"The man who wields the greatest power in the entire Master Teacher Pavilion other than the pavilion master himself? One of the strongest experts in the world?" Sun Qiang's body trembled in agitation.

In the past, he had thought that it would have been great if their Old Master was an 8-star master teacher. However, in the Sanctum of Sages, master teachers of such a rank were aplenty. As such, he had been forced to lie low and remain humble at all times.

But who would have thought that the Old Master was actually such a formidable figure?

One of the grand elders of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, a 9-star master teacher, and one of the strongest experts in the world; just any one of those titles was sufficient to leave the entire Master Teacher Continent trembling at its core!

To think that a mere realtor of second-hand houses in Tianxuan Kingdom like him would actually catch the eye of such an incredible figure. In that moment, a feeling of pride sprouted in Sun Qiang's heart.

Considering the unfathomable eye of discernment that 9-star master teachers possess, the fact that I was able to catch the eye of the Old Master might mean that I possess great talent that even I am unaware of. Sun Qiang widened his eyes in realization.

All along, he had thought that he was an ordinary person, far lacking compared to the many geniuses in the world. However, after learning that the Old Master was such a formidable expert, he came to realize that he had to be a one in a million expert as well.

Otherwise, why would a 9-star master teacher treat him so well and even entrust him with the heavy responsibility of taking care of his direct disciple?

"It's Zhang shi's fortune to have caught the eye of such a figure. But of course, I believe that Yang shi must be delighted to have taken in a student like Zhang shi as well," Zhang Jiuxiao remarked.

While others might think that Zhang Xuan had to accrue several incarnations of luck in order to find a teacher like Yang Xuan, he knew very well that as long as the young man revealed his identity as a Celestial Master Teacher, there would be no master teacher in the world who would not be willing to take him in as their student.

A moment later, Zhang Jiuxiao suddenly recalled the other party's previous question and frowned in doubt. "You aren't aware of Yang shi's true identity even though you are his butler?"

It was one thing for him to not know of Yang shi's true identity, but Sun Qiang was someone who had seen Yang shi on multiple occasions, so how could he possibly not know of the matter?

"Our Old Master is a humble and low-profile person, and he dislikes being in the public eye or talking about himself. As such, I'm not too sure about his affairs either," Sun Qiang replied.

"I see. I guess that's the attitude that master teachers should have," Zhang Jiuxiao said with a meaningful nod.

True master teachers should never allow their reputation to weigh down upon them, and clearly, Yang shi was such a person.

"Alright, the reparations for the residence are done. I still have some matters to attend to, so I'll be taking my leave first. Farewell."

After chatting for a while longer, Zhang Jiuxiao bade farewell before leaving.

Watching as Zhang Jiuxiao's figure disappeared into the distance, Sun Qiang thought about what they had discussed earlier, and a brilliant gleam twinkled into his eyes as he clenched his plump fists tightly together.

Previously, when the Young Master tasked me with gathering some intelligence on the acquirement of pinnacle spirit stones, I wasn't able to get the job done properly due to the hesitation and fear from facing those experts. However, now that I know of the Old Master's identity, why should I have any fear? If anything, they should be the ones fearing me!

Laughing heartily, Sun Qiang stood up from the chair, flung his sleeves, and began walking out of the room with widened strides.

As the butler of the number one expert in the world and a 9-star master teacher, his standing should at least be on par with the sanctum head of the Sanctum of Sages. Surely it would be nothing much for him to enquire some information?

Thus, he swiftly made his way over to the Hall of Integrity.

On top of reinforcing one's mental fortitude and tempering one's character, the Hall of Integrity served as an information hub for important news. Most of the missions for the students of the Sanctum of Sages were allocated here.

After taking a swift look around, Sun Qiang was soon standing in front of a vast hall, and with deep confidence, he strutted in.

Seated in a corner of the room was a young man in his early twenties dressed in a black robe. He turned his gaze lazily toward Sun Qiang and said, "Please take out your identity token."

Sun Qiang flicked his wrist and hand over the token that Zhang Xuan had given him.

"A butler of a freshman?" Upon taking a look at the token, the young man scoffed disdainfully before tossing the identity token back. "Speak, what kind of information are you looking for? Is your Young Master looking for missions to participate in?"

From time to time, there would be young students who would purchase news concerning missions from him to complete.

"My Young Master isn't looking for missions to participate in." Sun Qiang shook his head. "I'm here to ask where I can exchange for pinnacle spirit stones or equivalent spirit essences and pills here in the Sanctum of Sages."

"Pinnacle spirit stones?" A frown surfaced on the forehead of the young man, and he waved his hand perfunctorily. "I don't have such news here. You should return."

"You don't have such news here?" Sun Qiang frowned in doubt. "I have visited the other places in the Hall of Integrity, and all of them said that this is the only place with such news. How can you possibly not have such news?"

The reason he had headed there directly was because he had already gathered some news on the mater the previous time he was there.

According to what the others said, this hall was the only place where one could exchange for pinnacle spirit stones.

"I told you that there's no such news here. Send our guest off…" Just as the impatient young man was about to order the servants to drag this fatty out, an old man suddenly walked into the room.

"I need a pinnacle spirit stone to reinforce my cultivation. I'll have to trouble you to help me process the exchange." As he said those words, the old man took out a couple of rare ores and the hair of saint beasts and passed them over.

With just a look, Sun Qiang could tell that these were all good items.

The hair and claws of powerful saint beasts could be used to make weapons or armor that were far stronger than the typical ones forged by blacksmiths, thus making them exceptionally valuable.

"Elder, please wait for a moment!" Seemingly recognizing the identity of the elder, the young man hurriedly turned around and rushed into another room.

Some time later, he returned with a jade container in hand.

Prying it open lightly, overwhelming spiritual energy immediately poured into the surroundings. A spirit stone emanating a blinding radiance came into sight.

"You have my thanks." After confirming that it was a pinnacle spirit stone, the old man took the jade container and placed it into his storage ring before leaving the room.

At the other party's departure, a look of displeasure surfaced on Sun Qiang's face. "Didn't you say that you have no news concerning pinnacle spirit stones? Why did you process the old man's exchange straight away then?"

"That old man that you are speaking of is the Sanctum of Sages' Elder Qian, an 8-star master teacher! Do you think that a mere freshman butler like you can be compared with him? Scram to the side!" the young man scoffed as he waved his hand impatiently.

"What do you mean by that?" Sun Qiang's face turned cold. "I might be a freshman butler, but it's not as if I'm asking you to give the pinnacle spirit stone to me for free. As valuable as a pinnacle spirit stone may be, I am still able to afford it at the very least!"

"Afford it?" the young man sneered coldly. "Are you even qualified to buy it? Pinnacle spirit stones are an extremely rare and limited resource in the Master Teacher Continent! Every single one of them expended means that there's one less to go around. How in the world did a freshman butler gain the notion that you are qualified to command such a valuable resource? How ludicrous!"

Due to the limited quantity of pinnacle spirit stones, the Sanctum of Sages had a strict restriction on who was qualified to procure them. Those whose standing was beneath the necessary requirement would not be able to exchange for one.

This was also the reason it was not used as a currency even in the Sanctum of Sages.

"You are saying that I'm unqualified to purchase the pinnacle spirit stones from you?" Sun Qiang's face darkened, and his eyes narrowed threateningly.

"Weren't my words clear enough? Hurry up and scram, or else I'll just have to find someone to toss you out!" the young man bellowed impatiently.

"Toss me out?" Sun Qiang flung his sleeves furiously, and the air of an inviolable existence drifted off him.

"Audacious! Do you know who I am?"



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