The wind whistled deafening by Zhang Xuan's ears. Even though it only appeared to be two or three meters, it felt as if he was falling from a height of several thousand meters. Not only was his speed swiftly accelerating, the pressure of the surrounding space on him was rapidly intensifying.

The moment that he dived into the sesame-sized spatial distortion, his surroundings suddenly blurred. When he came to once more, he was already standing in the midst of a lush green field.

White clouds drifted in the beautiful blue sky, and vibrant verdant grass covered the earth; it almost felt like a utopia. Taking a deep breath, the air was rich with spiritual energy, as if one was standing right above a spirit vein. It made one's cells dance in exhilaration.

It's indeed impossible for those of Saint 8-dan and above to enter this area… Zhang Xuan noted.

The entrance of the distorted space was only strong enough to carry cultivators of their strength over. If those of the Dimension Sundering realm attempted to enter, the distorted space would collapse.

Looking forward, Zhang Xuan saw Yuan Xiao and the others standing nearby. Confusion could be seen reflected in their eyes; they were shocked by the sight before them as well.

There were plenty of elders in the Sanctum of Sages who wielded a deep understanding of spatial laws too, but they were only capable of creating folded spaces. It was unimaginable that anyone would be able to create a space that bore such a deep resemblance to reality and harnessed such concentrated spiritual energy.

"The elder who left behind this ancient domain has placed the spirit vein in the valley into this folded space as well. Otherwise, how could he possibly breed an artifact on the level of the Dongxu Gourd?" said someone from behind.

Luo Xuanqing had entered the area as well.

"Placed the spirit vein into this folded space?"

Yuan Xiao and the others were astonished. Even Zhang Xuan felt that this matter was inconceivable.

He had seen plenty of folded spaces, and he even had one with him at the moment. Under normal circumstances, folded spaces were separate entities from reality, so to put an entire spirit vein in and even have it continue producing spiritual energy… It was unimaginable what it would take to accomplish that.

"Brother Luo, do you know who the expert that left behind this ancient domain is?" Zhang Xuan asked.

A person who could leave behind such a formidable ancient domain was bound to be a famous figure even among the countless experts who had risen in the entire history of the Master Teacher Continent.

Luo Xuanqing paused for a moment before saying, "I'm not too sure whom the ancient domain was left behind by, but this place seems to have some links to Ancient Sage Qiu Wu."

"Ancient Sage Qiu Wu?" Zhang Xuan was stunned.

"Indeed. In the past several dozen millenniums, other than Kong shi and the old ancestor of our Luo Clan, only Ancient Sage Qiu Wu has managed to comprehend the highest realm of space. This folded space is so exquisitely created that it could even sustain the growth of a treasure like the Dongxu Gourd. I really can't think of anyone who could achieve such a feat other than him," Luo Xuanqing explained.

Zhang Xuan also nodded in realization.

It was no wonder he was able to gauge the distortion space in terms of the levels of the Heavenly Art of Dimension Unravel prior to entering. In the end, it turned out that it was highly likely that this folded space had been left behind by that expert.

Previously, he had quite a delightful chat with the Ancient Sage Qiu Wu's fragmented soul, but it was a pity that the latter could not stay for too long. If he could meet the latter here in this folded space, it would definitely be a good opportunity to exchange some insights regarding space.

"The Dongxu Gourd is right ahead, but there's a formation blocking the way. The previous time I came here, I studied the formation for quite a few days, but I was still unable to find a way to resolve it," Luo Xuanqing said as he pointed forward.

Looking in the direction that Luo Xuanqing was pointing, they saw a river flowing in the midst of the sky. There was a long, thin vine wrapped around the river at a certain point, and connected at the other end of the vine was a lush green gourd.

The gourd was not too big, and there were no physical traits to suggest that there was something exceptional to it. But for some reason, there was a bizarre distortion in the space around it that gave a feeling that the gourd existed in another dimension. It was a sensation that made one feel as if one would be unable to touch the gourd even if it was right before one.

Upon seeing the gourd, everyone's eyes lit up.

They were still wary of the dangers they would have to go through before reaching the gourd, but to think that it would actually be so close to them.

"Let me take a look…" Out of curiosity, Yuan Xiao took a step forward, intending to fly forth to harvest the gourd. However, the next moment, cold sweat rained down his body, and he hurriedly retreated in fear.

Despite his swift reaction, he was still a step too late. A huge force that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere abruptly struck his chest.


Before he could even grasp what was going on, he was sent flying. He skidded several dozen meters across the fields before he was finally able to dispel the force, and his face paled in fear.

If not for his swift reaction and superior defense, he could have died right there!

"That's a formation?"

The eyes of the crowd narrowed in apprehension.

From the current looks of it, it was apparent that the gourd that seemed to be within reach to them was not as easily obtainable as it seemed. The entire area was filled with all kinds of formations, and one would have to overcome all of them before reaching the gourd.

"I was stuck at this point the previous time I came here, too. I was unable to overcome the formations." Luo Xuanqing nodded.

The previous time he was there, through his superior comprehension of spatial laws, he had managed to advance much deeper than Yuan Xiao did. Nevertheless, he was still unable to get close to the gourd, as if it could only be watched from afar.

"Zhang shi, are you able to recognize what kind of formation that is?" Bi Hongyin asked.

"That isn't a formation." Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"It isn't?"

The crowd was perplexed by those words.

"It's a type of manipulation of space. To summarize, it's somewhat similar to the seals in the Subterranean Gallery that serve to keep the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe at bay. The stronger an individual is, the greater the rebound they will face from the seal. On the other hand, if the individual isn't a cultivator, they won't face any rebound at all," Zhang Xuan explained.

He had triggered his Library of Heaven's Path previously when Yuan Xiao was attacked by the seal, and it was through the book compiled that he realized that it was a utilization of space instead.

"So, it should do as long as we suppress our cultivation, right?" Luo Xuanqing glanced at the injured Yuan Xiao and frowned. "I'll give it a try then."

Regardless of whether Zhang Xuan was right or not, someone would have to give it a try. Since Yuan Xiao was injured, he could only do the job himself.

Taking a deep breath, he sealed the zhenqi within his body, making him appear no different from an ordinary human.

Cultivators who had reached his level were already more than capable of concealing their zhenqi completely in their dantian, making them appear to be no different from ordinary humans. On top of that, it seemed like Luo Xuanqing was using some kind of secret art to suppress his cultivation even further, such that Zhang Xuan would not be able to tell even with his Eye of Insight without examining closely.

"Incredible!" Zhang Xuan remarked excitedly.

He had seen plenty of techniques that would allow one to conceal one's aura and cultivation, but those would usually fail before the Eye of Insight. It was truly frightening that Luo Xuanqing's secret art was able to deceive him too.

Noticing the shocked gazes all around, Luo Xuanqing explained, "It's a technique created by our old ancestor. It uses folded space to seal and conceal one's strength, making it impossible to circumvent even through Spiritual Perception."

"Un." Zhang Xuan nodded before moving on to grimly warn, "After proceeding in, no matter what you encounter, you mustn't tap into your cultivation. Remember, the higher the cultivation, the greater the rebound."

The surrounding space was reminiscent of a wooden log floating atop a body of water. The more one tried to push it down, the faster and more forceful it would push back.

Only ordinary humans would be able to remain unfazed by its attacks.

"Un." Luo Xuanqing nodded as he took a step forward.

As expected, due to his sealed cultivation, he really did not come under attack at all. However, barely after taking a few steps, his face suddenly paled. It seemed as if he had been through something inconceivable, and the fear in his eyes was palpable.

"Don't release the seal on your cultivation…" Zhang Xuan bellowed upon noticing Luo Xuanqing's peculiar state.

However, before he could finish his words, his future brother-in-law still failed to hold it in, and zhenqi gushed out of his body.


A resounding explosion sounded, and just like Yuan Xiao, he was sent flying as well.

"Brother Luo…" Alarmed, Zhang Xuan hurriedly rushed forward and passed over a recovery pill infused with his Heaven's Path zhenqi.

Luo Xuanqing took the pill and swallowed, and a moment later, when his injuries alleviated slightly, he opened his eyes once more and shook his head apologetically.

"I'm fine…"

"I told you earlier that you mustn't tap into your cultivation no matter what you encounter." Zhang Xuan frowned. "Why did you still…"

He had made it loud and clear to the other party that he had to suppress his cultivation by hook or by crook, but barely three breaths after entering, the other party forgot what he said and was forcefully thrown out…

Aren't you a little too absent-minded?

"I encountered an illusion in there, and I saw… someone bullying my younger sister. That's why I wasn't able to hold myself back," Luo Xuanqing replied awkwardly.

He had resolved himself to keep his cultivation firmly suppressed at all costs prior to entering the area of the seal, but as soon as he saw his younger sister being bullied by others, all of those thoughts instantaneously vanished from his mind.

Hearing those words, Zhang Xuan could not help but shake his head with a helpless smile.

As expected of this overly-affectionate brother. Despite knowing that it was an illusion, he was still unable to stop himself from making a move.

"The little princess is much stronger than you in terms of fighting prowess, so what can you possibly do against an opponent who can even bully her?" Bi Hongyin grumbled in displeasure by the side.

Yun Lianhai and the others also found themselves speechless after hearing what Luo Xuanqing had said.

The little princess of the Luo Clan did not just possess superior talents in cultivation, more importantly, she had assimilated the Dimension Silencer. With just a mere thought, she would be able to seal the surrounding space and crush even Saint 9-dan experts with ease. Considering that Luo Xuanqing was only at Saint 7-dan, how could he possibly help his younger sister?

If there was anyone who had to do the protecting, it was the little princess!

"My strength might be beneath my younger sister's, but I still won't hesitate to pit my life against anyone who dares bully her!" Luo Xuanqing declared with conviction. A hint of gentleness and sadness surfaced in his eyes. "Our mother died while we were very young, so she became my only true kin in the Luo Clan. Thus, I resolved myself to not allow the slightest grievance to come to her!"

"Is that why you harbor such deep enmity for the Zhang Clan?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"Indeed. In terms of bloodline purity, that bastard young prodigy of the Zhang Clan is indeed worthy of my younger sister. However, he's so arrogant that ever since the engagement was set, he has never appeared before my younger sister, not even once! This is a show of blatant disrespect and disregard toward my younger sister. How can I possibly not be mad at him?" Luo Xuanqing harrumphed coldly.

Recalling that fellow who was snatching his girlfriend form him, Zhang Xuan puffed up in rage too. He could not help but agree. "That bastard young prodigy of the Zhang Clan really needs someone to pull him off his high horse!"

If he was the one who was engaged with Luo Ruoxin, he would surely spend every single second of his life by her side!

"That's right!" Luo Xuanqing roared furiously. "If I ever catch sight of that bastard young prodigy, I'll definitely smash his head into his neck!"

"That's right!" Zhang Xuan waved his hand grandly and said imposingly, "Count me in! I'll make that bastard young prodigy crawl all over the ground, searching for his teeth!"


Watching as the enraged duo lashed out at the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan, Yuan Xiao, Bi Hongyin, and Yun Lianhai glanced at one another in bewilderment.

And this bewilderment was directed right at Zhang Xuan.

It's understandable that Luo Xuanqing is worried that his younger sister will have to spend her life in misfortune.

But as an outsider, why on earth are you getting involved in this matter for?

Not to mention, to even get so indignant at the matter…

Is there really a need for that?

Unable to withstand it anymore, Yuan Xiao turned to Zhang Xuan and cleared his throat. "Ahem! Zhang shi, if I recall correctly… the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan shouldn't have offended you before, right?"

"I…" Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment as he recalled his current position, so he fumbled for a moment before hurriedly replying, "I am just… just feeling a little indignant for Brother Luo! To anger someone as kind and tolerant as Brother Luo to such an extent, that bastard young prodigy must definitely be a shameless and despicable scoundrel! As master teachers, we have the responsibility to teach such scum of the world a lesson they will never forget!"


The crowd glanced at one another.

Kind and tolerant… Well, putting that aside, there was not anything wrong with what the young man was saying, but why did feel like there was something rather weird about his words?

Luo Xuanqing was also slightly taken aback by Zhang Xuan's impassioned response. He took a closer look and noted that the young man was truly furious; it was not just an act to win his favor.

Thus, he could not help but remark, "What a great brother you are! Why aren't you my brother-in-law?"



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