Even though Elder Liao was just a bottom-level managerial elder, his cultivation had already reached Saint 7-dan Phantasmal Space realm. For such an expert to run over and acknowledge a Leaving Aperture realm cultivator as his teacher…

Was there not something really wrong?

The group of Elite Division students shot horrified glances at one another.

Feng Ziyi felt a stinging sensation on his face, and he felt so stifled that he could have spurted blood.

It was just a moment ago that he had insisted on challenging the other party to a duel of impartation when an elder possessing far higher cultivation than him came over to acknowledge the other party as his teacher. It was as if he had lost the battle even before it was even fought!

That face slap had simply come too quickly!

On the other hand, Zhang Yu felt completely crazed.

For even an elder to acknowledge him as a teacher, how was that low profile!

"Elder Liao from the Corridor of Puppets?" Zhang Xuan was also taken aback for quite a moment before realization struck him.

More than twenty days ago, while he was challenging the Corridor of Puppets, he had failed to rein in his strength and accidentally destroyed the entire corridor. Feeling deeply guilty of his actions, he had decided to offer some pointers to Elder Liao, advising him against practicing the Hiemal Yin Formula.

Back then, the other party did not seem to have paid much mind to his advice. However, the fact that he had rushed over to acknowledge him as his teacher meant that something must have gone wrong.

Upon making sense of the situation, Zhang Xuan waved his hand and said, "Let him in."


The student shot a glance at Fei shi, and upon receiving the latter's approval, he quickly backed out of the room.

Not too long later, two students walked into the hall with a stretcher. There was a frail-looking old man lying on the stretcher, and he looked as if he would lose consciousness at any moment.

Standing by the side of a stretcher was an elder with a flowing white beard. His eyebrows were tightly knitted, reflecting a grim expression.

Feng Ziyi's eyebrows shot up upon seeing the elder, and he exclaimed in astonishment, "Divine Healer Bai Yu!"

"Bai Yu?" Zhang Xuan turned his gaze over to the elder as well.

Even though it had been more than twenty days since he enrolled into the Sanctum of Sages, he had spent a huge portion of his time outside, so he was unfamiliar with most of the elders and experts there.

"He's the person-in-charge of the Physician Guild in our Sanctum of Sages. His medicinal skills are said to have reached an unfathomable level, to the point that he's said to be able to breathe life back into any dying patient. Due to that, others respectfully address him as the Divine Healer!" Feng Ziyi explained.

In terms of fighting prowess, Divine Healer Bai Yu was nowhere near the top, but without a doubt, he was one of the most esteemed figures in the Sanctum of Sages.

Countless experts were indebted to him, and they would rally upon his call.

As such, he commanded great prestige and fame.

Zhang Xuan nodded in response to Feng Ziyi's words.

To have to be brought in on a stretcher with the Divine Healer following beside him… did Elder Liao ignore my advice and continued practicing the Hiemal Yin Formula? Zhang Xuan frowned in disapproval.

He had specially warned the other party against cultivating the technique, but the other party still landed himself in such a state. It was almost as if the other party was toying with his own life!

Physician Bai Yu stepped forward and asked, "Are you Zhang Xuan?"

On the stretcher, Elder Liao exclaimed, "Yes, he's Zhang shi… Zhang shi, please save me!"

In this moment, his face was completely pale, and it seemed as if there was a layer of frost atop his skin. His body was trembling non-stop, and before Zhang Xuan could even respond, he was already struggling to push himself upright.

"What happened?" Zhang Xuan asked Elder Liao with a grim voice.

To be honest, the reason he did not deal with the problem regarding Elder Liao on the spot back then was not only because the latter had a lack of trust in him. Even if the elder continued practicing the Hiemal Yin Formula, it should not have caused too much of a problem in the short-run. His warning should have led to the latter taking preventive measures as soon as he realized that something was amiss, so how did the latter end up in such a state still?

"Quiet down, or else no one will be able to save you!" Divine Healer Bai Yu tapped Elder Liao back onto the stretcher before turning to look at Zhang Xuan. "Are you the one who told him to stop practicing the Hiemal Yin Formula a while ago?"

"I did," Zhang Xuan replied.

"Utter nonsense!" Divine Healer Bai Yu waved his hand angrily as he glared at Zhang Xuan coldly. "Have you tried to fully understand the complexity of his physical condition before offering such advice? Do you know how severe a consequence you have caused by running your ignorant mouth?"

"What do you mean by that?" Zhang Xuan asked with a deep frown, not expecting to be bellowed at by the other party.

In order to compensate Elder Liao for the damage he had caused, he had used the Library of Heaven's Path to check on the other party's condition. The other party was suffering from some kind of trauma, which would only be further aggravated by the cultivation of the Hiemal Yin Formula. The continued cultivation of the technique would bring greater strain to his body, so he had decided to offer a word of advice to the other party.

Yet, why was this Divine Healer Bai Yu making it seem as if Elder Liao's current condition was caused by the advice he had offered?

Taking a step back, even if he was wrong, surely a Saint 7-dan elder would not be so obedient as to stop cultivating the Hiemal Yin Formula altogether, especially if it would cause huge problems to his body!

"What do I mean by that?" Placing his hands behind his back, Divine Healer Bai Yu sneered coldly. "Liao Xin was afflicted with fire poison while fighting with others a long time ago, so he requires the Hiemal Yin Formula in order to suppress it. Yet, you advised him against cultivating it, resulting in the fire poison to relapse. Are you going to deny that this is your fault?

"If you don't know the slightest thing about medicine, you should never diagnose others on a whim. If you are a physician, that makes it even worse. Did your teacher not teach you never to jump to a conclusion without analyzing the patient's physical condition carefully? A misdiagnosis can easily cost a person's life!" Divine Healer roared vehemently in anger.

He had a close relationship with Elder Liao, and he did not think that he would find the latter on the verge of death just after a few days of absence. How could he possibly not be angry?

If not for the latter listening to the atrocious advice of this young man, such a thing would never have happened.

"Are you trying to tell me that his condition is a result of the fire poison acting up?" Zhang Xuan asked with a deep frown.

A body coated with a layer of frost, and you are telling me that it's the working of a fire poison… Are you messing with me?

"Indeed. What he's afflicted with is the Boreal Fire Poison. Once it acts up, the surface of his body will become as cold as ice, but his innards will burn as if the magma underground. Before long, his zhenqi will be burned dry, and his dantian could very well be crippled. That's the reason he has to practice the Hiemal Yin Formula in order to keep the fire poison under control!" Physician Bai Yu harrumphed coldly.

"Boreal Fire Poison?" While Zhang Xuan did not think much of the term, Fei shi trembled in horror upon hearing those words, and his face paled conspicuously. "Physician Bai, are you referring to the Boreal Fire Poison that is found in Hanqi Subterranean Gallery?"

"Hanqi Subterranean Gallery?"

"Of the many Subterranean Galleries that link the Master Teacher Continent to the otherworldly battlefields, there are seven that are known to be extraordinarily dangerous, and the seventh on the list is the Hanqi Subterranean Gallery!"

"I have heard of it, too! The most frightening aspect of the Hanqi Subterranean Gallery is this Boreal Fire Poison. Despite being a flame, it harnesses all of the attributes of frost as well, commanding both the powers of heat and cold. Even a Saint high-tier artifact would find itself melting instantaneously into liquid in its face!"

Such hushed discussion could be heard from the crowd in the surroundings.

Most of the students in the Sanctum of Sages were top geniuses coming from all kinds of major powers and clans, so they had some knowledge of the various Subterranean Galleries even though it was classified information.

"Indeed, it's the Boreal Fire Poison. Back then, in order to prevent the Otherworldly Demons from reaching the Master Teacher Continent, he bravely dived into the midst of flames to fend them off. While he managed to survive the ordeal by sheer luck, he was unfortunately afflicted with fire poison as a result." Physician Bai Yu sighed with a shake of his head.

"I have tried all kinds of means in order to treat him, even blood and bone switching, but none of them worked. In the end, I could only make him practice the Hiemal Yin Formula in order to suppress it temporarily. The reason I left a while ago was to seek the Nymphaea Tetragona, hoping that it could resolve his problems once and for all. Yet, who would have thought that a freshman like you would actually convince him against cultivating the Hiemal Yin Formula, causing the fire poison to relapse and even assault the depths of his soul? Even I am completely helpless before such a situation!"

"This…" Hearing Divine Healer Bai Yu's words, everyone subconsciously turned their gazes to Zhang Xuan.

Even Fei shi had a deep frown on his face.

Physicians carried a heavy responsibility on their shoulders. As the saying went, 'an incompetent doctor kills'. As such, if a physician was uncertain about a patient's condition, it would be best for him not to treat the patient. Otherwise, he would only be harming himself and others.

"Physician Bai, I know that you are worried about me, but that isn't entirely the case. The reason I stopped practicing the Hiemal Yin Formula is because I could feel problems cropping up in my cultivation. Zhang shi really doesn't have any blame in this matter," Elder Liao said feebly.

"Even after what he has done to you, you are still speaking up for him?" Divine Healer Bai Yu harrumphed coldly in response to Elder Liao's words.

"He was able to tell that I practice the Hiemal Yin Formula with just a look, so I found his words credible," Elder Liao said weakly.

The Hiemal Yin Formula was one of the rare cultivation techniques that would not manifest its properties in one's zhenqi, making it extremely hard to discern. Yet, the young man was still able to recognize it with just a single glance. He had been overwhelmed by shock at that moment, and after returning back to his residence, he had given the matter much thought and felt that the young man's words made perfect sense. Thus, he had eventually decided to reduce his cultivation of the technique.

Initially, he could feel himself getting better and better, but who knew that the fire poison would suddenly act up three days ago, placing him in the current condition he was in?

Even Divine Healer Bai Yu found himself completely helpless before his condition.

With no other choice, he had suddenly recalled the words of this young man, so he had decided to seek him out.

Considering how the young man was able to see through his Hiemal Yin Formula and wield such astounding strength despite his young age, achieving feats that even the little princess of the Luo Clan failed to achieve, he thought that the other party just might have a way to resolve his current condition.

And that was what led to the previous declaration that he wanted to acknowledge the young man as his teacher.

As long as his affliction could be resolved, what qualms did he have with taking the young man as his teacher?

Not to mention, if the young man was really able to cure the Boreal Fire Poison, it would mean that his medicinal skills had reached a level that even the higher elders of the Sanctum of Sages would be deeply impressed by!

"Credible? If he's really credible, do you think that you'd be reduced to such a state?" Divine Healer Bai Yu was so angry that he could have exploded on the spot.

He really could not understand the mindset of this old friend of his.

He was the Divine Healer of the Sanctum of Sages, but instead of believing him, his old friend chose to trust a mere student who had cleared the entrance examination just a couple of days ago.

"Enough! Let me take a look at his condition!" Seeing how the duo was still arguing with one another at this point, Zhang Xuan walked toward Elder Liao.

He had checked on Elder Liao's condition using the Library of Heaven's Path, and given the state he was in then, there would be no problem with him stopping the Hiemal Yin Formula altogether. So, why would the fire poison suddenly relapse?

"You want to take a look at his condition? Do you even know medicine?" Divine Healer Bai Yu sneered coldly.

In response to that, Zhang Xuan casually flicked his wrist and threw an emblem over.

Catching it, Divine Healer Bai Yu lowered his head to take a look, and a slight hint of astonishment flickered across his eyes.

It was a physician emblem with seven glistening stars on it.

As a 7-star physician, even if the young man's medicinal skill was far beneath his, he should not be someone who would take a patient's condition lightly and spout nonsense.

Knowing that the young man was not just fooling around, Divine Healer Bai Yu's hostility alleviated slightly, and he said with a wave of his hand, "Fine, take a look then. I hope that you can give me a satisfactory answer today!"

Fei shi and the others also looked on the situation intently, curious about what the young man would do.

Zhang Xuan had displayed amazing prowess in swordsmanship earlier, and his ability to guide others on their cultivation was also extraordinary. Not to mention, he had also managed to become the Inceptive Sage of the Spirit Awakener Hall. If he was proficient in the Way of Medicine too, that would truly be incredible.

Paying no heed to the crowd, Zhang Xuan walked up to Elder Liao and placed his fingers lightly on the latter's pulse.

A moment later, he shook his head.

Seeing that there was something wrong with the young man's expression, Elder Liao asked with a deeply apprehensive tone, "What's wrong?"

"This…" Zhang Xuan was silent for quite a while before saying hesitantly, "Elder Liao, I would like to discuss something important with you."

"Zhang shi, feel free to speak. As long as I can be freed from my pain, I won't turn down any request that you have," Elder Liao replied in a feeble tone, reminiscent of an old man on his deathbed.

"That's good." Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief. With an earnest look, he said, "I would like to knock you out for a moment."

"Knock me out?"

"That's right. If it's not convenient for me to do it, you can also faint by yourself. In any case, as long as you're out, I'll be able to discern the root of your illness and treat you." Zhang Xuan scratched his head awkwardly.

"…" Elder Liao.

"…" Physician Bai Yu.



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