At Saint 8-dan Dimension Sundering realm, cultivators would gain the ability of Dimension Sundering, allowing them to temporarily isolate spaces from the world and establish dominance over it. This ability would usually be manifested in their Dominion, and it would completely sever any telepathy links, making it impossible for other cultivators to even communicate remotely with their weapons within their sphere of control. At the same time, any attacks that were launched into the Dominion would simply run out of control, like a boulder being thrown into the sea.

To draw a comparison, if one could be said to have gained a primary control over the space around them at Grand Dominion realm and Phantasm Space realm, at Dimension Sundering realm, their strength would have already fully matured, granting them the strength to create their own personal space!

As long as they willed it, they could steal a space from the world and establish their dominance over it!

The strike launched by the Lingxu Sword was indeed powerful, such that even Phantasm Space realm experts would falter before its might. However, against Dimension Sundering realm experts, its strength was truly lacking!

Weng weng weng weng!

The Lingxu Sword trembled non-stop in horror, but no matter how it struggled, it was unable to advance or retreat in the slightest. It was as if it was a nail hammered into a wall.

"Vicious, prepare to make a move too!"

Zhang Xuan was astonished by the situation as well, but he knew that panic would be of no use to him. He immediately entered the Heart of Tranquil Water state and established communication with Vicious within the Book of Heaven's Path.

Unless pushed to it, he would never tap into the power of Vicious, his clone, and his poison master abilities. Once those means were used, he would have no choice but to kill his opponent. There was no second alternative to that!

He had thought that he could cope with just his puppet and the Lingxu Sword, but clearly, the assailant who had attacked him far exceeded what he could cope with those means. Thus, he could only resort to his trump card.

Knowing the perilous situation Zhang Xuan was in, Vicious swiftly replied, "Yes, Master!"

At Zhang Xuan's will, a finger suddenly materialized behind the assailant.

Hu la!

With a seemingly light tap, a mysterious power shot forth from the finger, and the Dominion began shattering as if a mirror.

Even though Vicious' cultivation was only at Saint 7-dan pinnacle, and even subduing Luo Xuanqing would pose some difficulty to him, he was still a figure who had once stood at the very top of the Master Teacher Continent, so his eye of discernment and experience were still spectacular. On top of that, the assailant had his hands full dealing with Zhang Xuan's puppets and suppressing the rampaging Lingxu Sword.

As a result, the assailant actually ended up being caught off guard by Vicious' attack.

Kacha! Kacha!

As the Dominion swiftly approached its limits, Zhang Xuan also felt the overwhelming force that was pressing down on him abruptly releasing, so he quickly pushed himself out of the cliff and turned around to face the assailant.

What he was met with a thirty-meter-long dragon-shaped beast floating nearby. Its body was grayish in color, and its eyes were dyed crimson. It emanated an aura of imposing authority.

"Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast?"


Zhang Xuan's heart skipped a beat.

He had thought that Luo Xuanqing and the others might have lost, and Zhang Chun and the others had proceeded over to make a move against them. However, who would have thought that the person who was making a move on him was actually the saint beast they were supposed to be dealing with!

If it was standing here… didn't that mean that there was nothing in the cavern at all?

It was no wonder Yuan Xiao still was not out yet! Most likely, he was still busy looking through the empty cavern, unaware of the fact that the massive beast that he was looking for was not inside at all!

A Saint 8-dan beast…

It was only natural that his means did not work on the other party. Against an expert of such a caliber, there was indeed very little that he could do.

The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast harrumphed coldly. "Brazen fools, do you really think that you are able to tame me?"

Its voice was not too loud, but it seemed to echo endlessly within one's mind, reminiscent of the reverberations of a bell.

Zhang Xuan heart shuddered upon hearing those words, and he quickly spoke up to refute that claim. "How could someone of my strength possibly dream of taming you? I think there must be a misunderstanding somewhere."

Why would that huge fellow suddenly speak such words?

Saint beasts were proud, lofty individuals, which made taming them an incredibly difficult act. This was also the reason 8-star beast tamers were particularly respected in the Master Teacher Continent.

Under normal circumstances, in order to tame a saint beast, one would need to prepare all kinds of gifts and find a way to befriend it. Only after one had reached a certain level of intimacy with the saint beast would they extend an invitation to it. As such, even for 8-star pinnacle beast tamers, it would take several years before they were able to tame a Saint 8-dan beast!

And yet, to be told such words when they had not even done anything yet… Just how did the situation come this?

Saint beasts hated the notion of submitting to others. It was one thing if the other party was stronger than them and helpless to retaliate, but for a Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle cultivator to even dream of taming it, it was no wonder the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was enraged!

"Hah! What other business can you possibly have here if that's not the case? Someone has already told me that your group plans on enslaving me to make me a tool to further your ambitions!" the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast roared furiously, and its voice caused the entire ground to tremble.

"Someone has told you that?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback for a moment before his eyes widened in realization. "It must be that Zhang Chun…"

It was just a moment ago that he had thought that Zhang Chun was foolish to have been played by Luo Xuanqing, but from the looks of it now, it seemed like they were the ones who were being played.

He had specially paid a visit to the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast beforehand to inform it that someone wanted to tame it. Firstly, he would be able to obtain the other party's goodwill through that, and secondly, he would be able to turn the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast against Luo Xuanqing, making it impossible for the latter to tame it!

As expected of someone from the Zhang Clan, he was indeed as shameless as he could get!

Just that…

If you want to pick a bone with someone, look for Luo Xuanqing! Why are you assaulting me instead?

Feeling deeply stifled, Zhang Xuan hurriedly waved his hands and said, "I'm not the one who's planning on taming you, but the person who told you that is. His name is Zhang Chun, and he's intentionally saying those words to use you against…"

"Humph! None of you humans are trustworthy!"


Before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, the tail of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast suddenly swept in his direction with devastating force.

Hu la!

At the same time, he felt as if the surrounding space had turned into a vortex, firmly holding him in place, preventing him from fleeing.

Knowing that he only had himself to rely on in this critical juncture, Zhang Xuan desperately willed, Flaws!


A book materialized in the Library of Heaven's Path, and touching it, a huge influx of information flowed into his mind.

"The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast cultivates independently, so its comprehension of the Dimension Sundering realm isn't too deep…" After reading the content in the book, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Despite being a Saint 8-dan beast and wielding frightening power, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast had a fatal flaw.

Due to cultivating independently, its comprehension and ways of manipulating spatial laws were rather narrow, thus limiting the prowess of its offense.

"Vicious!" Upon realizing that, Zhang Xuan swiftly sent the information that he had received over.

With a slight sway, Vicious' finger seemed to have flitted through space. The next instant, it suddenly appeared at the flank of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, and it pierced forward once more.


The Dominion of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, which harnessed the power of Dimension Sundering, dissipated once more.

"Hmm?" Not expected a Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle cultivator to possess the means to undo its attacks twice, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast widened its eyes in confusion.

Even though it had cultivated independently, that did not mean that it had never encountered human cultivators before. It knew that it was abnormal for a Leaving Aperture realm cultivator to possess the strength to undo its attack, and it didn't expect the latter to be able to see right through its flaws either.


Along with the dissipation of the power, Zhang Xuan felt the pressure weighing on him disappearing once more. Knowing that it would be dangerous for him to remain in the vicinity of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, he decisively flitted a hundred meters away through the Unbounded Voyager.

There was no way he would be able to defeat the massive fellow with his current strength, so he could only stall for time and wait until Luo Xuanqing and the others returned.

While the strength of those fellows was beneath the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, they should still be able to defeat the latter if they were to coordinate closely with one another and exploit its flaws.

"There is really something weird about the finger you have here!" Harrumphing coldly, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast swept its tail over once more.

Having its power of Dimension Sundering foiled twice, it was curious to see whether the other party had managed to do so through sheer luck or real strength.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan knew that there was no way he would be able to withstand the other party's attack, so he had Vicious aim his attack at one of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast's flaws once more.


Just like before, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast's Dominion was shattered.

The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast widened its eyes in disbelief. "You are able to see through the flaws in my Dominion?"

If it had been an expert of the same caliber who managed to achieve this feat, it would not have thought much of the matter. However, a mere Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle nobody actually succeeded in crushing its Dominion thrice. This had really piqued its intrigue.

Seeing that the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast had actually stopped its attack, a thought swiftly arose in Zhang Xuan's head, and he spoke with an imposing tone. "Of course! I am a master teacher. Not only am I able to see through the flaws in your Dominion, I can correct them as well. As long as I offer you guidance on your cultivation, your strength will be far greater than it is now!"

He did not plan for this at the start, but if he could convince the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast into becoming his tamed beast now, the remaining problems would be resolved. Not only so, he would also be able to make use of the strength of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast to teach Zhang Chun a lesson!

He had long thought that that fellow was an eyesore.

"You, offer me guidance?" The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast pondered for a moment before calmly replying. "If you can defeat me with your own strength, I'll acknowledge you as my teacher!"

"Defeat you with my own strength?"

"This finger over here has a completely different aura from yours, so it should be a type of artifact, right? As for these puppets and sword, they are just external tools. If you can defeat me without relying on any of these, putting aside becoming my teacher, I'll even acknowledge you as my master!" the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast said.

Despite being only at Leaving Aperture realm pinnacle, the young man before it was actually able to see through the flaws in its Dominion easily. If it could receive the young man's guidance, it might just really be able to achieve heights far beyond its imagination.

Of course, the young man would have to display strength worthy of becoming its teacher and master first. Otherwise, as a proud saint beast who had the Dragon Bloodline flowing through its veins, how could it bow down to others easily?

"Defeat you?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

To be honest, even his clone was no match for the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, let alone him!

Beyond Primordial Spirit realm, every difference in cultivation realm would result in a vast difference in fighting prowess. This was especially apparent between the Phantasm Space realm and the Dimension Sundering realm—they were truly worlds apart from one another!

Even while utilizing all of his means, he was only just able to fend off the other party through exploiting the other party's flaws that he had found using the Library of Heaven's Path. If he fought the other party bare-handed, victory was clearly impossible!

Wait a moment… I can use that on it, right?

A thought suddenly came to Zhang Xuan's mind, and he swiftly raised his head to look at the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast. "Since your name is Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, that should mean that you possess rather concentrated Dragon Bloodline, right?"

If the other party really possessed the Dragon Bloodline, perhaps, he might just be able to win by his skills.

"Indeed," the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast said proudly.

"Since that's the case…" A confident smile crept onto Zhang Xuan's lips as he gazed down on the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast with the disposition of an expert from above. "If you can withstand this call of mine, I'll consider it as my loss."

"Call?" The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was slightly taken aback by the abrupt change in disposition of the young man.

"That's right." Zhang Xuan nodded.

Then, he took in a deep breath and spoke.



Two sounds echoed resoundingly through the air.

Following which, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast's body suddenly began convulsing.


It collapsed to the ground with white foam spilling out from the edges of its mouths.



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