It was no wonder why Sage Kui didn't believe Zhang Xuan was able to do it. If even Kong shi was unable to accomplish that deed, there was little hope that anyone in the Master Teacher Continent would be able to do so.

Just the fact that Vicious was able to trap Kong shi back then was more than enough to show how powerful he was. Considering how Zhang Xuan's cultivation was only at a mere Grand Dominion realm pinnacle, it wouldn't make any difference no matter what kind of incredible means he had up his sleeves.

"You don't believe me?" Noting Sage Kui's expression, Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly and said, "Follow me!"

After saying those words, he retracted his consciousness back to his physical body and went into his Myriad Anthive Nest. Then, he grabbed the token tightly once more.


A massive head appeared within the Myriad Anthive Nest. It floated quietly in midair, emanating a frightening aura.

"Master." Vicious greeted.

"T-this…" Sage Kui's will flickered wildly, nearly dissipating on the spot.

Having once suppressed Vicious, he could identify the latter's will and body with ease. Even though the massive head was a celestial designer artifact, the will and life within it was indubitably Vicious'.

To think that the legendary Vicious who had Kong shi trapped for three whole months in the ancient era would actually end up serving a young lad as his master...

"I have successfully tamed his heart, finger, and head, and I'm in the midst of collecting his other parts. Since his skeletal body with you, is there any way I can retrieve it safely? I think this would also be much safer in the long run as well." Zhang Xuan said.

Naturally, the best case scenario was for him to retrieve the skeletal frame without causing the collapse of the Inner Sanctum.

In the very depths of his heart, he didn't like causing destruction at all. Wherever it could be avoided, it should be avoided. Besides, once he became the sanctum head, the Inner Sanctum could be said to be under him as well, and destroying his own home base didn't seem like a very good idea...

"T-this... This can't be happening!" Sage Kui was still overwhelmed by the sheer shock of what he had seen, and his body flickered in and out of existence.

"He's already right before your eyes, and I believe you can tell for yourself whether he's really Vicious or not." Seeing Sage Kui's excessive reaction toward such a trivial matter, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but shake his head in disapproval.

How in the world can you be shocked at every single thing? Are you sure that you are really Kong shi's grandstudent... Somehow, it feels like you are a countryside bumpkin who hasn't seen the larger world outside yet!

No matter how formidable Vicious was when he was alive, he had been divided into many pieces after his death, and every individual part wasn't particularly powerful. As such, it shouldn't come as much of a shock that he managed to tame them.

It took some time before Sage Kui finally recovered from his shock. With a bitter smile, he said, "Since you are capable of taming him, I guess there should be no harm handing the skeletal frame over to you. However, the seal to decipher it is rather complicated, so it might be quite troublesome on your part…"

"Please enlighten me." Hearing that there was a method to retrieve Vicious' upper body without causing any destruction, Zhang Xuan hurriedly clasped his fist.

"I sealed the skeletal frame using a spatial secret art so as to fuse it entirely with my sculpture. If you wish to separate the both of them, you must destroy it and…" In the midst of his words, Sage Kui's will flickered once more, and before he could finish his words, he had already vanished from the spot with a light 'hu!', as if an extinguished candleflame.

It seemed like the shock he had received had far exceeded his tolerance limit, causing him to dissipate on the spot.

"You…" Zhang Xuan was frenzied.

Just what in the heck was wrong with these ancestors? How in the world could each of them be so unreliable?

Kong shi disappeared in the midst of his words, Ancient Sage Qiu Wu did so too, and now, even this fellow was doing it too...

Was it some kind of tradition for them to do that, or was this just a twisted sense of humor they had back in their era?

Forget it… Even though Zhang Xuan felt deeply stifled, he knew that there was no point for him to lose temper now especially since Sage Kui was already gone.

Thus, he could only rub his glabella and turn his eyes back to the Sanctum Head Token.

After the removal of the first seal, it had visibly become more smooth and radiant, and ripples of powerful energy could be seen flowing on its surface, reflecting the massive might that it wielded.

Is this... a Saint pinnacle artifact? Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in excitement as he stroked its surface with his fingers lightly.

He wasn't too sure just what tier the item was, but he was certain that it was far stronger than the Lingxu Sword in his possession.

If the two of them were to clash with one another, it was almost certain that the one to shatter would be his Lingxu Sword... Just from that in itself, it could be seen that the token was definitely a Saint pinnacle artifact at the very minimum.

But perhaps it was due to the presence of the seal, despite its high tier, there wasn't the slightest hint of spirit infused into the token. Its only unique property seemed to be its resilient exterior and its peculiarly sharp tip.

Nevertheless, it could still display exceptional might when utilized in the right situation.

Even a Saint 8-dan cultivator could be easily cornered by the prowess of a Saint pinnacle artifact! As long as he were to use it well, he might be able to slay even the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast!

As expected of the personal artifact of the sanctum head, it was indeed no ordinary treasure.

I wonder what kind of changes would happen to the token once I unseal the second layer of seal…

The changes in the token after the unsealing of its first seal was already quite a huge surprise in itself, so Zhang Xuan couldn't help but wonder what would happen once the second seal was unsealed too.

While Zhang Xuan was chatting with Sage Kui and examining the Sanctum Head Token closely, in the Premier Hall of the Sanctum of Sages,where generations of sanctum heads and deputy sanctum heads resided, brilliant rays of light began bursting forth in close intervals, and the flurried chimes of a bell could be heard booming across the entire area.

"What's happening?" Zhan shi, Elder Ge, and the others hurriedly rushed over to the grand hall as they exclaimed in astonishment.

As a representation of the authority of the Sanctum of Sages, no one would ever dare to fool around here. Just what in the world could have happened to induce such a huge commotion?

"It's coming from the sculptures of the preceding sanctum heads!" an elder exclaimed.

Everyone hurriedly turned their sights over and saw the many sculptures of the many generations of sanctum heads shaking non-stop. The deafening bell chimes were echoing from them.

"The trembling of the sculptures should be a representation... of their shock? But what could have happened to leave them in such a state?" Elder Ge muttered in astonishment.

Every single generation of sanctum head was a top-notch expert, possessing experience and eye of discernment that far surpassed any other cultivator in the Master Teacher Continent. It was unimaginable just what kind of major incident could have happened to have placed them in such a state.

This was inconceivable!

"Could this mean... the Sanctum Head Token has surfaced?" A thought suddenly came to Zhan shi's mind, and he muttered softly with a pale face.

"The Sanctum Head Token has surfaced? Do you mean that the Sanctum of Sages is about to usher in another true sanctum head?"

The many elders gathered in the area hurriedly turned their sights to Zhan shi.

Only a true sanctum head candidate would have the right to wield and control the Sanctum Head Token. If that artifact had surfaced once more, it would spell that the real sanctum head was on the rise as well.

"That's right... That person should have received Sage Kui's approval and successfully removed one of the seals on it. Otherwise, it shouldn't be possible for such a huge commotion to occur." Zhan shi nodded.

"But in order to become the sanctum head, one must possess the Eye of Insight! Just who could that person be?"

The faces of the crowd reddened in agitation.

Each time a real sanctum head appeared, the overall prowess of the Sanctum of Sages would surge forth, as if entering an era of swift development. It would be truly beneficial to them with a true sanctum head were to appear at this moment and lead them forward, especially during this era which felt like the calm before the storm!

"The sanctum head candidate's identity won't be revealed until he fully awakens the Sanctum Head Token…" Zhan shi said grimly.

It was a tradition for the sanctum head candidate to conceal his identity until the inauguration ceremony. This served as a mean to protect the sanctum head until he gained the strength to protect himself.

Given the huge commotion that had occurred, it seemed like the sanctum head candidate had received the approval of the preceding sanctum heads, but the fact that he hadn't revealed his identity yet likely meant that he wasn't fully ready to succeed as the next sanctum head yet...

A moment later, Zhan shi instructed, "Go and check who recently made a breakthrough to Saint 8-dan or successfully became an 8-star master teacher…"

As the deputy sanctum head, he was still aware of the various conditions required to remove the seals on the Sanctum Head Token.

"Alright!" one of the elders hurriedly backed out of the room, and soon, he returned with a look of disbelief on his face.

"Reporting to Zhan shi, Yang shi's student, Feng Zyi... has challenged the Tower of Master Teachers and cleared it!"



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