Should the first instinct of a drained cultivator not be to look for spirit stones and pills to recover his vitality?

Why was the young man asking Elder Liao to push for a breakthrough to the Dimension Sundering realm?

It did not make sense at all!

Furthermore, pushing for a breakthrough to the Dimension Sundering realm meant that Elder Liao would have to face a lightning tribulation. After years of turmoil from the fire poison, his body had already been emptied out. If he attempted to push for a breakthrough right now, it was likely that he would be zapped to death.

Surely you aren't intending to send him to death's embrace shortly after pulling him back from the gates of hell?

Elder Liao was completely dumbstruck as well.

"I'll need you push for a breakthrough to the Dimension Sundering realm in order for me to recover. The reason you were able to make a breakthrough so quickly is due to the energy you have accumulated over several centuries. If I'm not mistaken, you should have enough drive in you to push for a breakthrough to the Dimension Sundering realm, right?" Zhang Xuan asked feebly.

The reason Elder Liao was able to achieve so many breakthroughs at once was not because of his exceptional talent or Zhang Xuan's miraculous treatment but because of the hard work he had put into cultivating over the past several centuries. Previously, his cultivation had stagnated mainly due to the fire poison, but once that had been resolved, the energy he had accumulated over this long period of time immediately burst forth, allowing his cultivation to soar.

Considering how much he had accumulated over the years, Elder Liao should not have just stopped at Half-Dimension Sundering realm. It would be sufficient for him to push to higher realms, just that he chose to suppress it forcefully out of fear for the Dimension Sundering Ordeal.

"But…" Elder Liao was conflicted.

"Don't worry, you will succeed," Zhang Xuan told him with a resolute gaze.

"Alright then." Seeing the deep desire in Zhang Xuan's eyes, Elder Liao gritted his teeth and removed the limitation he had placed on his cultivation.


As soon as the energy was released, the surrounding air began growing viscous. Following which, through their Spiritual Perception, the crowd realized that storm clouds were beginning to congregate above them.

"Don't challenge your Dimension Sundering Ordeal here, or else the formations could cause the lightning tribulation to run amok. Let's head out instead…" Halfway through his words, Zhang Xuan suddenly widened his eyes in realization and halted.

On top of the defensive formations cast over the individual dueling rings, there were also aura isolating formations that served to prevent anything within from getting out. As such, it was likely that the lightning tribulation would not be able to find its target and strike the area in frenzy instead, similar to what had happened when he challenged his Leaving Aperture Ordeal.

But while this might end in a tragedy to others, this was exactly what he was wishing for!

The storm clouds would grow bigger as a result of being unable to find its target, thus providing a greater source of energy to him.

Just thinking of how it would be bigger than Luo Xuanqing's, Zhang Xuan could not help but tremble in agitation as he looked at Elder Liao with eyes filled with desire.

"You're right, I'll go out…" Elder Liao nodded, but just as he wanted to leave the main hall, the young man suddenly shook once more, and his body seemed to have become even feebler.

"It's fine. You don't have to head out anymore. Doing it here is fine."

Elder Liao blinked blankly.

It's just a moment ago that you told me to head out so that I don't destroy the Hall of Propriety accidentally, but all of a sudden, you are asking me to stay?

Zhang Xuan turned around and instructed, "Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast, you head out to attack the lightning tribulation first."

"You want me to attack… the lightning tribulation?" The Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast cowered backward, and it nearly plummeted from the sky.

It had been through the Dimension Sundering Ordeal before, and it had nearly died from that darned lightning tribulation. Its fear toward the lightning tribulation was so great that it would be paralyzed in the face of it, and yet, to attack it straight on…

It was still young, and it did not want to die yet!

"Master, can I… not go?" the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast looked at Zhang Xuan with large, pleading eyes, which might have possibly looked like puppy eyes had its eyes not been as big as lanterns. "If you feel that I haven't done a good job beating up that Bai Yu guy earlier, I can continue hitting him till you are happy. Just… don't make me face that lightning tribulation!"

Divine Healer Bai Yu's mouth quivered upon hearing those words.

"Stop with your nonsense and hurry up and do it!" Zhang Xuan frowned in displeasure.

"Alright…" Grumbling beneath its breath, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast headed out with a despaired look on its face.

Hong long long!

A moment later, the ominous clouds grew even bigger. What had only covered the Hall of Propriety earlier expanded to encompass an area of over several hundred mu.

Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction before turning to Bai Yu. "Physician Bai, I'll need you to attack the lightning tribulation too."

"Me too?" Divine Healer Bai Yu's lips twitched upon hearing those words.

"I'll be troubling you. Don't worry, there won't be any problem." Knowing what the other party was worried about, Zhang Xuan replied earnestly. "I know what I'm doing."

"You know what you're doing?" Bai Yu's body trembled upon hearing those words.

Is this what you mean by you know what you are doing?

Your head!

Isn't this obviously an attempt to murder Elder Liao?

Noting the other party's hesitation, Zhang Xuan said, "Since I have a way to drag him back from the gates of hell, I hope that you can believe me when I say that I have a way to him help tide through the lightning tribulation too."

"Alright then." After a long moment of hesitation, Divine Healer Bai Yu looked at Zhang Xuan's confident look and recalled the miracle that the young man had pulled off earlier.

Thus, he gritted his teeth and dashed out.


Seeing how Zhang Xuan had instructed the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and Divine Healer Bai Yu to intercept Elder Liao's lightning tribulation, Fei shi, Feng Ziyi, and the others were completely flabbergasted.

They had never seen anyone committing suicide in such a manner.

Just what in the world was the young man up to?

In a certain room of the Hall of Propriety, several elders were seated in an oval.

The green-robed old man sitting at the end of the oval was the person-in-charge of the Hall of Propriety, Elder Hu Qing.

"For those matters, they can be resolved in such a manner…" Elder Hu Qing was in the midst of instructing the other elders when his eyebrows suddenly shot up, and he sprung to his feet.

"What happened?"

"Someone is undergoing their lightning tribulation?"

"Who in the world is so inconsiderate as to face their Dimension Sundering Ordeal here? This is really bad. The entire Hall of Propriety could very well be destroyed!"

Sensing the congregating storm clouds and ferocious crackling of lightning in the sky, the other elders also swiftly noticed that something was amiss.

If such powerful bolts of lightning really fell upon the Hall of Propriety, the entire place could very well be reduced to rubble!

"Assemble all of the elders. We'll protect the Hall of Propriety!" Hu Qing roared decisively before leaping up into the sky.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

In the blink of an eye, another dozen managerial elders leaped up as well, and floating in the midst of the sky, they looked at the accumulation of lightning with awful looks on their faces.

They had looked over the Hall of Propriety faithfully for many years, so how could they allow anything to undo their hard work?

After seeing that all of the elders had gathered around, Hu Qing bellowed an instruction with gritted teeth.

"Elder Zhao, I need you to check who is undergoing the lightning tribulation here."

Of all places that person could undergo their lightning tribulation, why did they have to choose there?

In fact, there was a facility in the Hall of Integrity built solely for the purpose of assisting cultivators in facing their lightning tribulation through alleviating the effects of the inner demons. Yet, to choose to do it here instead, was he intending to bring the entire Hall of Propriety down with him?

"Yes!" Elder Zhao quickly nodded.

But just as he was about to head into the main hall, he suddenly saw a Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast rushing out with a sonic boom, and with a golden hue infused into its claws, it dashed straight toward the storm clouds.

Kacha! Kacha!

Having come under the assault of another party outside of the cultivator supposed to face the ordeal, the area of the storm clouds immediately expanded.

"What is that fellow trying to do? Is it attempting suicide?"

All of the elders were frenzied by what they saw.

It isn't even your lightning tribulation, so why are you trying to attack it so desperately? Do you have a grudge with the person undergoing the ordeal?

"Hurry up and stop that fellow!" Hu Qing immediately barked out an order.

However, before any of the elders could move, the highly-esteemed Divine Healer Bai Yu suddenly flew out of the main hall as well.

With a flick of his wrist, he channeled imposing might in his palm, and with a forceful thrust, he struck it out toward the storm clouds in the sky.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The storm clouds immediately expanded to over a thousand mu wide, covering the vast expanse of the entire Hall of Propriety.

"Bai Yu, what are you doing!" Hu Qing nearly went insane on the spot.One mu is equivalent to 666.6 square meters.



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