As the top Sage Clan in the Master Teacher Continent, the Zhang Clan had many offspring in the Sanctum of Sages. As long as they were not the core members of the Zhang Clan, it would not cause too much of an uproar to harm them. However, within less than a single day, Zhang Xuan had pummeled three of them. While they were all the less important inner members, that could still be considered an act of provocation toward the Zhang Clan!

He might still have been able to make some actions in the shadows to mediate the conflict between both parties had it been any other power, but as for the Zhang Clan… it was a power that was not much weaker than the Sanctum of Sages, and he was only an ordinary teacher in it.

If Zhang Xuan really incurred the ire of the Zhang Clan, and the latter sent some of their more formidable offspring at him, there would be nothing he could do at all.

As long as the Zhang Clan acted within the rules, there would be nothing he could do as a teacher in the Sanctum of Sages.

Knowing that the other party was advising him out of goodwill, Zhang Xuan clasped his fist politely in response. "Thank you for your advice, Fei shi. I'll take note of that."

"That would be for the best. As an unaffiliated cultivator, you must pay careful heed to your relationships. It's always better to make friends than enemies. After all, you aren't the sanctum head!" Fei shi remarked.

"Sanctum head?" Zhang Xuan looked at Fei shi with a bewildered look.

What did this have to do with being the sanctum head?

Seeing the confusion on Zhang Xuan's face, Fei shi said, "The Sanctum of Sages is a subsidiary of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, an organization that is of equal standing to the Combat Master Hall. You should be aware of this matter as well, right?"

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded.

If one were to view the Master Teacher Pavilion as a feudal empire, the regional Master Teacher Pavilion would be the local governors, responsible for dealing with the issues that occurred in the area. The Combat Master Hall would be the military, under the command of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, ready to be dispatched should any conflict or war break out.

As for the Sanctum of Sages, it would be something similar to the Imperial Academy, responsible for grooming top-notch geniuses for the Master Teacher Pavilion to shoulder the responsibility of guiding and protecting mankind.

As such, the Sanctum of Sages was viewed to be equal standing to the Combat Master Hall.

"The Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters is a transcendental organization in the Master Teacher Continent. As long as one doesn't betray mankind or carry out actions that harms the interest of mankind, the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters would usually take on a neutral position to all conflicts. Naturally, as a subsidiary to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, it would be inappropriate for the Sanctum of Sages to get too close to any clan or power too," Fei shi explained.

Zhang Xuan nodded in realization.

In a sense, this was similar to how the Combat Master Hall branches would remain unaffiliated to any powers in the region they resided in, or else the Master Teacher Pavilion would swiftly step in and deal with them.

The Sanctum of Sages was a place to groom the talents of mankind. Following the ideology of Kong shi, education without discrimination, anyone who had displayed sufficient talent would be able to enter the Sanctum of Sages and learn. As a result, there were many powerful clans and organizations who had their core members here. If the Sanctum of Sages were to make use of its position to get close to a certain power, they would risk sidelining the others, and that would be at odds with Kong shi's ideology.

"The sanctum head is the figure who represents the entire Sanctum of Sages. In order to win the respect of others, they must tower over the other students. Take our previous sanctum head for example. When he was still a candidate for the position of sanctum head, he would frequently challenge the offspring of the Zhang Clan, the Luo Clan, and the Jiang Clan, pummeling them again and again, thus forging a reputation of power for himself.

"Naturally, as the sanctum head, he didn't have to fear offending others, and he didn't have to butter up to anyone either. On the contrary, through displaying his strength, he would be able to better earn the recognition of others. However, the same can't be said about you. As an ordinary student, it would be best for you to maintain a low profile. There are simply too many geniuses in the Sanctum of Sages. Despite your incredible background, you are still considerably lacking compared to the true geniuses!" Fei shi warned.

Zhang Xuan's experiences could be said to be legendary, but if one were to compare him with the little princess of the Luo Clan and the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan… he was still too lacking.

This was especially so for the former. In just two years after arriving in the Sanctum of Sages, she had already cleared nearly all the trials here. And when someone asked her the reason for doing so, her reply was that she was simply too bored!

To clear all the difficult trials just because she was bored…

The little princess' words had truly dealt a huge mental trauma to all the geniuses in the Sanctum of Sages back then.

While Zhang Xuan was a very talented individual, he still paled in comparison to those monsters.

"I understand." Zhang Xuan stroked his lower jaw contemplatively and nodded.

The preceding sanctum heads before him had gone around challenging others, showing blatant disregard for the prestige of the other clans and powers. It seemed like he had really been too low profile all this time!

To destroy only a Corridor of Puppets and pummel three offspring of the Zhang Clan so far… it really did feel like he was not doing enough!

It would be difficult for him considering his humble personality and his motto of maintaining a low profile, but for the sake of building up prestige for his inauguration as the next sanctum head, he had no choice but to force himself to go high profile!

If Fei shi were to learn of Zhang Xuan's thoughts, he might very well faint from anger.

Even though the other sanctum heads were high profile, they only did so after building up a powerful foundation, cultivating for a century or even several centuries before rising to the top in a single shot. Yet, this fellow…

On the very first day after arriving at the Sanctum of Sages, when his cultivation was only at Leaving Aperture realm primary stage, he was thinking of how to wreak havoc! There was not a single preceding sanctum head who had been as unruly as him!

Seeing that Zhang Xuan understood what he was getting at, Fei shi nodded in approval. "It's good that you understand. Over the next two days, find an opportunity to apologize to those of the Zhang Clan."

Possessing great talent was not frightening. Only those who knew how to adapt and could live till a ripe old age were truly fearsome.

He harbored great expectations in Zhang Xuan, and naturally, he did not wish to see the latter being suppressed by others in his time at the Sanctum of Sages, resulting in the stagnation of his growth.

"Apologize?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

"That's right. It'll be extremely helpful to your future if you can get on good terms with them. For one, if you can just obtain the position of an honorary elder in the Zhang Clan, you won't have to fear not having sufficient resources for your cultivation. With their help, you'll be able to rise to the top of the Master Teacher Continent easily!" Fei shi explained.

What unaffiliated cultivators tended to lack was resources, be it spirit stones or cultivation technique manuals. If Zhang Xuan could obtain those two, he would surely be able to advance his cultivation swiftly.

"Honorary elder?"

"Yes. Powers as big as the Zhang Clan often establish systems similar to empires and sects. In addition to their clan members, they also have many subordinate powers and experts under them, and a huge bulk of their power actually comes from them!" Fei shi remarked.

"Of course, considering that you are a master teacher, it would be best if you could join the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters. However, there are many requirements and tests one has to undergo in order to enter the headquarters, so that course of path will be much more difficult."

"I see!" Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

In essence, what Fei shi was saying was that the extent of the Zhang Clan's influence did not just stop at their own clan members. It would be more accurate to liken it to a warship with countless frigates surrounding and protecting it.

There were many unaffiliated cultivators who would try to forge a good relationship with the powerful clans or organizations so that they could join them after graduating from the Sanctum of Sages.

Of course, the best option for master teachers was to get into the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, but it was terribly difficult to do so. The Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters only accepted the strongest of experts across the entire Master Teacher Continent, such that even experts like Fei shi were unqualified to join their ranks.

"Alright, before I stop right here, let me just offer you one last piece of advice. The Sanctum of Sages revolves around connections, and the Zhang Clan is a power in the Master Teacher Continent that one cannot circumvent. I hope you can choose what is best for you," Fei shi said earnestly before he turned around to leave.

At this moment, however, a student suddenly rushed over and exclaimed, "Fei shi, bad news! The King of Destruction is here!"

"King of Destruction? What is he doing here?" Fei shi was taken aback.

The King of Destruction was a figure in the Sanctum of Sages that left all the teachers and personnel with a huge headache. He loved to challenge trials, or maybe, it would be more accurate to say that he loved to cause destruction under the pretext of challenging trials. Wherever he appeared, pandemonium was soon to follow. As a result, it did not take long for his presence to be associated with trouble.

Just that… they were in the Hall of Attainment, a place where lessons were held! Why would the fellow run over here?

There were no trials for him to destroy here!

"I don't know either… but he's currently making his way over!"

Barely after those words were spoken, a tall, dashing young man suddenly barged into the main hall. As soon as he stepped in, he began scanning the room, as if trying to find a certain someone.

Several figures immediately walked up to Luo Xuanqing to block his path, and one of them coldly bellowed with a frown, "Luo Xuanqing, this is where the classes of the Elite Division are located. If you're here to cause trouble, I'll have to ask you to leave!"

He was the genius of the Zhang Clan, Zhang Yu!

"Elite Division? Wow, how formidable! You speak as if that's a huge deal. Let me tell you, back when I was in the Elite Division, you were still playing with mud! Don't waste my time; scram to the side!" Luo Xuanqing replied coldly with a wave of his hand.

Given that they were from two of the strongest clans on the Master Teacher Continent, the two were long acquainted with one another.

"You…" To be told such words in public, Zhang Yu's face turned livid.

Not wanting to waste his breath with the other party, Luo Xuanqing waved his hand impatiently. "Scram!"


A rampaging might suddenly swept across the area, and before Zhang Yu could even process what was going on, he was already sent flying across the room.


He was slammed forcefully into the wall, unable to move at all.

Even though Zhang Yu possessed incredible talent, due to the difference in their ages, he was still nowhere close to being a match for the older Luo Xuanqing.

Upon seeing that Luo Xuanqing had made a move on Zhang Yu, the other offspring of the Zhang Clan immediately rushed forward with hostile looks on their faces.

However, before they could even get close, Luo Xuanqing waved his hand once more.

In an instant, as if smacking away flies, the offspring of the Zhang Clan were all slammed into the wall as well.

Even though Luo Xuanqing's actions might have seemed violent, his actions were actually well-controlled. He had only smacked them to the wall, taking care not to hurt them severely.

Unable to take it any longer, Fei shi stepped forward and said, "Luo Xuanqing, this is the Elite Division. There's nothing for you to destroy over here. You'd better leave right now."

No matter what, he was still the person in charge of this class. If he remained idle when his students were being slammed into the wall by another, it would not reflect well on him either.

"I'll leave after I find the person I'm looking for." Luo Xuanqing waved his hand as he continued looking around the room. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up. "Zhang… Zhang Xuan, right? I've been looking for you!"

"You've been looking for me?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

"He's here to find Zhang Xuan?"

"Luo Xuanqing is known to be a very violent individual. It seems like Zhang Xuan is in for a good beating!"

"Well, he's as obstinate as a mule, listening to no one but his younger sister. It seems like Zhang Xuan has offended him somehow, so he decided to come over here to exact vengeance."

"Over the years, he has beaten up nearly all of the seniors and juniors in the school. I bet that Zhang Xuan is a goner."

Hearing the words of the crowd, the eyes of Zhang Zhuo and the others lit up.

Luo Xuanqing was known throughout the Sanctum of Sages as an unreasonable individual. The very fact that they had been smacked into the wall when they had not even done anything was more than enough to show that.

Now that Zhang Xuan had been eyed by Luo Xuanqing, he would surely be pummeled to the point where he would regret being born in this world!

"That's right, brother. Come with me. I have something big to talk to you about!" Before Zhang Xuan could even process what was going on, Luo Xuanqing had already grabbed his neck with a hearty laughter and dragged him out.

"…" Zhang Zhuo, Zhang Yu, and the others.

Aren't you the King of Destruction?

Where is the fight you promised us?

Hey, you should play the rules, shouldn't you?The Imperial Academy, or Taixue, was the highest rank of education establishment between the Han to the Sui Dynasty, providing the Han Dynasty with well-educated bureaucrats.



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