Given Elder Liao's current condition, it was clearly infeasible to have him stand up and execute a punching routine. The fastest way was to knock the other party and analyze him through the Library of Heaven's Path as an artifact.

Previously, he could still rely on medicinal herbs to knock others out, but that would not work on a Saint 7-dan expert like Elder Liao.

"Utter nonsense!"

Before Elder Liao could say a word, Divine Healer Bai Yu had already lashed out furiously.

As the head of the Sanctum of Sages' Physician Guild, he had a deep understanding of the various diagnosis methods out there, and this was inclusive of those eccentric and unorthodox ones. But one that required the patient to be knocked out… Pardon his ignorance but he had really never heard of something like that!

Once a person was knocked out, there would be some deviation in their metabolism and other internal functions. While it was still possible to examine external injuries, it would be hard to analyze the internal traumas that the patient was afflicted with in such a state. So, for the young man to ask to knock Elder Liao out right from the start, just what the heck was he up to?

"How about it? Will you knock yourself out, or should I do it instead?" Paying completely no heed to the raging Divine Healer Bai Yu, Zhang Xuan looked at Elder Liao with a compassionate smile.

"I…" Elder Liao also doubted the existence of such a diagnosis method in the world, so he instinctively turned to Divine Healer Bai Yu with a confused gaze to seek confirmation.

"Forget it, I'll just do it myself then." Noticing Elder Liao's hesitation, Zhang Xuan decisively raised his hand and chopped down toward the top of Elder Liao's head.

Hu la!

The surrounding air swiftly compressed together, making breathing highly difficult. Just as Zhang Xuan's chop was about to reach the other party's forehead, he abruptly pulled his hand back.


A short but resounding sonic boom echoed, and Elder Liao immediately fainted.

"That is… the Air Compression Spirit Clearing Art? The secret art that not even 8-star physicians are capable of pulling off?" Divine Healer Bai Yu's eyes narrowed in shock.

"Air Compression Spirit Clearing Art?" Fei shi asked in incomprehension.

"There are some injuries and illnesses that the treatment process is simply too difficult for those lacking in mental fortitude to bear. Thus, in order to prevent any unnecessary complications during the treatment, it would be best for the patient to be knocked out. However, regardless of whether it's the use of anesthesia or any other means, it would leave a certain degree of damage to the patient's body. This Air Compression Spirit Clearing Art makes use of a sonic boom resulting from the movement of one's palm to stimulate one's Primordial Spirit, forcing one to lose consciousness temporarily.

"It goes without saying that the ability to knock out a patient without causing any damage to his physical state can make a huge difference to patients who are already in a critical state and cannot take any more trauma. For this reason, most physicians would seek to learn it even though it's a demonic tune in the strictest of sense, but unfortunately, it's an extremely difficult skill to master. Even I am still unable of performing it, but who would have thought that that fellow over there would be able to pull it off?"

At this point, a hint of doubtfulness surfaced in the eyes of Divine Healer Bai Yu as he asked, "Could it be that… he's a highly-skilled demonic tunist too?"

On the other hand, seeing that Elder Liao has been knocked out, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. He placed his fingers on the other party's pulse once more.


A book materialized in the Library of Heaven's Path, and he quickly flipped it open.

With just a look, his eyebrows immediately began twitching wildly. He turned to the elder behind him and lashed out furiously. "You incompetent physician, will you only be happy after you treat Elder Liao to his death?"

"What did you say?" Divine Healer Bai Yu's face darkened upon hearing those words.

Hailed as the Divine Healer in the Sanctum of Sages, putting aside managerial elders, even the top elders would have to address him respectfully. Yet, this fellow actually dared call him an incompetent physician? The burning rage within him nearly caused him to blow up on the spot.

Hong long!

Unable to control his temper, a terrifying aura immediately gushed forth from him, plunging the surroundings into the midst of winter. Everyone's body immediately stiffened.

Saint 8-dan pinnacle!

An expert of this caliber could already be considered one of the top figures in the Master Teacher Continent!

Unfazed by the pressure from Bai Yu's aura, Zhang Xuan bellowed, "Are you really unaware of what I am saying? If you don't know how to treat Elder Liao, just keep your hands off him! To think that you would call yourself Divine Healer… More like Goodbye Healer!"

"You…" Seeing the deep disdain in the young man's eyes, Divine Healer Bai Yu felt a feeling so suffocating in his chest that it felt as if he would explode.

He had never been humiliated in such a way.

He glared coldly at Zhang Xuan before forcefully reigning his power back in. Flinging his sleeves coldly, he said, "No matter what your background is, if you can't give me an explanation that I am happy with today, don't blame me for getting physical on you!"

Those who were qualified to enroll in the Sanctum of Sages usually came from illustrious backgrounds. As angry as Divine Healer Bai Yu was, he still did not dare make a move recklessly.

"You still want me to explain to you?" Zhang Xuan shook his head and snorted.

He turned his gaze to the fainted Elder Liao and abruptly raised his leg and kicked the latter's head.

"What are you doing!" Divine Healer Bai Yu roared in shock.

Given how the strength and speed behind Zhang Xuan's kick, if it were to hit, Elder Liao's face would explode on the spot!

Are you insane?

You are here to treat, but first, you knocked out your patient, then you went ahead to berate me, and now, you are even attempting to murder your patient.

You really need to get your head treated!

Hu la!

Divine Healer Bai Yu rushed forward and flicked his hand, creating a ripple through space with his power of Dimension Sundering, thus successfully deflecting Zhang Xuan's attack.

"Get this hindrance out of the way." In the face of Divine Healer Bai Yu's impediment, Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows and flicked his wrist.

Divine Healer Bai Yu was slightly startled by Zhang Xuan's words, and before he could even process what was being said, his heart suddenly jolted in fear.

Hu la!

A Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast suddenly materialized right before everyone's eyes, and a thick tail swept right in Divine Healer Bai Yu's direction.

"You…" Before Divine Healer Bai Yu could even react, he was struck squarely in his shoulder. An intense pain assaulted him as he was sent flying backward.

He was in the same cultivation realm as the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, but the latter was still more powerful than him due to its innate Dragon Bloodline. On top of that, its appearance was too sudden, so he was caught off guard, causing him to suffer a setback right from the start.

"You bastard!" Divine Healer Bai Yu snarled with a livid expression.

He immediately prepared himself to dash forward once more, but before he could make a move, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was already before him.

Despite its massive physique, the movement of the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was as swift as a bolt of lightning. Its enormous claws tore sharply through space, falling down upon him.

Given the speed at which the claws were moving, Divine Healer Bai Yu knew that he would not be able to evade on time, so he clenched his fists tightly to face the attack.

Hong long long!

The collision between the two experts caused a turbulent shockwave to ripple into the surroundings. The transparent barriers that shielded the individual dueling rings from the surroundings wavered non-stop, flickering in and out of existence, as if they would succumb to the pressure and shatter.

At the same time, conspicuous spatial ripples could be seen spreading outward, forcefully pushing the crowd back.

"What is happening?"

"Why did that saint beast suddenly appear out of nowhere?"

Fei shi, Feng Ziyi, and the others were dumbstruck.

Were they not in the midst of treating Elder Liao?

Why would they suddenly start fighting one another?

Furthermore, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was obeying Zhang Xuan's command, so it should be his tamed beast, right? But how in the world did he manage to tame a Saint 8-dan beast in the first place?

A tamed beast can be considered a beast tamer's strength as well. If I had really challenged Zhang Xuan earlier, I would have been tragically defeated. Zhang Yu felt cold sweat pouring down his back.

At this moment, he felt deeply thankful that Feng Ziyi had spoken up before he did. Otherwise, just a claw from the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast would have been sufficient to spell his death.

The Inceptive Sage of the Spirit Awakener Hall, pummeling Zhang Chun and Zhang Feng, subduing Feng Ziyi with a single sword art, berating Divine Healer Bai Yu without any hesitation, and bringing out such a powerful saint beast in public…

Previously, Zhang Yu had thought that Zhang Xuan was an extremely low-profile person, but from the looks of it now… it seemed that he just did not know the latter well enough!

There was probably no one as high profile as him!

In fact, even most high-profile individuals would only cause a commotion every now and then, but this fellow was inciting incidents one after another, as if he would not be content until he was constantly at the forefront of everyone's mind!

To think that he had even thought that that fellow was unworthy of his notice at one point in time… Even if he had viewed that fellow as his rival, that fellow might not even think that he was worthy of his attention!

The gap between the both of them was simply too great!

Shaking his head helplessly, he turned his gaze to the young man not too far away once more, only to see that the latter was not paying any attention to the battle in the sky. Instead, he was looking at Elder Liao with a hint of viciousness in his deep, black eyes.

"Time to begin!" the young man muttered.

Hu la!

He raised his leg once more and aimed it right toward Elder Liao's head.


It landed on the latter's head, and in an unconscious state, the latter did not have the slightest ability to retaliate at all. He was sent flying right off the stretcher, smashing right through one of the walls of the dueling rings.

"This…" Zhang Yu's lips twitched.

Just what kind of grudge did he have with Elder Liao?

Or rather, what in the world was Zhang Xuan up to?

He should have known that he would never get out of the Sanctum of Sages alive if he killed Elder Liao!

While overwhelmed with shock, Zhang Yu saw Zhang Xuan rushing over in Elder Liao's direction, and before the latter could even land on the floor from the previous kick, his leg whipped forth once more.


As if a football, Elder Liao flew into the air once more.

It was hard to tell whether it was an intentional action or not, but the direction that Elder Liao was flying toward happened to be where Physician Bai and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was clashing.

Both parties were pitting their full might against one another, causing an insane amount of power to ripple into the surroundings. Even ordinary half-Saint 9-dan experts would not dare get close, let alone the unconscious, Saint 7-dan Elder Liao. Before he could even come close, the might was already beginning to ravage his body, threatening to tear him to shreds.

"It's over…" Fei shi nearly collapsed to the ground from the sheer horror of what he was seeing.

Given how intensely the two experts were clashing with one another, unless a Saint 9-dan expert were to intervene in the battle, it would be impossible to stop them. Fei shi knew that even he would lose his life if he got involved at this point, much less the unconscious Elder Liao!

"Liao Xin!" Not expecting Zhang Xuan to make such a move either, Divine Healer Bai Yu was appalled.

However, he had already released his full might, and it was too late to retract it now. No matter how he shouted, it would not make a difference.


Just as everyone thought that Elder Liao was doomed to die, a light buzz suddenly sounded from his body, and the frost shrouding his body abruptly expanded outward, forming a sphere of mist that extended for a radius of three meters.

After which, the sphere began to surge upward, forming something that was reminiscent of a giant lotus flower.

The overwhelming power between the clash of might of Divine Healer Bai Yu and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast struck the lotus squarely, and astonishingly, even though it wavered slightly, it was not destroyed at all! As such, the unconscious Elder Liao did not sustain any damage.

It seemed like the lotus had saved his life in this desperate moment.


Upon seeing that, Divine Healer Bai Yu and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast were startled for an instant.

The clash of their strengths was strong enough to cause even the massive protective formation cast over the Hall of Propriety to waver, and yet, a mere lotus that sprouted from Elder Liao was actually able to neutralize their attack entirely… Just what in the world was it?


As if having expected this situation, Zhang Xuan flicked his wrist and took out the pinnacle spirit stone that Luo Xuanqing had given him previously. Holding it tightly in his left hand, he began furiously absorbing its energy.

Hong long long!

Concentrated spiritual energy surged into his body, swiftly filling up the depletion he had sustained previously. Then, he lifted his right hand and tapped forward.

Si la!

The Lingxu Sword abruptly burst forth to strike down upon Elder Liao.

In the midst of its movement, the sword qi imbued within the Lingxu Sword extended to over several dozen meters, as if attempting to sever the world into two.


The sword cut down on the lotus shrouding Elder Liao, and shockingly, the seemingly invincible lotus actually began shattering like a mirror.

"How is this possible?" Divine Healer Bai Yu was stunned.

Even the combined might between him and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast was insufficient to destroy the lotus, and yet, the other party managed to cut it apart with just a surge of sword qi. Could it be that the young man was even stronger than him?

Perhaps even reaching Saint 9-dan?



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