It was some time later before Sun Qiang reluctantly came to a halt.

It was not that he did not want to continue playing with the various master teachers, but the zhenqi that the Young Master had left in his body was limited in the first place. He could not just waste it all on trivial playing; he had to keep some for times of danger as well.

Hu hu!

With Sun Qiang ceasing to abuse the Heaven's Path zhenqi, Zhan shi and the others finally managed to rise back up into the sky. They instinctively turned their gazes toward the fatty beneath them—fear and shock could be seen reflected in the depths of their eyes.

The detection method required them to seal their cultivation so that they could better sense the presence of a master teacher's aura with their senses. Under normal circumstances, as long as the person who had left behind the blessing was not too much stronger than them, they would only feel a surge of respect and admiration for the individual.

What that had happened earlier—the loss of ability to move their bodies—should have been impossible! There had never been such an incidence of something like that happening before.

But the impossible had really come true this time around.

One of the elders cowered back fearfully before turning his gaze over to the others and asking, "What did you all see?"

"I saw a silhouette that towered even against the sky, an existence that seemed to encompass the entire world… it was almost as if that figure was the heavens themselves!" an elder said.

"That's exactly what I saw too!"

"Could it be that Yang shi has already achieved that level of strength?"

The crowd gulped before they gasped in shock.

Just what kind of realm had Yang shi reached in order for the blessing he imprinted to harness such astounding power?

"Yang shi has close ties with the old ancestors of the Three Sage Clans, especially with the Zhang Clan and the Luo Clan. In fact, he was the witness to the betrothal of the young prodigy and the little princess! He surpassed Saint 9-dan many years ago, reaching an unfathomable level in his cultivation. Furthermore, he possesses exceptional sensitivity toward souls and bloodlines, such that it would be no exaggeration to say that he's the number one expert in that field in the world!" Zhan shi said.

"Other than him, I can think of no one else who wields the power to reduce the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to such a state and render every single one of us completely powerless!"

While most elders in the Sanctum of Sages might not know much about the elusive grand elder of the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters, as the deputy sanctum head, Zhan shi still knew a thing or two.

And honestly, other than that legendary man, he could not think of anyone else who could make them plummet completely helplessly from the sky with just his aura.

"Does this mean that… he's really Yang shi's butler?" Elder Ge's body stiffened.

"That's most likely the case." Zhan shi nodded. Then, he turned to Elder Ge and berated him in displeasure. "As Yang shi's butler, it's natural for Butler Sun to put on airs, or else what would become of the strict hierarchy of order among the master teachers? Yet, you doubted him and forcefully dragged him over to the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to verify his identity. It's no wonder he was unhappy and reduced the entire place to such a state. Elder Ge, this is a mess that you caused, so you'd better put some thought into how you intend to resolve it!"

Would anyone in their right mind dare impersonate Yang shi's butler?

Considering the heavy price that one would have to pay once caught, no sane person would attempt to impersonate as Yang shi's butler! Yet, he just had to doubt Butler Sun.

Look at the good work you have done! The Teacher Acknowledgement Hall has collapsed, and the several dozen millenniums of pride and honor of the Sanctum of Sages has been completely ruined!

"Yes…" Elder Ge nodded with a bitter smile on his face.

Gritting his teeth, he slowly walked toward to Sun Qiang, but before he could say a word, the latter had already put his hands behind his back once more and questioned with a haughty look on his face, "How is it? Have you verified my identity?"

"Of course, of course!" Elder Ge quickly nodded.

"Humph! Your student tried to throw me out of the Hall of Integrity and pass a Restraint Order on me, and you forcefully brought me to the Hall of Acknowledgement in order to verify my identity. How do you think we should resolve this matter?" Sun Qiang asked with an authoritative tone.

It was really fortunate that the Young Master had left a surge of zhenqi in his body, or else things would have gotten really awkward!

Of course, it was impossible for the Young Master's zhenqi to be so formidable by itself. In his view, the Old Master must have left behind some kind of means within him that even he was oblivious to.

But thinking over the matter once more, despite being a butler of the number one figure in the Master Teacher Continent, he had actually been messed around by a minor figure like that. The more he thought about it, the more infuriated he became.

"Butler Sun, Elder Ge was just ignorant of your identity, so if you could be so kind as to…" Zhan shi quickly stepped in and intervened.

"I told him whom my Old Master is, but he chose to doubt my words instead. I, Sun Qiang, have traveled here step by step from the Tianxuan Kingdom, and I have braved countless storms. But this is the first time I have seen someone that conceited!" Sun Qiang sneered coldly. "If everyone were to behave in such a manner, what would become of Yang shi's authority? What would become of the Master Teacher Pavilion's authority?"

"This…" Zhan shi frowned in a dilemma.

While humility was celebrated among the master teachers, there was still a need to regard the leaders of mankind with respect so as to not undermine their authority.

If everyone disregarded the authority of those in power, it would be hard for the leaders of mankind to rally the populace together to fight against the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe.

Knowing that he was at fault for this incident, Elder Ge clenched his fists tightly and stepped forward. "Butler Sun, feel free to say what you want me to do. As long as it's within my means, consider it done."

"You are a master teacher whereas I am just a butler; I don't have the right to issue any punishment to you." Sun Qiang shot a glance at Elder Ge. There was a short pause before he waved his hand and continued. "However, if you wish to make reparations, it just happens that our Young Master is in dire need for pinnacle spirit stones. If you can bring some over, I think we can let this matter rest. Don't worry, I'll pay an equivalent price for the exchange. It's not my habit to blackmail or coerce others into things."

Having followed Zhang Xuan for quite some time, as he came into contact with higher ranked master teachers, he began to gain a deeper understanding of the rules concerning master teachers.

It was true that even 8-star master teachers would have to show him respect out of deference to the Old Master, but ultimately, he still was not a master teacher, so he was not qualified to pass judgement upon them. It would be a breach of etiquette.

"That's simple, consider it done!" Hearing that the other party just wanted to exchange for pinnacle spirit stones, Elder Ge immediately heaved a sigh of relief. He flicked his wrist, and a jade container materialized in his hand. "Here are five pinnacle spirit stones. Please consider them an apology for my undeserving disciple's insolent actions. If you wish to make any further exchange for pinnacle spirit stones, feel free to look for me. As long as it's not beyond fifty pinnacle spirit stones, I should be able to sort it for you!"

"You are a wise man." Sun Qiang nodded with a pleased smile on his face as he accepted the jade container.

The very purpose of his visit was to acquire the pinnacle spirit stones, and not only did he gain five of them for free, he was even given the right to exchange for them whenever. This outcome was one that he was extremely content with.

At the same time, he could not help but think how convenient it was when there was someone above that he could rely on.

Had these master teachers not found the Old Master's blessing in him, putting aside earning these pinnacle spirit stones, he might not even have been allowed to walk out of there alive!

Seeing that the conflict was resolved, Zhan shi stepped forward and asked with a smile, "Butler Sun, if I may, what level of cultivation has Yang shi reached, and where is he at the moment?"

The imposing figure that he had seen earlier was simply too frightening, such that his heart was still beating in trepidation. Could Yang shi have really crossed that bottleneck and achieved that unfathomable realm?

"Our Old Master has always been a rather elusive figure, and even I don't have any means of contacting him. Usually, he's the one who looks for me instead. I'm also not too sure on the specifics regarding how powerful he is either, but I do know that the strength he wields has reached a level far beyond anyone's gauge… such that it's no exaggeration to say that he's unrivalled in this world!"

When speaking of Yang Xuan, a brilliant gleam lit up in Sun Qiang's eyes, and his voice grew conspicuously agitated.

Despite his overwhelming strength, the Old Master still remained amiable and compassionate, and this left him deeply in awe.

"Yang shi is truly a person worthy of respect." Zhan shi nodded. Just as he was about to continue speaking, an elder beside him suddenly rushed up to him with a bizarre look on his face.

"Zhan shi, there's someone looking for you outside."

"Looking for me?" Zhan shi frowned. "Who is it?"

As the deputy sanctum head of the Sanctum of Sages, a Saint 9-dan expert, he was not a figure whom just anyone could meet.

The elder shot a glance at Sun Qiang, and his lips twitched slightly. Then, with a slightly awkward tone, he said, "That person claims that he is… Yang shi's butler!"



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