"There's some degree of resemblance between me and the young prodigy?" Zhang Xuan was startled for a moment before he shook his head bitterly. "How could that be?"

He had already checked it with Zhang Jiuxiao's blood essence, and it had already been proven that he was not a member of the Zhang Clan.

Besides, if he really was the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan, how could he have ended up as an orphan in the Tianxuan Kingdom without a single person looking for him at all?

Furthermore, the fact that the young prodigy was a Connate Saint further disproved that hypothesis. Zhang Xuan could still remember that he had only been at Fighter 3-dan Zhenqi realm when he first transcended to the Master Teacher Continent, so how could he possibly be the young prodigy?

Well, the young prodigy might have been a person blessed by the heavens… but so what?

He would make sure that anyone who dared vie with him for Luo Ruoxin would end up crawling around the floor, searching for his shattered teeth!

"I'm not saying that you are from the Zhang Clan, just that the look in your eyes really resembles that of the young boy I saw back then. But of course, considering how long it has been since then, I think my memory could be failing me too." Jian Qinsheng shook his head and chuckled softly.

Considering the talent that the young prodigy harnessed, he would surely be put under the tightest guard of the Zhang Clan and put through the strictest of education. There was no way that he would have been allowed to roam outside and become an itinerant cultivator!

Unless the Zhang Clan had their heads kicked by a donkey, there was no way that they would allow such a thing to happen!

While Jian Qinsheng was chatting with Zhang Xuan on the back of the aerial saint beast, a figure was swiftly flitting toward the cloud-shrouded Zhang Clan, and it did not take long for him to arrive at its doorstep.

The figure handed a name scroll over and clasped his fist.

"Yang shi's butler Hu Yiwei requests an audience with the head of the Zhang Clan!"

It was none other than the man who competed with Sun Qiang for the position of Yang shi's butler, the Left Guardian of the Poison Hall, Hu Yiwei.

In this instant, he looked completely exhausted, and even his aura seemed to be a little unstable.

After leaving the Sanctum of Sages, he did not rush off to look for Yang shi but headed for the Zhang Clan. Looking back, he had been flying for roughly an entire month now.

"Please give me a moment!" Hearing that the visitor was Hu Yiwei, one of the guards hurriedly rushed in, and not too long later, he returned and ushered Hu Yiwei in. "Elder, this way please!"

"Yes." Hu Yiwei followed the guard into the courtyard, and after a few twists and turns, he finally arrived at a rather spacious room.

In the room, a middle-aged man sat on the main seat, and there was a fatigued look on his face. Upon seeing Hu Yiwei, the middle-aged man stretched his hand forward and said, "Brother Hu, it has been long since we last met. Please, take a seat."

"Paying respects to the Xing Sword Saint!" Not daring to carelessly take a seat even at the other party's invitation, Hu Yiwei respectfully clasped his fist and bowed down.

He was a 9-star poison master who was capable of causing devastating damage with a wave of his hand, but before the middle-aged man, he dared not pull his weight.

Putting aside swordsmanship, just in terms of fighting prowess, he was far from a match against the middle-aged man standing before him.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony!" The middle-aged man waved his hand.

"I'm here to ask about my master's whereabouts. Half a year ago, when I parted with him, he said that he was heading for the Zhang Clan." Hu Yiwei lifted his head and asked, "May I know if he's here at the moment?"

"Yang shi is indeed here, but he's currently in seclusion. I'm afraid that this wouldn't be a good time to contact him," the middle-aged man replied.

"Seclusion?" Hearing those words, a hint of anxiety flashed across Hu Yiwei's face. It seemed like he had something to say, but he had no idea how he should bring it up.

"What's wrong? Feel free to speak your mind…" Seeing through Hu Yiwei's thoughts, the middle-aged man frowned.

Hu Yiwei hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth with determination and revealing, "It's like this… Just a while ago, I found a talented young man who is in his early twenties, and while I'm not too sure about it, I seem to have vaguely sensed the presence of the Innate Fetal Poison that I planted twenty years ago!"

"The Innate Fetal Poison that you have planted?" Hearing those words, the middle-aged man immediately stood up from sheer agitation, and his body trembled non-stop. Seemingly unable to believe what he had just heard, he anxiously asked, "Are you certain about it?"

"It has been years since I planted the poison, and it has been whittled down to the point that it's extremely weak, but still, I don't think I would make a mistake recognizing it. I'm quite certain of it," Hu Yiwei said with an affirmative nod.

"What's his name, and where is he now?" the middle-aged man asked in agitation.

His previous composure had vanished without a trace, and his voice had become a little hurried.

"His name is Zhang Xuan, and he's currently in the Sanctum of Sages," Hu Yiwei said.

"Zhang Xuan? His name is a little off, but his surname is still Zhang." The middle-aged man frowned for a moment before a thought seemed to have suddenly struck him, and his eyes lit up in excitement and agitation. "It must be him. There's no doubt about it—it must be him! Quick, invite him over to the Zhang Clan…"

Halfway through his instruction, the middle-aged man suddenly halted for a moment before shaking his head. "No, that would take too long. I'll head over there myself!"

As he said those words, he walked down from his seat as he whipped out a Communication Jade Token and sent a message through it. Not too long later, a middle-aged lady flew over in a fluster.

Even though age had left its marks on her, one could still vaguely see traces of the ravishing beauty that she had been in her youth from her face and figure.

On top of that, she also carried a sharp disposition reminiscent of an unsheathed sword that would split one in two in an instant.

The Meng Sword Saint, Wang Mengya!

"There's news on him? Is that true?" With reddened eyes, Meng Sword Saint questioned him with a deeply apprehensive look, as if frightened to raise her expectations only to have everything come crashing down on her once more.

The middle-aged man gestured to Hu Yiwei and said, "Brother Hu said that he encountered a talented young man in his twenties in the Sanctum of Sages, and he sensed the Innate Fetal Poison that he planted back then in him."

The Meng Sword Saint anxiously turned her gaze toward Hu Yiwei to seek confirmation.

"Madam, I can swear on the heavens that my words are true." Hu Yiwei bowed deeply to the Meng Sword Saint before swiftly going through what he had said earlier once more.

By the end of it, Meng Sword Saint's body was already shaking uncontrollably, and her eyes were glistened with tears. With a hoarse voice, she turned to her husband and said in agitation, "It must be him; it's definitely him! I'll be heading off to the Sanctum of Sages right now. Are you coming with me?"

"Of course I'm coming as well!" the middle-aged man exclaimed.

"The Clan Conference is just about to begin. Aren't you afraid that your old ancestor will be angry if you, the clan head, aren't around?" The Meng Sword Saint harrumphed.

"We have given up so much for the clan that we should at least be entitled to this much selfishness! We have been searching for him for so many years, and this is the only time we have received concrete news on his whereabouts. If anyone stops me from making my way over, I swear that I'll slice him into shreds!" The middle-aged man flung his hand backward furiously as a domineering aura flowed forth from him.

The Sword Intent that poured out from him at that instant felt as if it would soar into the heavens and pierce through the boundless sky.

"Indeed, we have already done enough for the clan… So many years have passed since then, and we still don't know whether he's living well or starving." At this point, Meng Sword Saint found herself unable to continue any further, and she lowered her head quietly.

Droplets of tears dribbled down from her cheeks to the floor.

Seeing this, the middle-aged man wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders and said, "Let's go."

Then, he waved his free hand.


A furious roar sounded, and a saint beast swiftly appeared right before them. With a leap, the Xing Sword Saint and the Meng Sword Saint leaped onto its back.

"Brother Hu, I hope that you can keep what you have just said confidential. Also, I hope that you can keep our whereabouts a secret as well!" Standing on top of the aerial beast, the middle-aged man clasped his fist.

"Xing Sword Saint, please rest assured. I won't speak a single word of this matter before others!" Hu Yiwei nodded.

He knew that the unbelievably powerful couple standing before him would surely chase him to the end of the world until he was finally escorted to his grave should he reveal a single word about the matter, so without the slightest bit of hesitation, he accepted their requests.

"You have my gratitude for that. If that person you spoke of is the person we have been searching for, the both of us will surely pay you a visit another day to thank you," the middle-aged man said. "Also, you need not worry about Yang shi. He's currently cultivating in the Zhang Clan, and I can tell you for certain that his safety is guaranteed. You can stay here without worry; I have already informed him to look for you once he's out of his seclusion!"

"Thank you, Xing Sword Saint!" Hu Yiwei clasped his fist.

"Un." The middle-aged man nodded before tapping his feet lightly.


The next instant, the saint beast immediately surged forth toward the skyline, heading in the direction of the Sanctum of Sages.

Shortly into their flight, they saw a saint beast flying in the opposite direction as them.

Recognizing the saint beast, the middle-aged man's eyebrows knitted together.

"It's Jian Qinsheng's Cloudlight Saint Beast!"



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