To share the same position as an insignificant figure who had not even reached the Saint realm yet… Hu Yiwei suddenly felt deeply stifled on the inside.

Forget it, I'll just ask my master when I return later on!

Hu Yiwei knew that he would only be lowering his status if he were to argue with a nobody. Furthermore, there was just a chance that what the other party said was true. If that was the case, his actions would only lead to others mocking Yang shi for being unable to keep his subordinates in check, thus bringing shame to his master.

Thus, he remained silent. However, as the indignation suffocating his chest continued to grow, he was eventually unable to keep his poise and harrumphed. "Young Master Feng Ziyi is an extraordinarily talented individual. Even if the Zhang Xuan person you spoke of is a direct disciple of my master, too, there is little doubt that Young Master Feng Ziyi is the senior."

Feng Ziyi was an extremely talented individual, such that even the core members of top Sage Clans would struggle to remain on par with him. On top of that, he was a hardworking person as well, knowing that he had to work hard to achieve what he wanted in life. It was due to the combination of his unyielding diligence and his superior talent that he was able to achieve the cultivation of Saint 7-dan Phantasmal Space realm despite only being in his twenties.

Even if that Zhang Xuan fellow was Yang shi's student as well, there was no way he could possibly best Feng Ziyi's accomplishment!

"Our Young Master has never been defeated by his peers!" Sun Qiang waved his hand confidently.

He had been with the Young Master for so long, but when had the latter ever allowed himself to suffer the slightest grievance?

Those who dared stand against the Young Master eventually ended up becoming his student or grandstudent, or else they would find their reputation completely shattered, stripped of their master teacher identity even. No matter how powerful that Feng Ziyi fellow was, there was no way he could hold a candle to the Young Master!

Hearing the plump man's boasting, Hu Yiwei could not help but frown in displeasure. "Your Young Master has never been defeated by his peers? Humph! That's only because he hasn't met our Young Master yet!"

In the younger generation, the most talented offspring of the Sage Clans was indubitably Zhang Yu, but even he was nothing compared to Feng Ziyi. Even if that Zhang Xuan fellow the other party spoke of was truly powerful, there was no way he would be a match for Feng Ziyi!

Not wanting to waste his breath with the obstinate old man, Sun Qiang harrumphed. "It's pointless for you to quibble about it here. You'll know the answer very soon…"

In the midst of his words, however, an anxious voice suddenly interrupted them. "Elder Ge, a disaster has occurred!"

Following which, an elder rushed into the room in a fluster.

Seeing that the person who had rushed into the room was a managerial elder of the Hall of Integrity, Elder Ge asked with a frown, "What's wrong?"

For an elder to fly into such a fluster, something huge must have occurred.

"I-it's the bunch from the Physician Guild! All of them suddenly came to the Hall of Integrity as a group under Divine Healer Bai Yu's lead, and for some reason, they actually managed to make breakthroughs in their cultivation simultaneously! Now, we have more than a dozen elders undergoing the Dimension Sundering Ordeal. Due to the close proximity of their locations, the lightning tribulations began fusing together with one another, and they are showing signs of running amok!" the elder reported with a pale face.

"They managed to make breakthroughs in their cultivation simultaneously?"

"You said that the lightning tribulations began fusing together with one another?"

Everyone jolted on the spot upon hearing that news. Even Zhan shi's eyes were widening in utter horror, unable to believe what he had just heard.

The might of a lightning tribulation was, by no means, constant. If two people were to make a breakthrough simultaneously in close proximity to one another, the might of the lightning tribulation that they would draw in would not be as simple as just 'one plus one equals to two'. Rather, the resonance between the lightning tribulations could cause the might of the lightning tribulation to compound to four or even more.

For this reason, cultivators would always avoid making a breakthrough at the same time as others, especially when the breakthrough would bring about a cultivation ordeal. Even if two cultivators had to make a breakthrough simultaneously, they would attempt to distance themselves from one another as much as possible so as to reduce the chances of the lightning tribulation fusing with one another.

Once any fusion occurred, the possibility of success would be near zero.

Yet, the Physician Guild actually had more than a dozen of their elders achieve breakthroughs simultaneously. As if that was not bad enough, they just had to make their breakthrough in the Hall of Integrity!

Just what did the Hall of Integrity do to you all to treat us like that?

Will you only be content after reducing us to rubble?

"I know most of the managerial elders in the Physician Guild. While most of them are indeed at Saint 7-dan Phantasmal Space realm, a huge proportion of them have been stuck at the realm for many years, such that any chances of a breakthrough would have been bleak at most. Why would they suddenly achieve a breakthrough together?" Zhan shi frowned in incomprehension.

Due to the poison that he had been afflicted with by Hu Yiwei, he often frequented the Physician Guild, and the elders had been collaborating together to study the poison in his body as well. Thus, over time, they had grown rather close to one another.

Most of the managerial elders had been too reliant on medicinal herbs and pills to push up their cultivation in their earlier years, which resulted in a lot of medicinal dregs being left behind in their meridians and veins. On top of that, too many years had gone by, and their vitality had already withered, thus making it nigh impossible for them to make a breakthrough anymore.

Why would they suddenly achieve a breakthrough all at once?

It was completely illogical!

The elder pondered for a moment as he reminisced on the sight that he had seen earlier before replying. "I have no idea. According to the rumors, it seems Divine Healer Bai Yu invited a freshman who is exceptionally skilled in medicine to conduct a lecture for them, but instead of conducting a lecture, the freshman offered them pointers on the various flaws they had in their cultivation, and this insight seems to have helped them to overcome their bottlenecks."


"Offered them pointers?"

"Helped over a dozen Saint 7-dan cultivators overcome their bottlenecks simultaneously?"

The crowd froze upon hearing those words.

Even Hu Yiwei was completely flabbergasted by what he had just heard.

Even his master, Yang shi, would have great difficulty making more than a dozen Saint 7-dan pinnacle cultivators achieve a breakthrough simultaneously!

"That is second-hand news that I have heard from the personnel in the Physician Guild, so I'm not too sure about the exact situation myself. However, with more than a dozen on them achieving a breakthrough simultaneously, the lightning tribulation has already grown to a scale that spans over five thousand mu! Not even the formation in the Hall of Integrity can withstand something of this scale!" the elder exclaimed anxiously.

"Let's go take a look!" Knowing that there was no time to waste for this matter, Elder Ge hurriedly got up and rushed toward the Hall of Integrity.

Zhan shi and the others quickly followed behind him.

Sun Qiang hesitated for a brief moment before tagging along as well.

With how huge the matter was, the very first thought that came to his mind actually turned out to be the Young Master! It could not be that this was really the doing of the Young Master, could it?

It did not take long for the crowd to arrive at the Hall of Integrity. Looking at the ominous storm clouds looming over them in sky, covering the sun completely, everyone could not help but feel a little crazed inside.

It was true that the Hall of Integrity was the ideal place for any cultivator to face their cultivation ordeal in, but this… this was way out of proportion!

If it really fell, the entire Hall of Integrity could very well be zapped into ashes!

Elder Ge shuddered involuntarily in the face of the hulking lightning tribulation before him. In this instant, he could not help but marvel and, at the same time, fear the sheer prowess of the natural world. He turned his gaze to Zhan shi anxiously and asked, "Zhan shi, what should we do?"

It was just a moment ago that the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall had been reduced to rubble. If something happened to the Hall of Integrity as well, he might as well retire from being an elder right now!

"I have no idea." Zhan shi shook his head grimly.

If the lightning tribulation had been any smaller, he might still have been able to forcefully dissipate it with his strength as a Saint 9-dan primary stage expert. However, what was before him had already grown to a scale of five thousand mu. Its might was so great that it could wipe him off the face of this world easily, so how was he supposed to dissipate it!

"If it really comes down to it, we might have to activate the Sanctum Custodian Formation of the Sanctum of Sages!" Elder Ge said grimly.

"Sanctum Custodian Formation? That won't do." As anxious Zhan shi was, he still rejected Elder Ge's proposition. "The formation should only be used in the worst-case scenario, when the survival of the Sanctum of Sages is at stake. As powerful as the lightning tribulation is, it hasn't reached that point yet."

The Sanctum Custodian Formation of the Sanctum of Sages had been built painstakingly by generations of predecessors. Unless the Sanctum of Sages was on the verge of destruction, they were not to activate it.

As despairing as the massive congregation of ominous clouds was, it had not reached the level where the Sanctum Custodian Formation could be activated.

"If we don't activate it, the Hall of Integrity will be a goner!" Elder Ge exclaimed in panic.

"This…" Zhan shi's complexion turned awful. He pondered for a moment, but he was still unable to come up with a viable alternative solution. However, another thought came to his mind instead, and he hurriedly turned his gaze toward the elder who had reported the incident to them previously. "What is the name of the freshman who offered pointers to the dozen elders from the Physician Guild earlier, and where is he?"

Considering the freshman's ability to make more than a dozen Saint 7-dan pinnacle cultivators achieve a breakthrough simultaneously through his teachings, there was a chance that he just might have a way to deal with this stupendously massive lightning tribulation.

"I have no idea where he is at the moment, but I think I heard someone mentioning his name earlier."

The elder contemplated deeply for a moment before finally continuing.

"His name should be… Zhang Xuan!"One mu = 666.6 square meters.



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