if I could perhaps enquire about her affairs from you!"

"An acquaintance? You aren't going to say that your acquaintance is one of us, are you?" The disdain on the young lady's face deepened.

She had heard so many of such pick-up lines that she could recite most of them from memory.

In the short time that they had spent in the square so far, there had already been five groups of men who had approached them, wanting to get close with them.

'Young miss, you look familiar. I think we might have met in our previous life.'

'Aren't you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day long.'

She had simply heard too many of such pick-up lines; any more of them could very well cause her ears to grow warts!

"Of course not. The person I wish to ask about is a young lass called Zhao Ya. She should have been brought into the Glacier Plain Court by one of your elders that goes by the name of Liu Xuan," Zhang Xuan said.

The young lady menacingly narrowed her eyes as she snapped furiously. "Audacious! Is the name of our young court chief something that you are worthy of uttering?"

"Young court chief?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Stop putting on an act!" An imposing aura burst forth from the young lady as she glared at Zhang Xuan threateningly, as if daring him to continue spouting nonsense. "Leave right now, and I can let this matter slide. Otherwise, don't blame me for getting nasty!"

As soon as she released her strength, her cultivation immediately showed. Despite her young age, the young lady was actually at Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle! Even among the impressive geniuses that had gathered there, she could be considered as an expert.

"Calm down, I just want to ask you…" Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan continued to explain the matter, but the young lady seemed to have reached the limit of her patience. She raised her hand and struck out at Zhang Xuan.

Her palm was imbued with a frosty energy that induced a spine-chilling sensation within one, as if threatening to freeze everything in the surroundings.


Zhang Xuan did not think that his serious question would actually end up provoking the other party into making a move against him. Sighing helplessly, he raised his finger in preparation to counterattack, but before he could do so, a figure suddenly appeared before him, and the energy built up abruptly dissipated.

Zhao Xingmo.

"This friend from the Glacier Plain Court, I am a guide from the Sanctum of Sages, Zhao Xingmo. This young man over here is a candidate under me, and if he has offended you in any way, I ask for your pardon…"

It was just a moment ago that the young man had promised him that he would not get himself into trouble, but the young man had ended up provoking the other party into making a move after just a few words. Unable to watch on any longer, he had ended up charging in to mediate in the fight.

"Since Zhao shi has spoken on his behalf, I'll overlook the matter this once." Seeing that a guide had stepped in to mediate the matter, the young lady glanced at Zhang Xuan coldly before flinging her sleeves and turning away.

"Thank you." Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhao Xingmo turned to Zhang Xuan with a frown and said, "Let's return."

"I really have something I would like to ask her…"

All Zhang Xuan wanted to know was whether Zhao Ya was faring well or not, but not only was the young lady unwilling to say anything, she even tried to make a move on him. Was there something wrong with her head?

"You said that you wouldn't provoke them, but as soon as you spoke, you actually called their young court chief a young lass. Aren't you clearly taunting them?" Zhao Xingmo berated with a deep frown.

Worried about Zhang Xuan, he had been keeping an eye on the situation, and he had heard the conversation between the two of them from the start to the end.

"This…" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Zhao Ya was his student, so there was no problem with him calling her 'young lass'. However, he had failed to consider the fact that Zhao Ya was also their young court chief at the moment. From their perspective, his method of addressing her was indeed rather disrespectful.

No matter what, the Glacier Plain Court was still one of the strongest powers on the Master Teacher Continent. The standing of their young court chief could be said to be on par with a 9-star master teacher, and yet, a young lad like him actually addressed her in such a manner. It was no wonder the young lady had gotten angry.

In a sense, this was like directly addressing the emperor by his name and even calling him a young lad.

"Alright, let's go back… I've heard of the affairs of the Glacier Plain Court's young court chief too. She possesses the Pure Yin Body, and the Glacier Plain Court only brought her back several months ago. I know she is rumored to possess beauty on par with the little princess of the Luo Clan, but still…" As Zhao Xingmo spoke, he looked at the young man before him and shook his head.

This young fellow was not just a pervert—he was practically blinded by his lust!

He looked into the affairs of the Luo Clan's little princess before coming to the Sanctum of Sages, and now that he had encountered the members of the Glacier Plain Court, he actually rushed straight forward to enquire about their young court chief.

Are you going to do that to every beautiful lady you come by?

While both of them might be young, they are figures who could rattle the entire Master Teacher Continent with just a stomp of their feet. Just how gutsy are you to actually dare to think of making a move on them?

"Zhao Ya is my… There's a close relationship between the both of us. I honestly only wish to ask you for some news on her…" Unwilling to give up, Zhang Xuan could only change his words.

Previously, when he had addressed Zhao Ya as a young lass, the young lady had nearly exploded. If he said that she was his student, wouldn't the young lady overturn the heavens?

Upon hearing those words, the young lady's eyes immediately widened with rage. Unable to hold her burning fury in anymore, she stepped forward and bellowed furiously.

"Close relationship between the both of you? What kind of nonsense are you spouting? The young court chief of our Glacier Plain Court is sacred and virtuous—how dare you insult her in such a manner? Zhao shi, pardon me, but I'll have to ask of you to step away. No matter what, I must teach this insolent fellow to watch his mouth!"

"This…" Zhao Xingmo was frenzied.

Previously, that fellow claimed that he was acquainted with the Luo Clan's little princess, and now, he actually claimed that there was a close relationship between him and the young court chief of the Glacier Plain Court.

Just who do you think you are?

The young prodigy from the Zhang Clan?

Do you really think that everyone in the world ought to know of you?

"There must be some kind of misunderstanding…" As crazed as Zhao Xingmo felt on the inside, he still tried to maintain a composed exterior as he attempted to mediate in the conflict.

From his point of view, given Zhang Xuan's capabilities, he would clear the final selection without a problem. It would really be a huge pity if he was injured prior to the final selection.

The young lady harrumphed. "There's no misunderstanding over here. While our Glacier Plain Court has been lying low in recent years, that's not to say that we will tolerate others defaming us in such a manner! How can I simply watch as that bastard insults our young court chief like that? If I don't teach him a lesson, what will become of the authority and prestige of our Glacier Plain Court?"

She took two steps toward Zhang Xuan and eyed him intimidatingly, saying, "Since you dared to speak of our young court chief in such a manner, surely you won't shy away from a fight, will you?"

"You wish to challenge me to a fight?" Seeing how the young lady had even gone to the extent of challenging him to a fight, Zhang Xuan shook his head and said, "If I defeat you, will you tell me the current circumstances of Zhao Ya?"

Seeing how the young man was still persistently addressing their young court chief by her name, the young lady's face turned livid. "You are really courting death…"

But before the young lady could make a move, a leisurely voice suddenly sounded in the air. "This fairy over there, it's not worth it getting angry over an arrogant brat like him. Leave him to me. It would be a huge pity if you dirtied your hands over someone like him!"

Following which, a white-robed young man holding a fan in his hand slowly walked over.

With an elegant flick of his wrist, he folded his fan and chuckled. There was a refined air shrouding him, making him appear gentlemanly.

"The Zhang Clan's Zhang Qian greets the fairies of the Glacier Plain Court. It's a delight to meet you all!"



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