Zhang Xuan took a look into his body, and eventually, he shook his head helplessly.

All it took was one glance to tell that the Innate Fetal Poison was not as 'compassionate' as the Boreal Fire Poison. Putting aside saving its life, it would already be a great blessing if it did not backstab him when he was in serious danger!

It would be better for him not to take the risk. It was one thing if he failed to resolve the Innate Fetal Poison, but if he were to lose his life a result of it as well, it would really be a huge tragedy.

After all, he did not possess Vicious' ability to revive from scraps.

"Young Master…"

Speak of the devil. As soon as he thought of Vicious, the latter's voice immediately sounded in his ears.

"Yes?" Zhang Xuan asked with a frown.

As the Sanctum of Sages was filled with innumerable experts, Vicious would usually avoid communicating him unless there was something truly important.

"Under the onslaught of the lightning earlier, Kong shi's will that permeates the entire Sanctum of Sages dulled slightly, and for a moment, I felt the presence of my skeletal frame!" Vicious' voice was filled with agitation and excitement, and the entire Book of Heaven's Path seemed to be trembling in resonance to his emotions.

"Skeletal frame? Which part?" Zhang Xuan asked.

Vicious was simply too fragmented. If it was just a small bone or finger, it would make not much of a difference to his current fighting prowess.

"It's the skeletal frame of my entire upper body. I'm certain of it—it is definitely in the Sanctum of Sages!" Vicious exclaimed excitedly.

"The skeletal frame of your entire upper body?" Zhang Xuan's eyes widened in astonishment.

Just by fusing with a few bones, he already wielded strength on par with Saint 7-dan experts. If he were to fuse together with his entire upper body, would he not be able to defeat even Saint 9-dan experts easily?

If Vicious were to really wield such power, he would have more cards to deal with the Zhang Clan if the situation fell through.

"That's right!" Vicious replied.

It seemed like even he did not expect that a part of him would actually be sealed within the esteemed Sanctum of Sages.

"Can you sense the general direction of where it is?" Zhang Xuan asked.

As long as Vicious could identify the exact location of it, he would be able to make some preparations to retrieve it.

Of course, that would also depend on whether the skeletal frame had its own consciousness or not. If it did, the Vicious in the Book of Heaven's Path might just end up being assimilated into that Vicious instead.

"Kong shi's will is simply too strong, so I can't sense its exact location anymore. Unless…"

At which point, Vicious hesitated for a moment before continuing. "If a lightning tribulation as large as the previous one occurs, it should be able to suppress the aura temporarily, granting me sufficient time to determine the exact location of my skeletal frame."

Due to the presence of Kong shi's writing all over the place and the several dozen millenniums of respect and adulation from the student populace and elders, the entire Sanctum of Sages was permeated with his will and spirit, hindering Vicious' perception.

Only during a lightning tribulation, when the will was busy vying with the inner demons contained within the ordeal, would it thin a little.

"Another lightning tribulation as large as the previous one?" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The only reason the previous Dimension Sundering Ordeal had been so powerful was due to Elder Liao's massive accumulation and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and Divine Healer Bai Yu striking the ordeal simultaneously. Otherwise, there was no way the lightning from a Dimension Sundering Ordeal could possibly cover over a thousand mu.

"I'll find a way for that. Just make sure to find your skeletal frame when the time comes," Zhang Xuan instructed.

It happened that he required lightning tribulations to replenish his strength and raise his cultivation too. Since he could achieve both goals at once, he was more than willing to do it.

"Alright," Vicious replied before falling silent.

As the both of them had communicated telepathically, the entire conversation only lasted roughly two breaths before Zhang Xuan returned his attention to reality. In the next moment, he saw Divine Healer Bai Yu staring him in excitement, saying, "Zhang shi, since you know so much about medicine, are you interested in coming over to our Physician Guild to conduct a lecture?"

"Conduct a lecture?"

"That's right. It happens that our guild is currently studying a rather bizarre type of poison that we are still unable to remove even after twenty years of trying. We have invited many physicians over on many occasions to discuss the issue, but we still remain completely helpless before it. Since you were able to resolve the Boreal Fire Poison in Elder Liao's body, it's apparent that you are a person of great ability. If you could just conduct a lecture in our Physician Guild, I believe that you would be able to provide many fresh perspectives that might just allow us to resolve the poison!" Divine Healer Bai Yu exclaimed in agitation.

"This…" Zhang Xuan was slightly hesitant. "I am just an ordinary 7-star physician, not even reaching 8-star yet. If I conduct a lecture, there's bound to be many who would doubt my words."

The fastest way to gain respect in an occupation was to show sufficient strength and proficiency in it. While Zhang Xuan had managed to resolve the Boreal Fire Poison, he had relied heavily on the Library of Heaven's Path. He had not read any 8-star physician books yet, so his knowledge was still a little lacking to lecture in the Physician Guild.

"Considering how you were able to see through Liao Xin's affliction with a single glance and resolve it so easily, I'll report this matter to the headquarters and have an 8-star physician emblem applied for you this instant!" Divine Healer Bai Yu said with a smile.

Their Physician Guild branch had studied the condition of his old friend for many years now, but they had all been completely helpless before it. Just the fact that the young man was able to resolve it so easily bore testimony to his abilities.

"Alright then. However, I'll have to take a trip to your library in order to brush up on my knowledge first," Zhang Xuan said with a nod.

It would be good if Divine Healer Bai Yu could apply for his emblem. He would be spared from taking the examination.

"That's simple. Follow me…" Seeing that Zhang Xuan had agreed to his request, Divine Healer Bai Yu heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly walked in front and led the way forward.

Before leaving, Zhang Xuan turned around to look at Feng Ziyi and said, "Junior Feng, is there anything else you wish to challenge me in? If there is, you can feel free to look for me anytime you want."

Feng Ziyi's lips twitched uncontrollably, unable to say a word at all.

When he challenged the other party to a duel of fighting prowess, he ended up being pummeled pitifully despite possessing superior cultivation. When he challenged the other party to a duel of impartation, Elder Liao suddenly rushed, crying for Zhang Xuan to take him in as his student.

Somehow, Zhang Xuan suddenly felt like a towering mountain before him, one that he could not overcome or circumvent.

While Zhang Xuan was following Divine Healer Bai Yu to the Physician Guild, back in his residence, Sun Qiang was looking at the nearby Zhang Jiuxiao with a look of bewilderment.

They had not tagged along to watch Feng Ziyi and Zhang Xuan's duel but instead found some craftsmen to repair the collapsed main hall.

"Young Master Jiuxiao, you said earlier that Feng Ziyi and our Young Master are from the same lineage." Sun Qiang could not help but ask, "Could Feng Ziyi be our old master's student too?"

He had heard the other party saying those words as soon as Young Master walked in, but he simply found the matter a little unbelievable.

No matter how he looked at Feng Ziyi, the latter just looked weak and dim-witted. Why would his old master take in a person of that caliber as his student?

"Indeed, Feng Ziyi is Yang shi's student as well." Zhang Jiuxiao nodded in admiration.

If he could take Yang shi as his teacher as well, he would surely be regarded with the highest of esteem when he returned to the Zhang Clan. He would not be just an ordinary member of the side family without the slightest standing at all.

Hearing Zhang Jiuxiao's confirmation, Sun Qiang hesitantly asked, "Do you know… what our Old Master's master teacher rank is?"

All along, the Old Master's strength seemed to be growing along with the Young Master's cultivation, which made him suspect that the Old Master was actually not as powerful as he initially thought. Since Zhang Jiuxiao was aware of the Old Master's true identity, this would be a good opportunity to ask about it.

If the Old Master was really that powerful, he would not have to lie low and hold himself humbly anymore. At the very least, he would not have to suffer the bad attitude from others when gathering intelligence in the Sanctum of Sages.

"I wasn't too aware of Yang shi's affairs previously, but after coming to know of Feng Ziyi, I heard some of my clan members speaking of him." At this point, Zhang Jiuxiao's eyes suddenly lit up.

He had first heard of Yang shi when he was in the Qingyuan Empire, but due to the latter being too high ranking, he had no idea what the significance of the name was. It was only upon arriving in the Sanctum of Sages and hearing others speak of Feng Ziyi that he finally realized just how high a standing and how great a power that that man possessed.

"He's one of the grand elders of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, the man who wields the greatest power in the entire Master Teacher Pavilion aside from the pavilion master himself. On top of that, he's a true 9-star master teacher, wielding unfathomable strength in his hands that's on par with even the old ancestor of our Zhang Clan!

"In fact, he's renowned to be one of the strongest experts in the world!"



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