They had expected Zhang Jiuxiao to make a breakthrough first after learning that he was cultivating in the midst of the battle, but who would have thought that Zhang Ningxin would beat him to it?

A powerful might rippled through the dueling ring as massive spurts of spiritual energy descended from the sky, diving into Zhang Ningxin's glabella. His strength swiftly grew stronger and stronger, to the point where his aura felt reminiscent of a titan.

"Zhang Ningxin reached Phantasmal Space realm primary stage quite some time ago. He should have been able to achieve a breakthrough three months ago, but he chose to suppress it till now!"

"The more a cultivator tries to suppress their breakthrough, the greater the momentum and strength they will gain right after the breakthrough. Given that Zhang Jiuxiao has barely been coping with Zhang Ningxin's attacks all this while, after his breakthrough, he will stand even less of a chance."

"The gap between Grand Dominion realm pinnacle and Phantasmal Space realm intermediate stage is simply too huge. There's no way Zhang Jiuxiao can win now!"

"Heh, isn't that fellow good at making breakthroughs? Try to match that then!"

Such words could be heard from the crowd below.

The news of Zhang Jiuxiao's consecutive breakthroughs had already spread far and wide among the core members of the Zhang Clan, causing the attention on Dueling Ring D to far exceed that of the other dueling rings. It was no joke to say that everyone's eyes were currently on this battle.

Everyone had been to see if the offspring of the side family would be able to continue his miraculous breakthroughs, but no one had ever thought that Zhang Ningxin would beat him to it!

A powerful gush of zhenqi flowed through Zhang Ningxin's body, causing a sound reminiscent of the rapid tides of a river to fill the air. Standing at the very center of the dueling ring, Zhang Ningxin looked at Zhang Jiuxiao with coldness in his eyes. "You must be proud. Despite being a mere offspring of the side family, you were able to force me into using my trump card."


Without waiting for Zhang Jiuxiao's response, his claws flew forth, launching another round of offense.

With his cultivation reaching Phantasmal Space intermediate stage, his fighting prowess had almost been doubled. Even as the claw was still making its way to him, Zhang Jiuxiao felt like a massive hand was holding his body in place, and no matter how he struggled, he was unable to break free from it.

In his current state, even if he was still able to see through the flaws in Zhang Ningxin's attacks, he was no longer able to evade them in advance.


Zhang Jiuxiao's body was slowly lifted into the air.

"Aren't you good at making breakthroughs? Come on, make a breakthrough for me, won't you?" Zhang Ningxin sneered.

It was one thing for Zhang Jiuxiao to be able to achieve successive breakthroughs within the Grand Dominion realm, but a breakthrough to the Phantasmal Space realm would require a much higher command of the spatial laws, so how could it possibly be that easy?

If it was that easy, the number of clan members who had successfully reached Phantasmal Space realm beneath thirty would be far more than fifty!

Despite being trapped in place, there was not the slightest sign of panic to be seen on Zhang Jiuxiao's face. Instead, he shook his head with a frustrated frown on his face. "I would love to make a breakthrough to, but I just haven't fixed some of the details yet."

"Fixed? What details do you need to fix for a breakthrough?" Zhang Ningxin burst into laughter. "Hilarious! Stop putting up that fake bravado of yours. It's clear that you have already lost the momentum required for a breakthrough. If you had accumulated enough, a breakthrough would come easily to you."

A breakthrough was something that came naturally once a person's cultivation had reached a certain point. As long as a cultivator's accumulation and comprehension had surpassed a certain point, they would be able to make a breakthrough.

If one could achieve a breakthrough by fixing details as you have said, everyone would be an expert!

Zhang Jiuxiao shrugged nonchalantly at Zhang Ningxin's questioning. "I really am fixing some details. I can't help it if you don't believe me."

"Humph, try fixing all you want then. If you have the ability to make a breakthrough, I suggest you do it now. Otherwise, this match will have to end right here…" Zhang Ningxin could not be bothered to waste his breath anymore, so he began tightening the force of his grip.

JIya! Jiya!

A loud creaking sound reverberated in the air as the pressure on Zhang Jiuxiao's bones intensified.

"Sigh, I intended to find a way for me to achieve a breakthrough silently so that I wouldn't draw too much attention, but you just had to force me to make a breakthrough like that…"


"Catch too much attention?"

"Is that fellow's head still fine?"

"He's currently only at Grand Dominion realm pinnacle; what would be so eye-catching about him achieving a breakthrough to Half-Phantasmal Space realm?"

The crowd was rendered dumbstruck by those ridiculous words.

As expected of an offspring of the side family, he sure was lacking in worldly experience! There would be several dozen members of the Zhang Clan who made a breakthrough to Half-Phantasmal Space realm each year; that fellow was simply making a big fuss out of nothing!

On the erected platform, the elder asked, "First Elder, do you think that he'll really be able to make a breakthrough to Half-Phantasmal Space realm?"

It had not even been an hour since the young man had raised his cultivation from Grand Dominion realm primary stage to pinnacle. To be honest, it seemed a little too convenient for him to be able to make a breakthrough to Half-Phantasmal Space realm right now.

"I can't tell. Under normal circumstances, rising to a new realm would require a massive amount of accumulation and familiarization ahead of the breakthrough. Considering how Zhang Jiuxiao made several breakthroughs not too long ago, I don't think that it's very likely for him to be able to push his cultivation up any further," the First Elder analyzed contemplatively.

It was no wonder the First Elder would think as such. Such a rate of breakthrough was simply completely unheard of!

Hong long long!

"Forget it, I can't lose the tournament just over something like that!"

Before the First Elder could finish his words, on the dueling ring, Zhang Jiuxiao shook his head in regret as he opened his arms wide, and all of a sudden, his body jolted. Following which, a resounding buzz echoed as an immense surge of energy exploded.

His aura began surging swiftly, rising at an unstoppable pace as if a raging storm.


In this moment, even the sky above the sparring ground seemed to have darkened, and a huge congregation of dark clouds swiftly gathered above.

"T-this…" Seeing the gathering of the clouds, the First Elder's face paled in shock. "He isn't making a breakthrough to Half-Phantasmal Space realm but… straight to Phantasmal Space realm primary stage?"

Only a breakthrough from Half-Phantasmal Space realm to Phantasmal Space realm primary stage would draw in a lightning tribulation! The fact that the dark clouds had started settling in meant that Zhang Jiuxiao had completely circumvented the Half-Phantasmal Space realm to make a breakthrough to Phantasmal Space realm primary stage directly!

It was no wonder he said that he needed to fix some details.

A breakthrough to the Phantasmal Space realm meant that he had to face the Phantasmal Space Ordeal, so of course, he would need to fix some details and make some preparation!


In his moment of shock, lightning had already started gathering in the sky, ready to fall at any moment.

"You…" Zhang Ningxin did not expect the other party to actually make a breakthrough to the Phantasmal Space realm and draw in a lightning tribulation. His palm trembled in fright, and he nearly lost control of his zhenqi.

"Even if you have made a breakthrough, I'll just have to defeat you before you face your lightning tribulation!" Forcefully calming himself down, a cold glint flickered across Zhang Ningxin's eyes.


He gathered all of the strength in his palm and struck down on Zhang Jiuxiao.

At that moment, the lightning tribulation had yet to fully gather. He wanted to make use of this opening where Zhang Jiuxiao was in a vulnerable position to subdue him, and victory would be his to claim!


But before Zhang Ningxin's palm strike could even reach its target, a streak of lightning fell on his head, causing smoke to rise from his head.


Fresh blood spurted out of his mouth as his body swayed weakly from side to side. Disbelief could be seen reflected in his eyes as he gasped. "How could the lightning bolt be so powerful when the lightning tribulation hasn't fully formed yet? There's no way the Phantasmal Space Ordeal could be this powerful!"

"Who told you that this is the Phantasmal Space Ordeal?" Zhang Jiuxiao shook his head.

Following which, a sound reminiscent of snapping bamboo echoed from his body.

Phantasmal Space realm primary stage!

Phantasmal Space realm intermediate stage!

Phantasmal Space realm advanced stage!

Phantasmal Space realm pinnacle!

Half-Dimension Sundering realm!

In an instant, he had already reached Half-Dimension Sundering realm, and he was on his way to making a breakthrough to the Dimension Sundering realm!

In other words, this lightning tribulation was actually the Dimension Sundering Ordeal!



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