Most of the cultivation techniques in the Cultivation Technique Forest originated from Sage Kui and the others' lineages, so if an Ancient Sage level cultivation technique were to appear, the wills in the stone tablets would swiftly be suppressed.

For all of these wills to suddenly become like that after Zhang Xuan passed through the Cultivation Technique Forest… it could not be that the cultivation technique that he practiced had already reached such a level, could it?

If that was the case, it would be understandable why he was not interested in any other the techniques in the Cultivation Technique Forest!

Then, the reason he still chose to enter it would be to… source some inspiration from them?

Has Yang shi already reached such a realm? Zhan shi pondered in awe.

Zhang Xuan was Yang shi's student, so the fact that he was able to learn a cultivation technique of such a tier should mean that Yang shi had reached such a realm himself. Otherwise, it would mean that they had obtained the heritage of a true Ancient Sage.

Regardless of which one it was, this was a matter that he could not afford to speak of lightly.

This matter mustn't be leaked, Zhan shi thought warily.

If his deduction was true, he would have to warn Zhang Xuan not to carelessly display his cultivation technique in public, or else once the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe or some other greedy cultivators noticed it, his life could very well be danger.

Even though he had already reached Saint 9-dan in terms of his cultivation, the truth was that he was still only a half 9-star master teacher. A true 9-star master teacher was an existence that had already transcended the limits of the Saint realm.

Rumor had it that those who had reached that level would have their bodies tempered by Celestial Flames, thus cleansing their physical body and soul once more and refining them to a higher level of existence. With that, they would enjoy a massive increase in their lifespan!

At such a level of cultivation, they would be immune to poison. Even if they had been afflicted with some kind of deadly poison in the past, the Celestial Flames would also torch it clean, leaving no trace of it behind.

It was for this reason that he had been trying his hardest to push for a breakthrough over the years, but unfortunately, despite his hard work, he had not been able to make a breakthrough to Saint 9-dan intermediate stage.

At his cultivation realm, there was a huge rift even between each cultivation stage within a realm. Each breakthrough would require a massive accumulation in one's cultivation before one could attempt to make the leap forward.


Just as Zhan shi was still deep in thought, the door to the chamber suddenly creaked open, and a figure walked out.

Directing a glance over, Zhan shi's eyes immediately widened into full circles, and he nearly collapsed on the spot. "Zhang shi, y-your cultivation…"

It was only four hours ago that the other party had entered the silent chamber, so why would his cultivation suddenly leap from Half-Grand Dominion realm to Grand Dominion realm pinnacle?

That was practically equivalent to an entire realm. Was that not a little too fast?

Noting Zhan shi's expression, Zhang Xuan explained, "I had a sudden stroke of inspiration, so I was able to make a swift breakthrough. However, I think my cultivation will slow down in the future."

With sufficient spiritual energy, the Heaven's Path Divine Art allowed him to advance his cultivation swiftly. However, as his cultivation grew stronger and stronger, the speed at which he could raise his cultivation was noticeably decreasing, so in a sense, his words could not be considered lies.

It took a while for Zhan shi to recover from his shock, and he could not help but give come advice. "It's good that you are able to advance your cultivation so quickly, but you mustn't rush things too much. If your cultivation increases too quickly, it could lead to your zhenqi becoming less compact and the foundation of your cultivation becoming unstable. That would lead to a great deal of trouble in the future."

In truth, it was not too difficult for a cultivator to raise their cultivation swiftly. Consumption of pills, Cultivation Impartation, and the awakening of unique bloodlines and unique constitutions; any of those would allow one's cultivation to reach unprecedented heights within a very short period of time. However, if one failed to reinforce one's cultivation firmly before making a breakthrough, it would lead to the foundation of one's cultivation becoming shaky, thus making it extremely difficult for one to push for a breakthrough in the future.

In a sense, this was similar to building a castle. If even the bottom layer was shaky and unstable, there would be a limit to how high it could rise in the future.

For this reason, even those who possessed unique bloodlines and constitutions would have to pause for a moment after accomplishing some breakthroughs to reinforce their cultivation firmly before pressing on.

"I know. I have reinforced my Half-Grand Dominion cultivation for roughly a day now, and it's already about time for me to make a breakthrough." Zhang Xuan nodded earnestly in agreement.

"A day?" Zhan shi's cheeks twitched, and he staggered backward weakly, nearly falling to the ground from shock. He could not help but ask, "How long have you reinforced your Saint 5-dan cultivation?"

Even for top-notch geniuses, it would take several months before they were able to fully reinforce their Half-Grand Dominion realm cultivation, and yet, the young man was actually saying that one day was enough. More importantly, he said such words with such a natural expression, as if saying this was to be expected!

Do you really need to be so traumatizing?

After a moment of pondering, Zhang Xuan replied in a regretful tone, "Saint 5-dan? I made my breakthrough to the Leaving Aperture realm the day that I enrolled in the Sanctum of Sages, but due to being plagued with work during that period of time, it ended up taking me roughly twenty days before I was able to make a breakthrough to Half-Grand Dominion realm."

"Twenty days…" Zhan shi's body began shaking intensely. Staring at Zhang Xuan intently, he asked, "Then… how long has it been since you started cultivating?"

"Since I started cultivating?" Not expecting such a question, Zhang Xuan did a quick calculation before replying, "Roughly thirteen months I think, a little more than a year!"

If he had not transcended over to the Tianxuan Kingdom but to the Sanctum of Sages, he would have been able to reach his current level of cultivation within just a month.

That was a hulking thirteenfold difference in time!

Just the thought of it was enough to leave him feeling deeply suffocated on the inside.

Zhan shi suddenly did not want to speak to the young man before him anymore.

To rise from Fighter realm all the way to Saint 6-dan pinnacle within just thirteen months, that was a speed that was even faster than the little princess of the Luo Clan! And yet, that fellow's expression seemed to be saying that he was discontented with the speed that he was cultivating at.

Is it possible for anyone to get even more spoiled than that?

Oblivious to the thoughts running through Zhan shi's mind, Zhang Xuan asked, "Sanctum Head Zhan, do you have any Saint 7-dan cultivation technique manuals? Can I borrow them for a look?"

Since his cultivation had already reached Grand Dominion realm pinnacle, he needed to look around for Phantasmal Space realm cultivation technique manuals. If he could perfect the Saint 7-dan Heaven's Path Divine Art, he just might be able to use the last two pinnacle spirit stones to push for another breakthrough.

In any case, the higher his cultivation was, the safer he would be.

"Saint 7-dan cultivation technique manuals? I'm afraid that I don't have any of those with me at the moment. If you really need them, you can head over to the Corridor of Puppets. You'll be given a chance to choose from a collection of secret manuals if you clear the trial there," Zhan shi replied.

A Saint 9-dan cultivator like him would have no use for Saint 7-dan cultivation technique manuals, so naturally, he would not carry them with him.

"I see. Thank you for your suggestion." Zhang Xuan nodded.

He had been to the Corridor of Puppets twice, and considering the devastating destruction that he had caused over there, he felt really embarrassed to head there once more.

However, since the other party did not have any Saint 7-dan cultivation technique manuals with him, it would not be good for him to keep asking. Just as Zhang Xuan was about to ask another question, Zhan shi's eyebrows suddenly shot up. He flicked his wrist, and a Communication Jade Token appeared in his palm.

Taking a glance at the Communication Jade Token, he frowned in confusion. "Why would he be contacting me?"

Zhan shi tapped his finger on the Communication Jade Token, and the confusion on his face deepened. "Wait, he isn't looking for me but… you?"

"Someone is looking for me?" Zhang Xuan was startled. "Who is it?"

"Jian Qinsheng," Zhan shi replied.

"Jian Qinsheng is looking for me?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Jian Qinsheng was the descendant of the Third Sanctum Head, Jian Liushui, and Zhang Xuan had learned the Flowing Water Swordsmanship from him.

After unintentionally pummeling the Jian Qinsheng the previous time around, he had not heard any news from the other party. Why would the other party suddenly be looking for him at this moment, not to mention, even contacting Zhan shi to get to him?

"Let's head out. He's waiting for you outside," Zhan shi said.

"Alright." Zhang Xuan did not know why Jian Qinsheng was looking for him, but it was thanks to the latter allowing him to browse through his collection of sword manuals that he had achieved his current mastery of swordsmanship.

He felt deeply grateful to the other party's generosity, so naturally, he would not turn down a meeting with the other party.

The two of them quickly left the Inner Sanctum, and as soon they stepped out of the door, they saw Jian Qinsheng standing in a gazebo just by the side of the lake. Upon seeing the both of them, Jian Qinsheng's eyes lit up, and he quickly walked up to them.

"Zhan shi, Zhang shi!" Jian Qinsheng clasped his fist and greeted.

After trading some pleasantries, Zhang Xuan got straight to the topic at hand. "May I know the reason behind your visit?"

"This… Actually, I do have something that I need to trouble you on!" Jian Qinsheng spoke up with slight awkwardness in his tone.

"Zhang shi, are you willing to accompany me to the Zhang Clan?"



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