"You bastard!" Luo Xuanqing's rage finally reached the peak and exploded.

It was one thing for the younger sister whom he doted on so dearly to be seduced by that fellow whose emotional quotient could be said to be pretty much zero, but to think that the goddess whom he had been infatuated with for so many years would actually be full of admiration for him too... At this moment, no words could begin to describe how crazed he felt on the inside.

I treated you as my brother, but you ended up seducing my younger sister and the person I love... Unforgivable!

"Zhang Xuan, you better scram out here right now!" Unable to hold it back any longer, Luo Xuanqing roared in fury.

Seeing how the other party's words were getting more and more overboard, daring to threaten Zhang shi even, Shui Qianrou finally snapped, "Luo Xuanqing, Zhang shi has already left for the Zhang Clan together with my teacher. If you continue causing trouble around here, don't blame me for activating the Sword Formation!"

What the heck is wrong with you?

I have already made everything clear to you, why are you still going on a rampage over here?

Previously, you claimed that as long as I were to meet someone I like, you would give up and back away quietly... I should have already made it very clear to you that I like Zhang shi, so why are you still causing such a huge commotion here, even threatening to beat him up?

Do you really think I dare not activate the formation on you?

If you were to continue causing trouble here shamelessly, I don't mind teaching you a lesson!

After receiving Zhang Xuan's pointers, Shui Qianrou had become more highly regarded by Jian Qinsheng, such that she was even imparted with the method to control the formation inscribed into the residence.

"He has already left? Hmph, I'll just have to chase him back then!" Making a quick calculation, Luo Xuanqing realized that it was indeed very likely that Zhang Xuan had already left.

Thus, he immediately flitted off in the direction of the Zhang Clan without any hesitation.

"That madman…" Not expecting Luo Xuanqing to come over in the middle of the night to cause such a huge uproar, only to leave before finishing his piece, Shui Qianrou was rendered speechless.

She would have to be an utter fool to fall for a person that lacking in maturity!

In the end, Zhang shi was the only one who could really be thought of as perfect.

Well, he would have been even more perfect if his words could have been any nicer... But again, geniuses tended to have extremely individualistic personalities, and she was perfectly fine with his personality too...

Oblivious to Shui Qianrou's fangirling, Luo Xuanqing dashed straight for three days and three nights, till the last droplet of zhenqi within his body had been depleted. But even so, he was still unable to find any traces of Zhang Xuan and the others.

Before long, he was completely sapped of his strength and had no choice but to come to a halt, and in the next instant, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted from his mouth.

He had been too overwhelmed with rage earlier that he was completely oblivious to his current physical state, but as soon as he came to a halt, he felt a feeling of weakness swiftly consuming his entire body, placing him on the verge of fainting.

Even as a Saint 8-dan expert, he was still incapable of maintaining flight at full speed for three days straight without any rest.

Not to mention, the consecutive shocks he had sustained earlier had caused his zhenqi flow to descend into severe disarray. If not for the strong cultivation foundation that he had built up over the years, his cultivation could have very well gone berserk.

From the looks of it, it seems like there's no way I'll be able to catch up with them anymore… Seated by the edge of a cliff, Luo Xuanqing panted heavily as he thought with gritted teeth.

Jian Qinsheng and Zhang Xuan had left on an aerial saint beast. As fast as he may be, if he couldn't see any traces of them after chasing them for so long, it didn't seem too plausible that he would be able to catch up with them anymore.

But... not only did that fellow dupe him, he even seduced his younger sister and his goddess! It would be hard to quell the burning rage within his heart if he couldn't at least give the other party a beating he would never forget.

Should I contact my clan and have them liaise with the Zhang Clan to deal with that fellow? A thought suddenly popped up in Luo Xuanqing's head.

As long as he told his clan that the person whom his younger sister liked had gone to the Zhang Clan, they would surely be able to make ample preparations to trap and eliminate that fellow! With the two most powerful Sage Clans moving in unison to deal with him, there was no way Zhang Xuan would be able to get away!

But somehow, the thought of Zhang Xuan dying made the usually decisive him hesitate a little somehow.

But the First Elder has also instructed me to get close and avoid any conflicts with him. Furthermore, he's the direct disciple of Yang shi too… Luo Xuanqing was in a dilemma.

It was imperative for him to accomplish the missions assigned to him by the clan, and the First Elder did give him two clear missions. One was to get on close terms with Zhang Xuan, and the other one was to kill the man his younger sister liked!

But now that the two of them turned out to be the same person... was he to get close to him, or should he kill him?

At the same time, he suddenly felt that it might have been a little too rash of him to conclude that Zhang Xuan was the person whom his younger sister liked. While it was true that the latter was from the Hongyuan Master Teacher Academy too, it could have just been a coincidence.

All of these thoughts swarmed Luo Xuanqing's mind at once, leaving him feeling deeply lost all of a sudden.

At this moment, his eyebrows suddenly shot up. He flicked his wrist, and a Communication Jade Token appeared in his palm.

Tapping his finger on it lightly, there was a light 'Hu!' before an incomparably beautiful and seemingly flawless figure appeared before his sight.

"Sis... Aren't you grounded by the clan? How did you manage to contact me?" Luo Xuanqing widened his eyes upon seeing the other party, and he asked in agitation.

The person who was at the other end of the Communication Jade Token was no other than his younger sister, the little princess of the Luo Clan!

"The clan might have grounded me, but sending out a message is nothing too difficult to me." the young lady replied.

After assimilating the Dimension Silencer, her comprehension of space could be said to have reached a level comparable to their founder. If she wanted to, she could easily decipher the seal which the First Elder and the others had set up without alerting them.

"That's a relief! I happen to have something I need to verify with you…" Heaving a sigh of relief, Luo Xuanqing was just about to begin speaking when the young lady before him anxiously waved her hands and interjected.

"Brother, I need you to hear me out first. Even back when we were still young, you have always been very doting of me, looking out for me at every corner and secretly getting me what I want, and I am really grateful for that. There is one thing which I really need your help, and I hope that you can offer me your strength!"

Luo Xuanqing could roughly fathom what his younger sister was about to say, but facing her pleading and desperate eyes, he hesitated for a brief moment before eventually nodding in agreement, "As long as it's within my means, I'll do my best to help you."

For his younger sister, he would even tread up a mountain of blades or dive into a sea of flames for her if he needed to!

Hearing those words, relief visibly flickered across the young lady's face. "As you know, I already have someone that I like... Our clan has already dispatched some men to the place where I have been to, and there's no doubt that they will attempt to kill him. I hope that you can protect him. Please, don't allow any harm to come to him!"

"You want me to protect him?" Luo Xuanqing's eyes widened in astonishment.

"That's right." The young lady nodded. "He's only an ordinary cultivator. He shouldn't lose his life just because I like him. This isn't fair for him!"

She turned her gaze toward Luo Xuanqing, and with an expectant and pleading look in her eyes, she said, "Brother, you know that I have never pleaded anyone for anything, but just this once... I'm pleading with you, please protect him!"

"I…" Luo Xuanqing's clenched fists trembled uncontrollably. He wanted to tell her that he had already promised the clan to kill that fellow, but in the end, he still held himself back at the very last moment.

In the end, he still couldn't bear to see his younger sister unhappy.

He took in several deep breaths before nodding in resignation, "I'll protect him…"

"I knew that you are the best! I'll be entrusting him to you then." A beautiful smile reminiscent of a flower bloomed on the young lady's lips. "No matter what, please look after him and don't allow anyone to hurt him…"

"I'll have to go now. Even though I'm able to send messages out, the others might notice that something is amiss if I do so too frequently, and that could cause unnecessary complications."

As she said those words, the young lady's silhouette began to flicker, and it seemed as if her image would dissipate at any moment soon.

"Wait a moment! You told me to protect the person that you liked, but you haven't told me what his name is and where he is at the moment." Even though he had a good idea whom the person was, he still wanted to verify it with his younger sister.

"His name Zhang Xuan, and he's currently in Qingyuan Empire!" the young lady's voice drifted across with a tone filled with saudade and fondness before gradually dissipating along with her silhouette.

"As I expected!" Hearing his younger sister's confirmation, Luo Xuanqing's face turned frighteningly livid. "Zhang Xuan…"

Even Luo Xuanqing himself was unable to clearly discern his current emotions, whether it rage or indignance that he was feeling. But these emotions swarmed relentlessly to his mind and to his heart, leaving him feeling as if he would explode from them.


"Ah choo!"

Amidst the sky, Zhang Xuan was seated on the back of a saint beast when he suddenly sneezed. Rubbing his nose, a confused look appeared on his face.

"Is someone thinking of me again? Being too outstanding sure is troublesome, hai!"



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