"Like I give a damn who you are!" the young man snapped.

A freshman butler like you should already be glad that you are allowed to walk around the Sanctum of Sages without obstruction. How dare you attempt to pull your weight here!

Were this not a place where master teachers gathered, you would have been long thrown out for daring to speak so haughtily!

"Get out of here right now, otherwise I'll have no choice but to pass a Restriction Order on you, banning you from entering the Hall of Integrity for the rest of your life!" the young man bellowed in irritation.

Even the weakest of the butlers of top-notch powers would be at Saint 6-dan or 7-dan at the minimum. On top of dealing with miscellaneous affairs, they would be able to protect their master too. On the other hand, the fellow before him was not even at Saint realm. What the heck was he talking big for?

To use such a weak butler, it could only mean that the so-called Young Master was from a humble background too. Yet, instead of feeling honored that he was willing to waste so many words on him, that fatty actually dared to speak to him so arrogantly. He really did not know what was the best for him!

"You are saying that you want to pass a Restriction Order on me?" Hearing those words, Sun Qiang was so furious that he started laughing instead.

With a grand wave of his hand, he walked straight toward the main seat in the room and sat down. "I'll sit down right here and wait for you to pass your Restriction Order. What are you waiting for? Go on. I really will look down on you if you don't pass it today!"

"You…" Not expecting the fatty to be so arrogant as to sit right down on his teacher's seat, the young man nearly erupted on the spot.

Nevertheless, he still reigned in his rage at the very last moment, and with narrowed eyes, he asked sharply, "Do you know what you are doing right now?"

For a fellow who hasn't even reached Saint realm like you to act so arrogantly, not even putting a Saint 5-dan expert like me in your eyes, aren't you being a little too brazen?

"Of course I do!" Sun Qiang sneered coldly with a voice filled with confidence. "Rather, do you know whom you are facing, speaking to me in such a manner?"

With a deep frown, the young man took in a deep breath and asked lividly, "Who in the world are you?"

Given how the other party dared to act so arrogantly before him, there could be a chance that the other party might really have strong backing.

Having been in the Sanctum of Sages for so long, he never would have survived through the years if he was not discerning enough to differentiate the real from the fake.

"You aren't worthy of knowing who I am. Get the elder managing your Hall of Integrity or the deputy sanctum head over here!" Seated calmly on the spot, Sun Qiang waved his hand imposingly with the air of a person in authority, reminiscent of a conqueror grasping innumerable lives in his hands.

Had he known that the Old Master was so formidable, he would not have had to lie so low. This was the kind of attitude that someone of his standing should be taking, otherwise he would only be an embarrassment to the Old Master.

"You want to speak to our elder or the deputy sanctum head directly?" The young man's lips twitched upon hearing those words.

There were various differing tiers to the teachers and elders in the Sanctum of Sages.

Those at the bottommost level of the staff were the managerial elders. They were usually positions taken up by Saint 7-dan experts, such as Elder Liao, and they were in charge of resolving most miscellaneous affairs and overlooking the various examinations and trials in the Sanctum of Sages.

Above that were the people in charge of the individual occupation branches in the Sanctum of Sages, such as Physician Bai Yu. This group of people were usually Saint 8-dan experts.

And on top of them were the five elders who governed the Hall of Attainment, Hall of Solidarity, Hall of Propriety, Hall of Erudition, and Hall of Integrity, such as Elder Hu Qing from the Hall of Propriety. Even the weakest of them possessed the might of half-Saint 9-dan.

As for the deputy sanctum head, he was even stronger than that, possessing a cultivation of Saint 9-dan.

These figures were top-notch experts whom he would not even dare to breathe loudly before in their face, and yet, a butler who had not even reached the Saint realm was demanding that they go to him, as if commanding a subordinate.

Was it just empty confidence, or did he really have something to back up his words?

"Indeed. My initial intention was to lie low and maintain a low profile, but since this is the attitude you wish to take with me, I demand to meet them here today. No matter what, they have to offer me an explanation as to why a mere subordinate like you dares to speak to me in such a manner," Sun Qiang uttered coldly.

The more he spoke of the matter, the more furious he felt.

What the heck is this?

Who am I?

The butler of one of the strongest experts in the world. Putting aside you, even the deputy pavilion master of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters would have to talk to me amicably, not daring to offend me. Yet, a mere Saint 5-dan ant like you actually dared to snub me in such a manner.

You must be out of your mind!

"This…" In the face of the other party's imposing disposition, the young man was starting to doubt if the fatty seated before him really had an esteemed identity or not.

Just as he was at a loss as to what he should do, an old man suddenly walked in, and his eyes immediately lit up.

He quickly rushed forward and greeted, "Teacher!"

The old man was his teacher, as well as the person-in-charge of the entire Hall of Integrity, Elder Ge Xiong!

Since this matter was already beyond his jurisdiction, it would be best for him to leave it in the hands of his teacher instead. Perhaps, his teacher might recognize his fatty and know of the latter's background. If so, they would not have to take such a passive stance anymore.

Seeing that someone was sitting on his seat, Elder Ge asked with a frown, "What's going on?"

"You are Ge Xiong?" Before the young man could even respond, Sun Qiang had already spoken up with a face as cold as a winter's night. "You sure have taught your student well. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and offer your apologies to me!"

He had long heard of the person-in-charge of the Hall of Integrity, and he had seen the other party from afar once before. As such, he was able to recognize the other party with a single glance.

"Offer my apologies?" Elder Ge frowned.

A weak cultivator who had not even reached the Saint realm was taking up his seat and even demanding that a half-Saint 9-dan expert like him apologized? Was he hearing things?

Where did this imbecile pop out from?

"Indeed. Your student said that he would chase me out from the Hall of Integrity and even issue a Restriction Order against me. I never thought that I would hear something so insolent from the mouth of a junior. Apologizing is already the laxest punishment I can think of. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I'll have to find someone to replace you as the head of the Hall of Integrity!"

Sun Qiang narrowed his eyes menacingly as he harrumphed coldly. "There are plenty of candidates in line to take over your position. Don't think that you're safe just because of the position you are in!"

"Replace me?" Completely speechless by what he was hearing, Elder Ge turned to the young man beside him and asked, "Who in the world in this imbecile?"

Just who did that fatty think he was?

Not even the deputy sanctum head had the right to remove him on a whim!

To speak such arrogant words before him, was he tired of living?

"Teacher, you don't know him either?" the young man asked in surprise.

He had thought that his teacher would surely know this person given how knowledgeable he was, but who would have thought that his teacher would be at a complete loss as to what was happening as well?

"I took a look at his identity token earlier, and he's the butler of a freshman who has just enrolled this year!" the young man informed his teacher through zhenqi telepathy.

"He's the butler of a freshman?" Dark streaks immediately filled Elder Ge's forehead.

Were the butlers of the freshmen now all so arrogant?

Demanding for him to apologize and even threatening to find someone to replace him…

"If there's a problem with how I teach my student, the Sanctum of Sages will step in and correct me accordingly, so there's no need for you to worry about it. Rather, I would just like to ask, what right do you have to make a half-Saint 9-dan expert like me apologize to you?" Elder Ge asked with a hint of displeasure in his voice.

As a high ranked master teacher, even though he was deeply infuriated by Sun Qiang's insolence, he was still able to suppress his emotions and maintain his composure.

Otherwise, he surely would have sent a slap right over to the other party. How could he possibly allow such a weak fellow to spout this bunch of nonsense before him?

"What rights do I have?" Sun Qiang stood up and placed his hands before his back. He slowly took a step at a time toward Elder Ge with a lofty air surrounding him. "Since you have asked such a question, fine, I'll fulfill your curiosity. My Young Master is a student from the latest batch of freshmen, Zhang Xuan!"

"Zhang Xuan?" Elder Ge frowned.

Even though Zhang Xuan had caused a huge commotion in the other halls, his reputation had not reached the Hall of Integrity yet.

"That's right. Well, you might not have heard much about my Young Master, but I believe that the name of my Old Master should strike a chord in your mind!"

Harrumphing coldly, Sun Qiang tilted his chin upward with a proud look on his face. "The Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters' Yang Xuan!"



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