Saint 9-dan Macrocosm Ascendancy realm. Macrocosm refers to the entire spatial world we perceive formed by the three dimensions. Those who had reached this realm would be able to wield an understanding of space far greater than at Dimension Sundering realm, allowing them to dictate the changes in the spaces around them, granting them the strength required to stand at the very peak of the Master Teacher Continent.

Zhang Xuan thought that it would be a huge blessing if he could help the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast rise to Half-Macrocosm Ascendancy realm, but perhaps due to the firm foundation it had built up over many years, it was actually able to crash down two bottlenecks in rapid succession using the Qilin Flames, charging up to Saint 9-dan in a single breath!

The ability to dictate space was a skill that should be unique only to the heavens themselves. Those who sought to steal this ability from them would have to suffer an equivalent punishment for their actions.

As such, the ordeal that one had to face at this level was exceptionally formidable.

If Dimension Sundering Ordeal was difficult, the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal would be despair-inducing.

To make a comparison, even the might of ten Dimension Sundering Ordeal wouldn't come close to matching up to the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal.


In barely the blink of an eye, the ominous clouds in the sky had already covered an area of four to five thousand mu around them, and it was still expanding at a frightening rate.

"This is really a disaster…" Outside the cage, Zhang Wuchen and Elder Wuzhen were trembling in horror.

The both of them had been through the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal themselves, and even with their current cultivation realms, they would still shudder at the notion of facing it once more... One must know that the prowess of the ordeal was, in fact, comparable to a full strength attack by an expert surpassing Saint 9-dan.

And for such a powerful lightning tribulation to be called in the middle of their city... The entire guest area could very well be reduced to cinders!

That young man had already destroyed countless buildings near the entrance formation previously, and now, he was going to destroy their guest accommodations as well?

That Zhang Xuan was really a symbol of misfortune!

How were they to explain this to their clan head when he returned?

"Everyone, hurry up and evacuate this area!" Knowing that the crowd standing within the perimeter of the lightning tribulation would only induce it to grow stronger and stronger, Zhang Wuchen immediately instructed.

Sou sou sou!

Realizing the dangers, the crowd also didn't dare to linger in the area.

They hurriedly flitted as far away from the guest area as they could.

There was no way to stop the lightning tribulation—it would only grow stronger the more they tried to curb it. It was one thing if they succeeded in eliminating the lightning tribulation once and for all, but if they were to fail, the entire city could very well be reduced to ashes...

"That Zhang Xuan is really a herald of misfortune... He should have known better than to allow his saint beast to achieve a breakthrough here!" Zhang Wuchen spat through gritted teeth.

Whenever the Zhang Clan had anyone who was on the verge of making a breakthrough to Macrocosm Ascendancy realm, they would make sure to prepare a location for him in advance, and in some cases, set up formations even in order to ensure that the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal wouldn't cause too much damage to the surroundings. Yet, this fellow actually brought one right into the middle of their home base...

Considering how many guests there were here, there was no way they would be able to protect all of them! If any of them were to lose their life while under the Zhang Clan's care, it would really be a huge smirch on the Zhang Clan's reputation.

Taking a step back, even if no life was lost in this catastrophe, the massive damage that it would sustain as a result of the Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal would still make it a laughingstock on the Master Teacher Continent!

"Zhang Xuan, hurry up and bring your tamed beast out of here. There's a Dracotiger Mountain not too far away with specialized formations that could help your tamed beast deal with the lightning tribulation!" Unable to take it any longer, Zhang Wuchen urged anxiously.

At the very end of the city was a place known as the Dracotiger Mountain. It was used by the Zhang Clan as a specialized ground for their offspring to deal with their cultivation ordeals. For this purpose, there were plenty of formidable formations set up around the area, and while it wouldn't help to fend off the lightning, it would at least suppress the growth of inner demons within the cultivator's mind, thus allowing him to focus his full attention on coping with the lightning tribulation.

As long as he could get the saint beast there, the Zhang Clan would be able to avert this crisis.

"Very well…" Zhang Xuan shot a glance at the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast before nodding his head.

But just as he was about to instruct the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast over to head over to the place which Zhang Wuchen had spoken of, a powerful surge of might suddenly burst forth from behind him.

Following which, the Inferno Qilin's furious bellow sounded in the air, "Since I'm going to die anyway, I might as well bring down all of you bastards along with me!"

Flames began emanating from the Inferno Qilin's body.

"This is really bad…" Zhang Wuchen was horrified to see this sight.

Due to being plagued with lethal poison, the Inferno Qilin had already resolved itself for death. As such, it had chosen to use its full strength to further provoke the lightning tribulation so as to bring down the darned Zhang Xuan and the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast together with it.

As it was standing at the very center of the lightning tribulation, the instant that it drove its strength, the lightning tribulation was immediately rumbled furiously in response to its provocation.


In the blink of an eye, the five thousand mu field expanded to cover over ten thousand mu, and there were no signs that its growth was going to stop anytime soon either.

If the lightning tribulation had only covered the guest area previously, at this moment, it was covering a huge chunk of the area where the Zhang Clan's offspring resided in too.

"You... Well done!" Seeing how cooperative the Inferno Qilin was at such a crucial moment even without having him to prompt for it, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up in delight.

Given the size of the lightning tribulation, it should be comparable to at least ten pinnacle spirit stones at the very least. If he could devour it, his cultivation would definitely surge to higher realms.

"Hahaha, I want all of you to suffer along with me!" Completely oblivious to Zhang Xuan's thoughts, the Inferno Qilin was only focused on a single matter this very instant—making the lightning tribulation grow as large as possible. Roaring furiously, it released every last bit of energy it had within it.

In the midst of doing so, it realized that the release of its strength seemed to lessen the excruciating pain from the poison, so it gritted its teeth and pushed itself on.

Kacha! Kacha!

Even before the lightning could fall, the overwhelming pressure it emanated had already destroyed the formation cast on the cage. At the same time, countless buildings also caved in to the pressure and collapsed abruptly.

"Master, what should I do?" Seeing how his Macrocosm Ascendancy Ordeal had gone completely out of control, the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast couldn't help but cower back in fear.

It had been too focused on pushing for a breakthrough that it overlooked the possible consequences of his action. It had never thought that things would get to this point.

If even its master was helpless before this situation, it would really be electrocuted to death.

"There's no need to panic. Continue drawing in the lightning tribulation. The larger it is, the better it'll be." Zhang Xuan instructed before flying over to Zhang Wuchen and the others' side.

"Third Elder, Seventh Elder." Zhang Xuan clasped his fist and greeted.

With his current cultivation realm, he could walk around freely without catching the attention of the lightning tribulation.

"Do you have any ways to resolve this situation?" Zhang Wuchen asked grimly.

If the Netherworld Azure Dragon Beast didn't leave right now, everyone would be doomed once the lightning tribulation fell!

"I do have an idea in mind, but I would require a few things to carry them out. Do you happen to have Saint 7-dan Phantasmal Space realm, Saint 8-dan Dimension Sundering, and Saint 9-dan Macrocosm Ascendancy realm cultivation technique manuals? I need as many of them as possible!" Zhang Xuan asked urgently.

Since the lightning tribulation was already prepared for his consumption, it went without saying that he needed to have the cultivation techniques required to up his cultivation too. Otherwise, he would be wasting this precious source of energy!

"Cultivation technique manuals? What do you need those for?" Zhang Wuchen was taken aback by Zhang Xuan's abrupt request.

The matters that had occurred at the Sanctum of Sages had been classified as confidential, and students had been sternly warned not to let this matter out. Of course, it would only be a matter of time before it spread amongst the top brass of the major clans, but for the time being, Zhang Wuchen was still unable to fathom the notion of the young man making use of the lightning tribulation to push for breakthroughs.

"There's no time to explain it to you! I need you to bring them to me right now. This is the only way we can resolve the crisis standing before us, or else... I'm afraid that there would be nothing I could do either!" Zhang Xuan said with even greater urgency in his voice.

"This... I do have a few Phantasmal Space realm cultivation technique manuals with me at the moment. I was planning to impart them to my students, so I have been bringing them along with me... As for Dimension Sundering realm cultivation technique manuals, almost all of them are all locked in the clan's book vault, and I'm afraid that even with my authorization as the Third Elder, I still can't bring you in. Only those amongst the top brass of the Zhang Clan are authorized to access it, and even so, they could only pick out a single cultivation technique from there. Even I am no exception to the rule!" Zhang Wuchen paused for a moment before eventually replying.

Those who had reached Dimension Sundering realm could already be considered as individuals who had reached the apex of the Master Teacher Continent. As such, despite being the Third Elder of the Zhang Clan, he only had several of them in his private collection. And as for the clan's secret art, it went without saying that there was no way he would be able to show them to an outsider!

"I guess I would have to make do with Phantasmal Space realm cultivation technique manuals then…" Seeing that the lightning was about to fall at any moment, Zhang Xuan knew that he didn't have much time to waste. Thus, he waved his hand and urged, "Hurry up and take them out. I just have to take a swift glance at them!"

"Un." Seeing that the young man had an idea in mind, Zhang Wuchen didn't dare to waste any time. Flicking his wrist, a bunch of books appeared before himFive thousand mu is equivalent to 3,333,333m^2Five thousand mu is equivalent to 6,666,666m^2



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