Divine Healer Bai Yu had a rather close relationship with the other elders in the Hall of Propriety, and they often went out for expeditions in seek of treasures and medicinal herbs together. Yet, in this crucial moment, despite seeing that someone was undergoing a lightning tribulation, not only was he refusing to help, he was even attacking it. This was no different from seeing a burning house and quickly grabbing a bottle of gasoline to pour on it!

Are you trying to seal off all chances of the individual undergoing the Dimension Sundering Ordeal from surviving the lightning tribulation, or are you uncertain whether the lightning tribulation was large enough to devastate the entire Hall of Propriety, so you chose to head out here to ensure it?

Hong long!

Paying no heed to Hu Qing, Bai Yu channeled might into his palm once more and sent another strike toward the storm clouds.


Provoked by those who dared challenge its rules, the lightning tribulation sent down two thick streaks of lightning down upon the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and Bai Yu. In just an instant, the bodies of the duo stiffened as their hair and dragon scales stood on end before plummeting from the sky.

"The authority of the heavens isn't to be challenged," Hu Qing remarked with a shake of his head.

After which, he raised his hand and roared, "Activate the Grand Defensive Formation of our Hall of Propriety to fend off the lightning tribulation. At the same time, dig out that fellow who is undergoing his Dimension Sundering Ordeal and have him sent off to the Hall of Integrity immediately!"

"Yes!" Two elders quickly nodded, but just as they were about to dash into the main hall to grab the cultivator undergoing the Dimension Sundering Ordeal, the charred Bai Yu and Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast suddenly flew up once more and sent a furious surge of power toward the storm clouds.

Kacha! Kacha!

The lightning grew even larger. Lightning sparks crackled imposingly amid the storm clouds, as if heralding an impending catastrophe.

Divine Healer Bai Yu and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast were both Saint 8-dan pinnacle experts, so their provocation easily caused a massive intensification of the lightning tribulation. At this point, what was above them could no longer be considered a Dimension Sundering Ordeal anymore. Even a Saint 9-dan expert would have a layer of skin torn off facing something of that caliber.

"This… How am I supposed to survive such a lightning tribulation?" Elder Liao collapsed weakly to the ground, paralyzed on the spot.

Just who in the world did he offend to warrant such a treatment?

It was just a moment ago that he was dragged back from the gates of hell, rekindling hope more in him. However, in the blink of an eye, he was shoved down into the abyss of despair once more!

Even though he had built up an extremely powerful foundation over the years, he knew very well that he would never survive even the first bolt of lightning from the billowing storm clouds above him!

"Calm down, everything will be fine. Just let those two make it a bit larger, and we'll be done." Noticing Elder Liao's panic, Zhang Xuan patted his shoulder and reassured him.

"…" Elder Liao felt even more stifled on the inside.

"Alright, I think it should be about time. Let's head out now." Seeing that the lightning tribulation had already congregated to its limit under the combined assault from the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast and Bai Yu, seemingly about to lose control at any moment, Zhang Xuan shook his head slightly in pity before beckoning Elder Liao to follow.

Theoretically speaking, it was possible for a lightning tribulation to grow stronger endlessly as long as it were to come under continual assault, but limited by its foundations, it would start crumbling apart once it grew beyond a certain size.

It was just like an engineer trying to modify a simple bucket and a spade into a massive excavator. It was simply an impossible act because of how poor the foundations they were working on were.

"We'll die if we head out at this point!" Elder Liao exclaimed with a pale face, his legs trembling uncontrollably.

Even though he had been through many life and death situations, he still could not help but feel natural apprehension and fear toward the might of the heavens.

"Die? Don't worry, that won't happen under my watch." Knowing what Elder Liao was frightened of, Zhang Xuan assured him with a radiant smile. "I'll help you deal with your lightning tribulation later on. What you have to do is release your strength whenever you see that the lightning tribulation is getting smaller or on the verge of escaping. Got that?"

"Lightning tribulation getting smaller? On the verge of escaping?" Elder Liao was dumbstruck by those terms. He could understand those words individually, but it became incomprehensible to him when strung together in a sentence. "Zhang shi, can you phrase it clearer? I don't understand what you are saying… I really don't…"

The lightning tribulation was a natural force sworn to never rest until the individual facing it finally succumbed, but why did it somehow become an adorable entity when filtered through your mouth?

What getting smaller and escaping… Do you take the lightning tribulation to be a pet in your house?

"It's fine that you don't get what I'm saying at this point. Just keep my instructions in mind and act accordingly later on." Knowing that it would be hard for him to explain this matter in a way that sounded convincing to Elder Liao, Zhang Xuan did not bother to elaborate further on the matter.

Instead, he flicked his wrist and took out various items to prepare as he began making his way out of the main hall.

"This…" Seeing how confident Zhang Xuan was, Elder Liao was a little lost for a moment. He briefly hesitated before he finally bucked up his courage and followed Zhang Xuan with a severe look on his face, reminiscent of a soldier marching to his death.

Zhang Yu gulped nervously before asking, "Fei shi, shall we head out to take a look too?"

"Un." Fei shi nodded.

Even though they were indoors, they could still somewhat sense the sheer size of the storm clouds through their Spiritual Perception. From how densely the lightning tribulation was gathered around them, they roughly estimated that it spanned over an area of a thousand mu. If it were to descend on them, it was likely that none of them would be able to escape.

But since Zhang Xuan was so confident about the matter, it would be worth heading out to see how he intended to deal with this crisis they were in.

Feng Ziyi quickly headed out as well, but barely after taking a few steps, he saw Zhang Yu stumbling over his own feet, nearly falling to the ground. He immediately frowned. "What's wrong?"

As a genius of the Zhang Clan, Zhang Yu should have been through plenty of huge affairs before. Surely, he need not be so frightened as to stumble over his own feet when they were not even completely out of the main hall yet, right?

Completely oblivious to Feng Ziyi's question, Zhang Yu stared at the sky with widened eyes as he muttered in a daze beneath his breath, "What the heck… is Zhang shi doing?"

Frowning, Feng Ziyi turned his gaze to the sky as well, and the sight that he saw left him frozen silly on the spot.

In this very instant, Zhang Xuan had whipped out a white cloth from somewhere and folded it neatly before his chest. He elegantly took out a cup of water and gargled his mouth, as if he was about to enjoy a sumptuous course in a top restaurant.

"Is he… going to eat?" Feng Ziyi scratched his head frenziedly at that sight.

He had been with his teacher for many years, but he had never heard of anyone getting so excited before the deeply feared lightning tribulation before!

Was that fellow here to challenge the lightning tribulation or dine on delicacies?

Kacha! Kacha!

In his moment of shock, he saw Zhang Xuan and Elder Liao walking out of the main hall. As soon as the star of the show appeared, the storm clouds in the sky immediately began rumbling intensely, seemingly ready to fall at any moment.

"Zhang shi, regardless of whether I am able to tide across this lightning tribulation or not, I would still like to thank you for saving my life." Elder Liao was still a little afraid prior to this, but upon seeing the vast expanse of storm clouds that plunged the entire world into darkness, he realized that there was no way he would be able to escape anymore.

It was either do or die. Perhaps it was the realization that he was completely helpless in this situation that made him accept the position he was in instead.

As someone who had bravely charged into the midst of the Boreal Fire Poison in order to fend off the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe, Elder Liao was definitely no wimp, or else he would not have been promoted to become a managerial elder in the Sanctum of Sages in the first place.

"There's no need to waste your breath on such emotional words; nothing will happen to you. Just stay right here and wait for me. I'll be right back!" Zhang Xuan interjected with a wave of his hand before decisively leaping into the midst of the sea of lightning above.

"He's dashing right into the storm clouds?"

"But he'll die like that!"

Everyone was stunned. Even Hu Qing nearly fell from the sky upon seeing this sight.

They had seen cultivators who turned around as fast as they could upon meeting lightning, and they had also seen those who would bury themselves as deep underground as they could to hide from the lightning, but this was the first time they had seen someone dashing right into the lightning tribulation.

"Zhang shi…" Not expecting Zhang Xuan to make such a move, Elder Liao's eyes reddened in agitation.

The other party was dashing into the lightning tribulation all for him.

Just as he was about to dash in as well to assist the young man in fending off the lightning tribulation, the storm clouds suddenly billowed, and oddly enough, just as the young man had told him earlier, the storm clouds seemed to have contracted considerably.

"Hmm?" Perplexed, Elder Liao was just wondering whether he should release his energy as the young man had instructed him to do earlier, but then the lightning tribulation suddenly turned around and fled as if it had met its own nemesis.

Its speed was so fast that not even the fastest cultivator could possibly catch up with it.


With the escape of the storm clouds, the sky swiftly cleared up, revealing Zhang Xuan's profile in the sky. In this moment, the young man was looking at the escaped storm cloud with a helpless look on his face. Just as he was about to speak up, his chest suddenly puffed up.


A resounding burp similar to the beating of a drum echoed crisp and clear.



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